tagIncest/TabooLosing My Virginity

Losing My Virginity


A few weeks after I turned twenty, I was finding it difficult to sleep. I was still a virgin and it was causing me some worry. All of my friends had scored years ago. I made up stories so that I could keep up with them and save myself the embarrassment. I felt like a failure. I probably sound like a loser but I was waiting for the right girl.

One of those sleepless nights I was thinking about an intimate moment with my girlfriend. I was lying in my bed with a rock hard cock. I had to jack my cock. In the middle of my session, my dad walked in the room. I was so embarrassed. I tried to cover my cock with the sheet but he was suspicious of the quick movement. He looked at me a little closer and noticed my tent.

My dad sat down on the edge of my bed. I thought he was going to give me a speech that what I was doing was ok and that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. My dad was wearing his boxers and a t-shirt. I happened to notice his cock sticking out from the leg of his boxers. His cock was bigger than mine. Instead of giving me a lecture about masturbation he slowly pulled the thin sheet that was covering me. It went past my nipples and down my stomach until it rested at my knees. My huge boner was sticking up in the air. I didn't know what my dad was doing and I was too afraid to move.

He widened the hole in my boxers with one hand and used his other hand to pull my balls through. He stared at my cock for a while. It made me get even harder knowing that my dad was staring at my cock. He brushed his hand against my balls. It was my father but I wanted him to do it again. He spread my legs out farther. His hand went up and down my thigh, occasionally grazing my nuts. His hand moved from my thigh to my stomach, tracing around my belly button with his finger. Then he licked the tip of his finger and placed it on my nipple. I was filled with pleasure. A man, my father, was going to make me cum.

While looking in my eyes he rubbed my balls as I jacked my cock. I noticed his big dick got even bigger and he slipped off his boxers. His cock was sticking straight out and rubbing against his t-shirt. He stood in front of my face. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock. I had never been attracted to men but I was more than happy to please my dad's cock. I gabbed his balls and rubbed them with my fingers. Pleasure did not register on his face. I was trying my best to please my dad's cock but nothing seemed to be working. I worked my hand up and down his shaft very quickly, like I do. He grabbed my hand and slowed it down to show me what he likes. I made sure I touched the head of his cock.

"Suck daddy's cock." he said. I hesitated because I was unsure about putting a dick in my mouth. I didn't think I was gay but I did what my dad told me. It was weird feeling him in my mouth. I had a strong gag reflex. It was difficult for me to brush my tongue but I tried to take all of his cock in my mouth. I gagged and thought that I was going to make my dad angry.

"That's right. Choke on daddy's cock again." he said. This made me want to try so much harder but I was so unsure of what to do. I never had a blow job. I put the cock deep in my throat and gagged again. I held his cock in my mouth as long as I could. His cock was dripping with my spit after I pulled it out of my mouth. I licked the head of his cock and rubbed it against my lips. He was so hard. Then I started bobbing up and down on his cock, gagging occasionally. Tears were dripping down my face.

He reached down and started rubbing my cock while I sucked his. It was so sensitive at this point. I came almost instantly. Cum spurted from my cock and got all over my dads hands. I thought maybe it wasn't time for me to cum. I looked at my dad to see if he was angry but his face remained the same. He took his cum soaked hand and shoved it in my mouth. His cock was still in my hand. I licked between his fingers to make sure I got every drop of my cum. It was strange licking up cum but I enjoyed it.

I was waiting for my dad to stick his cock back in my mouth so that I could try his cum. He was able to last longer than me. Instead, he told me to get on my knees. I was a little afraid of what he was going to do. Sucking cock was a little different from him playing with my ass. I didn't want to let him down. He watched me and jacked his cock as I got on my knees with my ass in the air. I felt him grab my boxers by the waistband and pulled them down as quickly as possible.

"Hold your ass open." he said. I grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks wide. My face was pressed against the bed. I was very worried about it hurting. I wasn't sure I wanted my virginity taken by my father in my ass. I felt something pressing against my ass hole. I was so surprised at how good it felt. I found myself getting hard again. I had never been able to recharge so quickly but nothing had ever made me feel this good. He gently bounced the head of his cock on my ass hole. Then he traced the hole with his cock. I was aching for him to put it inside my ass.

I felt something warm and wet on my ass. It must have been his tongue. He removed my hands from my ass and replaced them with his own. He spread my ass farther than I thought possible. I wanted more of his tongue so I stuck my ass as far in the air as I could with my legs spread wide. He licked around my ass hole and down to my balls. It made my cock feel like an iron rod. He did this several times but I wanted my dad's huge cock in my ass badly.

I was close to cumming again but I didn't feel his tongue on my ass anymore. I turned around to see what he was doing. My dad pulled my stash of lube out of my drawer. He stroked some around his cock and put some on his finger. He pushed my head to the bed. His finger traced around my ass hole and soon entered. I felt a lot of pressure but it felt good. His finger was very slow to push in. I felt every centimeter of his finger enter my ass hole. It was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced. When he got his finger inside my ass he added another. It took a while for my tight, virgin hole to open up. I tried to relax my ass as much as possible. I wanted my dad to stuff all his fingers in my ass.

