tagIncest/TabooLost & Found Ch. 04

Lost & Found Ch. 04


As there have been a lot of requests, demands and blackmail of the "I'm gonna hold my breath until I turn blue..." variety, I finally got down to beginning to finish the story (eh?) I started in 'Lost & Found'. This is not the last part, but you'll find that out if you manage to make it to the end (go on, I dare you...).

As always, comments, suggestions (except for the anatomically impossible ones)and critique are welcomed and pored over before being taken to heart or blatantly disregarded, but I am grateful to those of you who actually take your time to read and enjoy.

There's no moral here, no message, and only a nod toward reality; remember, this is my world, storyland, if you will, and if you superimpose it over the real world, very little of it will match up perfectly, perhaps the odd corner or two, but not much else. Read it with a willing suspension of disbelief and have some fun, that's all I ask or expect from it!

My heartfelt thanks go to Mriceman1964 for editing, suggesting, poking, prodding and generally making sure I at least kept a bead on reality while writing this, and as he's been there every single step of the way with this whole story arc, for whatever pleasure this story gives he deserves thanks and equal praise for being there from Day 1. It was his idea to clean up and post the original story when I'd given up on it, so thanks a million, Michael!


Dramatis Personae:

Colleen Hennessy, married Martin Novak (1), Michael Moran (2)

Three Children;

Sarah 'Sally' Novak, married to Joseph Anderson Francis Xavier Novak Caitlin Roisian Colleen Moran


Joseph Dolan, married to Roisian 'Rosy' Shelagh Caitlin Moran, sister of Michael Moran

One Child;

Steven Jude Dolan, married to Angel Jessica Raynes

Two Children, Robert 'Robbie' Dolan (name later changed to Anderson)

Casey Roisian Dolan

Joseph Anderson Jr

Unacknowledged illegitimate son of Steven Dolan by Sarah Novak Anderson


Part 4:Owe no man anything, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law -- Romans 13:8-10

Something was troubling Robbie, Casey was sure. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was definitely bugging him. Robbie had been a little subdued since Sarah's wedding, and Casey understood that; he and Joey had given her to someone else, so his mom had less time for him, especially with little Caitlin to care for, but Casey sensed it was more than that. Maybe she'd ask Karen to have a quiet word with him; he'd open up to his sister-in-law for sure; he was used to confiding in and talking things out with Karen, something Casey entirely agreed with; everyone needs a confidante, and Karen was hers as well.

Their day had started well enough; she'd woken at first light, automatically sliding out of bed to check on the baby, only to find Robbie's hand on her arm.

"Where are you going, young lady?" he grinned, and Casey smiled and slid back under the covers, Robbie pulling her close as his hands roamed over her. She could feel his cock already hard and insistent, and grinned minxily at him as she rubbed her mound against him. Robbie responded by sliding his hands down to her ass and squeezing her cheeks, pulling them apart as he squeezed, simultaneously pulling her against his hardness, making her groan softly. He dipped down to nuzzle and nibble at her rapidly erecting nipples, the tingle as they did so sending a warm flush of anticipation through her, and she could feel her labia tingling as they swelled in response to her growing arousal.

Casey wriggled against him, her lips brushing his neck as she grazed lightly on the clear skin of his neck and shoulder, and his cock twitched against her as she got to him, as she knew she would. She reached down between them to squeeze and fondle his cock and balls, enjoying as always the feel of his big velvety balls pouched together against the ivory hardness of his insistent erection. She knew what he wanted to do, but she also knew what she wanted, and kissing her way down his chest, ruffling the fine hairs beginning to shroud his chest and savouring the sensation of the silky, not-yet wiry hair against her tongue, she moved steadily, slowly, inexorably down to her target.

When she licked the tip of his throbbing cock, Robbie gave a whispered gasp at the sensation of her warm, wet tongue against the slick velvety flesh of his cock head, groaning slightly as she slowly sucked him into her hot mouth, savouring, as always, the first hot wetness he found there.

Casey lightly squeezed and fondled his scrotum as she rhythmically squeezed and pumped him as she sucked, wanting him to give her what she'd craved from the instant she'd taken him into her mouth. Her movements became more insistent, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked in earnest, all her skills working to bring him to orgasm, and she was rewarded in the way she most craved.

