Lost & Found Ch. 01


“I know it’s pathetic, but, I couldn’t face anyone, I couldn’t let anyone know what had happened.”

“What did your dad say on the phone to cause you to freak?” His voice wasn’t quite normal, scratchy, but I still couldn’t look at him.

“Jason is up for parole tomorrow.” I then forced myself to look at Brian. What I saw shocked me, he had tears running down his face and he looked so incredibly, I don’t know, proud maybe.

“What? Why the tears?”

He smiled at me. “I would have to be a stone cold bastard not to hurt when my best friend is hurting.” Then he hugged me, long and hard.

It was okay. He didn’t hate me or pity me, well maybe a little, but it didn’t change anything. That day Brian hauled me out to the pool still in my underwear and threw me in. We swam for most of the day. It had been more than seven years since my body had felt the direct sunlight. He knew all my scars and it didn’t scare him or gross him out. If I hadn’t already loved him I would have fallen right then. He convinced me that the scars were light enough and faint enough to wear long shorts and t-shirts; which we went out and bought Monday night. Up to that point it was jeans and long sleeved shirts. He even talked me into v-necked shirts that showed off the wealth of chest hair at my throat. It had been a very long time since I had seen my body for any length of time. I was stronger in the chest and arms. My chest was covered in golden fur as was my belly and lower arms to about mid bicep. I had no fat on me that I could see. I wasn’t bad looking. At 6’3” and about 215 pounds I was not so awful. I wasn’t going to rush out and start modeling, but as long as my ass was covered, I was like a survivor of a car crash, the scars were there, but no one knew how they happened. That week at work, I even took off my shirt at the work site. Some looked, they wanted to ask but didn’t. Others saw what was my obvious reason for my modesty and accepted. Wednesday I went grocery shopping while Brian stayed home and did laundry. When I got home, Brian hugged me again then held me away from him to look at me. His throat was working for a couple of moments before he spoke.

“We will work something out for the mirror in your bathroom.” I felt like a lovesick puppy. It was getting harder and harder to keep my feelings to myself. He had gone into my bathroom to check for towels and saw how I had covered my mirror, except for a small patch to shave by. That week had become the best of my life. I swam again and sunned myself. I let the world see some of my scars and they looked, but didn’t shun me.

Friday came a little too soon for my liking, but I wished Brian well on his date and saw him to the door. I was surprised when I saw him again two hours later. He stomped into the house and collapsed on the sofa totally dejected.

“I didn’t date anyone in high school but my wife. I am out of practice and pissed off.” He scrubbed his face with his hands then sighed. “God, Simon, it was awful.”

I tried to ask him how it went. He told me she didn’t laugh at his jokes, wasn’t interested in any of his hobbies or work and then flirted with a guy at the next table during desert. I tried to help; I asked him what the jokes were. I laughed so hard at them. Then, to try and cheer him, I made faces at him.

He laughed. “I love you Simon.”

I thanked the gods for that, my heart sped up to bursting speed and I couldn’t breath. “Thank god, I love you so much.” I lunged for his mouth and kissed him. His lips were so soft and tasted of the coffee he had drunk at dinner. I was lost in the kiss; my head spinning. Slowly, I realized that I was the only one involved in the kiss. I opened my eyes to see his, wide open and shocked. I pulled back and felt my heart rip in two. I whispered “sorry” and “I understand” and was up, out the door in my truck and two blocks away in 30 seconds. I drove around for a couple of hours. When I was too tired to drive I pulled into an all night coffee shop, had some coffee, and pushed around some food on a plate. I knew I would have to leave. No matter how Brian may care for me, I knew it wouldn’t work out. I drove home about 4 AM and went upstairs to pack. I was halfway done when I heard Brian behind me.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

His voice sounded so hurt, so lost. But there was nothing to be done about it. I loved him too much to stay, now that he knew how I felt. “Look Brian, I’m sorry for misreading things. But, I think it would be best if I left. You are a good man and despite this evening’s disaster, you’re going to meet someone wonderful, who will knock your socks off and give you everything you want and need. You will have beautiful children and grow old together in this house.” I turned to him and smiled through the tears. “Be well Brian. You deserve so much happiness.”

