tagInterracial LoveLost Girl Ch. 21

Lost Girl Ch. 21


Well, this is it. The last chapter of Lost Girl. I would like to thank everyone for their interest and in case you're wondering, there will be a sequel to come in the near future, which will focus on their college years.

I hope you've enjoyed the story, and thanks for supporting Lost Girl!


The night had grown late, and along with it was a drowsiness that tended to arrive after a good meal. Along with ice cream for dessert, they all enjoyed delicious cups of decaffeinated coffee, and with no more room in their stomachs for anything else, they settled back in their chairs to enjoy a bit of conversation.

Unsurprisingly, the parents questioned the teens about their plans for summer, and upon being told of the road trip they were planning, a barrage of questions ensued.

"Seattle, huh?" Big John eyed Tristan, Claudia, and Kimi with curiosity. "What made you kids decide on driving out there?"

"Well, it only takes nine hours," Kimi stated. "So we figure It's pretty doable, you know? And Ethan has an aunt who lives out there, so It'd be nice to have a free place to crash while exploring the city."

"You'll all be sharing a car, right?" Winona asked. "Because It'd probably be safer that way."

"Yep. Ethan is borrowing his uncle's old VW bus, so we'll all be traveling together in that."

"Better make sure you get that car checked out well before leaving," Ray said. "Wouldn't wanna get stranded on the way."

"From what I hear, It's in pretty good condition," Kimi said. "But Ethan's uncle is a mechanic, so we'll definitely have everything looked over before the trip."

"Make sure you bring an emergency kit," Ray said. "And a GPS device would be a good idea, too."

"What about maps?" Mona asked. "The GPS device could break down, and then where would they be?"

"I've got a Thomas Guide at home," Big John said. "Also got a cooler and a couple of brand new flannel blankets."

"What about a portable power converter?" Claudia asked. "That way we can use a portable DVD player and our laptops during the drive along the way."

"You're going on a road trip, sugarplum." This time it was Mona's turn to chime in. "Why not just enjoy each other's company and keep your computers at home?"

"No way, I need my laptop," Claudia said. "And I'm pretty sure that Kimi will be bringing her DVD player, so we'll definitely need a convertor."

"What about you, Tristan?" Ray gazed intently at his son. "You bringing along one of those electronic gadgets, too? Or are you going to unplug and enjoy the moment?"

"I don't know..." But it seemed that he did, because a sheepish expression had crossed his face. "I mean, I was maybe thinking about bringing my handheld gaming system. But that's only because I promised Ethan that I would let him check it out."

"So instead of connecting with each other, you'll all be plugged into machines." As if to show how ridiculous he found this, Ray slowly shook his head. "I don't know what it is with you kids and technology, but if you don't put down those fancy gizmos, you'll lose the ability to fully connect."

"Oh, I don't know about that," Kimi said. "I've got a feeling we'll all connect just fine on this trip. Especially Tristan and Claudia."

Completely mortified, Claudia threw Kimi a look that seemed to ask, 'did you really just say that?' But Tristan averted his eyes, choosing to focus his gaze on the last bit of coffee that was in his cup.

"Well," Mona said while focusing her eyes directly on her daughter, "You are growing up and getting ready to go off to college, so I expect that you all will be having quite a lot of new experiences."

Uncertain of just how she should response, Claudia only gave her mother a smile. Perhaps noting the thoughtful tone in Mona's voice, Tristan's parents took a moment to look at him as well, and as Sylvie completed the circle by locking eyes with Kimi, a stillness fell over them all.

As if suddenly aware that things were changing in a very big way, the adults all gazed with concern at the newly graduated teens.

Never before had time seemed to stand so completely still, but as the clock on the wall chimed the arrival of a new hour, eye contact was broken and everyone seemed to reanimate.

"Nine o'clock already?" Winona downed the rest of her coffee, then stood on her feet and began clearing away the empty cups. "Wow, that time just flew by, didn't it?"

"Yep." Now also on her feet, Mona was collecting the dessert bowls. "Come to think of it, this whole day has been a blur."

"Kinda sad, Isn't it?" Asked Sylvie as she stole a look at Kimi. "Our kids growing up, leaving us behind and going off to college."

"Definitely sad," Winona said, and with a sullen expression, briefly glanced at her son.

"They'll be fine," Ray assured the women, yet despite his straight-face expression, Claudia could see that he was swallowing a lump.

