tagIncest/TabooLosing Control at the Lake Ch. 06

Losing Control at the Lake Ch. 06


Derek had vowed not to tell Mom and Dad, and Jayme and I had less than two weeks to keep up appearances until we were in South Carolina together. But it was tough. With summer coming to a close and many of their friends leaving for the season, my parents were spending way too much time at home, and they kept wanting the five of us to play board games and card games and have family movie nights. All of which made for hilarious moments when Jayme and I couldn't even look at each other for some innocent thing my mother had said that had a sexual meaning for us or my dad saying, "Keep on top of your partner over there, Jayme," when I miscounted the cards one night. We had taken to setting the alarms on our phones so as not to be heard and slipping out in the mornings before anyone was up to make love in various places. We made a game of choosing the properties of my parents' friends who had left town already; the Carters' picnic table, the Hoffmans' back deck, the potting shed at Mrs. Cranston's little weekend cottage. We joked that we wanted to fuck at every home in the neighborhood before the summer was over, and we were determined to do it. Of course, some mornings we got lucky and the family left to go to the grocery store or into town for some other reason and we were blissfully alone.

I was showering one morning when the bathroom door opened. I had my radio on and was rinsing shampoo out of my eyes when I hear the telltale click and felt the cool air, instantly raising goosebumps and hardening my nipples.

"Derek, use Mom and Dad's bathroom!" I yelled, assuming it was my brother. And then I felt the curtain open and two very familiar hands slid around me to cup my slippery breasts.

"Mmm, it's not Derek," I murmured, leaning back to allow him better access.

He kissed my ear and whispered, "Nope, definitely not Derek," his stiffening cock pressing against me. I giggled when he reached a ticklish spot on my ribs, his hands roaming all over my torso, then sliding back up to tease my erect nipples.

"Where are they?" I asked, and he told me they'd all gone out to breakfast.

"We're very, very alone," he breathed in my ear, "and I need you."

"Wait, wait, before you get too carried away, let me get this last bit of soap out of my hair..." I turned my back to the spray and rinsed the last bit of shampoo away, facing Jayme and sliding my hands across his wiry body. I never got tired of touching him, his broad shoulders, slightly muscled and with traces of sunburn; his smooth, tan chest; his small nipples, the areolas uncharacteristically dark for someone of his coloring. His flat stomach, the slight trail of dark golden hair leading to my prize: his beautiful cock suspended above lean thighs. He made a little noise of delight deep in his throat as I admired every part of him, his erection gaining girth as he locked his hands behind his head and let me play.

"I think you need to keep your hands right there," I said in a suggestive tone after realizing my opportunity. "Keep them right there, and don't move them no matter what I do. You know what? Keep your eyes closed, too"

"Oh yeah?" His eyes were gleaming; he knew I was up to something delightfully naughty.

"Uh-huh..." I adjusted the spray so it was behind us rather than on us, and reached for my shower gel, squeezing a generous dollop of it on my hand. "Remember," I whispered, my lips against his, my tongue flicking across his top lip, then drawing it into my mouth, "no moving those hands. And no opening those eyes. You're not allowed to look today."

"Or?" Always had to press the boundaries. But he was excited, his mouth hot on mine.

"Or," I slid my slippery hand around his cock and squeezed, then slowly started stroking him, "I stop."

I had his full cooperation.

He sucked in his breath and closed his eyes, leaning his head back and sighing as I stroked him very slowly and deliberately for a moment, my thumb slipping across the head every now and then as I fondled his shaft. He was gloriously aroused, his cock rigid, his nipples tight, his entire body straining toward me as I pumped him. His hands still locked obediently behind his head.

"I love having you like this," I murmured wickedly. I nipped his neck and he swore under his breath and grinned. "You're always in charge. I think I like being in charge for a change." I nibbled across his shoulder, my hand never stopping its purposeful movements, to the muscle at his underarm which I knew was an extremely sensitive area for him.

"Mmmm...Babe, if this is what you being in charge is like, you can be in charge every day," he said, half laughing and half panting as I ran my tongue lightly across the tender flesh of his underarm and across his chest. He shivered and broke out in goosebumps, but his cock grew even harder and twitched in my hand. I found his nipple, first teasing it lightly with my tongue, then sinking my teeth into it until he cried out and finally latching onto it and sucking it gently, all while my slick hand stroked back and forth, back and forth, squeezing and twisting slightly, really working him.