I picked up my bags and went to walk by him. He stood in the doorway in his white BVDs. It was unfair; he was beautiful. All hairy and strong with a slight frown pinching his eyebrows. I stopped in front of him, waiting for him to move. He stepped back after looking me in the eyes. I made it halfway down the hall when his voice stopped me.

“Your dad called after you left.” I stopped and spun around. My dad only called if there was an emergency.

“What’s wrong with my father? What happened Brian, tell me?” I knew my voice was panicked but I couldn’t help it.

“Jason was released on yesterday and came to see your father today. He wants to see you.”

All my strength to hold up my bags fled my arms. My hands refused to let go and the weight of the bags dragged me down with them. My vision blurred and I knew I was hyperventilating and couldn’t stop. Brian was right there in front of me again. But he couldn’t stop this attack. I was too emotional, too tired to fight the panic and passed out from lack of oxygen.

I woke up in my bed, facing the windows. I rolled over to get my face out of the sun, and saw Brian lying next to me. It all came back. I knew I needed to get out of there, but I couldn’t stop looking at him sleeping. My eyes started to tear up. I loved him so much. A few minutes later, I shook myself and climbed out of bed. Brian’s hand latched onto my arm and he pulled me back down to him.

“You said some nice things to me, then planned on leaving before I could respond. You’re not going anywhere.” I wasn’t afraid of him, but I knew not to fight him either.

“You are the best friend I have ever had. You were there when my wife left me. You helped me put my life back together. I do love you and have felt that way for some time. But there was a wall between my feelings and sex. I didn’t know it was there and I didn’t see it. Sex was never an issue, not even a possibility; until you kissed me.” He cupped my face in his hands. “My god, I was hard as a rock for two hours after you left. If it hadn’t been for your father’s phone call, I would still be.” He brushed his thumbs against my cheeks. “While on that awful date, I kept thinking how you would have gotten the jokes and you would have been able to talk to me. Then I knew I wouldn’t have had to try to joke with you. We could have talked or not, joked or not, it wouldn’t have mattered; we click.”

Brian then lowered to me and kissed me, deep and hot. He licked at my teeth and nibbled my lower lip. He delved his tongue into my mouth and caressed mine with his. We kissed so long and so hard; we were almost suffocating each other. He pulled back and looked at me.

“I love you, and I’m in love with you.” Brian then leaned down and kissed my chin. “One of us has too many clothes on.”

I was still dressed but he was only in his underwear. He pulled my shirt off me and unsnapped my jeans and pulled them and my socks off. We were both in white jockey briefs. He spent a long time looking at me, head to toe. Reaching out his hand, he placed it over my erection. I was so hard and his touch made me twitch and shudder. He then moved his hand back and forth over me and sped up when I moaned. While he moved his hand he rubbed his own underwear-clad erection against my thigh while kissing my neck. I wanted him to slow down, to make it last. All too soon I was at the point of no return. I cried out and came against his thrusting palm. Brian bit down on my neck as I convulsed five, six, seven times in my underwear against his hand. Brian pulled up from my neck to look at me.

I was embarrassed that I had come so quickly. Ten strokes of his hand and I shot off. I turned my head away, but he cupped my chin and pulled me back. “What’s wrong?”

I smiled sheepishly at him. “I didn’t want it to be over so soon.”

Brian grinned at me. “That was just round one.”

That mollified me, but I still felt bad. “I didn’t want it to be so one sided.”

He laughed and took my hand and carried it to his crotch. The front panel of his briefs were sopping wet. He had come while I had.

“I have never come so hard or so quickly before in my life. It was great.” Brian told me before he kissed me again. He then reached down and pulled off my briefs and then lost his. He covered me with his body and his hard cock rested against mine. The leftovers of our come lubed us as he thrust against me, wrapping his arms tight around me; holding me to him. “You make me so hard Simon. So, so hard.” He kissed my neck, my earlobe, my chin, over and over. My head started to spin. He moaned and groaned against my neck. I knew I was close to coming again and wanted to warn Brian, but he was lost to the sensations. He thrust harder and faster, grinding his hips into mine, and his cock into the soft fur of my belly. He cried out my name as I felt his hips spasm against me and warm fluid jetted between us, up my chest and covered my belly. When the convulsions stopped, he collapsed completely on me, all 275 pounds of him. It would have been welcome and wonderful, but I was past the point of calming down. I was so turned on but I couldn’t move against Brian, he had me so firmly imbedded against him I couldn’t reach my cock. I was frantic to come. I was too aroused to stop but not close enough to trip over the edge. I humped against Brian and whimpered. I was desperate. After a few seconds and pitiful whimpers, Brian leaned up and smiled. I was so on edge, writhing beneath him. I had never been to that spot and been forced to stop, I needed to come.

