tagNovels and NovellasLost in Eros 3: The Return 05

Lost in Eros 3: The Return 05


The Abbey of Records

At the top of the rocky path, which had actually been occasionally augmented by actual steps cut into the stone of the mountainside, the little troop found something of an expansive, broad shelf. A stream fell tumbling down the mountain, and formed a rushing brook that cut across the shelf in front of them, running right to left, on its way to join in the wide lake that dominated the level area. For the most part, the place looked like a well-tended park or picnic ground. On the other side of the brook was the other distinctive feature of the green shelf: a stone building, or a tight complex of buildings, from which sprouted a tall tower of pinkish stone. Tascha thought the building, or buildings around the base of the tower resembled a monastery more than anything else. As for the tower itself, with its coloration, and the way the upper storeys swelled out to accommodate a larger space at the top, it was rather obviously phallic. That's a bit heavy handed, she thought to herself.

Although, after their sweaty climb, which had taken several hours, the sight of that beautiful lake, and the thought of a swim, was quite appealing, Don and Tascha led the little troop straight for the bridge that spanned the brook and carried the path they were on toward the tower. As they approached, Tascha was surprised to see that there was a large, very dark-skinned man standing there, barring the way onto the bridge. She was pretty sure he hadn't been there a moment before. He had thick muscles, stood at least two meters tall, and was leaning on a very large and shiny sword. Of course, he also had a prodigious cock and a pair of heavy balls hanging between his legs.

None of them had had any kind of play since they had convened by the pool that morning, prior to leaving the Resort by way of the now rather cooperative gate, so Tascha wasn't at all surprised that she found herself thinking she would like to see if this big, black fellow was as good a fuck as she imagined he must be. He didn't look like he was there to offer sex, though.

When they got close enough, the big man held up his hand and said, "Halt." Naturally enough, Tascha thought, he had a deep, sexy bass voice.

"Hello," Don offered. "We would like to visit the tower."

"The tower is not open to all," the man said impassively.

"To whom is it open?" Tascha asked.

"To members of the Order and to eligible pilgrims." Tascha got the sense that making these pronouncements was the whole point of this man's existence. He intoned his lines as if he was an actor with a small cameo part that he would nevertheless act the hell out of.

Don frowned a moment before saying, "We're pilgrims. We need to speak with the Sage of the Tower."

The big, black man said nothing for a long moment as he looked the party over carefully. He fixed each of them with his inscrutable dark eyes as if he was examining their souls, or at least reading their minds. Finally, he said, "Three of you may pass."

Don asked, "Do you mean the three of us?" as he indicated himself, Tascha and Nicole.

The impassive guard nodded once.

"Good guess," Tascha whispered.

"It just seemed to make sense," Don muttered.

"What are our friends supposed to do?" Tascha asked, but the man didn't even bother to shrug.

"We could wait by the lake," Shelonda suggested.

Tascha was about to say that was a good idea, but Amy chimed in, asking, "How long will you be?"

"That's a very good question," Don nodded.

Shelonda frowned and then offered, "Why don't we go for a swim, and if you're not back when we're done, we'll just go back down to the Resort and you can come meet us there?"

"I like that idea," Amy grinned. Tascha suspected Amy would be quite happy to give up their little quest and stay at the Resort indefinitely.

"The Resort's a big place," Victor observed quietly.

"That's right," Don nodded. "Why don't we try checking in with the Sheriff? You guys stop in and tell her where you're going, and we'll ask her where you are."

"I'm not sure the sheriff will appreciate that," Tascha thought, but nobody else had any better ideas, so the sextet split into two groups – Amy, Shelonda and Victor heading off to swim in the lake, as Don, Nicole and Tascha slipped past the muscular guard and crossed the wooden bridge.

There was no sign or any other indication of where they should go, but they could only see one door: a heavy, wooden thing of dark brown, with a large metal knocker set in the middle of it. It struck Tascha just then that there was nothing at all sexual about this door, the wall it was set into, or the building attached to the wall – unless you counted the gigantic phallus sticking out of it, of course. Tascha reached out and lifted the clapper and let it fall. There was a very loud bang on their side of the door. After a long moment, she banged again.

"Maybe nobody's home," Nicole offered.

