tagLoving WivesLosing My Wife Ch. 01

Losing My Wife Ch. 01


Things didn't look good. I'd lost my job a few months back due to the economy, and I was having the toughest time finding something else. My wife Jen didn't work (she's a stay at home mom with our two kids, a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl), and we'd been living on our savings. But those were about gone.

About a month back Jen started looking for a job too. She got good grades in college, but she never worked (we got married right after college, and she got pregnant on our honeymoon). With the rough economy, nobody was hiring a 28 year old mom with 2 young kids and without any experience.

"You should apply where I work," Sophie said as we sat around our kitchen table sipping wine and trying to figure out what to do. Sophie's was Jen's best friend, and she worked in one of the largest advertising firms in the city, Baxter Baxter and Morgan (everyone called it BBM). "Old man Morgan is looking for an executive assistant."

"Do you think he'd hire me?" Jen said hopefully. She shrugged, looking a little defeated. "I mean, I was hoping for something more than being a secretary, but at this point I'll take anything."

Sophie put her hand over Jen's. "Honey, you'd be an executive assistant, not a secretary. With Morgan there's a big difference. You'd have a lot of responsibility, and I hear the pay is really good."

Jen and I both looked at Sophie with interest. This could really help us, tide us over until I got a job. "But do you think he'd hire me?"

"I think you have a good chance. I mean, you majored in marketing and got good grades in college, and you're smart and a hard worker. But there's one thing ..."

"What?" both Jen and I asked almost simultaneously.

"Well, you'd have to work evenings and weekends a lot."

"That's okay," I said. I saw the look in Jen's face and I held her hand. "I know it'll be hard being away from the kids, but it'll only be temporary until I get a job."

Sophie held up her hands in warning. "You can't let on to Morgan that it'll only be temporary. He got so mad when his last admin left, because he'd just finished training her. She got pregnant and then quit after having the baby."

"Okay, well, I just won't say anything about how long I'll be staying," Jen said shrugging.

"It's more than that," Sophie said. "The rumor is he's only considering single women without kids."

Jen gave her friend a look. "I'm pretty sure that's illegal."

Sophie shrugged. "I know, but what can you do? He's too smart to ever get caught. Anyway, if you want a chance at the job, you'll have to pretend you're single and your career is your life. But the pay is unbelievable. I heard his last admin got almost $200,000 last year."

My eyes bugged out. That was more than I made in my last job. "You're kidding, how does an admin get paid that much?"

Sophie shrugged again. "Well, like I said, it's a demanding job, you're essentially on call all the time. But you get commissions on the deals old Morgan closes, so the more he makes, the more you make."

A week later, I waited anxiously for Jen to get home from her interview. If something didn't work out soon, we'd have to sell our house. "How did it go?" I asked jumping up as soon as she got home. Her face was all smiles. "I got it!" she squealed. "I start Monday!"

We celebrated by taking the kids to their favorite restaurant, McDonalds of course. Fortunately too since that was about the only restaurant that fit in the current state of our finances. Then mom and dad did their own celebrating after putting the kids down. "I think I'm going to like this Mister Mom thing," I said nuzzling Jen's neck as she got into bed.

"Oh, really? Well, you know, there's more to staying home than watching ESPN all day," she playfully teased. We both were in great moods because our financial disaster seemed to have been averted.

"I know that," I said with mocked seriousness. "I mean, there's the Golf Channel too. But what I'm really looking forward to is seeing my sexy wife all dressed up for work every day."

"Hmmm, and why is that?" she asked playing dumb. "I won't be wearing anything special. Just short skirts, hose and high heels." She giggled, and then I attacked her. She knew I loved it when she dressed up, but taking care of the kids she usually just wore t-shirts and baggy sweats, which did a good job of hiding her best features. At 28 and even after 2 kids, my wife still had her youthful good looks. Natural blonde, sweet pretty face, and a petite figure with smallish but perky tits (even after breast feeding our kids). A firm ass and long, shapely legs were her best assets, which suit me just fine because I was a leg man.