“Sorry sweetheart.” Brian started kissing my neck again, sliding his tongue in the hollow of my throat, coursing down to my chest. He licked my nipple and tugged on it gently with his teeth. He licked up his own come as he moved down to my belly button. He swirled his tongue around it then went dipping in as if he could tongue fuck me. He drifted lower, pulling my erection to his lips, he swirled his tongue around the head, cleaning off my first and diving on my cock for the second. He used his tongue against the sensitive underside and crown while bobbing up and down. A minute or so later I exploded against his tongue, where he proceeded to milk me until my spasms calmed. I lay there spent and vacant while Brian moved up to kiss me again, sharing my ejaculation with me.

“You taste good.” I laughed against his neck. We couldn’t keep our hands still, we stroked and rubbed and delved all over each other’s body. His chest hair was so soft and his skin so warm. We kissed and nuzzled each other for quite some time when I noticed he was hard against my belly again. I looked down and saw we were both standing at attention and laughed.

Brian then leaned against me and whispered in my ear, “Will you fuck me?”

I looked up at him, and had to tell him the truth. “Brian, I’ve never been with anyone before. I could never relax enough to get close to anyone. I know what to do, but don’t know how to be gentle or finesse a response from you. My very inexperience could cause me to hurt you. I don’t want that.”

He kissed me so passionately, and then held my face, his eyes filled with love. “Simon, if all you ever want to do is what we’ve done is fine with me. I know you’re a virgin, but I want you and I want you to make love to me.” He nibbled my lower lip for a few seconds. “I’ve never been fucked and you’ve never fucked. I think we should both be new to this.”

I nodded and kissed him on the chin. He rolled over onto his stomach and spread his legs. I caressed his back and massaged his shoulders. Where my hands trailed, my lips and tongue followed. I stroked his warm, smooth skin following his spine down to his ass. I stroked and kissed him before licking up one globe and down the other. He tasted like sweat and man and I was lost. I stroked his crack with my fingers, brushing over his rosebud over and over again. Brian started to moan against the bed. My tongue replaced my fingers. He twitched and groaned against the pillow. As I licked him, he started to open. I delved inside. I sucked on the surrounding skin and bit gently on the outside. He moaned and started to beg. I got on my knees between his thighs and placed the head of my cock to his hole and gently pushed. His sphincter parted instantly and let me slide in. Brian gasped and tensed up a little. I was prepared to pull out when he relaxed suddenly and told me to make love to him.

I lay fully on his back, my legs entwined with his. I started to stroke slowly inside him, back and forth. Short strokes led way to long ones that almost had me pulling out of him. He was so tight and warm. He started to squeeze me with his internal muscles. We started to sweat and move in a better rhythm. Oh god, he felt so good. He bucked against me, moved with me. His cries were feral, almost reverential; my own moans matched his. Even though we had both come twice already, I was ready again almost instantly. I slowed down, trying to draw out the heady sensations. I would pull almost out and his tight muscles pulled me back. I started to feel my orgasm approach and I knew it would be over soon. I thrust into him deeply, once, twice, and then I came. It didn’t want to stop, my cock convulsed over and over again as I jetted cum into his warm, welcoming body. I thrust into him one last time, spent, when I felt him convulse, his sphincter clamping down as he found his own release. He moaned with each spasm as he spurted onto the sheets.

I kissed his shoulder and rubbed his arms. I started to nuzzle the back of his neck and moved to pull out of him. He reached behind and grabbed my hips, asking me to stay. I settled back onto him and wrapped my arms around his chest. I heard him clear his throat.

“That explains a lot.”

I kissed his shoulder blade. “What?”

“Sex before had been, not uncomfortable, but almost a chore to finish. I never came more than once a night. Here I am, having cum 3 times and wanting to again.” He grabbed my hand and twined his fingers with mine; the wonder is his voice warming me. “I never shot off so quick before either. It was always difficult with my wife to get off. She would come three or four times before I would. I often wondered if I was good, slow, or just plain bad. But the slightest thing distracted me and I would have to build up again. With you, just touching you and I’m ready to blast off.”

