tagIncest/TabooLosing Control at the Lake Ch. 04

Losing Control at the Lake Ch. 04


The next morning I felt like a giddy thirteen-year-old. My commitment to Jayme still fresh in my mind, my confidence soaring because I had spent the good part of the weekend engaged in wanton sex with two different men, I was on top of the world. At breakfast Derek eyed me suspiciously.

"What's with you?" he asked when I burst into laughter after Jayme dropped something in his lap and mumbled, "I don't know why my fingers aren't working today. Guess I didn't get enough sleep."

"Nothing," I sassed. "Mind your business. Eat your Frosted Flakes." And I stretched my leg under the table to poke him in the thigh with my bare toe.

"Quit," he warned.

I poked him again and he glared at me.

"What kind of trouble can we get into today?" I mused, flipping my hair off my shoulders. "I don't think I can do the beach or the pool again. I want to do something. I want to go somewhere."

"We could take the kayaks to Spider Island," Jayme suggested.

"Why?" asked Derek. "Nothing there...just that old fort we've seen like a million times. Probably a bunch of snakes this time of year."

"God, Derek, you're such a grumpy old man!" I teased. " 'Just a bunch of snakes and a stupid old fort.' We haven't even checked it out this summer. We go to it every summer. I think it's a great idea."

"Awesome," he said. "I think it's a stupid idea. So you guys go right ahead, and I'll stay here and play Xbox. How about that?"

I shrugged. "Works for me. Spider Island it is." I winked at Jayme.

The island was a tiny one, once privately owned but now owned by the county. It had the remnants of an old fort on it which had fascinated us as children. It was a summer tradition to make a pilgrimage out to it and spend the day on the island exploring and swimming and generally goofing off. Jayme had never gotten too old for these adventures and was usually the one who thought up some crazy dare for Derek or me. So it was a place I'd always loved, and it was also a golden opportunity to get away from everyone else in a very legitimate, unsuspicious way. I had butterflies at the thought of being alone with Jayme for the entire day.

We took the kayaks out, which was a treat in itself. It was so calm on the water, and I loved watching Jayme, who was so natural in any outdoor activity and so incredibly sexy. I still marveled at the fact that my uncle, whom I'd grown up with like a cousin, was now my secret lover. I was a jumble of powerful emotions, a live wire.

When we got to the island, we did our usual trek to the old fort, racing each other down the footpath and grappling with the undergrowth to get to it. When we got to it, we stood in front of it for a long time, just staring at it, and Jayme slipped his arms around me from behind and nuzzled my neck. "Skinny," he whispered.

"Uncle Jayme," I whispered back. I could feel him grinning against my neck.

"This has been a crazy-ass summer."

"Yeah." That was the understatement of a lifetime.

"Do you remember last time we were here?"

"Yeah," I replied. "It was last summer, the last day of our trip. And we almost forgot to come, and then Derek reminded us. And we all piled in the canoe, and Derek lost his sunglasses and got all pissed off-"

"Derek was a real pussy about those sunglasses!" Jayme laughed. "He's such a chick!"

"Yeah, and we stayed out all day and then mom made those awesome shrimp skewers."

"Yeah." He tucked my head under his chin and squeezed me closer. "I remember."

"Does the fact that we're, you know, together -- does that make all the rest of it weird?"

"Not to me. You?"

"I don't know," I answered truthfully. "Kind of. But also better."


"Yeah. Because you've always been there. Because you belong to me and I belong to you."

He cleared his throat and held me tightly and didn't say anything, and I wanted to freeze the moment, so I closed my eyes and willed him to keep holding me forever. He pressed his lips to my hair, nuzzling against me, and I sighed and arched against him.

"Mmm...we're supposed to be exploring..." he murmured, tucking my ass against his pelvis and holding me there tightly. I could feel his cock growing hard and my immediate, primal reaction to him.

I giggled. "I have something you can explore..." I pulled his hand up to my breast, slipped it into my bikini top, and sighed at his touch. Everything was so charged between us that we couldn't even pay attention to the fort or the island or the beautiful day. And it was always like that...constantly like that...this all-encompassing desire for him at any price.

We had stopped at the fort's edge and held there, and this summer we didn't go any farther in. Instead, we took our backpacks to the clearing and Jayme made a blanket of our towels. The second they were down I shimmied out of my bathing suit before he even had a chance to undo his shorts and spread out on the towels on my back, lazily trailing my fingers up and down my body, around my breasts, over my stomach, across the soft pelt of light curls covering my pussy, which was growing wetter just from the thrill of being naked outside and watching Jayme getting turned on by watching me.

"Yeah, do that some more," he said, his voice taking on that huskier tone it always did when he was excited. And happily I touched myself more, rolling my nipples between my fingers, cupping my tits in both hands, spreading my legs with my knees bent to give him a perfect view of my pussy, which was wet and shining in the sunlight. The breeze on my open cunt and watching him undo his shorts, take them off, and start stroking his cock...I was growing more and more turned on and in need of what we both wanted.

