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Losing Control


Author's Note: Following is a story for a reader that has given me the honor of trying to capture his non-consent/reluctance fantasy in words. Along with the theme of the story there is male/male play as well as female/female play. If you would like to offer suggestions and comments fill free. Thanks for the chance to write for you D. ~ Red.


Calvin sat on the red, steel folding chair. His hands were tied together, stretched behind his back and knotted with nylon rope that had been secured to the chair's back. His ankles were tied to the back legs, forcing his naked body to stretch and his back to arch slightly. His cock was hard and thick. Pre cum dripped from the tip and he cursed inwardly for the aroused state he was in. He heard the moan of his girlfriend Lisa and his sex jerked from the sound of her pleasure. She hadn't been moaning in the beginning. She'd been silent and resigned to the fact this was going to happen. Now he wasn't sure what she was feeling. He'd been fighting the urge to enjoy what was happening. Even now as he heard her come, for their captors, he was wishing they'd stayed home and watched a movie.

Hours before. . .

The sound of the club was full of the local band's tunes and Calvin was bumping and grinding to the music with his girlfriend, Lisa. Her brown hair stuck to her face as sweat slipped over her bronzed skin and down between her breasts where it disappeared. Calvin followed the bead of heat with his tongue and nipped at the curve of her perfectly formed tits before sliding himself back up her torso and kissing her.

Suddenly a woman bumped into him and he fell against Lisa, caught himself and her before they tumbled to the ground. He turned around and said, "Hey "

"Sorry," the woman muttered. She nodded her head to the left and Calvin followed its path, noticed a man drinking at the bar and then heard the woman, "I was coming over to ask you and your friend to join us for a drink, but lost my footing. Sorry for the 'not so graceful' interruption."

Lisa laughed, "No problem. Do we know you?"

"No," the woman replied. Her hand came up and she pointed to the gentleman. "That's Samuel, or Sam and I'm Heather. We just wanted to buy you folks a drink."

Calvin wrapped his arm around Lisa and pulled her close. "Sure, but why?" he asked.

"I'll let him explain. He's better at it than I am," Heather answered. She led them to the bar where introductions were made.

Sam ordered a round of drinks for the four of them and then led them to a table in the corner. Once the drinks were delivered he explained why he had Heather approach them.

"I noticed you two dancing and not really caring how provocative you were." He winked at the blush that showed up on Lisa's cheeks. "Nothing wrong with it. You're very beautiful, both of you are." His gaze shifted to Calvin and he paused before continuing, "We were wondering if you were into exchanging playmates."

Calvin would have spit his drink all over himself, if he hadn't just swallowed his first gulp. His jaw dropped and before he was able to close it, he felt small fingers press against his chin, forcing his mouth shut. He glanced over to the owner of those fingers and blinked a couple of times in disbelief. "Did I hear him right?" he asked Heather.

Heather giggled. "Yes." Her soft hazel eyes took in Lisa's further blushed state and she smiled softly. "You don't have too, honey. We were curious is all."

"Oh... I'm not offended. Just surprised. Shocked...and," Lisa paused and glanced quickly over to Calvin, "flattered." She squeezed Calvin's hand and shifted nervously.

Samuel leaned back and placed his arm on the back of Heather's chair. "Well... we're only in town for the night, so we don't have time to get to know folks, so we thought we'd play the field and see who bit."

Calvin stood up and extended his hand. "Thanks, man. I'll admit I'm flattered too." His words directed to the woman on Samuel's right. "But we're gonna pass."

A sigh of relief escaped Lisa's lips and she rose. "Yea, I think that's for the best." She took Calvin's hand and they both turned away. Before they were to far Heather was there with their drinks.

"You forgot these. There paid for, so heck enjoy them."

Calvin and Lisa took the drinks and lifted them in a silent toast of thanks, before slipping back into the crowd and looking for a table of their own.

Heather turned back to her lover and returned to her seat beside him. She leaned in and whispered, "Dropped and delivered lover." The couple watched as Calvin and Lisa.

Calvin finished his drink rather quickly and then pulled Lisa back with him to the center of the room where she quickly downed the remains of her freebie and began wiggling to the beat that surrounded them. Calvin's hand slipped to the small of her back and down her ass. He cupped the soft curve through the fabric of her white mini. The hem came up and he grinned when he felt the sweet flesh of her tanned cheek with the tips of his fingers.