The next day I worked on fixing a leaky sink while Jen and Sophie sorted through her clothes. "Jen, you're going to have to get some new clothes, this is all so last decade," Sophie said holding up one of Jen's dresses with a clear look of disapproval on her face. "You've got to remember, this is advertising, and you've got to look young and energetic. All of your clothes look like mom clothes."

"What can I tell you, I'm a mom," Jen said shrugging. She hadn't bought any new clothes in a long time, besides maternity clothes. She had even had to borrow an outfit from Sophie for the interview.

Sophie took Jen's face in her hands. "Sweetie, you've got to get out of that mindset. If old man Morgan suspects you have kids, or you're married, he'll fire you! And I'd be in trouble too for recommending you!"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Jen said, her hands up in surrender. "But I can't afford to buy new clothes now."

Sophie reached into her bag and pulled out some clothes. "Here, I brought you some outfits to tide you over until your first check. Luckily we're about the same size."

Jen looked doubtfully at her friend, who was very busty. "I meant from the waist down," Sophie said laughing. Jen gave Sophie the evil eye, then sorted through what Sophie had brought. They were all short skirts, none longer than mid-thigh and tailored to hug curves, and a few pairs of high heels. She knew the skirts would be tight, but they'd probably work for now. "Well, Michael is going to love seeing me in these things," she giggled.

"Hey, no funny business while your wife is wearing my clothes," Sophie said my way in a threatening voice, but then gave me a wink. "Or at least, make sure they come back to me dry cleaned." I gave her a "who me?" innocent look, and then laughed.

Then Sophie gave Jen a $200 gift card to Victoria's Secret. "You can pay me back later. You need to get some thongs. I know, I know, you hate them, but panty lines are a major faux pas. And buy thigh high stockings too." She waved her hand dismissively at my wife's "what the heck?" look. "It'll make you feel sexy, and you'll need that extra self-confidence when you're dealing with all the male jerks at the office. Trust me on this one. "

I couldn't help smiling. "This is getting better and better." Then I had to dodge quickly as my wife threw one of the stiletto heels at me.

At first it was rough for Jen. She had to learn a lot at her new job, and she hated being away from the kids. Having me home taking care of them (instead of putting them in daycare) helped a lot. Having to pretend she was single without any kids didn't help, because she couldn't confide in anyone at work except Sophie. But after a couple of months things got better. She started getting the hang of the job, and it was actually interesting and challenging. And the money was great. With Jen's help, old man Morgan closed a couple of big deals, and we were both wide eyed at the size of her commissions. We got current with our mortgage, and even started rebuilding some of our savings, and that was after buying Jen a new work wardrobe.

I have to admit, that was about my favorite part. Jen learned fast that BBM wasn't one of those business casual places that are so common today. Men and women were expected to dress like they had just stepped out of GQ and Cosmopolitan. Old man Morgan was famous for saying, "If you can't sell yourself, how the fuck are you going to sell our clients?"

I wasn't complaining about Jen's new wardrobe. She came home every day looking hot in her designer dresses and high heels! I liked watching her get dressed -- especially since she had taken Sophie's advice about the thong panties and thigh high stockings -- and I liked it even better after putting the kids down, when I got my sexy wife into bed. With the stress of our almost financial ruin behind us, we were both less stressed, and our sex life was as good as it'd ever been.

A crowd of the 20- and 30-something BBMers always went out for drinks Friday night, and after making excuses for a few weeks, Jen finally started going. Even though she hated being away from the kids for even more time, she didn't have a choice, because she had to keep up the appearance she was an unattached single woman. Usually she cut out at the earliest opportunity, but one Friday night she didn't get home until past midnight. She was drunk and incredibly horny. She practically raped me as soon as she got home.

The next morning she was nursing a hangover, and didn't start feeling like herself again until after lunch. I asked her what happened last night, not that I was complaining sex was great. She hesitantly told me their group started dancing, and some of the guys danced really close to her, so there was some bumping and grinding. She looked worried that I'd be mad, but I told her I understood, it was just some singles going out after a hard day at work and blowing off steam, and anyway I benefitted from it with having an extremely horny wife in bed. She looked relieved and our weekend continued as normal.