When I saw the drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock I begged him to come down on the towels with me, and he happily obliged, straddling my chest so his cock was in my face. I sucked his leaking erection into my mouth, swirling to get the salty drops off the velvet head, eagerly drawing him deeper into my mouth and moaning at the feeling of him lodged at the back of my throat. He cupped and squeezed his balls as I grabbed his ass cheeks and swallowed every inch of him, loving the sensation of his cock filling my warm, wet mouth. I moaned and he shivered at the sensation, abandoning his balls to twine his fingers through my hair and hold me to him so he was almost fucking my face.

I would have happily sucked him to completion, but after a minute or two he pulled back, panting, telling me he didn't want to cum yet and that he wanted to cum together. So begrudgingly I let him slip out of my mouth, still trying to grip and stroke him as he kissed me hard, his tongue searching mine as he crawled between my legs and slid into me.

I marveled again at how well we fit together, how fully he filled me, how good he always felt sliding into me, then going deeper until it felt like he couldn't penetrate me any farther. He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and it felt like he was farther inside me than he could possibly go, and I moaned and whimpered his name and he fucked me slowly, all the way in, so deep, so impossibly deep.

"I love your pussy," he whispered to me as he buried his cock deep inside me over and over again, making me crazy with the need to cum. "I love fucking you. I could just fuck you all day, every day. I wish I could do that."

"I love fucking you, too..." I cried, "I wish you could fuck me all day just like this, so deep and hard, your big cock inside me..." I panted as I grew closer to orgasm, needing nothing but that release, focused on the warmth growing inside me, spreading from my core outward, fogging my brain...

He pulled out and I could have killed him, but he was down on me in a flash, his tongue lapping at my swollen, sopping cunt, his hands spreading my thighs wide as I raced toward orgasm, tensing and shaking and crying out his name as his tongue plundered my pussy and teased my clit. Within seconds I flooded his face with my juices. And then just as fast he was back inside me, not even giving me a second to rest, my pussy so wet and slippery that I had to clench my muscles just to feel him, and then he fucked me deep again, and slow, grinding against me so with a minute's time I was racked with another orgasm just as powerful as the first, clutching Jayme's ass and holding him inside me where seconds later he exploded too.

We lay there, Jayme on top of me, slipping out of me as he shrank, our combined fluids leaking out of me onto the towels. And he kissed me so tenderly, so gently, like a fragile thing, until I just wanted to cry. He always seemed to know, without my telling him, what I needed, how I needed to be touched, whether rough or gentle and everything in between.

"This is the best summer I've ever had," he said earnestly, stroking my face and my hair. "I know it's been crazy, and I know you're still sorting all this out in your head, but it's been awesome...every second has been awesome..."

"You're just saying that because of all the hot sex we're having," I teased.

He laughed and admitted, "We are having lots of hot sex...like the hottest sex I've ever had...so maybe, yeah, that's definitely part of it."

"What's the other part of it?"

"You." He planted a kiss on my forehead and rubbed noses with me. "This. Having this with you, this thing I never thought I could have with anyone and definitely not with you because of who we are to each other and what people would say."

I was quiet for a minute. "Hottest sex you ever had? Really?"

"Yep." He nibbled my lip, my jaw, down to my collarbone.

"Tell me why," I asked. "I don't believe you."

"Easy," he said, continuing his trail of kisses across to my shoulder and down my arm. "You're beautiful, I've been madly in love with you for two years, you're a dirty girl at heart, and the sneaking around...I know we're not supposed to be proud of it, and I don't like having to do it, but it's so incredibly hot." He nipped at me then, sinking his teeth into my nipple and making me squeal. And then he pinned my arms down to keep me from grabbing at him. Finally, spent and content and happy to be together, we snuggled on the towels and catnapped.

We nestled on the towels until it got hot, and then because the sun was beating down on us and we were already sweaty, we raced back to the water for a dip, all over each other the entire time we splashed about, with cold, slippery bodies and hard nipples from the shock of the water and our excitement at skinny-dipping on this island together. And then the excitement was lust once again and we spread our towels down again and fell to the towels.

This time I crawled on top of Jayme and he slid right inside me, grabbing my hips and pulling me down hard on his cock, allowing me to take the lead but just barely, and then he pulled me down to him, rolled on top of me, and started teasing me, drawing almost all the way out until I squirmed and begged for him to go deeper. He laughed and pinned me down more the more I begged, rubbing himself against my moist lips and barely penetrating me, and I was excited and furious all at the same time, desperate for fulfillment and incredibly aroused by his playfulness. And though he was teasing me and clearly in control, he was also obviously turned on as well, his swollen cock as hard as I'd ever seen it and his eyes dark and heated.

Finally I stopped squirming and he leaned in to kiss me. I drew his mouth onto mine, capturing his lips with my own, my tongue locked with his. I gave him everything in that kiss: my childhood, my womanhood, my faith, my love, my soul, everything that one lover can give to another. He sank into me and everything in the world just stopped. There were no sounds. No time. It was myself and Jayme on that island, on that beach, and we were everything to each other and everything there was in the universe. And then I heard my brother's voice, and my universe cracked and tilted.

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