tagInterracial LoveLost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 2

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 2


Lost in Jungle, or Lust in Jungle? Ch. 1


When I went into the thatched bath, it did not come as a surprise that my two Black and beautiful attendants were completely nude and were splashing around in a fairly large wooden boat which now served as a Bathtub.

Donne tika whose breasts were heaving with her boisterous motions beckoned me in seductively, "C’mon, my young Brown prince! Lets take a dip together."

As I neared them with my heart thumping wildly with beastly lusts raging inside and my cock at full mast, Kadu bila giggled and splashed some cool water from the tub onto my loins and it gave a lusty shock to my rampant member.

If the ladies were game for some bath sports, then so was I.

I dived inside the bathtub to join the giggling African Beauties, Kadu Bila moved aside moved behind to my back with a kind of wet brush made of some leaves and fibers. A sort of local sponge, I thought! Donne Tika (Hereinafter nicknamed "DT, " for simplicity) got up and sat on my lap as My arms went around her dark ample and very wet body .She meowed happily as my erect cock probed her upper thighs and my hands moved from her soft back to her ample buttocks squeezing the healthy feminine frame all along. Kadu Bila ‘s (who will also be nicknamed as KB, again for simplicity) hands were moving in slow circles as her wet, hard nipples bore down pleasantly on my back.

My hands captured DT’s big tits and I worried her dark grape sized nipples between my thumb and forefinger causing delightful spasms in her frame as she shook on my lap, moaning "UMMMMNNNAAHHH" and buried her face in the crook of my neck.

Her hands delved below the water and found my erect manhood standing majestically upright next to her soft left thigh. It had remained hard and fevered despite the cool waters throughout, entirely due to the visual and physical stimulations provided by these two temptresses.

DT’s hands gripped my hard member with three fingers, while thumb and forefinger squeezed the sensitive head of cock causing electric sensations to rush up and down my spine and It was my turn to gasp " AHHHHSSSSSS ," and instinctively pulled her left nipple away from the soft globes causing further agitation to my excited partner. My other hand, not to be outdone, moved slowly up over the smooth wet rippling thigh muscles savoring the smooth texture, towards her hairy mound, which was peeking occasionally and winking at me with wet pink mysteries, when she opened and closed her thighs lasciviously, on my lap.

KB, I saw, was holding aloft a wooden pail of clear liquid , filled from a wooden jar near the corner of the bathroom ,and presented it me saying, "Our dear Royal guest! Have this drink, please"

I took it in my hand looking at her plump breasts with erect nipples and dark areolas, jiggle deliciously with her movements.

"What is this drink for?" I asked bringing it near my lips, but not drinking it.

"It serves you well when you are serving Queenie’s wishes," she said mysteriously and started rubbing my neck with her bare hands.

"It increases your virility and delays your climax, " she told me, but certainly in not so many words or in correct English.

"Do you mean it?" I asked astonished that such local aphrodisiacs were available in these deep jungles.

"Sure, " she dropped down to kiss me on the neck and bit me slightly thereby causing a shudder to travel up and down my spine.

"I tried it with my first lover and he would not be satisfied after two days of consuming it!" and then her hands did a tingling tickle on my ribs on the way down to my hips.

I drank the liquid a little apprehensively at first, but the sweet taste and exquisite fragrance was too overpowering to ignore and I took the bait.

I gulped down the drink and kept the wooden cup away.

Though my attention was engaged equally by the these lusty duo, KB for one, was busy producing some exciting and entirely pleasant sensations from the back of my neck to waist by slowly but firmly brushing me with the her fiber brush. I was acutely aware of some tingling heat it left in its wet trail, no doubt caused by the specific herbs used in it.

I moaned, "AHHHH" and turned my face to look up at KB and asked her,

"What’s all this brushing for, doll?"

KB giggled happily and there were lovely dimples on her cheek then, as she replied, "We are preparing you for …." and left it incomplete mysteriously.

I gulped, as now DT’s hands did a special squeeze on my enraged organ by gripping the base with two fingers and pressing the bulbous head down with her thumb, and croaked, "For what…?" and I gripped her at the junction of her firm thighs for support with one hand a little below her soaked mound with one hand, while the other hand pulled away unhindered on her partner’s right nipple.

The girls were gurgling happily and moaning seductively now, the activity of bathing me almost forgotten as the waves of lust passing through their fevered bodies had them preoccupied.

"For Queenie, of course so that you can stay erect for all day long, " replied KB , to my question as she knelt down to pass the brush towards my burning loins.