They danced through another set of songs when his hands started kneading her ass cheeks again.

"Oh baby, that feels nice," she moaned into his ear as she rocked against his thigh. She pumped up and down on it as if it were a huge cock she needed to fuck and not a dancing partner in the middle of a crowded club. Her pussy throbbed and she pushed her hands into her hair and arched her back.

Calvin's hazel eyes took in her sweaty skin and her arched position. He feasted on her succulent breasts and his cock hurt with the need to be buried between them. The look on her face, told him she was getting off on his thigh and he grabbed her hips and started to drag her up and down on his tight jeans. He heard the music banging in his ears and he kept the same motion that the band strummed and fucked her cunt. "Yea, baby..." he growled. He felt her explode on his thigh and he felt his cock leap in anticipation for her sweet pussy.

There was a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see Heather and Samuel.

"That was hot," Heather said. She ran her palm over the damp stain on Calvin's jeans. She brought her hand up and licked at the traces of come that had settled against the fabric and now rested on her palm. Her stare moved from Calvin's hard cock to Lisa's heavy breathing.

"Come with us," Samuel insisted.

Calvin groaned. "No man. I'm heading home to fuck her senseless." He took Lisa's hand and pulled her to the doors. "Fuck baby... I don't know why but I doubt I'll even make it to the god-damn car before I'm taking your pussy. I've never been so horny."

"I know," Lisa whimpered.

They were a few feet away from his car when Calvin felt another tap on his shoulder. "Huh?" he asked and before he was able to say anything else, he felt the hard slam of a fist hitting his face. A scream filled his ears. He staggered back in shock and felt a second punch, this one in the gut and a third was delivered to his jaw before he finally fell to the concrete. His vision spun as he watched Heather holding Lisa by the hair with a small blade at her throat. "What the..." The blow to his ribs stole his breath and he rolled to his back.

"Get up," Samuel growled out. He watched as Calvin stood on shaky legs. "My car." He shoved Calvin toward a black Lincoln and glanced back to see Heather following with a sobbing Lisa.

Calvin got in the back with Lisa and watched Heather slide into the front seat and take Samuel's gun. She aimed it at them and sighed, "You know if you'd have just said yes, we could have avoided all this."

Calvin stared at the woman and held Lisa close. "You two are sick fucks," he hissed.

Samuel laughed. "By the end of the night you'll be sick fucks too."

Lisa cried and buried her head into Calvin's chest. Calvin tried to comfort her, but he was having a hard time not feeling a rise of fear forming in his heart.

"Look," Heather said. "It's a long ride back to our hotel, so let's get this party started early. You both calm yourselves and you'll be back to feeling all warm and fuzzy just like you were on the dance floor a little while ago." She tilted her head to the left and smirked. "I'm the one that got you that horny anyway."

"Huh?" Calvin asked.

"Your drinks. I put a Roll in each one and that was why you were all over each other, well... all over each other more than you were earlier," Heather stated.

"A roll?" Lisa whispered.

"A pill... a drug... one that makes you feel like your in Heaven," she said.

"They call it the date rape drug," Samuel said. His eyes locked with Lisa's in the rearview mirror and he grinned at the fear in her eyes.

"Right," Heather said. "It's still in your system and if you'll calm down you'll still benefit from the results."

Calvin gritted his teeth and pulled Lisa closer. "Just close your eyes and rest sweetie." He told her.

Heather however had different plans. "Shit, I don't think so. Open his pants." She waved the gun in the direction of her request and waited to see if Lisa would comply.

Lisa's eyes grew wide. "But why?" she asked. She studied the gun and wondered how much of the woman's threat was real.

"You do it, or when we get back to the hotel... I slice him up," Heather answered.

Lisa shivered and worked free Calvin's cock after opening his jeans. His dick was limp, but the drug's effects were still there, proof of that appeared when he heard Heather's next command. "Suck it."

Calvin felt his girlfriend's hands wrap around his tool and he groaned low when her mouth moved over and she pushed his rod into her sweet haven. He tried to ignore the pleasure of having her suck his cock, but he couldn't help reacting to her tongue and her experienced bobbing up and down on his growing shaft.

"Sam you'll love her. She's taking all of him in. Suck his balls," Heather ordered.