"I'm going to be in charge of making you cum this morning," I teased. "If you want that."

"Fuck. Yes. I want that." He was shuddering and trying to control his breath, trying valiantly to keep his hands behind his head as I moved to pay some attention to his other nipple, my free hand now caressing his balls and sliding into the crevice behind them to press against the tight pucker of his anus. With the other hand I increased the speed of my strokes. "Oh, fuck..." he groaned. "Oh, my god, that feels incredible. Keep doing that...keep doing that..." He was close to cumming, his breath irregular now, moaning freely as I continued to stroke, my fingertip just providing pressure, not penetrating him.

"You like what I'm doing with your cock?" I purred.

"Yes. Yes." More moans, and he strained toward me, his balls tightening, so close. I slowed my strokes, lessened the pressure. Took my fingers out of the crack of his ass.

"You want to cum?" I whispered softly.

"Mmm. Fuck. Yes, I want to cum. Yes, Babe, please, make me cum..." He was really struggling, really straining, trying to fuck my hand now, but I kept my pace and wouldn't let him. I pressed in close to him, just my hand between us, holding his cock firmly, my breasts pressed against his chest. And then I whispered against his mouth, "I'm going to let you open your eyes and move your hands now, because I want you to cover me with your cum."

He kissed me first, not gently. That told me everything I needed to know about how long I was going to have to wait to be coated.

And then he opened his eyes, took his cock in his hand, and after pumping it just a few times groaned, "I'm cumming..." and shot a creamy rope on my stomach, another on my hip, and yet another on my pubic mound, some sticking to me and the rest dripping down my body and onto the tiles. He smiled at me then, a half-naughty, half-grateful smile, and he pulled me close, our torsos squelching together as he held me to him tightly by my buttocks, cupping them and squeezing them as he kissed me slow and deep and lovingly.

"God damn, you are amazing," he said when we came up for breath. "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

I giggled. "My mind is naturally dirty. Also, I read a lot of Cosmo."

"I'm buying you a lifetime subscription to Cosmo, then. Damn!" He grinned at me and then ground his pelvis against mine. He was already stirring again.

I drew him under the water and we rinsed. Jayme soaped me up again and washed his semen off of me and off of his own body. And then we climbed out of the shower, and Jayme grabbed my towel and dried me off, starting with my hair, then gently wiping the water off my face and neck. He used the towel to dry every inch of me, taking his time, kissing each part of me after it was dry. My ears, my neck, my elbow, my hip, the inside of my thigh, the back of my calf, the sole of my foot. Behind my knee and on the small of my back. The shower had satisfied him, at least in part, but I was delirious with need. And he was thorough in rubbing every inch of me dry and then following the towel with his soft lips, marking each spot. I sighed and cooed as he tended to me, the wetness between my thighs almost a distraction.

Finally he stopped. "All dry?" he asked, hanging the towel on the hook. "We can't have you too dry, though," he added, and my pulse quickened. He kissed me and then led me next door to my room.

Once inside, he locked the door and pressed me against it, cupping my face in his hands as he kissed me hungrily, his tongue probing my mouth. His cock was hard again, and I rubbed against it as he kissed me, trying to reach for it. He laughed and grabbed my wrists, keeping me from touching now, pinning my hands above me, against the door, as he continued to devour my mouth.

After what seemed like an hour of kissing he released me to pull me to the bed and I stumbled there in a delirium, my head foggy and my body aching all over because the need for him was so great. And now it was Jayme who decided how he wanted me, and this time it was on my stomach. I lay beneath him as he brushed his stubbly face across my back, back and forth, lighting up every nerve ending I had, making me gasp and arch off the bed, the pleasure of that sensation so intense. He rubbed his face across, my entire back, across my buttocks, spending extra time at the sensitive crease, then ran his face down each leg, one at a time, and across the soles of my feet. I was murmuring incoherent little nothings, cooing and sighing as he made my whole body come alive with the scratchy texture of his face. He pulled my ass up in the air and began kissing it, now rubbing his lips across it instead of his beard. And then he cupped my cheeks and spread them apart and darted his wet tongue against my puckered star, making me cry out his name. He did it again and then blew lightly on it, the cool air making my pussy contract and my juices start flowing in earnest with the sensation.