I kissed his back then slid out of him. I rolled over, looking into his eyes. “Your turn.”

Brian started kissing me, working his body down mine; he was so hard against my leg. Feeling him want me made me hard again too. He slid down and tongued my cock and rubbed and stroked my thighs. He lifted me up and moved his tongue down to my balls and laved them with his tongue, moving down to my crack. He licked at my opening. I almost shot off the bed. It felt so good; his tongue was warm and wet, moving in slow circles around my hole. He stuck his middle finger against my pucker and pushed slightly. He slipped it in to the knuckle and moved it in and out. I jumped again and almost purred it felt so good. He continued to stroke me with his fingers, glancing against my prostate. I was in heaven. When he lowered me to his cock, I was beyond pain and beyond caring.

He slid into me slowly and surely, stroking slightly until I completely relaxed. Then he started moving against me, faster and faster. Each time he thrust into me, he hit my prostate. I may have been a virgin when the day started, but I knew what an orgasm was, had caused myself to have quite a few. This was different. It built up from my center and moved out to my fingers and toes, then came crashing back to the center again. I must have shot cum all over Brian’s chest, face, and stomach. I was lost to the sensations and only slightly aware of my ass clamping on him with each spasm. As my orgasm subsided to just a trickle, Brian moaned out and shuddered into me. He collapsed on me and we kissed, slowly; soul-searching kisses that lasted forever.

Later, Brian and I walked to the tub and soaked for a while, giving our newly opened bodies a chance to soak. We made love in the tub as well, sloshing water on the floor. We didn’t care. We spent the whole weekend in bed together. We only got up to swim in the pool and feed ourselves when our energy was running low.

Monday morning came much too quickly. We woke to the alarm and showered together. We shouldn’t have. Brian slid his hands along my chest, raking through my furry chest hair, rasping my nipples, as he sank to his knees. He laved the head of my cock with his tongue before diving to the base in one swift motion. His warm breath puffed around my shaft as he caught his breath. His tongue worked miracles on me. His throat milked me and his wet mouth, bobbing back and forth along my shaft, brought me to the brink quickly. I came, my cock shuddering on his tongue as he accepted all I had to give him. My head had been leaning back against the wall, but when I looked down to him, he licked his lips, savoring my flavor, before standing and holding my face in his hands. Between the lather and water, not to mention the long, drugging kisses, we were twenty minutes late getting to the construction site. It had only been eight days since I had shown Brian my scars and only a couple of days since we had become lovers. We hadn’t discussed how we would handle things or even what we would tell people. I didn’t think anything of it that morning; I was still glowing.

I realized I had never gone down on Brian. He had done so often, and really seemed to enjoy it. But I associated it with what Jason had done to me. Somehow I knew that Brian understood that. I definitely planned to get past this. I wanted to share this with Brian and I need to do this. Soon.

After hopping out of the truck, I went to work and Brian went into the construction trailer. A couple of the guys at work commented on how it was obvious I had gotten lucky that weekend. I took their ribbing and went to work, knowing my face was glowing red and on fire. But, I wasn’t going to tell anybody about what Brian and I had shared. This was something we would need to discuss together.

About 11AM I needed to check with the plans on a couple of ducting issues. I really only went in there to check the plans. But I found Brian bent over his desk, reading some notes he had written. He was so beautiful. His dark, chocolate brown hair was shiny and slightly curly, mussed where he had run his fingers through it. His soft, deep voice came to me at the door, he was singing. I was hard as a rock instantly. I dropped my hard hat and walked up to him and rubbed my jean-clad erection against his ass. He tried to stand, but I just pushed him down, his face flat against his desk. I reached for the front hem of his t-shirt and dragged it over his head, leaving the shirt around his shoulders and I began rubbing his chest; running my fingers through the thick, soft hair and rasping his nipples with my fingers. I heard and felt his breath shudder. I knelt down and undid his belt, unsnapped his jeans and pulled them down his legs. He had his t-shirt wrapped against the back of his shoulders and his jeans around his ankles with his white BVDs hugging his ass. I licked the back of his thighs as I pulled the waistband of his underwear down only enough to reveal his crack, keeping his stiff cock covered. I spread his legs enough to get my face in there, tonguing him until he opened then laved his hole with enough spit to ease the way.

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