"Oh God, Case, oh God...!" he groaned, his cockhead swelling in her mouth and ejaculating long, salty-sweet spurts that filled her hungry mouth almost faster than she could swallow; pulse after pulse of hot semen sprayed into her willing mouth, Casey thrilling to the taste and texture of her man's tribute as he gave it up to her. His cock pulsed and twitched until there was no more to give, and with a satisfied sigh, Casey licked him clean, before wriggling up alongside him, kissing him soundly.

"Good morning darling, did you like your wake-up call?" she grinned.

For answer, Robbie rolled her onto her back, her legs drifting apart as he settled between her thighs, his unyielding erection gently butting against her. Casey smiled as she reached down to take hold of him and adjust him so he was pointing directly as her swollen labia, then smiling in assent as he leaned forward.

He speared into her in one long, relentless glide, filling her the way she liked, her head going back as she gasped out loud at the sudden pleasurable invasion, her pussy tightening involuntarily around him, pleasuring him as he pleasured her. Their coupling continued, Robbie insistently sliding himself in and out of her, thrilling her with every thrust and withdrawal, the rhythmic clasping of her vagina around his cock in time to his thrusts telling him how much she loved what he was doing to her.

Robbie began to speed up, his movements harder, more insistent, and Casey began thrusting back against him, taking him all the way into her as she pumped her tight pussy against him, and so they thrust and pumped, racing toward the climax they both wanted so much now, the explosive release they both needed.

Casey orgasmed first, the feel of her man, her lover, her brother inside her finally driving her over the edge as he powered into her, and as she came, in rippling waves that sucked and squeezed him buried deep inside her, Robbie cried out as he too reached climax, the hot sperm roaring out of him to spray inside her in long, satisfying jets.

The feel of him filling her with his rich, fertile spunk triggered a blaze of sensations inside her, memories melding with fantasies about him to merge into one, long satisfying comber that surged and crashed inside her, blinding and deafening her with its intensity, her love for him burning high and hot deep in the center of the tumult as her body shook and shuddered with the strength and power of her orgasm.

They lay in silence as their storm quietened and gradually faded, content to touch, hold, lightly kiss, no longer trying to arouse or stimulate, merely maintain contact. It was this time that Casey most appreciated with Robbie; he was never so close and accessible as when he held her close and shyly whispered his love for her, and these moments together were those she treasured the most, when only the two of them existed, there was no world out there except the one they saw in each other's eyes, and no possible life except the one they lived together.

Eventually, reality intruded; the sound of young Robbie grizzling in the other room reminded Casey that it was time for his morning bottle, and that he probably needed a new diaper. It was the start of another day. She started getting out of bed, to have Robbie pull her back for one last kiss, before looking away.

"Uh, Case, I'll have to go into work for a few hours; Steve called last night about the new game, there's a few problems he wants me to look at, it's kind of urgent; really, I should have gone back in, but, well... you know how it is; if I don't fix this soon, it'll just get worse; sorry, babe, I knew you wanted today to ourselves. I'll only be gone a few hours, I promise, and I'll make it up to you tomorrow, okay?"

He was looking at the ceiling, not at her as he spoke, which immediately alerted her that something was up; Robbie always looked into her eyes when he spoke to her, it was the only way he knew how to communicate; now she knew he wasn't telling her everything; actually, he wasn't telling her anything, he was holding something back, and, as had been happening all too frequently recently, she could feel the shutters going up.

Casey sighed; it troubled her that Robbie wasn't sharing whatever was troubling him with her; she knew just how compulsively honest he was, and the thought that he was holding something back troubled her deeply; it felt almost as though he didn't trust her enough to tell her, and that hurt. This wasn't the first time she'd gotten the feeling he was hiding something, or holding back, and it worried her that something was worrying him and he couldn't, or wouldn't, share it with her.

Maybe Karen could get to the bottom of all the finger-tapping and drumming, all neck-scratching and channel-hopping he seemed to be doing constantly these days, his concentration totally shot, nervous tics he'd never had before. Robbie was always so laid back he was totally immersed in the moments he had alone, still and contemplative, but always ready with a sweet grin or a brush with his fingertips as she passed. Now that had stopped, and instead he was jumpy, restless, almost nervous, if that were possible.