Then he buried his tongue between my ass cheeks and began really eating me, his hot tongue probing and licking and sucking at my hole, focusing all his energy on that sensitive spot.

"Oh, Jayme," I whimpered, "That feels so good...oh...Baby...yes!" I had never had anyone touch me there, only him, and he had steered clear of the area for the most part. I was glad I had touched him in the shower; it seemed to convey my own desires. And the sensation of his mouth, the naughtiness of it, my delirious need made me desperate to cum. I was pushing back against his face as he feasted on my ass, murmuring, "Yes, yes, yes, yes..." as he plundered me with his tongue.

He slid a finger into my wet cunt then, which made me quiver. I moaned and wriggled and tried to contract around it to get some relief, because Jayme was taking his time and my pussy was needy. He chuckled and inserted a second finger, his tongue now massaging my asshole, really burrowing into it, just as his fingers slid home.

My arms were trembling too much to support me, so I lay on the bed with my face pressed against the bed and my arms stretched in front of me. My ass in the air, like a cat. Jayme was devouring me, his fingers all the ways inside me, my orgasm building and building. I stopped thinking altogether and colors just bloomed behind my eyelids as I hit little peaks, like climbing stairs, again and again.

"Jayme," I moaned, "Oh...yes...Jayme...oh, there, there..." He hit some glorious spot inside me and I saw stars, cumming so hard I was dizzy, his fingers still hooked in me, holding me steady as I collapsed, my legs shaking. I closed my eyes and lay against the cool sheets, unable to move, and Jayme climbed onto the bed and spooned behind me.

"Good, Baby?" he whispered in my ear.

"Mm.." I couldn't form a coherent thought, so I just murmured and wrapped his arm around me, kissing the back of his hand and sighing with satisfaction.

We tried to rest, but it lasted all of about ten minutes before he was slipping into me from behind, his cock gliding into my moist clutch with ease, and he rocked me slowly, whispering all those beautiful, private things people say to one another when they're madly in love. It was heaven, absolute heaven.

But I was so wet that he kept slipping out, so he rolled onto his back and I climbed on top of him, straddling him and arching back so that my pelvis ground into his as he thrust into me. It took him no time whatsoever to explode inside me, spraying the inside of me with his cum. I had been working toward a second, delicious climax and wriggled against him in frustration as he shrank inside me.

"Oh, I was so close..." I pouted.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it," he panted. "I'll make it up to you." He pulled me close again and held me, stroking my face and planting little nibbling kisses on my neck. We lay there and I calmed down a bit. My cunt was still throbbing, but I was enjoying the feeling of his arms around me, his hard body pressed against me, and I didn't ask or beg.

And then we heard the car, and he made the mad dash to his bedroom, and I never did get my second orgasm that morning.

The next day found us at the Hickmans' house. Josh and his mother had headed to Mexico earlier in the week, or so we'd heard (I hadn't spoken to Josh since ending things a few weeks prior, but Derek told me). I thought we were going to have sex in the pool or somewhere else on the grounds like we had at the other homes, but Jayme surprised me by leading me to the garage and typing the alarm access code in to open the door.

I balked. "We're going in?"

Jayme grinned. "Looks that way, huh?"

"But -- " It made me nervous to be in there, in their home when they didn't know we were there.

Jayme kissed me softly and pulled me through the open door.

Being inside Josh Hickman's house brought up fresh shame. He had been sweet to me and I had really liked him. He'd been incredible in bed. He was everything a girl dreamed of, even me, but instead of playing that out I was fucking my own uncle like a depraved slut, giving myself willingly to a man I should never have lusted after.

And I had to know, on some level, that Jayme knew that, although he was casual as we strolled through the house.

"Let's go upstairs," he suggested. He made his way through the house like he'd been there a million times, which perhaps he had. I recalled bitterly Mrs. Hickman's tanned body, his hand on her breast, that guilty lust I'd felt rip through my body, wanting to trade places with her. I wondered if it was the first time he'd slept with her -- I always assumed it was, but I didn't really know. And it was on the tip of my tongue to ask him when I realized we were at the door of the bathroom in which Josh Hickman had seduced me.

But I had no idea why Jayme would bring me to this bathroom.