"You guys are way emotional," Kimi said with a smile, and she stood to put on her jacket. "We'll only be living five hours away, so it's not like we'll be cross-country or something."

Having been silently reading lips for the past few hours, Kimi's brother began to sign, and upon watching his hand gestures, Claudia inwardly read what he was signing:

You'll be far enough to miss.

Deeply touched, Kimi nearly looked ready to cry, then pulled him into a hug before easing back to look at his face.

"Oh Tyler, you're so sweet. I'm gonna miss you too, baby brother."

"What about me?" Sylvie asked, and as Kimi turned to look at her mother, Sylvie gave her a little smile.

"Of course, mom. You know I will."

With no more dishes to clear, Winona and Mona came back into the living room, and along with Claudia, Tristan, Ray and Big John, joined Sylvie and her children at the door.

"Thanks for coming to dinner," Ray said as he opened the front door and escorted everyone out to the porch. "It was great having you all over, and let's do it again sometime, okay?"

"That would be nice," Sylvie said, and after offering a wave to everyone on the porch, led the way to a white minivan that was parked in the driveway.

"Later, Claude," Kimi said with a wave of her own. "Give me a call when you get home, alright?"

"Sure thing," Claudia said, and with a shift of her gaze, signed a goodbye to Tyler, who quickly signed back with his own farewell.

"Well that was nice," Winona said as Sylvie's minivan pulled away, and with a smile on her lips, turned her gaze to Mona, Claudia, and Big John. "So what's the plan, you three? Feel like hanging out with us for a bit longer, or are you heading home to relax?"

"I think we'll call it a night," Mona said with a light yawn.

"Already?" Claudia's features slackened with disappointment. "I was kinda hoping we could stay awhile longer. At least for another hour."

"I'm tired, Claude," Mona said in response, but as she noticed that Tristan looked displeased as well, her features instantly softened. "But if you'd like to stay a little longer, I guess It'd be alright. I mean, as long as Ray and Winona are okay with it.

"Not a problem," Winona said. "Ray and I were thinking of watching a movie in a bit, so if Tristan and Claudia would like to join us, we'd be more than happy to have the company.

"I'm up for a movie," Claudia enthusiastically said.

"And you'll drive her home once It's done?" Mona asked Tristan.

"Yeah, no problem. I can definitely do that."

"Alright. Well you kids have fun, then," Mona said before shifting her eyes to Tristan's parents. "Thanks for dinner you two, and we'll be in touch."

"Have a good night and thanks for coming," Ray called out as they walked away, and as he turned to reenter the house, Tristan, Winona, and Claudia followed behind him.

"So," Ray said while heading for the living room's entertainment center," Any suggestions of what we should watch?"

"How about The Crow?" Tristan asked.

"Again?" Ray pulled a face. "You've sent that movie a dozen times already, son. Pick something else."

"Why don't we let Claudia pick it out?" Winona asked, and gesturing towards the large DVD collection, she encouraged Claudia to do just that.

On reaching the entertainment center, Claudia scanned the various titles, and upon noting that they had a copy of The Shawshank Redemption, she pulled it off the shelf.

"How about this one?" She asked.

"Good pick," Ray said, and after taking the movie from her hands, he slipped it into the DVD player.

While Ray and Winona cuddled up on a quilt-covered sofa, Claudia and Tristan relaxed in individual armchairs, which were situated side by side.

For awhile they all sat in silence, enjoying the movie as it played on the flat screen, but as the movie progressed, Claudia noticed that both her and Tristan were nearly mirroring each others positions.

Situated close enough so that they were within an arm's length, both Claudia and Tristan were allowing their hands to dangle over the edge of the armrest. They were so close, in fact, that Claudia could feel the energy that radiated from his hands.

Tempted to reach out and link her fingers with his, Claudia shifted her hand a little closer, but she never got the chance to do much more, because Tristan extended a finger to lightly caress the back of her hand.

With a startling suddenness, Claudia's skin began to prickle, heat spreading throughout her veins with a hot and heavy sensation. Her heart began to quicken as he brushed his knuckles against hers, but it wasn't until their fingers finally linked, that a fluttering in her chest ensued.

It may have seemed that they would sneak looks at one another, but their gazes remained pinned to the TV, looking but not actually concentrating on the movie that continued to play.

Half an hour passed, then an entire hour before faint snores reached Claudia's ears, and on noticing that Winona had fallen asleep, Claudia shifted her eyes to Ray.