After he got my ass used to his fingers, he pulled them out. I could feel that I was looser but I wanted more. I caught a glimpse of my dad rubbing his cock and aiming it at my young ass hole. There was a slight burning sensation as his rod entered my ass. I was glad that he lubed us up before he entered. Every muscle in my body tightened with pleasure. The feeling was indescribable. I could see myself in the mirror. My dad was holding me by my hips in his strong hands. I wanted to see his chest as he fucked me but he left his t-shirt on. My dad is thirty years older than me but he looked incredible. I couldn't believe the first man I was attracted to was my dad.

His cock felt so good in my ass that I couldn't hold myself up long enough to jerk my meat. I collapsed on the bed but made sure my ass was angled so that my dad went deep inside my ass. My dick went limp but it didn't matter. His dick in my ass hole felt so good. I was so turned on looking at myself in the mirror. My dad was so anxious to get to my ass. He didn't care if my boxers were completely off.

He started slowly as I was getting used to his cock. Then his thrusts grew more forceful as his rod rammed into my ass. I was getting pounded by my father and loving it. I felt his warm jizz filling my ass. He put the whole length of his cock in my ass and held it there as my ass hole contracted around his cock, milking out all of his juices. He slowly pulled out his cock. With it, his juices spilled out of my gaping ass hole. He let his dickhead rest on my asshole as he savored the moment. I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass and down my balls and thighs.

My ass was in the air. I was so spent that I couldn't move. My dad pushed me onto my back. I didn't want him to be disappointed that my dick went limp but he didn't seem to care. He pushed my knees up and spread my legs. I was surprised when I saw my dad's mouth open and my soft cock filled his mouth. He had a much easier time since my dick was smaller than his. I was hard instantly. My dad swallowed my cock and his nose brushed against my thin pubic hair. He licked the underside of my cock and held my balls gently in his hand. I exploded on my dad's face.

"Lick all of your cum off daddy's face." He was a few inches from my face. I did as I was told. I had tasted my juices earlier but that was a treat. When my cum was gone, my dad put his lips to mine and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. His tongue was working around mine. I enjoyed kissing my father. He pulled himself from my lips leaving me wanting more. He put on his boxers and walked out of my room. I lay in my bed totally spent. What a way to lose my virginity.

I didn't know what to say to my dad the next morning. I saw him sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper. He didn't acknowledge me when I entered the kitchen. I sat next to him wondering if the previous night was all in my imagination. My throbbing asshole reminded me that it was all real. Soon, after I sat down, my dad grabbed his keys and left for work. I was left wondering if I was gay and if my dad was only interested in having sex with me. I knew that I had always been attracted to women. I wanted to be sure.

I had talked with my current girlfriend about sex. She wasn't a virgin, which made me nervous. I decided that it was time to conquer my fears. I called her and asked her to come over, letting her know I was ready. I replaced the cum stained sheets on my bed with fresh ones. All evidence of the previous night had been removed. I looked at my ass hole in a mirror, checking to see if she would be able to tell I had recently been fucked. I wasn't stretched too badly.

When she came over I was ready to get things started. I was ready to know if I was gay. I took her to my room and sat her on the edge of my bed. I lay next to her. She straddled me. I didn't know what to do so I followed her lead. She kissed me passionately. Memories of the deep kiss I shared with my father flooded back into my head. My penis got hard. Sarah thought it was because of her efforts but she was wrong.

We slowly took off our own clothing. She lay on her back with an inviting look on her face. I placed my body between her legs and kissed her more. Fear was holding me back. Finally, she grabbed my cock and guided me into her pussy. It was one of the best sensations. Her pussy felt better than my hand. I slowly worked myself inside her pussy. I came in her after only a few moments. I was amazed that my dad was inside me such a long while.

As we lay in the bed I realized that I felt a lot more pleasure the previous night. Maybe I was gay. Did I just want my dad? Sarah was sleeping next to me as I contemplated everything. I heard my door creek open. My dad was staring at me. He signaled with his finger for me to come to him. I followed him all the way to his room, where he closed the door behind us.

"What is your problem? Until last night, you were a virgin. I changed all of that and this is how you repay me? Get on your knees and suck daddy's cock. You want to be a good son don't you?"

"But Sarah is in my bed. She might hear us."

"I don't want any lip from you. Get on your knees and suck daddy's cock I hated that cunt all along." I didn't know what else to do. I found myself getting aroused by my dad's attitude. He unzipped his pants and pulled his limp cock free. He wasn't wearing boxers. He wanted me to suck him to hardness. I could tell he was enjoying himself. His cock got longer and wider as it surged to erectness.

"Stand up and take off all of your clothes." I felt exposed since my dad was fully dressed and I was buck naked in front of him. "Get back on your knees boy." he said. I got on my knees but he didn't put his cock in my mouth. "Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and drink it all. This is your punishment." I thought it was too soon for him to cum and I didn't know why drinking his cum was going to be a punishment. He seemed to be straining. I felt a shot of liquid into my mouth. It was salty and stung a bit as it dripped down my throat. I was drinking my dad's piss. I tried to drink as much of his piss as I could. His piss dripped out of the corners of my mouth and down my neck to my chest. The stream of piss seamed to last forever. Sometimes he sprayed me in my face. I wanted to watch the flow of piss leave his cock but it burned my eyes. When he was finished he threw me a towel. "Clean yourself up."

"Now that you have been punished, you can get that slut out of my house. You belong to me, always." My cock was hard even though my dad hadn't done anything to pleasure me. I put my clothes back on. When I saw how hard I was from sucking cock, I realized I was definitely gay. I definitely wanted more of my dad.

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