A cool gust of wind sweeps its way past the side of your face, the weather is colder than usual for your typical walk home from work. You stayed late to help out at work because one of your co-workers, Kendra, uncharacteristically made no appearance at work today. You found this strange as she never missed work, or even school in fact, you thought of calling her during your break to see if she was alright but decided that she probably just assumed it was her day off. You shake off your worries as another cold gust of wind sends a chill down your spine, you never realized how dark the forest trail got this late in the day. When you usually get off work you find the forest pleasant, the large firs and pine trees are gorgeous this time of year and the fresh pine air makes you energized and refreshed. Although this time around the forest is nearly pitch black, you can barely see the outlines of the trees in front of you.

The gusts of wind make an eerie howl, the rest of the forest however seems almost dead, not even the typical bat or owl seem to be out. Feeling frustrated with the near complete darkness you decide to risk your phone battery by using the flashlight.

Upon turning the light on you realize you don't recognize this part of the forest, the trees seem almost larger and the shrubbery much denser. You do a full 360 before letting out a sigh of frustration and turning around to backtrack.

After about fifteen minutes of walking you come to a fork in the trail, you don't remember seeing a fork nor do you remember there being more than one path to begin with. You decide to take a moment and recollect your walk home. Usually when walking home you pass Kendra on her way to work, she lives in the same neighborhood as you and often enthused about her fondness for living near the protected forests at work parties or meetings.

You can't help but wonder if she may of also gotten lost on this seemingly new path. You decide that you just took the wrong side of the fork and head back in the other direction on the other path. As it gets later it also gets darker, you resent the fact that you didn't charge your phone during your break as the life on the battery started to dwindle, you know you should've been out of the forest and onto the street now but it seems as if the forest is going on forever.

Another 30 minutes go by and just as you're about to let out a loud curse of frustration you're stopped mid "FU..." and you trip over a large wood plank. You realize too late that your fall just happens to be near a hole of some kind as you find yourself suspended in the air before an unceremonious fall to the ground.

You hit the ground with a loud WHUMP catching a mouthful of dirt in the process, you look up and realize you've fallen down what looks like an old mine shaft of some kind.

"Are you fucking kidding me" You breath as you grope the ground for your phone, what felt like an eternity of searching you find you phone and pick it up to realize the phone is cracked. Luckily the light function is still working, but your charge is getting desperately low. You look up to see if you can climb back up the hole you fell through but to your dismay the drop was about seven feet of nothing. You do another 360 to assess the area but halfway through your turn you hear what sounds like a heavy rope, without footsteps, being dragged closer and closer towards you at an alarmingly fast pace.

Frozen in fear you stand there staring at the corridor the sound is coming from when large, meaty, vine-like appendages shoot out from around the corner making a beeline towards you.

You immediately turn around and start to sprint as fast as you can but to no avail as your legs are ensnared by the appendages.

You scream out as they knock you to the ground and start dragging you down further into the mines, for what feels like hours you're being dragged further and further until the mine system seems to stop and you enter a near prehistoric looking cave.

As the cave narrows down barely fitting your body, you're carelessly thrown about smashing into rocks and wall until you finally hit a rock wrong to the head and find yourself passed out.


Your eyes open to bright glowing blue lights that make you squint as you try to get your bearings.

You're flat on the ground on your back staring at the roof of the cave, which is glowing with tendrils of blue light. You attempt to sit up only to realize that those same tendrils are wrapped tightly around your arms and legs, you try to pull on them but they wont budge.

You catch some movement out of the corner of your eye and see long appendages, blue in color and only glowing on their tips, sliding towards you. Terrified you try to react only to be more tightly restrained by the appendages on your limbs.

The appendages start to slide over your body, lubricating you while simultaneously melting off your clothes.

As all your clothes wither away, the appendages on your legs start to try and pull them apart, you yell out "Hey!' and try to keep them together, but to no avail.

Completely exposed, legs gaped apart, you look up to get a better view of what on Earth these appendages could possibly be doing. You see coming towards your exposed vagina what seem like 20-30 finger sized, blue glowing, tentacles.

As they reach your body they slither around your legs and some slide over top of your exposed vagina sending shivers down your spine. Some even climb up around your torso and wrap around your breasts, throbbing and wrapping tightly.

Just as you look down again you're met with a sharp ping feeling as one enters your vagina, you feel the small appendage wiggling and slithering its way around, until it reaches your womb, to which it enters and wiggles around, excreting a glowing blue liquid that makes your body tingle with warmth.

You stare down as you notice another much larger, forearm sized, appendage close in also. This appendage is only glowing in the tip, of which looks like the bud of a flower. Unlike the smaller tentacles, this one has ridges down its mass.

As you follow the length of the appendage you notice near the end of it is a large, glowing pod, of which seems to be filled with what seems like hundreds of fist sized glowing eggs.

Just as you start to realize what's happening, the appendage plunges into you. You feel it make its way deeper and deeper until it to reaches the mouth of your womb. It stops as it does not quite fit, it reels back and forcefully hits the wall again, and again.

It starts to do this at an extremely fast pace, the ridges of it stimulating you. You clench your toes as you feel it break past the mouth of your womb.

As it does this, you feel another appendage of the same size also slip into you.

You look up to see a lineup of these, all connected to the pod in the back of the cave.

The first appendage starts to reel back and forth in a piston like movement as it prepares to start inserting eggs. The other appendage trying to force its way inwards, competing for room with the first appendage.

You feel even yet another attempting to push its way through your vagina, just barely fitting the tip in beside the other two.

Just as the first appendage plants its first egg the second one breaks through the wall and joins the other in irregular piston like motion.

You shudder as this gives the third just enough room to force its way in.

The smaller appendages around your breasts start to tighten and squeeze and twist with the motions of the larger appendages.

You arch your back as you feel the second and third fist size egg become planted into your womb, the tightness in your stomach causes you to shudder with pleasure as you feel the third appendage break through into the womb as well.

You gasp into the air as the tentacles pump eggs into you one at a time, four, five, six eggs are pumped.

You yelp as an appendage with tennis ball sized tip pushes into your anus, vibrating and shaking, filling your body more.

The appendages in your womb start to work faster, pumping more and more eggs into you.

You look down at your slowly growing womb, stretching to the point you look 9 months pregnant.

You start to feel climax as the appendages work harder and faster, pulsing and shaking in a piston motion each swing back and forth more aggressive each time.

The eggs in your belly start to hatch and eel shaped maggots start to squirm within you, adding to the sensations.

The maggots aggressively trying to compete for room as more eggs are pushed into you, they consume them attempting to fight for space, some even turning on each other.

As they cannibalize themselves, they themselves also start to grow.

As they grow larger and larger your stomach extended to the point that another adult could fit within you.

You climax, the pleasure like nothing else you felt before, but longer, and better, the tightness and the wiggling just extending the feeling.

The appendages slowly slip out of you and the remaining maggots finally consume each other until there is only one left to gestate.

You, still in your extended climax, mouth open, a tentacle slips into your mouth and down to your stomach, to feed you nutrients until the maggot finishes gestation and is birthed.

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