Don opened his mouth to respond to this, but before he could speak, the door swung open. A young man with blond, disheveled hair and striking blue eyes peered around the door at them. He was wearing a brown robe, like what Tascha imagined monks wore, only this one looked like it had been thrown on in a great hurry; the belt around his waist was only loosely tied, and the brown hood fell around his shoulders in obvious disarray.

"Um, hello," the young man said, "welcome to the Abbey. Please come in."

"Thank you," Don nodded, as he led the way through the doorway.

They were admitted into a comfortable but simple foyer, where half a dozen other brown-robed young adults assembled hastily to greet them. They were a mix of men and women, but they were all in the same state of muss as the fellow who had opened the door. Tascha could well imagine what they had been up to before she'd banged on their front door.

"We're looking for the Sage," Don announced.

"Yes, of course," said a voice from behind the small crowd of young people, who quickly parted to let the speaker come forward. This was a tall Asian gentleman who definitely looked more like a monk than the others. He was older for one thing, and seemed to have a more serene and unruffled demeanor. He smiled at Tascha and the others and said, "Welcome to the Abbey of Records, we will be happy to conduct you to the Sage. However, we have something of a ritual we would ask you to follow."

"What sort of ritual?" Tascha asked, remembering the rite they had participated in the night after they had left the Manor. She couldn't decide at the moment if she was more titillated or leery of such a prospect.

The tall man smiled and said, "Nothing alarming, I assure you. First we would offer to refresh you after your climb – a bath and some food and water. Then it is our custom to interview you in some detail about your experiences here in Eros."

Don and Tascha conferred silently by means of a quickly shared glance and barely visible shrugs. They both seemed to think that Nicole would go along with whatever they decided. Tascha smiled back at the tall man and said, "Some refreshment would be very nice, thank you."

The man bowed a bit, and said, "Alan, please attend to our guests. I will prepare the scribes."

The young man who had opened the door bowed lower and said, "Yes, sir." He then turned to Tascha and her friends and said, "If you'll follow me..."

They followed Alan as he led them into the Abbey and down a series of corridors, all as simple, even rustic, as the foyer. The half dozen brown-robed ... Tascha wasn't sure what to call them ... followed along in a hushed but clearly excited train. Finally, they came to a wide, open sunlit courtyard with an array of big stone basins cut into the floor. Each basin was filled with clear water (of the XYZ variety, of course) that sparkled in the midday sun. There was a profusion of flowers all around the courtyard, filling the area with bright colors and pleasant scents.

A young woman with dark red hair and freckles smiled almost shyly at Tascha as she took her by the arm and gently led her toward a water-filled tub to the left. Tascha noticed that Don and Nicole were each being taken to nearby, but separate, tubs.

"May I help you out of your clothes?" the little redhead asked.

"Certainly," Tascha smiled. It only took a moment before her sandals and dress were discarded and Tascha was slipping into the warm bathwater. The redhead quickly tossed her brown robe off over her head and joined her, bringing along some soap and a big sponge. Tascha just relaxed and enjoyed the attention as the girl began scrubbing at her skin. She only smiled as the pretty blond Alan stripped down and joined them, helping by washing Tascha's hair. Tascha hadn't been so well cleaned or so pampered since leaving the Manor, and there was no question that it felt very good indeed.

Of course, the combination of being immersed in XYZ, the presence of the two sexy, naked bodies, and the way her body was being touched and stroked, soon had Tascha thinking mischievously. Her hands began to move up along the strong legs of her bathers. She slipped her hands up and around to give each of their bottoms a squeeze. The redhead's breast was in Tascha's face then, and she went ahead and gave the ruddy little nipple a kiss. At about the same time, her hand managed to find Alan's half erect cock, so she began to squeeze and pull on that.

The two young people laughed happily and began to caress Tascha's body more playfully. Soon the girl was squatting down in the water next to Tascha, with her sponge moving purposefully between Tascha's legs; Alan was standing in front of Tascha with his now quite hard cock standing out in front of him as he carefully, but thoroughly rinsed Tascha's hair; and, Tascha, meanwhile, busied herself kissing and sucking on the purple head of that sex organ as she worked her left hand up between the redhead's legs to stroke her lips and clit under the water. The girl leaned in to help Tascha with Alan's cock, kissing along the shaft, and reaching up to fondle his balls with her free hand. The sponge was doing wonderful work under the water as the redhead rubbed it back and forth over Tascha's pussy and clit, and Tascha had to concentrate to move her own fingers productively. She shifted a bit so that she could slip two of her fingers up inside the redhead's pussy, letting her palm take care of keeping pressure and friction on the girl's clit. This left her freer to concentrate on Alan's cock.