While he took a shower, Casey called Karen, and asked her to come over; aside from Sarah, Karen was the closest he had to a female relative, and was the one person who knew him better than Casey, perhaps she'd have an insight into what was going on with her boy.

She knew Angie would jump at the chance to connect with Robbie and dig into what was troubling him, but her own family commitments kept her close to home these days; her baby was due in a few weeks, and while 43 wasn't too old or risky to be having a baby, Elio was taking no chances and had decreed total rest for her.

While she waited for Karen, Casey pottered around the apartment, playing with and talking to little Robbie, and considered the ramifications of having a little sister for herself, and a little aunt for young Robbie to play with; it tickled her to think young Robbie, whose parents were brother and sister, would be older than his aunt; and she had to laugh as she thought: did that mean they were all now officially trailer-trash?

Grinning at the thought, she glanced out of the window to see Joey's pride and joy, the Bentley Continental GT Robbie had given him as a wedding present, pull-up outside.

After all the family greeting and hugging, and obligatory nuzzling of babies, Casey sat down with Joe Jr. firmly in her arms, Joey in turn walking around holding his nephew like some kind of precious object as he gurgled baby-talk at him. Casey leaned in to speak softly with Karen.

"Kay, I need to confess; I had an ulterior motive for asking you to come over. It's Robbie, I'm really worried about him."

Karen looked over at Joey, busily talking baby gibberish to little Robbie, who was gurgling happily back at him.

"Is something...?"

Casey shook her head.

"No, it's his father I'm worried about. Something's really bugging him, it's making him twitch and tic like crazy, and he won't talk to me; there's something going on with him and he won't tell me about it; he just insists I must be imagining things, but he goes all red when he says it. I'm worried, Kay, he's never been able to keep secrets, and whatever this is, it's really troubling him, and it hurts so much to know he's keeping secrets. Talk to him, Kay, please, I know he'll tell you things he can't tell me, find out what's wrong with my boy!"

Karen looked into Casey's eyes, seeing the fear and anguish lurking there, and noted the slight quiver of her bottom lip. She quickly pulled her up and took her into the bedroom. Joey looked up, and Karen flashed him a quick glance that told him to stay put. Joey already had a good idea why they were there, so he nodded in affirmation and went back to entertaining young Robbie.

Once the door was closed, Casey settled Joe on the bed in a nest of pillows, and burst into tears. Karen gathered her in, letting her cry all her fears out as she soothed her.

Eventually the storm abated as she calmed down, Karen still holding her close, and Casey clung tight to her, taking comfort in her sister-in-law's presence.

While Casey cried, Karen had been having an internal debate over whether to tell her what she already knew, and as she wiped her tears away she made up her mind; this was a family matter, and Casey deserved to know.

"Casey," she began, "I already know what's bugging Robbie; he and I had this conversation at Sarah's wedding. I'm just a little disturbed he hasn't already had this out with you!"

At Casey's look of alarm, she smiled.

"Calm down, Case, it's nothing sinister, or dark and deadly!" she smiled, watching her as she carefully picked her words.

"Robbie's nervous, real nervous. This whole 'getting married' thing has really thrown him for a loop." She held up her hand to forestall any comment from Casey.

"No, it's not like that. He talked to me all about this because he didn't know how to tell you without sounding like he was trying to bail on getting married. He wants to marry you so bad it hurts him, but he's afraid. He's afraid he's not good enough, that he'll get it wrong, that he's somehow going to mess up and you'll hate him for being his father's son. Robbie thinks the sun rises and sets on you and that little boy out there, and he can't handle the thought of somehow not being enough for you, or not being everything you wanted. The truth is, he's frightened that you'll think he trapped you into marrying him. Robbie's scared that marrying you will stop you loving him because you'll feel trapped!"

Casey sat in open-mouthed shock; she'd never picked-up a single hint from him that this whole situation had him so jittery, and for so little reason. Had she really somehow indicated to him that she might feel trapped one day? God forbid! The one thing Casey wanted more than anything in the world was Robbie, she knew that with a depth and profundity impossible to plumb; he was an essential part of her now, his soul so closely twined around hers that there was no way to separate them.

