tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLosing More Than My Clothes...

Losing More Than My Clothes...


I was sweating. The thought of being forced to complete a forfeit, whatever that is, for this woman had me worried. And I would have to do it naked! It didn't help that it was extremely hot out and we had been drinking now for nearly two hours.

"Ok, what ya' got?" Vicky asked. She looked smug, trying to intimidate me with her eyes and poker face.

I pushed the left corner of my laptop to the right and the screen showed my quiz results of nine. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that my score would be an A if I were back in university.

I looked over at Vicky. She frowned and stared at her screen. I felt the air returning to my lungs thinking that I would see her lose her shorts in a few moments.

With her tongue pushing into her left cheek, she countered my turn of my pc with hers as she used her right hand to push the right corner of her pc to allow me to see her score.

I felt like I was at the doctor's office waiting for the bad news about skin cancer or some terrible disease that would devour me.

I focused on the screen and saw that Vicky had scored a ten. A fucking ten! How the hell did she score a ten! My mind screamed at me, "ASSHOLE! I told you!" I listened to Mr. Midnight. Real poor judgment on my part.

"Well Heath, looks like you have a forfeit to complete," as Vicky began the next round of discussion points.

I fidgeted slightly in my chair waiting for the bad news that she seemed to be pondering at the moment.

"Heath, spread your legs for me. Put your legs over the arms of the chair," Vicky instructed me.

I was dumbstruck but said nothing. I complied knowing that she would make me do things for this forfeit.

I slid my ass down across the seat of the chair and placed both of my legs over the chair providing her a view of my exposed crotch and semi-erect cock.

"I thought you would be uncut and a little bit thicker than what we have here," Vicky said as though she were reviewing a report and providing her observations. Her face showing some disappointment in the goods spread before her.

I felt deflated thinking I somehow let her down. Adding insult to injury, Vicky piled on the next humiliating question.

"How big are you Heath when you are hard?" Vicky asked me.

"Uh, I am not sure," I replied somewhat slurring the word sure.

She smiled. "Ok, we better find out then, shall we?" Vicky answered back. I knew it wasn't really a question but her course of action for this forfeit. "Go and get me a tape measure or ruler."

I lowered my legs from the arms of the chair and my feet hit the stone floor of the patio. The cold stones felt soothing in the hot and humid summer air.

"Get going," Vicky ordered me. "I will be back in a few minutes and you better be ready to be measured."

I staggered slightly into the house and I saw Vicky slip past the wooden divider and back to her place.

I thought about getting my laptop, locking the door, turning off the lights and calling it a night but I thought that I went this far, I might as well see where this goes.

I fumbled through the townhouse, walking naked through the kitchen, rummaging through the junk drawer. Nothing. I went to the basement and looked through my meager collection of tools as my dick swayed back and forth as I walked across the cold cement floor.

I found a tape measure and a yardstick. I was drunk and perplexed. Which one to bring? A smile crossed my face. Why not I thought so I grabbed both but carried the yardstick. Speak softly and carry a big stick I think was the quote. I chuckled to myself.

I stumbled up the stairs and looked out onto the patio. I blinked and had to look twice. Vicky placed candles or something resembling a candle on the table. Shit more light but luckily no one else in the development could see my patio.

As I went through the patio door and outside, I noticed that a chaise lounger was open. Did I leave it open?

"Took you long enough. Where were you?" Vicky looked at me with some concern but that quickly evaporated into laughter as she the yardstick.

"I don't think we need that! You better break that into smaller pieces!" as she pointed and laughed at my soft dick. In the parade rest mode, my friend was about four inches long. When hard, it grows to about seven or eight inches. Little did I know, an accurate measurement was just around the corner.

"Well, this won't work," Vicky muttered.

"Oh, don't worry about the yardstick. We can break it in half you like," I replied to her negative comment.