Gently, and with a carefulness so that he wouldn't awake her, Ray lifted Winona in his arms. Once she was securely enveloped, he slowly rose to his feet, and after whispering goodnight to Claudia and Tristan, he carried his wife off toward the bedroom.

Now left completely alone, the two teenagers shifted in their seats, but neither made any attempt to even sneak a look the other's way. For awhile they watched the movie in stillness, sitting close and still holding hands. But as minutes passed on, tension crackled between them like static electricity.

Clearly hoping to slice through the stillness, Tristan pointedly cleared his throat, then turned his head to look at Claudia, who was eagerly waiting for him to speak.

"You wanna hang out in my room for a bit?" Tristan asked.

"Um, sure," she said, and several seconds later she was following him down the hallway.

Upon reaching the bedroom that was Tristan's, he opened the door, allowing her to enter first before trailing behind her. The door made a soft clicking noise as Tristan locked it, and after turning around to look Claudia's way, he saw that she was sitting up against the headboard.

Eagerly, and with an excitement that Claudia found incredibly cute, Tristan joined her on the bed. No sooner had they joined hands, did their lips come together, and with an avidness that took Claudia's breath away, Tristan claimed her mouth with a deep, drugging kiss.

Overtaken by his passion, she uttered a hot, heady gasp. Her skin flushed, breaths growing labored as his tongue began to explore her mouth, but it was the sensuous way he glided his palm along her lower back that caused her muscles to loosen.

Locking her arms around his neck, she pulled him in even closer, and with a lasciviousness that surprised even herself, she draped a leg over his lap. Although she was dressed in a skirt, Tristan took care not to slide his hands beneath the mid-thigh hem, and instead only caressed her lower thigh.

Fully stimulated by the touch of his broad hand, Claudia moaned and lifted a hand to his jaw, gliding the tip of her thumb along the square cut of it before slipping her fingers into his inky black hair.

Lusciously soft to the touch, Tristan's locks gave off the scent of Prell shampoo, and had waves that made her repeatedly comb her fingers from root to tip. So consumed by the silky heat of his tongue, she didn't even notice the object that was lodged beneath her. But as a gooey wetness began to spread beneath her bottom, she broke the kiss and lifted her body from the mattress.

At first glance, she couldn't tell just what the heck it was, but on closer inspection she realized it was a squeezable pudding pouch. Smashed completely flat, the contents had squirted all over the comforter, and on rubbing a palm along the back of her skirt, Claudia realized that her backside was covered in the gooey mess.

"Oh wow," Tristan exclaimed as he saw the back of Claudia's skirt. "I'm so sorry, Claude. That's completely my fault."

"It's fine, I can just rinse it out when I get home."

"There's napkins around here somewhere," Tristan said while glancing around, but Claudia was already reaching for the uppermost drawer of his nightstand.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Looking for napkins."

"They're not in there," he nearly shouted out, but by that time it was already too late.

Seeing, but not understanding just what it was that she was that she was looking at, Claudia stared long and hard at the object in the drawer.

At first glance, it appeared as nothing more than a Pringles can, but the foam material that was stuffed into the cylinder made Claudia realize it was being implemented for something very specific. Extremely curious, she lifted the object out of the drawer, and after inspecting it with inquisitive eyes, she shifted her focus to Tristan's face.

"What's this?"

With a shrug of his shoulders, Tristan dryly swallowed, then briefly looked away before attempting to retrieve it from her grasp.

"Wait," she said while moving it out of his reach. "I'm not done looking at it."

"Come on, Claude. Give it back to me," he urged, but this only seemed to make her curiosity intensify.

"What is it? She asked again, and on turning her head to look at his face, she saw that his ears were beginning to redden.

"It's a homemade fleshlight," he quickly mumbled.

"What's a fleshlight?"

"It's for masturbation." Tristan's face was now scarlet red.

"Seriously?" Claudia asked, and her gaze refocused on the DIY sex toy. "I don't get it, how does it work?"

Taking the fleshlight from her, Tristan demonstrated by sticking his finger into a slot that split the foam, then shifted his gaze back to Claudia, who now wore an enlightened expression.

"Ohhh, now I understand," she softly said while lifting one of her brows, and feeling as if she'd just been let in on a confidential secret, she gazed at Tristan with a kind of wonder. "So that foam that you stuck in the can...it replicates the feel of you having sex with an actual woman?"