Jen continued going out with her co-workers on Fridays, getting home usually past midnight. She always came home horny and we had great fuck sessions. I could tell she now looked forward to these Friday nights with her co-workers, which kind of bothered me but I didn't say anything because I remembered how I'd often go out with the guys for a drink when I was working. Also, the sex after she got home on Fridays was always great, I was getting it more now than ever before.

Also, I started looking forward to hearing how her male co-workers took liberties with her during these Friday evenings. Jen always told me everything, she's always been an honesty is the best policy kind of person. It surprised me that I got turned on by her stories, but looking back I'd always enjoyed seeing other men giving her the once over. So usually when she got home we'd rush to bed, her turned on by all the male attention she'd gotten, and me anxious to hear what had happened. We'd get naked (but I always made her keep her stockings and high heels on -- I told you I was a leg man), and then slowly fuck as she gave me the 411.

Fall turned into winter, and BBM's Christmas party was nearing, and Jen was bringing me as her date so we both could have fun, as BBM had the reputation of throwing over-the-top lavish parties. From the beginning, we had worked out a good cover story. Jen was a recent divorcee. That explained why she hadn't been working since college. I was her cousin, and she was living with me until she got back on her feet. I had 2 kids, and my wife had passed away a couple of years ago.

I think she worried about me seeing her with her rowdy male friends. It was one thing to tell me about their shenanigans, and another for me to see it in person. I told her not to worry about it. I didn't think anyone would do anything too wild at a company party. But inside, I wouldn't have minded if some of the guys got frisky with her, because (strangely enough) I found the idea of that arousing.

The evening of the party, I wore my best suit. Jen had bought a new dress, and she looked stunning. It was a designer off-the-shoulder black number that hugged her curves and showed off a lot of her great legs. We arrived and Jen introduced me to her co-workers. I fetched Jen a drink, and then another one. I was pretending to be a conscientious date, but in fact I wanted to loosen her up so she'd have a good time. We agreed people might get suspicious if we stayed together and looked like a couple, so at times we drifted apart, talking to different groups of people.

A group of about 30 people seemed to be the center of attention. They looked like a clique, like the popular kids in high school. As I found out, they were the elite group of young executives on the fast track in BBM. It surprised me to see my wife in this group. Among her were the people she had introduced me too, so clearly this was the Friday night gang. All of them were very good looking and extremely well dressed, like models and movie stars at a Hollywood bash. My wife fit right in. She looked so beautiful and sexy in her new dress, so confident among all the other beautiful people. I knew I wouldn't fit into that crowd, and it bothered me. But seeing her there, clearly the center of attention of a number of the men, I felt a stirring in my loins. Later that night, as we made love, I fantasized about those men fucking my wife.

The next week I did a lot of thinking. Seeing Jen at the Christmas party among the populars (as I thought of them) brought back college memories. With her good looks and bubbly personality, Jen was extremely popular back in college. I kind of admired her from afar, because there was no way a girl like her was going to go out with a geeky guy like me. But she almost failed a math class, so her teacher assigned me as her tutor (I was a teaching assistant). I think it surprised her as much as me when she fell in love with me, just like it surprised her friends (including Sophie), and I think her parents too.

The Christmas party disturbed me because my wife was again hanging around a crowd I thought we had left behind in college. The crowd of beautiful people, the crowd I could never fit into. What disturbed me more were the fantasies growing in my mind, of my wife with these popular men. It was all confusing. I didn't tell Jen any of this, as I wanted to work it out for myself first.

A couple of weeks later I came into the kitchen where Jen and Sophie were huddled. They were sipping wine and giggling, but when I walked in they abruptly stopped talking. "What's up?" I asked.

The girls looked at each other, and Sophie gave Jen a "you've got to tell him" look. My wife's eyes shot arrows through her friend, but then she finally said, "Well, one of the guys at work asked me out."

"That's not true," Sophie quickly corrected. "Guys have been asking you out since you started working at BBM."

I looked inquiring at my wife. "They have? You didn't tell me."