"No, look at you, your hair is too long and hides your manhood. Let's take care of that shall we." It was not a question. "Now hop on that lounger and spread those legs again Heath."

I stood frozen for a moment trying to comprehend Vicky's order. Cut and trim my pubic hair? No way!

"Er Vicky, I think this is not what I had in mind when we started playing," I stammered and fumbled in response to her comments and one-sided conversation.

"Oh?" Vicky replied. "Ok."

Whew, I said good night and began to turn toward the patio door but she just stood there. I reached for the door handle and tried to slide the door open. Locked.

I stood facing the glass door. Shit!

I turned and Vicky held up my keys.

"Now, where were we Heath?" Vicky smiled and giggled slightly.

I was a defeated man. I walked over to the lounger, sat down and spread my legs for her. I had resumed the position of my legs over the arms of the chair.

Vicky knelt beside me and took a small pair of scissors and began to trim away at my pubic hair. Snip, snip, snip. The area above my cock was cut short and she caressed my testicles like two precious eggs to be massaged and protected.

Of course, Mr. Midnight enjoyed the stimulation and began to wink his one eye at her.

"Hello big fella? Are you coming out of your coma for Ms. Vicky?" Vicky cooed as my dick started to come to life.

She laughed to herself. I laid back and closed my eyes as she trimmed all of my pubic hair to a crew cut or so it seemed.

"Hmm, I'm not so sure about this. Looks kind of cheap. What do you think Heath?" as Vicky held a small mirror for me to view her efforts.

"Uh, I don't know. It looks ok to me. Are you done with this little game now?" I replied somewhat tired of the whole little affair.

"Your right, it needs to be done right and clean," Vicky replied ignoring my response and providing her own dialogue to the scene.

"Heath, I am going to make you look young again," Vicky continued as though she was some type of beautician or magician, her 38 D breasts swinging freely causing my friend to remain hard.

"We need an accurate measurement," Vicky said to herself. "So, only one course of action to ensure the accuracy. Wax."

"What!" I yelled at her as she used her left hand to push me back down.. With her right hand, a small silver object flashed temporarily blinding me.

"If you upset me, I will email this picture to the townhouse association. Got it?" Vicky barked at me.

I eased myself back down into the chaise lounger. "Got it," I replied registering another defeat.

"Ok, first things first. Trimmed, now for the wax," Vicky smiled at me and moved what I thought was a candle closer to the both of us.

She stirred a wooden tongue depressor around and pulled out what looked like a piece of lasagna. Out came the lasagna and Vicky smiled and said, "This will be warm for a bit and will sting when I remove it. Ready?"

"No," I replied. She responded with a laugh.

Wow, that was more than warm. That was hot!

It cooled and it felt better as the wax dropped form a billion degrees and began to harden slightly. Vicky was stroking my cock as the wax cooled.

Her manual manipulation felt oh so good.

"Ok, Heath, this is the part that stings. Ready?"

Just as I was about to reply, Vicky slapped the wax strip then yanked it hard taking all of the hair that the wax had sealed to the lasagna.

I shrieked nearly leaping off the chair and over the wooden partition separating our townhouses.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled.

"Stop being such a baby you pussy. We women do this every three or four weeks for you guys!" Vicky replied to my expletive.

"You better hold on for the next one," Vicky instructed me as she applied the next wax coating to my other side. "I think we will need to do four more so you better hold on tight!"

She repeated the process again, slapping the area then yanking it hard.

My response was less vocal as I gritted my teeth and looked at both wax strips on the floor. They looked like two side burns hacked off of big foot.

My pubic bone area was next. I felt the warm wax and then the slap. "Oh!" I squeaked out as my pubic bone, left and right sides of my cock were now devoid of any hair.

"Ok, it looks like two more wax strips and you should be done," Vicky casually mentioned as though she did this for a living.

Vicky lifted and moved my penis about and manipulated my balls checking for hair.

Without saying a word, Vicky took one hot wax strip and placed it across my left nut and another across the right. I could feel the warm wax settle on my asshole.