"Yes," Tristan replied.

"And it works well?" She asked. "I mean, well enough so that you never use your hand?"

"I still use my hand," Tristan said. "But sometimes I like to switch things up."

"Oh." Still surprised at her discovery, Claudia glanced back at the fleshlight, and on noticing that she was staring at it, Tristan leaned over and placed it beneath the bed.

"Why'd you do that?" She asked.

"Because you're staring at it."

Blinking in response, Claudia gave him a look of bafflement.

"It makes me feel awkward, okay?"


"Because it makes me feel like a pervert."

"Well you're not a pervert," Claudia assured him. "And just so you know, I wasn't judging you for having a sex toy. I was just really curious as to how you used it."

"Well now you know," Tristan said, and with a flush that still covered his cheeks, he purposely stared at the wall.

"You're not mad, are you?"


"You sure?"

Tristan shook his head.

"I really wasn't trying to look through your stuff. I was just searching for napkins, and figured you'd probably keep some in your nightstand."

"But I told you not to open the drawer," he said. "Why'd you do it anyways?"

"I opened it before you told me," she rebutted. "It's not like I purposely did it anyways just to snoop around."

There was no response from Tristan. Only a long, low breath he slowly eased out to express his disappointment.

Easing out a long, low sigh, Tristan remained quiet.

"Tristan, come on. You can't possibly be mad at me," she said. "I mean, how was I supposed to know you'd have a masturbatory device in there?"

For a few silent moments, Claudia's words just hung between them. But then suddenly, and with a faintness that Claudia just barely noticed, the corners of Tristan's lips began to quiver.

"What?" She asked.

"That word you used. It sounded funny."


Tristan slowly nodded, and now wearing a full blown smile, he snortled.

"Well it is a masturbatory device," she said. "What else am I supposed to call it?"

"I don't know."

The corners of her lips pulled upward, and with a thoughtful expression on her face, she asked, "How long did it take you to build?"

At this, Tristan actually laughed.

"What?" She asked with a grin. "I'm curious."

"I don't know..." He shrugged before stating, "fifteen, maybe twenty minutes?"

"And how often do you use it?"

"Why do you wanna know?"

"Because I'm curious."

"I use it when I feel like it," Tristan said. "That a good enough answer for you?"

Noting his playful tone, Claudia gave him a gentle smile, then curled up against him and stretched a leg out over his.

"Do you ever think about me while you're using it?" She softly asked.

"You know I do, Claude. I'm crazy about you, you know that."

Nuzzling closer, Claudia rested her head against his chest, then eased out a contented sigh before posing a question.

"What's a sta-au?"

Tensing up, Tristan looked down at Claudia's face. "Where did you hear that word?"

"From Lucas."

"In what context?" he asked with furrowed brows. "What were you and Lucas discussing?"

Thinking back to earlier that afternoon, Claudia vividly recalled the conversation. But she didn't feel so comfortable in divulging the details, because the dialogue that she and Lucas engaged in, had involved a comment regarding Tristan's mother. A very particular comment, that Claudia now began to recollect.


"I've always kinda had this thing for Winona," Lucas had said.

"Seriously?" Claudia's mouth had come unhinged. "Tristan's mother, Winona? Oh wow, I never would have guessed."

"Why not? She's real pretty."

"I know she is. But she's Tristan's mom."

"Yeah, well don't tell anyone, okay? Especially not Tristan, because I don't want that weirdo sending a sta-au to attack me."


Coming back to the present moment, Claudia came to the realization that Tristan was awaiting her answer, and with her head still against his chest, she opened her mouth to speak.

"We talked about a lot of different stuff," she slowly said. "But when it came to the subject of you, I remember him saying something like, 'I don't want Tristan sending a sta-au to attack me."

"Seriously?" Tristan slowly shook his head. "Why would I send him a sta-au? That's for people who play with the dark side."

"What is a sta-au?" Claudia asked again. "You never did tell me."

"Earthbound spirits," Tristan replied. "They did terrible things before they died, and try to do harm to the living."

"Have you seen one before?"

Tristan nodded. "A couple of them used to show up late at night when my mom and dad were sleeping, but once I blessed all of the portals that led into the house, they finally stopped coming inside."

"When you say portals, you mean doors..."

"And windows," Tristan said. "But they often use mirrors as well, so I did a smudging ceremony, then used olive oil to seal off every window in the house."

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