"I'm sorry, but I didn't think it was a big thing. I mean, of course I'm not going out with any of them, I'm married for god's sakes."

"And that's my point," Sophie said. "Jen, people are starting to talk, wondering why you never go out on dates. Pretty soon they're going to suspect you're married, and as soon as that happens old man Morgan is going to can you butt."

The two friends frowned at each other. Clearly this was a conversation they've been having for a long time. Even before I said it, I knew I shouldn't, something about listening to your big head, not your small head. "Maybe Sophie is right," I said shrugging and pretending to look nonchalant. "I mean, you're making a lot of money at this job, and we don't want to take a chance of people suspecting."

So that's how my wife started dating other men. At the start it was an extension of her Friday nights out. They'd go out as a group to start the evening, then Jen and her date would go off alone. Instead of getting home around midnight, she started getting home closer to 2am or even later. When she got home, we'd fuck until almost daylight. Thank god her parents lived nearby, as we got into the routine of having the kids sleep over Friday nights so we'd be able to sleep in Saturday morning.

I made Jen tell me everything she did on her dates. She didn't understand my fascination, but was always open with me, I think partly because she always came home at least a little drunk, and also because I think it helped her deal with the guilt of enjoying her nights out so much. The fact I never got mad or upset also helped her be forthcoming (in fact, it was exactly the opposite, her stories turned me on).

Jen always came home hot from her dates, even more so than the Friday night happy hours. As you'd expect, men took more liberties with her when they had her alone on dates. She wouldn't let them get too far, but definitely some necking and fondling took place. She never let anyone inside her blouse or up her skirt, but still the increased intimacy always got her soaking wet and me rock hard, and our sex got even more lustful and torrid.

Sometimes her dates were on Saturday nights, and it was weird when her date picked her up at our house. I was pretending to be her cousin, so of course I had to act like everything was normal, just my pretty popular cousin going out on a date. But it was a strange -- and stimulating -- experience to make small talk with a man who was taking my wife out on a date, and then see my wife walk into the room dressed in one of her sexy clubbing outfits, and see her kiss hello her date on the lips.

On her date nights, I spent a lot of time thinking about what my wife was doing with her date. It got me terribly excited imagining them holding hands, his arm around her, kissing, his hand running up her thigh. I usually masturbated once or twice while waiting, and my arousal was so great I still had enough in the tank to fuck her when she got home.

I discovered I wasn't alone in my fantasy to see my wife with other men. I found websites like literotica.com and ourhotwives.org, and the posts and stories helped me better understand myself, although they didn't help with my doubts and insecurity with being complicit with my wife seeing other men.

After a few months of dating, Jen had progressed to heavy kissing and petting. Her date often invited her up to his apartment, but so far she hadn't done that, so mostly they fooled around in darken corners of a club, or in the guy's car. She was letting guys inside her blouse and bra, and even up her skirt. She said guys went crazy when they discovered she was wearing real stockings, she said her date often audibly moaned when his hand passed from her stocking top to her bare thigh above.

She told me it was hard to hold off guys to just petting over clothes especially when it was their third or fourth date. Thus, we agreed she'd go on no more than five dates with the same guy. She was okay with this as it wasn't like she was looking for a serious relationship (since of course she had me), and I liked it because it was dangerous enough to make it really exciting.

We developed some other rules to make sure Jen's dating didn't hurt our marriage. Mouth kissing was okay, as was petting over and under clothes. But undressing wasn't allowed. She could let a guy unbutton her blouse and even unsnap her bra, but she couldn't let him take clothes completely off her. Her date could finger her and even make her cum, but that was it, no oral and certainly no intercourse. Likewise, she could touch him anywhere including giving him a hand job, but no oral.

We decided on these rules gradually, usually as we fucked after one of her dates. "Do you think I went too far?" she'd ask huskily after describing something she'd done, or let her date do. I'd respond between gasps with, "No, that was okay," or maybe "Yeah, that was okay, you could even have let him go farther, like ..."

One Friday night Jen got home with tears streaked down her face. She fell into my arms sobbing, crying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," over and over again. She had broken (shattered really) our most important rule. She'd let her date fuck her.

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