She came to reality as she realised Karen hadn't finished speaking.

"Joey knows, he and Robbie had a talk about this, and Joey gave him the best advice he could; go see Frank. When we were first engaged, after the gloss wore off, Joey started getting the jitters, and for pretty much the same reasons -- he and Robbie really are more alike than either one of them realises. Anyway, Sarah told him that he needed an older male perspective, and sent him to talk to Frank; whatever Frank told him seemed to do the trick because, well, you know the rest!"

Casey thought over what Karen had told her. Robbie was such a serious young man, so committed to his family, she could see how the thought of anything coming between them would make him jittery, but she still felt dismayed that he'd not confided in her. Weren't they partners now? Didn't young Robbie prove how much she loved him? Her eyes filled again as she thought of him grappling alone with his fears, unable to tell her because he thought she'd reject him for not loving her enough.

Karen saw the precursor to her tears, and held her close.

"Casey, you know how much he loves you, but you have to understand, this is something he has to work out himself; there's nothing we can do except be there for him, especially you. Remember when I first met you again, back when Robbie first brought you from Sacramento? I was scared for him then, afraid you'd hurt him, and maybe damage him in some way that none of us would be able to fix. I was wrong then, thank God, but nothing about Robbie's changed very much since then; he's still a very young boy inside all that meat and muscle, and even with that incredible mind of his, there are some areas he just doesn't know how to connect with, or even realise that he needs to; this is one of them."

Karen paused, marshalling her thoughts before continuing.

"Someone is going to have to show him the way, and it has to be someone who's already been there, done that, and come out okay. That's why he needs Frank now; Frank and Caitlin had to go through what you and Robbie are going through now, they know the way through it, and only they can show him how. They did it for Joey, although we don't have the...complication you and Robbie have, but other than that, it took the two of them to show Joey what to do and how to be who he should be."

She paused, smiling a little at the memory of how Joey had been after his own crisis had been resolved.

"Relax, it will all be fine; Robbie loves and trusts Frank and Caitlin, and they love him, you, and that little boy out there like their own. In a very real sense Caitlin's as much his mom as Sarah is, she loves him fiercely and unquestioningly, so she's not going to let any harm come to him, to you, or your baby, I promise you!"

Casey tried to push her misgivings down in the face of Karen's breezy confidence that Robbie could handle this, and would, and managed a tremulous smile.

"There you go, that's better!" smiled Karen, "Now let's go rescue Robbie Junior before Joey decides to see if he likes Five-Alarm Chilli as much as his father!"

Casey laughed and gently picked up her nephew, handing him to Karen and patting her face to wipe away the signs of her recent tears. As they rejoined Joey, they found him stretched out on the carpet, young Robbie lying on his chest and laughing as he tried to poke his fingers into Joey's eyes, nose and mouth, and giggling as he avoided Joey's attempts to nip his fingers between his lips.

Every time she watched her bright, happy, inquisitive, affectionate little boy as he explored his world, Casey was struck by the thought that this was how Robbie might have been before his family decided to deny his existence, and the thought was always accompanied by a wave of sadness for his loss, and a stab of guilt for her part in that.

"Look Robbie, it's mommy! She's my sister! Can you say sis-ter?"

Robbie burbled happily, and Joey grinned.

"Yes, I knew it, what a clever boy you are, you're definitely my nephew, blood will tell! Your mean Aunty Karen says you can't talk yet, she bet me ten bucks it was just gas, she's a meanie, can you say 'meanie'? Good boy, now your meanie Aunty Karen owes me ten bucks!"

Casey laughed and picked up Robbie, allowing Joey to clamber to his feet.

"All good now?" he asked, taking Joe Jr. from Karen.

"I think so," Said Casey, "but I still wish he'd confided in me a little. At least I know what the trouble is, and he's got a way to sort it out, so I'm at least a little reassured. I'll make sure he goes and see's Frank, he adores Robbie and hopefully he'll be able to make things right for my boy!"

Joey looked a little shamefaced, something Casey spotted immediately.

"What, Joey, what are you not telling me?"

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