Tascha took hold of the base of Alan's cock with her right hand and began to suck on his broad head more deliberately. She enjoyed the sensation of having it fill her mouth, moving over her lips and tongue. As she felt her body responding to the sponge between her legs and the oral stimulation of sucking Alan's cock, she began to suck him harder and faster, her hand pumping the base of his shaft as the redhead continued to kiss his balls and groaned now and then as Tascha's fingers fucked in and out of her.

As it turned out, the redhead was the first to come, gasping and whimpering as she clung to Tascha's shoulder and Alan's leg. Alan followed soon after, his fingers tangled in Tascha's hair and the redhead's, his body shuddering, and his cock spewing hot cum into Tascha's mouth and down her throat. Tascha was still swallowing hungrily, when she felt her own orgasm ripping through her body in waves of bright ecstasy. She held onto Alan's cock and kept sucking on it until she could open her eyes and catch her breath. Then, with a smile and a kiss, she let it go and took a moment to look around.

In the tub closest to hers, Tascha saw that Don had slid down in the water so that his head was resting on a towel on the lip of his tub, and a naked woman was – somewhat precariously – kneeling over his mouth, enjoying the oral treatment Tascha now knew so well. At the same time, a very generously buxom young woman was riding up and down on Don's lap; while smiling happily and squeezing her own big tits tightly. A bit further away, Nicole was bent over the edge of her own tub as a particularly well-muscled young man fucked in and out of her from behind. Tascha could clearly see that Nicole had cum splattered over her face – no doubt contributed by the gentleman who was now running a sponge over Nicole's back.

Just then Tascha's attention was drawn closer to home, as a robed woman with dark brown hair and a warm smile knelt down next to her with a platter bearing a selection of fruit and a tall glass of water.

"Ah, thank you," Tascha smiled, as she took an apple and the glass. By the time Tascha had eaten half her apple, Nicole was being served fruit and water. By the time she was done with the apple and finishing off her water, Don was coming up for air and being offered refreshment. As Tascha finished her drink, the girl who had helped bathe her and more took the apple core and glass from her. Alan helped her out of the tub and proceeded to dry her with a nicely soft towel. She looked around then for her clothes, but was being presented with a grey robe, which was more like a bathrobe than the monkish ones the others were wearing.

"We thought you wouldn't mind if we washed your clothes for you while you're here," said the smiling woman who had brought Tascha fruit.

In short order, all three of them had been fed and watered, and were wearing comfortable grey robes. Apparently sex time was over for now, and they were led back into the Abbey, where they were met again by the tall Asian man.

He offered them a friendly smile and said, "In the interest of a more accurate report, we would ask that you each be interviewed separately. We have three scribes ready to begin, if you don't mind."

Tascha was conducted into a comfortable room that she thought could best be described as a study. There was a plain, but nice, wooden desk, a window high up on the wall facing the door that let in warm afternoon sunshine, a couch, and what looked like a comfortable easy chair. Sitting on the other side of the desk, at an old fashioned typewriter, was a man with a darkish Mediterranean complexion, and warm brown eyes. His head was shaved, but he had a dark black mustache and goatee. He rose as Tascha entered, showing that he was rather tall. Like the others he was wearing a brown robe. He leaned forward over the desk and extended his hand, saying, "Good afternoon. My name is Esteban."

"Pleased to meet you, Esteban," she smiled as she shook his hand, a little amused at the sudden manners after just having engaged in a little orgy with complete strangers. "I'm Tascha."

"That's a very pretty name," Esteban smiled. "Is it short for... No? Very good. Please make yourself comfortable."

As Tascha considered her options, her escort retired back into the hallway without a word, and without closing the door behind him. She supposed this was intended to reassure her and her friends. Smiling a little to herself, Tascha decided to sit in the easy chair. When she took her seat, Esteban likewise sat down in front of his typewriter, and raised his hands over it, laying his fingers lightly on the keys.