Calvin's breath caught in his throat as he watched Lisa release his thick cock and open her mouth. Her fingers gripped his family jewels and she fed them into to herself. "Oooo..." he muttered. His chest rose and fell. He fought hard not to buck against her, but eventually he lost the battle. He petted her hair and pushed her against his testicles.

Heather smiled. Her pussy was growing hot with juice and she ran one of her fingers across her cunt. She dipped a long digit in and started to fuck herself. "His cock again," she gasped.

Lisa left his balls wet and tight, her sex was slick and she vigorously rammed his tool down her throat.

"Fuck yes, deep-throat him," Heather ordered as she rocked her hips against her hand.

Calvin's eyes locked with Samuel's and he saw the driver smirk. "Come all over her," Samuel told Calvin. Calvin's eyes rolled back and his seed erupted into the warm cavern of his girl's mouth. "Arrrghhh..." he groaned as Lisa sucked his rod dry and licked it clean.

She looked up at him and tucked herself against him again. She was to embarrassed to look at anyone else in the car.

"Jesus man, you're gonna be fun," Heather sighed. She hadn't come, but it wouldn't take long before she did. "Just stroke her pussy while we ride the rest of the way home in silence. I know Samuel's gonna need a wet cunt to plow his big dick in and she's gonna be busy sucking my pussy so he can't use it."

Lisa shivered in renewed fear, though her pulse was racing and her pussy was throbbing.

Eventually, they reached the small hotel and Calvin's hopes of getting any help was dashed when he realized they didn't have to enter the hotel's main lobby to reach the outer room that Samuel and Heather had procured.

Samuel regained the gun and got out of the car. He opened Calvin's door first and motioned for him to get out. He did. Lisa followed shortly after him and Heather walked around and fumbled with her purse until she located the magnetic keycard. She led them to the door of their room and slipped the key in while Samuel kept his gun trained on the couple ahead of him.

Once inside the hotel Calvin turned to confront Samuel. One last ditch effort was made as he tried to reason with the man. He offered money and told them they'd never mention anything about what had occurred. He even offered to let them do whatever they wanted to him and just let Lisa go. Samuel only smirked and ordered them both to strip.

Lisa stood still, not sure if the couple was serious or not, but the sudden appearance of Heather's knife convinced her. She scrambled to remove her heels and then her skirt dropped to the floor. Her panties were covered in her come from earlier as well as the fresh juices that had gathered from the forced blow job she'd given Calvin in the car. Her small halter top was the last thing to go and her breasts bounced free. A nod of approval came from Samuel and Lisa felt herself blush.

Calvin had always loved Lisa's figure. She was a five-foot-seven piece of hot dynamite. Her body was trim and fit, her breasts proud and full. She had shaved her pussy before they left their home and he easily made out the evidence of her aroused state and wondered how much was the drug's affect on her and how much was the situation. They had played a little with rough sex and both found it arousing, but this was so far off the spectrum he wasn't sure what was affecting her and what wasn't.

Heather's voice brought him back to the situation at hand and he quickly pulled off his shoes and socks, jeans, boxers and shirt. His cock wasn't full, but it wasn't unaffected by the situation either. He felt Samuel shove him forward and he glared back at him.

"Sit down," Sam ordered. He pointed to a red steel folding chair and Calvin did as he was told.

His eyes locked with Lisa's and he whispered, "Be brave baby."

She chewed on her lower lip and nodded her head.

"Jesus Christ you idiots. We're not wanting to hurt you. We just want to fuck you. I won't use this knife unless you refuse. Believe me after awhile you'll like what's happening, most everyone does," Heather said. Her voice was full of both sarcasm as well as assurance.

Samuel grabbed Calvin's arms and pulled them behind the chair's back. He wrapped nylon cord around Calvin's wrists and then secured it tightly. He then bent down and secured each ankle to the rear legs, forcing Calvin's body to feel awkward and stretched. Samuel stood up, surveyed his handy work and then smirked. His hands wrapped around Calvin's cock and he stroked it until it was hard and thick.

"Yea, we're gonna enjoy you too," he said after seeing Calvin's shocked expression. Samuel released Calvin's dick and turned to face Heather and Lisa. "Lay down Heather."

Heather lay down on the center of the bed, having removed her clothing as Calvin was tied to the chair. Her eyes were full of hungry lust and she settled herself comfortably onto the center of the bed. The cool blankets hugged her form and she welcomed the difference in the temperature compared to her hot body. Her gaze moved over the sex toy she was about to enjoy and she watched Lisa shift nervously.