"Whaa. .what.. do you mean, huh?" I managed to utter, managing to think in the midst of the maddening sensations coursing through my body due to the continued ministrations of the tingling hot herbal massage and the enthusiastic hand-job provided simultaneously by the two of them.

"This is a special preparation of forest herbs which works like aphrodisiac, Ok?"

cooed KB, her face near my waist looking earnestly at my fully charged cock, and lovingly swept the fiber brush in the cum-heavy balls making me gasp and cringe as the stimulations were uncontrollable for me now.

"It makes your precious ‘louda’ (meaning cock, of course, I was to learn during my days of ‘serving the sentence’!) completely erect and doesn’t allow it to soften during your working hours!" continued KB as now DT thought she had enough of provocation from my fingers on her heaving lovely globes and rose up on her knee sand moaned,

"OOOOH …Suck my aching nipples…NOW" and verily introduced her plum sized dark nipple to my almost dry mouth. My salivary glands thus activated by the sudden visit of lovely guest to my mouth, worked up a good wetness and my tongue licked her rubbery nut as my hands cupped her well-endowed posterior for support.

KB was concentrating on massaging my erect prick below, her face in between my and DT’s passion–hungry bodies. Her fingers would slowly brush the entire length of my erect organ from the base of my cock to the uncircumcised tip and thumbing down on the niche of my opening, rubbing the herbs in, while the other hand held my sac in the palms rotating from side to side. The sensations were exquisite as my manhood started now responding to the herbal drug application and it grew even firmer and longer than ever before in my life.

Also the skin on my cock had become very sensitive and KB’s delicate feather touches of brush as well as her slow rotation of my testicles in the sac were making me giddy with unbearable lust.

Added to this, I was feeling light and a little out of control now and guessed that this was that herbal aphrodisiac taking effect slowly and steadily.

I groaned "OOOHHHHH…darlings …how long…, " only to be interrupted by the entry of DT’s other nipple as she gasped complainingly "UUUUUMMM ….NO!" , of my having stopped the sucking of her nipple, a moment ago.

KB picked up a wooden pail of a green oil from the side of the bath tub from the floor and dipped and thoroughly wetted her fingers in the oil and turned towards me, whipping wet stands of hair away from her intense face.

I cupped her face in my both hands and looked in her eyes and asked, "Honey…Please! I can’t bear this sweet torture any more…I am about to come!!." While I spoke, DT, horny as she was, took my cock now floating above water waiting for more herbal massage, into her mouth and sucked it fully in. I gasped and almost got up in a sudden reflex at the intense and powerful sensations of slipping into her wet mouth provided to my burning and tingling cock, shining with the recent massages.

As her long tongue slowly lapped the sides of my blood-engorged shaft, I gripped her head firmly there, nuzzling her head against my burning loins.

"Well, " said KB "As this drug can heighten and lengthen time of erection, it is better that I test it myself now before committing myself on its success to the Queenie."

I stared at her and in an instant caught on to the implications, and in an impulse grabbed her, spilling the gooey liquid from its pail as she clutched me too bringing us as close as possible with DT’s head sandwiched between our loins.

DT moaned something incomprehensibly as my cock was suddenly disengaged from the cozy wet confines of her mouth and jerked up to hit the exposed pubic mound of her partner.

KB was by now had her both arms around me like a garland and her sticky fingers were making crazy patterns on my back as I kissed her deeply, my tongue snaking into the hot and wet confines and met its counterpart to indulge in a passionate exchange.

My hands were holding KB’s huge melon-like buttocks squeezing its plump muscles lasciviously and my left hand groped between the soft cheeks to find the crack of her ass. I rubbed her long groove from her asshole to wet bushy pussy, making her break kiss and look up . I knew instinctively, her passion had ignited and nothing would stop her now.

"OOOO! You darling! I want you NOWWW! "She groaned and instantly grasped my erect love pole which was probing at the entrance of her nether mouth.

DT stood up now, a glorious spectacle of African womanhood with her curvaceous body with water streaming down, highlighting her healthy and ripe female structure.

Her breasts stood out proudly and nipples had grown into little dark plums with her conspicuous areola darkening with goosebumps over them.

But my attention was again snatched away to more immediate needs by her partner KB who had caressed my excited cock into full blown erection and was trying to push its bulbous head past into the wet folds of her pussy.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, " I groaned loudly, as this was my first entry into a vagina after my departure from India and my wife months ago.

KB slowly pushed me back into the tub till I was in sitting in the cool bathwater as she bore down on me with her pelvis not for a moment breaking contact with my manhood which was now slowly getting embedded in the wet cozy sheath inside

"UMMMANGHHHH, " she muttered and started kissing me deeply as her waist now controlled the entry of my lust-charged member into her moist cave.