"We have some basic questions to ask to begin," he said with another charming smile. "First, though, how do you spell your name?"

After Tascha told him, he asked, "What is the last thing you remember before waking up in Eros?"

Tascha was a little surprised at this question, but said, "Going to bed with my girlfriend, Sarah."

Esteban's fingers flew over the keyboard quickly.

"Was that at night?"


"Was there anything special or distinctive about that evening?" His English was perfectly clear, though he had a noticeable Hispanic accent.

"Not that I can recall."

"Did you have sex that night?"

"Um, why do you ask?"

Esteban shrugged and offered her another sympathetic smile, "These are just the questions we're supposed to ask."

"Who says you're supposed to ask?"

"The Sage," he answered as if he expected that to deal with any and all objections.

"What was the last thing you remember before waking up in Eros?" she tried.

"I'm afraid I don't remember anything," he said, for the first time not smiling as he looked at her. "I only found out that people sometimes remember such things after I had been here quite some time."

"Does that bother you?"

He paused thoughtfully before saying, "It makes me curious."

"No," Tascha said after a moment. Then she added, "We did not have sex."

"How long had it been since you had sex before that night?"

"I'm not sure. A couple of weeks, I think." Tascha frowned. At the time she hadn't been particularly aware of how long it had been, but now, after the last couple of weeks in Eros, "a couple of weeks without sex" sounded like a very long time indeed.

"Thank you," Esteban said. "Now, please tell me about your experience when you first woke up here."

Tascha proceeded to tell the story of how she and Don woke up together in the Manor. Esteban prompted her to explain her pre-Eros relationship with Don: Had they ever had sex? How would she characterize her feelings for him? How long had it been since they had seen each other? He seemed genuinely interested, and his fingers typed at an amazing rate without any hint of getting tired. Tascha explained how they had started exploring that bedroom and about the Nymphets dropping out of the ceiling. Esteban encouraged her to describe the girls as well as she was able, and then asked for details about her first sexual encounter in Eros. Tascha found herself smiling a bit as she recalled the orgasm Virginia had cheerfully given her, as well as the sight of Don playing with all three of the girls. She eventually got to tell how she had slipped away and found the secret door.

As she got the hang of the level of detail and narrative Esteban was looking for, Tascha was able to move along a bit more quickly, without being stopped for additional detail. She gradually began to feel free to include the occasional aside and observation. While she was telling the story about the dodge ball game Tascha realized she was enjoying herself. By the time she got to the Ball, and her first little orgy, in that little side room with Lilith, Tascha realized she was getting rather wet. She pressed her thighs together under her robe, and tried to concentrate on telling the story.

When she got to the point in her story in which she was alone with the Lord in his room, Esteban began to press her for more details, about her mental and emotional state – "What were you feeling and thinking when you were watching Don through the mirror?"; "What was it like to have such intense one-on-one sex with a man you'd only just met?" – and Tascha found herself extremely horny. She couldn't tell which thing was arousing her more: the XYZ in her system, reliving her first day in Eros in such detail, or Esteban's friendly but, almost professionally, detached interest. Also, perhaps thanks to remembering the Player and his companions, Tascha found herself in a particularly mischievous mood. So, rather than simply throw off her robe and throw herself at Esteban, which struck her as a particularly good idea at the moment, Tascha leaned back in her chair and put one of her feet up on the edge of the desk in front of her, letting her robe fall open around her naked leg. She began to idly run her fingers up and down along her thigh as she continued answering Esteban's questions.

As she told how the Lord had first entered her and began to fuck her with his big cock, Tascha parted her legs further and let her fingers lightly play over her pussy, which was now exposed to Esteban's view. By the time she got to the part where she asked the Lord to cum in her mouth, Tascha's fingers had slipped between her labia, to smear her wetness over her eager little clit. She kept telling the story as her fingers alternated between stroking her clit and pushing further and further up into her very moist vagina. By the time she told how she had the Lord lie on his back and then mounted his cock, Tascha was fucking herself with three fingers and frantically stroking at her clit with the other hand. Esteban was watching her intently, without for a moment pausing in his typing. She had definitely come to enjoy showing off almost as much as she enjoyed watching others.

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