"Ready? This one will hurt a bit more," Vicky so politely informed me.

I nodded yes, succumbing to this woman's erotic forfeit. The sweat on my forehead began to run down and the effect of the alcohol seemed to be evaporating. Funny how a guy can sober up when a wicked woman is doing mean things to his genitals. Sure had me thinking!

Rather than prepping me with a smack on my nuts, Vicky grabbed the left wax strip and ripped. I was frozen in shock and pain. If she was looking for a confession, I was ready to tell her anything.

She continued her grooming process and ripped the right strip off as well. I was near tears and Vicky was inspecting her work, my legs still draped over the side of the chaise.

I laid there for a few moments with my eyes shut. I began to hear some clicking and whirring somewhere.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw Vicky continuing with her pictures and smiling. Her nipples were erect and it was evident that she was very aroused by this sight.

"Ok big fella. Let's get you measured!: Vicky exclaimed excitedly.

I stood on wobbly legs and felt a warm breeze where there should be none. I looked and saw a completely bald scrotum.

"Take a look," Vicky told me. "Go on, lift your cock and touch your balls. See how smooth they are!"

I did as ordered and she continued to take more pictures of me.

I had to admit, I did look much longer than when covered in hair.

Vicky handed me the tape measure that she found on the floor and I pulled it out.

"Ok, hold it against the pubic bone on top and measure to the tip of your cock," Vicky continued the one-sided dialog. "And pre-cum doesn't count!" Vicky added.

The camera continued to flash and whir as she memorialized my loss and forfeit.

"Now for the best part," squealed Vicky tossing me a small bottle of lube.

"Get it nice and hard Heath for the next measurement," as Vicky continued to build on this session.

I caught the lube and, without thinking, applied some lube to my hand and semi-erect cock. I slowly began to pump my dick, feeling it grow in my hand.

Vicky had pulled up a chair in front of me and was rubbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

"How is it going now?" Vicky asked me.

"Mmm ok," I replied.

"Looks better to me. Now let's get that measurement," Vicky said.

I could not believe it! I was so close to cumming and now she wanted to measure me! Argh!

She pulled out the tape measure and announced, "Better than I thought you could do, eight inches!"

I smiled and was proud of my friend. A job well done!

I was brought back to reality when Vicky happily said, "Smile!" A flash from the digital camera temporarily blinded me.

Vicky smiled at me and said, "You want to finish for me now?"

I replied, " I could use some help if you would be so kind."

I thought she would come over and jerk me off but rather she placed her left nipple in her mouth and let her tongue dance around it.

Her saliva glistened from the glow of the pc screen and candle. Wow!

Vicky continued and sat down in the chair putting her left leg over the chair and her breasts bounced. My cock grew a bit more.

Vicky began to rub her pussy through her cut offs and she moaned slightly.

I closed my eyes as I was getting closer to shooting my load. Just as I was about to cum, the clicking and whirring continued. I could not stop being so close to cumming. Vicky continued taking pictures of me in a very private moment.

I shot my load with the first spurt landing about a foot from me. Vicky gasped.

"Oh wow! How Yummy! Vicky squealed.

My second and third loads dribbled and fell onto the patio floor before me. Sweat ran down my body and my chest glistened in the dim light. I could feel the sweat run down my back and into my crack. This time there was no hair in my crotch to catch it and it continued down my legs. Ugh!

Vicky was in seventh heaven as my cum was on the floor between us. "Lovely!" was her remark.

I took a deep breath and I thought I could call it a night. I looked at the computer screen and the little clock in the corner indicated 1:05 AM.

"Ok ready?" Vicky looked up at me and massaged her breasts a bit. I was mesmerized by her actions and those ever hardening nipples.

"Ready, yeah sure. For what?" I replied to her question.

"You owe me a tank of gas!" Vicky exclaimed.

To be continued.

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