Loss of a Bet


>**Title:** Loss of a Bet

>***Rating: Explicit***

>**Summary:** After losing a bet with Woosa, Chiwu has to be his pet for a month; doing anything that he wanted him to. As it turns out, Woosa wanted to know just how far he could go one day when both he and Chiwu are in heat.

>**Ships: Chiwoosa**

>**Status:** Complete

>**Chapter(s)**: One


> This is what I've become, and I'd gladly accept my title as this sub's sinner. My long-term goal is to go down a legend of /r/summonerswar and /r/swart; the person who made all that SW smut and got a job at Com2uS/simply got banned because I write too much damn smut.

> WITH THAT SAID, IT'S TIME TO PREPARE YOUR -- it is literally like two in the goddamn morning as i write this i'm so sleepy someone send help please

>**Tags: Dom-Woosa, Sub-Chiwu, neck-biting, pet-names, moaning, oral, powerplay, hair-pulling, heat, bondage, gagging**

"Frankly, Woosa," Chiwu huffed, crossing his arms; "I'm the best Pioneer, here." The blue boy shook his head at that as Chiwu listed how he was basically a better version of Megan.

"Just remember who helped Summoner start her first GB10 team." Woosa smirked, turning his back at Chiwu.

"You two are having a pissing contest *again*?" Camilla shook her head at the Pioneers.

"Well, not *literally*, Cami." Chiwu explained. Camilla let out a strange noise from the back of her throat that was a cross between a laugh and a snort, at the thought of a literal pissing contest. Upon calming herself, she paused, remembering how she and Katarina used to sort out their own pissing contests.

"Since I'm sick of these kinds of things you're doing, I've proposed something." She explained how she and Katarina used to make a bet on something, and then when one Valkryja lost, the other would be able to have them as a personal "servant" or "pet" for a period of time. It may have caused each other to dislike the other sister, but at least it kept them from arguing, in her words.

" --and the pet has to do anything that the other wants." Camilla finished.

"Anything?" Chiwu echoed in disbelief.


Chiwu failed -- he failed when he was so close to his goal. *Whoever could put ten enemies to sleep over the course of the day would own the other Pioneer as a pet,* was the goal. He was at *nine sleeps*, too! But no, the enemy just had to resist the last one needed, and Woosa got it in before he could. The rest of the Real Time Arena match was horrible, even though Chiwu had successfully stripped all enemies of their buffs, which he enjoyed doing.

Woosa was smug when they returned to the island. It was far too bright, like always, and Chiwu was not going to like his life for the next month. Chiwu nearly slapped him back at the arena, but resisted himself. Katarina asked them who won the bet, as Camilla had told her. Woosa was far too proud to announce he did.

"Woosa, I demand a rematch." Woosa delicately raised one finger in front of him, as if to shush him.

"Ah, ah, ahh, that's 'Master' for a month now." It was going to be a long month; that was for sure.

"...Yes, *Master*."


The scent of Chiwu's heat lingered in the air, warmth flooding Woosa's face. He ran a hand through his blue hair, moaning a little as his cock throbbed. Camilla *did* say that Chiwu was Woosa's pet for the month, and that he could do anything that he wanted to him. There wasn't anything that Summoner had to do for that day, and that was great, considering they were both in heat that day.

*Did he also mean I could...?* He wondered for a moment. There was really only one way to find out. Woosa smirked, licking his lower lip a little at the thought of Chiwu shirtless. He sat up in his bed, calling for Chiwu. The boy appeared at his doorway, and his scent got stronger; sickly sweet and addicting.

"What is it, Master?" Chiwu purred, feeling flirtatious all of a sudden. He could smell Woosa's heat, and it was delicious. Woosa was flushed a deep blue, and Chiwu would bet that he was completely hard under that kimono. Woosa's sapphire blue eyes were washed over with lust. Chiwu could tell that he wanted something, badly.

Chiwu was grabbed the wrist and pulled over, where his lips suddenly met Woosa's. He kissed the fire Pioneer over and over again; letting Chiwu moan softly into his mouth. Woosa's tongue slid into Chiwu's mouth, rough, warm and wet, and he responded by pushing his head closer to Woosa's, letting the older male touch him and make him shiver.

He'd be lying to himself if he wasn't enjoying it, Chiwu thought as he closed his eyes, before being pinned against the wall. Woosa's lips were so soft, and the feeling of his tongue invading his mouth felt...nice, really, despite what it may seem like. He had started his sentence as his pet hating out, and he was going to go out wishing it were longer.

He let go of Chiwu's wrist and his hands started running down his body, feeling him up. Woosa broke away and instead moved down to Chiwu's neck, nipping at it as he suddenly moaned out at the sensation. He was grinding his hips against Woosa's, relieving some of the pressure forming inside of him.

"Does this make you wet?" Woosa broke away from the dark spot that was forming on his neck.

"Get on your knees and strip." Woosa commanded. "You *are* a stripper, aren't you?" He was certainly enjoying having this much power over the boy, to the point where he'd even say it was arousing. Chiwu almost remarked that wasn't necessary, as he was already undressing him with his eyes, but did as he was told, slowly untying the obi around his ribcage and letting it fall to the ground, before pulling off his kimono.

It was heavy, due to being many layers. Eventually he had pulled off his nagajuban, and they were all on the ground, leaving him in nothing but a pair of reddish panties that could barely hide how hard he was. Woosa bit his lower lip at the sight of him kneeling in front of him, wearing only panties, and felt his cock hardening.

"That's a good boy." He praised, tilting Chiwu's chin up, the other hand stroking his body. The scent of his heat was unbearable, and though the urge to just pin him down onto the bed, tie him up and have his way with him was growing stronger, he wanted to see just how much power he had over Chiwu. Apparently, he was going to do anything during that period where he was Woosa's pet. Woosa shivered as a hand slid up his thigh, Chiwu opening up his kimono a little bit and pulling his panties down *just* enough for his cock to be exposed.