I stood in the doorway and Jayme slid behind me, one hand stroking my hair while the other grabbed my hip possessively. "Look familiar?" he whispered darkly in my ear.

I didn't know what game he was playing with me, but his voice told me I was about to find out. He was already hard; I could feel him pressed against me, and knowing that he wanted me so much made me a little breathless. Still, I was a jumble of emotions standing there in that doorway.

"Josh told me all about your little sex romp," he explained in that same, low voice. "I asked him, and he told me in...great detail about fucking you." He was nibbling on my neck, right in that special spot. "In fact, he told me everything."

I felt a lightning bolt of excitement rip through me. Anger, that Josh would share our intimate details, especially with Jayme. Shame, that Jayme knew what I'd done, even though he'd known that Josh and I had slept together.

"I never wanted you to fuck Josh, but it made me so hot thinking about it," he admitted. "I couldn't stop thinking about you with him. So I asked him."

"You just..." that freaked me out. "Hey, Josh, what was it like to fuck my niece?"

He laughed. "I fucked his mother while he was home. We hardly have secrets in that way."

I was a little nauseated at the thought of Jayme and Josh swapping those secrets with one another, but I couldn't help my curiosity. "What did he say?"

"So I asked him to describe for me what he did. He told me the broad strokes: seducing you in the tub, then taking you to his bedroom."

"And what details?"

"Ha." Here he broke into a grin. "He told me you didn't fuck like a girl who'd only had one virginal boyfriend. He told me you climbed all over him, that you were hot, that you fucked like you meant it. He used those words."

"So now you tell me," he whispered, "Because it turns me on to hear about another guy fucking you."

"No, Jayme!" I protested. "No, that's...and you don't want to hear about this. Don't you remember what it was like after that night? How sad and horrible it was?"

"I haven't forgotten, no," he said. "But what you don't know is how often I've jerked off thinking about you and him together. The thought of seeing you with another guy is...it's..." He stopped and sighed. "I know it might seem a bit weird. But it's fucking hot as hell." Here he paused to squeeze me against him and run his hands over me. "And today I'm going to fuck you in Josh's bed as a little thank-you for warming things up for me. He can come home to our cum all over his sheets."

I honestly didn't know if I liked this idea. It was a bit extreme. It sounded pretty twisted. "Jayme..." I protested.

"Don't you want my cock inside you?" he whispered in my ear.

"Yes..." I leaned back against him, letting his voice wash over me as his hands began working off my clothes.

"Tell me how much."

"I want -- oh, fuck..." he was touching my nipples and sucking on that spot on my neck simultaneously, and I felt myself flooding, lubricating for him just that fast. "I want your cock inside me so badly...mmm..." I sighed and closed my eyes so I could better enjoy the sensations building in me.

He laughed, that low, wicked laugh that meant I wasn't getting off so easily. "Best you can do?" he asked, tweaking my nipple hard enough to make me gasp.

"No, not my best...not my best..." I struggled to articulate my desire. "I can feel you, already, in my pussy...it feels so good...your big cock..."

"You like my cock better than Josh's cock?"

"Yes...oh, yes...your cock is so beautiful..." I was putty in his hands, my tank top pushed down to my waist, my bra unhooked and falling open from the front clasp, so the straps and fabric were bunched up all around me but my breasts were completely exposed. He was fondling me and my legs were getting weaker, my pussy hot and greedy for him inside my damp panties.

"Now you know," he teased, "I happen to have seen Josh's cock a good many times. So I know it's a monster." He ran his fingertips across my lips and I shivered. "Tell me what it was like to have that big cock inside of you."

"I -- " I honestly had no idea what to say. "Jayme, I don't --"

"Tell me how big it is," he demanded, his fingers in my hair now, just the slightest bit of pressure as he pulled my head back. "Pretend you're describing that cock of his to a girlfriend."

"Um..." I thought about it. "It's...massive. It's the biggest cock I've ever seen. It's long and thick and perfectly formed." I was really uncomfortable doing this, saying these things.

"Tell me what you thought when you first saw it. And don't lie to me; I'll know you're lying," he growled.

"I thought-" I was blushing now, full shame washing over me. "I thought how good it would feel to have it in my mouth."

"Because you love having cock in your mouth, don't you?"

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