tagErotic CouplingsLost At The Concert

Lost At The Concert


I squeezed through the crowd at the Eminem concert trying in vain to find my friends. I tried to look above the crowd to determine where I was at. The crowd was shoved together like herded cattle. Everyone pressed against each other moving as one. The music was loud, people yelling and screaming out the words. I felt someone brush up against me from behind. I looked over my shoulder and he just raised his eyebrows and smiled. I turned back around and raised to tip toes looking at the stage to see Eminem grabbing his balls and screaming about fucking hoes. I smiled and sang along with him, thinking about how he turns me on.

Trying to balance the beers in each of my hands I moved with the crowd, sipping at the beers and singing with Eminem. Suddenly I was pushed backwards from the person in front of me, spilling the beer down the front of my blouse. I felt arms catch me from behind, grabbing hold of my elbows to stop me. I looked over my shoulder to see the same man as before holding me and smiling. As he released me, I yelled a thanks over the music.

Suddenly I felt hot breath on my ear as he yelled “You look lost.”

Over my shoulder, I yelled back, “I think I am.”

I felt his hands rest on my hips as he said, “I’ll help guide you.”

Feeling relaxed now from the beer I had previously consumed, I continued to sing and sip my beer as his hands guided my hips through the mob. I felt his erection pressing against my ass as we swayed to the music while we made our way through the crowd.

I felt him pulling me sideways until we were up against a wall. Still squeezed in with the crowd, I found myself facing the wall with him behind me. His hands still on my hips, his body pressing me against the wall and his voice in my ear, “Let‘s take a break here until the crowd thins out a little.”

Then his mouth was closer to my ear, nibbling on it. His mouth trailed to my neck planting gentle kisses. I gasped as his hands moved from my hips to cup each of my breasts. I could tell that he could feel my nipples harden through the wet material of my blouse. As he gently squeezed my nipples, my eyes widened and a small moan escaped from my lips. With a beer still in each of my hands, I was unable to push his hands away. Then realizing how good his hands felt, I rested my head back against his shoulder as he continued to trail kisses down my neck to my shoulder. One of his hands slid under my blouse to massage my breast as his other hand lifted the hem of my skirt. Feeling myself melt against him, I moved my feet apart as his fingers found the leg opening of my panties. As his fingers found my wetness, I glided my ass up and down pressing against his hardened shaft. He pinched and pulled at my hardened clit as I rotated my hips against him.

I could feel one of his hands sliding my panties down to my ankles as his other hand cupped my pussy and slid a finger inside of me. I pressed against him as he slid another finger in and used his other hand to lift my knee. With his mouth sucking on my neck, his fingers thrusting inside of me and his hand holding my leg up, I let out a moan as I started to cum, squeezing the beer cups still in my hands sloshing more beer down the front of me. Pressing against him I could feel his hardness against my ass as I slid up and down it thrusting in time with his fingers inside of me.

Suddenly, he removed his hands from me and grabbed hold of my hips, turning me and pulling me backwards. With my back still towards him, I could feel him sitting in a chair when he pulled me down on his lap. I looked around, realizing that we were still in a massive crowd of people. People around us were standing on the chairs yelling and singing. No one was paying us any attention. As I leaned forward to set the cups on the floor, he raised my ass a little. When I leaned back, the tip of his erection was at the opening of my pussy, so I lowered myself down on him slowly taking it deep inside of me. He held onto my hips as I slid up and down the length of him. I slid slowly up feeling the tip of him at my opening, then plunged down to take him deep. After sliding slowly up and down for a few minutes, I picked up my pace and gradually increased the speed and pressure of each thrust.

Soon he was guiding my hips faster, pulling me down on him harder. I leaned forward and grabbed hold of the chair back in front of me for support as I thrust myself down on him to meet each of his thrusts. I could feel my juices flowing down the length of him, as my thighs began to quiver. Panting now, I began to moan as I felt the orgasm take hold of me. His hands on my hips forcing each thrust deeper and harder into me, I could feel his cock throbbing now ready to explode. A few more thrusts and I felt the explosion inside of me, his fluid filling me and dripping down the sides of him. I slowed my pace and squeezed my pussy lips around him to release every drop. He wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me as he rested his head on my back until our breathing returned to normal.

Suddenly self conscience, I looked around at all of the people around us and laughed as I realized that no one noticed what we just did.

I raised myself off of him and pulled my panties up from around my ankles. He stood up and turned me to face him. Grabbing hold of my upper arms, he pressed his lips to mine. He used his tongue to part my lips then plunged into my mouth enticing my tongue to dance with his. I responded to his kiss as he held me tighter.

When he finally released my mouth he asked over the crowd and music, “What’s your name?”

“Danielle,” I yelled over the noise.

“My name is Paul,” he shouted back.

Suddenly nervous, I glanced around and yelled “I have to go. I have to find my friends.”

As I started pushing my way through the crowd he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I turned to face him as he brought my hand to his lips and he said with a sly smile, “I have 2 tickets to Kid Rock next week.”

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