DT stood up and stood with her thunderous thighs parted exposing her soft curly bush and long folds of wet labia at the level of my eyes. She shoved her waist a little forward enough for her juicy mound to meet my hot face with a fleshy thud.

My lips immediately started kissing the wet folds even as my feasting eyes got buried in her upper mound above the soft bush of curly hair. My tongue lost no time in snaking out to savor the delicious flavor of her feminine core by licking on the wet lips and burying halfway in slowly.

Her smell was intoxicatingly heady, an all-woman smell that wafted up from the passion bowl of her womb.

"AHHHHH…SHCHHHHHHHHHHHHH, " groaned my dark temptress KB unbearably, as my organ started ploughing her burrow with definite and firm strokes.

She set the pace by drawing her waist away from my hot organ and pushing firmly back till it got buried fully to the top of my sac of balls, all the while her pussy walls milking my shaft with alternating `grip and give’ motions which was driving me crazy as my heart thumped erratically, my mind giving up to the heavenly sensations being caused by this pleasurable exertions.

I was now literally eating DT’s soft and juicy pussy as she ground her pelvis on my face with audible moans and indecipherable sweet African curses.

My tongue found the hard nub of her sheathed clitoris and woke it up by probing it up and down with the tip of my tongue.

"OOOOOOOOOOO! MUIIIYYYYYY, " cried DT as she threw back her head and threw forward her pelvis as I licked the inside pink walls of her cunt.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHH…AHAHA…AHAHAHAHA, " echoed her partner KB as my 9-inch long erect love pole plunged in and out of the wet insides of her hungry pussy as my hips literally lifted off the bathtub floor to facilitate the deepest entry into her.

I was nowhere near coming, as the tingling sensations ran up and down my herb-applied cock skin even as KB’s pussy clamped my cock and quivered and shook as she cried, "AHHHHHHHHH,,,,UMMMMMMM…YAAAAAAA" and climaxed explosively gripping me hard as her breath came in quivering rasps. I could feel her pussy juices bathe my cock inside her snug confines as they quickly ran down the junction between us to mix with the water below. I could feel her hot pussy juices flow over on my sensitive skin of the sac and the contrasting in temperature with cool waters just below my pouch. It was one hell of an exquisite feeling and my mouth started chewing DT’s pussy lips a wee bit too hard, due to the raging sensations in my groins. Which made her sob, "OOOAHHHHHHHHHH…ahahahahahaaa!" , unbearably as her own hands squeezed her melon-like twin mammaries in passionate distress.

The water was splashing around in waves, in and out of the tub, as my enthusiastic partner, DT put my manhood to a rigorous test of the herbal application, by thrusting up and down relentlessly on it , even as the tingling herbal drug applied on my cock skin kept my cock firmly up without even a hint of impending release.

KB was acting like a woman possessed, as she continued her firm onslaught on my rampant prick, her hot pussy juices running freely like a tap dousing my cock sides but unable to bring down the fires which raged within.

She was on the threshold of another violent orgasm and she closed her eyes till the lids wrinkled in effort and mouth opened to produce lusty and uncontrolled expressions like, "OAHHHH…Muiyyy!! Yahhaahhhaaa… Wowwww" etc., and for the second time in a row, her pussy was clamping my love shaft hard like a glove and the climax hit her like an Avalanche, as her nostrils flared and she sobbed, OOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, " uncontrollably.

At this very moment , my roaming tongue found DT’s hard clitoris and clamped down on it, instantly triggering her own climax .She gasped and groaned" OOAHHHH"

and her rounded upper thighs clamped around my head, blocking my ears and muffling her ecstatic screams. Her thigh muscles shook, as she came in torrents gushing in to my ready mouth , a heady taste of her most intimate discharges, which I gulped down , all the while rimming the hooded clitoral bud.

As my passionate duo sought to recover from the shattering climaxes , I realized that my cock was still very much erect and I had not reached a climax!!

Amid the combined reeling sensations of the aftermath of coupling, and the effect of herbal drugs introduced in me, I realized that my manhood was now, my weapon and savior as far as my release to freedom was concerned.

DT recovered first and her hands immediately went to the jar of herbal liquid, which she started to apply lovingly on to the fiber brush and turned toward my towering shaft again.

"Again, DT?" I asked incomprehensibly.

"The previous application has been worn out by me . So, I have to prepare you fresh for Queenie. We will have other times too." She added conspiratorially.

Not to be outdone , KB had by now refilled my cup of aphrodisiac once again and holding it out for me, with a smile like that of a dutiful nurse.

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