Samuel moved behind Lisa and placed his arms on her hips. "Come on girl, it won't be that bad." He pushed her forward.

Lisa bulked at the idea and twisted to the right in an attempt to put some distance between her and Samuel. He grabbed her arm and yanked her back to him.

"Listen this is going to happen whether you want it to or not. Now you can make it easy or difficult. I don't care, but you will get on that bed and eat out that sloppy cunt." His voice was low and threatening. He trailed one finger down her cheek and she trembled in fear. His hand moved over her breast and he pinched the rounded flesh.

Samuel turned her around, twisting her arm behind her back in the process and walked her to the bed. His cock jerked as he watched her climb on, a bit awkwardly but she did manage it. "Good girl."

Lisa could smell the cunt in front of her. She looked over to Calvin and saw his hard dick. Her gazed traveled to his eyes and she read the unspoken apology in them. She understood and turned back to the trimmed pussy that lay beneath her. Samuel's grip eased and eventually was gone entirely when he let go of her arm. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue over Heather's wet slit.

Calvin watched his girlfriend begin her forced meal and his cock jumped. Calvin strained too as he tried to free himself of the knotted nylon. It was pointless. He realized this and prayed for Lisa to cooperate. When her fingers moved up to open the lips of Heather's cunt he groaned low and long. He couldn't see everything from where he was at, but he saw plenty. The chair had been positioned close to the bed he barely had to work at seeing what was going on. He saw Lisa's tongue and fingers work the wet patch of flesh. Her teeth pulled on Heather's clit and then the soft curls of trimmed pubic hairs.

Samuel's cock was in his hand. He stroked it as he gazed at both women. He heard the slurping of pussy juices and saw Heather's face contort as she enjoyed the sandy texture of the girl's tongue running laps in and out of her precious cunt. His free hand ran up Lisa's thigh and he pressed her legs apart as he climbed onto the bed.

"Please don't do this," Lisa whimpered, leaving Heather's cunt for a moment. She looked back at Samuel and saw his massive rod coming toward her. Her pussy clenched tight in anticipation, from fear or desire, she wasn't sure.

"Please...You don't have to do this. We can stop... I can leave. We won't..." Her words were drowned out by the gasp that escaped her lips as Samuel plunged his cock into her sex.

Calvin jerked hard against the rope, but all he did was force the chair to move slightly closer to the bed. He felt pre cum escape his cock as he watched Samuel start to fuck Lisa's pussy. His eyes glazed with a mixture of anger and arousal.

Heather smirked as she took a moment to watch her lover rape the woman's cunt. Her gaze moved from Lisa's look of anguished pleasure to Calvin's mirrored expression. She knew she'd been right about the couple. When she saw them gyrating all over each in the middle of the dancing crowd, she knew they would be the type to get off on watching others fuck as well as being fucked by others while their partners looked on. Her hand slid back to Lisa's hair and she jerked her face around and poised it over her soaked pussy. "Get back to work. I told you in the car you'd be fucking my cunt while he fucked you"

Lisa closed her eyes and returned to drinking the fluids from the velvet flesh of her rapist. Her tongue swept each side of the delicate lips, before it wedged itself inside the tender entrance. She tongue-fucked the other woman over and over, licking and prodding her until Heather screamed for her to use a finger. Lisa pushed in two digits and rolled them right and left before scrapping the fleshy sides with her nails.

She moaned into the slick juices as Samuel pounded her sex. Her muscles clamped down on his shaft and she felt her body threaten to explode all over his dick. She fought the urge to join in his thrusts by pushing back. She couldn't believe how wet her body was and how her pulse raced. The tension was building and she knew she'd be betraying her will-power faster than she ever had before.

Samuel heard her whimpered moan and smiled. He looked over to Calvin. "She's liking it. Fuck man, she's tight. You're one lucky S. O. B." He raised his hand and slapped Lisa's up raised ass.

Lisa reared up and cried out in shock, refusing to admit to the pleasure she was feeling too. Her body admitted it though. No longer was she able to fight her attackers. She drove her ass back and clenched Samuel's cock. Her mouth went back to devouring the cunt before her and she no longer thought of what was happening, but what she was feeling. Over and over she ran her mouth up and down the rosy cunt while she bucked back and forth again the hard cock inside her.

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