His tongue caught some of the precum bubbling up on the head, where a moan slipped out of Woosa's throat. Chiwu smirked at this and continued, taking most of Woosa's cock around his mouth until his throat protested and he eased up a little and started using his hand to make up for what he couldn't reach. The taste and the weight of his cock against Chiwu's tongue were wonderful.

A hand roughly grabbed onto his braid, tugging at it slightly as Woosa moaned in pleasure. It felt strange; hurting as it should, but at the same time made a tingling sensation shoot down his spine that he, quite frankly, loved. He was growing quite fond of being Woosa's pet, honestly. His body was warming up from the blood rushing through it, but he kept bobbing his head on Woosa's cock, tongue swirling across it.

Another loud, pleasured moan slipped out of Woosa's mouth. He was close to cumming, and though he wanted Chiwu to swallow his load, he also wanted to see just how far he could go with this new power. He pulled at Chiwu's braid, telling him to stop. He pulled him up and then pushed him onto the bed, nibbling at his neck. Woosa could feel Chiwu's hard cock pressing up against his inner thigh, which turned him on even further.

His arms were pinned above his head, wrists touching part of the headboard, before suddenly being tied together, using his obi. Chiwu attempted to struggle, but being tied to the headboard limited his movements. Woosa was undressing himself, pulling off his kimono and leaving him shirtless, drooling at the sight of Chiwu's body. A lustful gleam shone in his eyes.

"Damn, you're pretty, boy." He smirked, running a hand across Chiwu's body. Woosa's hand grazed one of Chiwu's nipples, which caused him to moan out, cock throbbing.

"You like that, don't you?" Chiwu nodded, not expecting him to dip down and start licking it. Woosa's tongue dragged across it, gently suckling as Chiwu moaned out, throwing his head back. He looked up at the sudden moan of desperation.

"Easy now; we don't want anyone to hear this." Woosa grabbed his own obi and tied it around his mouth, muffling Chiwu's attempts to protest, though deep down; a sick part of him was turned on at the thought of him being tied up and fucked by a horny Woosa. Sensations were running through his body, only arousing him even further. It was like he *enjoyed* being vulnerable and overpowered.

His hands grabbed Chiwu's hips, causing him to gasp behind his gag, before sliding his panties down and off of his ass, throwing them to the ground. Chiwu's cock was exposed, perfect for sucking, but Woosa didn't intend to do that. He slid his own panties; light blue and lacey, down to his ankles.

"Be a good boy and open your legs." Seeing as he had no choice, the bound-up Pioneer did so, anticipating what Woosa was going to do to him. He was still a virgin, Woosa would bet, but that was going to change in a few minutes.

Woosa's tip was pressing against Chiwu's hole, the latter whimpering for Woosa to fuck him, please -- or, rather, he would have had he not been gagged. Woosa shoved himself in, sliding his entire member, thick and hard, inside of him, forcing Chiwu to stretch in order to accommodate the length of him. He moaned out, muffled by the obi around his mouth; feeling his body being filled up by Woosa.

Woosa slid out slowly until he was almost all the way out, before slamming himself back in, causing Chiwu to moan even harder. He was in a rhythm all of a sudden, moving in and out. It was a strange feeling, but it felt so good, coupled with painful pleasure. The sound of skin on skin, Chiwu's muffled moans and Woosa's low growls lingered in the air, the scents of their heat even stronger.

Chiwu clenched tightly around Woosa's cock, defenseless against the merciless invader pounding his ass. He was so warm and tight, making Woosa moan in pleasure. A pressure was building up inside of him that felt strangely pleasurable. With every thrust, it grew even stronger as tears started to bubble up at the corners of his eyes.

Woosa's lustful gaze traveled down to Chiwu's body, heaving and writhing with ecstasy at every thrust. He was quite a hot sight, arms pinned up over his head and tied up to keep him from moving, a gag around his mouth to silence his desperation. The water Pioneer's tongue slid out of his mouth, breathing rough and ragged. He was close, and he wanted to fill Chiwu up with his cum and make him *his.*

He hit something, deep inside of Chiwu, that made him throw his head back and moan hard, poorly muffled by the gag. He whimpered for Woosa to keep going, pound him harder, faster, please. Woosa started whispering seductively into Chiwu's ear -- or, rather, whispering as seductively as he could without moaning as he pounded the rhythm into him.

"That's right Chiwu; take it all inside you." He growled, grabbing the boy's hips and digging his nails in to steady Chiwu. He knew that they were going to leave bruises in the morning, but they were both too turned on to care. Chiwu was so close to cumming, body warming up even further. He enjoyed being fucked senseless, that was for sure.

Woosa's thrusts became more erratic as he grew closer to release, his dirty talk becoming more incoherent with every thrust. He could feel Chiwu clenching around him as he was about to cum. He kept pushing in, pounding his sweet spot, bringing him to the edge.

Woosa shoved the entire length of his member in as Chiwu broke, moaning and shivering, cumming all over his body. Blinding hot pleasure shot through his body, and he struggled at his restraints, though it failed and his struggling only turned Woosa on even further.

His whole body contracted, tightening around Woosa's cock, causing his own release, shoving himself into Chiwu's sweet spot one last time as something hot and sticky filled his little boy toy up. He slid out, seeing the mess that Chiwu had made on himself when he came.

Woosa dipped down, catching some of it on his tongue. It was sweeter than he expected, and he began to lick more of it up, swallowing his sweet juices. The rough feeling made Chiwu shiver, and he knew that he was going to be losing a lot more bets from now on.

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