tagInterracial LoveLost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 3

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 3


Lost in Jungle, or Lust in Jungle? Ch. 3

The next few hours were spent in preparing me like a bride to serve the causes of 'population' of this remote village of Africa. It included consumption of extra helpings of the 'Magic potion' of Herbal aphrodisiac and more rounds of massage of the tingling oil on my erect prick.

I learnt from the excited chatter of DT and KB that the Queen too was getting ready in a similar way to 'receive' me. I slapped the glorious dark melon buttocks of DT as she applied the tingling oil on my heavy sac of my balls.

Not to be out done DT snatched my left hand and introduced several of my fingers into her soaking cunny in which my fingers reveled. I was getting a mighty erection for the big occasion as my two horny 'best-women' mixed business with pleasure.I slurped and chewed on the honey colored erect nipples of KB as she applied a sweet smelling perfume on my shoulders and back.It made her moan lustily "MMMMOAHHHH" and moved her waist and legs suggestively. DT gave one mighty tug at my rampant cock and let go reluctantly. She said longingly," Yes.Now you can visit our Queen. But you will be back for afternoon siesta here. Hopefully..."

I grinned at the implications and licked my fingers fresh with her secretions and assured her," Yes. We will catch up!"


As we walked along the long corridor to Queen's chambers, I was having a rampant erection bobbing up and down in the loose robes which they had made me wear. Aphrodisiacs heightened my lust and I felt recklessly uninhibited.

Both DT and KB walked next to me and I would occasionally pinch their bare nipples with a hand or slap their bobbing dark buttocks soundly causing them to moan, though they would admonish me with mock seriousness that such behavior was unacceptable.

Also the various gatekeepers along the corridor guarding rooms would stare at us jealously as my roaming hands made my escorts giggle and moan, as we walked along.

In front of an elder woman guarding the entrance to the queen's chambers, I grabbed KB audaciously and licked her pussy by kneeling down in front of her and pushing my head below her skimpy skirt. This made the astonished elder woman's eyes almost pop out of their sockets and suck her breath deeply.

KB grabbed me up and kissed me as a punishment for my latest mischief in public.

She whispered, " That was my mother. She has not had a man since our father died and this was the limit!!"

"Poor Dear," I said and we entered Queen's chambers.

I saw her and sucked my breath in pleasant disbelief. The queen had got up from her throne and was walking towards me.

She was dressed in a kind of golden robe, which enveloped her 6-foot tall curvaceous figure hugging each slope and valley conspicuously. I could see her 38 in or above dark breasts standing proudly, unhindered by any undergarment, pert nipples poking sharp points on the shimmering dress.

As she walked with a lovely gait, I could make out her buttocks as they rolled delicately in her dress.

There was a faint perfume as she neared me and opened her arms inviting me in a an embrace.

Embrace I did, enjoying the soft cushiony feeling of her twin boobs mashing on my chest, the hard nubs of her nipples felt like burning holes in my chest. Her eyes were twinkling with all her hidden desires and I kissed her soft dark lips slowly and lovingly.

My rampant prick was now poking at her underbelly just above her womanhood and she sighed as my hands cupped her delectable buttocks and pulled her closer. My cock got snugly sandwiched vertically between our stomachs as her our tongues battled passionately in our mouths. I sucked her sweet spittle and chewed her yummy lips as her hands caressed my broad back and shoulders through my robe.

When we did part from the hot embrace, we noticed DT and KB were still standing there. The queen gestured impatiently with her hands, that they leave immediately and she led me towards the soft silk bed lit by a lone candle lamp at the corner of the chambers.

As we stood at the foot of the bed, she bowed in front of the stone statue of a devilish figure, telling me,

"This is our Deity. I pray for a successful pregnancy be granted to me"

I prayed inwardly too, that ' the same may take as long a duration as possible', much in contrast to my feelings a few days ago, when this proposition was first made. I was as much enamored by the Queen's lush proportions, as by the enthusiastic pair of DT and KB.

The queen turned towards me and her dark delicate skinned hands reached out to me and started undoing the fasteners of my dress. I was naked inside with my brown 8 in. long manhood at full mast. My hands were not idle both as I almost tore open her front of the dress, and she wriggled out and lo! Her beautiful twin globes were in front of me in all their naked glory.

They were fully rounded globes, dark like the rest of her body. Her areolas were big circles of temptation, tipped with a about an inch long erect nipples of darker shade.

I gulped as my own dress fell away and her eyes took in my brown skinned Asian body, particularly my erect cock standing to attention. She gasped, as her delicate palms clasped around my throbbing shaft, even as my fingers cupped the soft cool flesh of her superb breasts, my thumb and forefingers catching the excited rubbery nipples between them, pinching them rhythmically.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH,,,, UMMMMMMMMMMMM," was all Queen could express as her dress too fell away. I stepped back, wrenching my pulsating cock away from her soft clasp to look at the full-bodied nakedness of the woman I was to serve (?).

She was a lovely Amazon standing there, her eyes twinkling like forest embers, her cheeks shining with a herbal oil, her broad and delicate shoulders sloping towards her superbly formed breasts with twin erect nipples, her soft, slightly curved smooth stomach with a deep-set navel, her gorgeous pubic mound covered with curly African hair like a carpet to heavenly delights hidden inside. Her dark smooth absolutely hairless thighs and legs exquisitely proportioned, shining with some herbal oil application, especially for this occasion.

She was alike a glorious bride ready to receive her groom at nuptial night.

And ready I was, too.

I embraced her tightly reveling in the softness of her as we fell on the bed, two hungry bodies aching for release.

My brown skinned body covered her darker lush proportions on the silky soft bed, the contrast visible in the dull candlelight, as our anxious hands traveled the length and breadths of each other, caressing each part passionately.

The bed would yield supremely under our mutual weights as we necked and rolled on it, uninhibitedly.

My hands were holding one of her lovely breasts and my mouth would lick around the nipple, circling in the tender flesh of her areola, making her sigh and gasp with increasing passion.

Her desire was no less as her soft palms would caress my buttocks to slip down to my raging manhood and squeeze it with four fingers and the thumb would press the bulbous held down in to the shaft, giving me electric shocks till the base of my spine. Her thighs were now thrown over my legs and would travel up and down from knees to hips; the soft yielding muscles leaving a tingling excitement in the wake. Her hands soon found the rhythm of my pulsating shaft and started to squeeze the throbbing cylinder at the same rate, the sensation driving me mad with lust.

My other hand soon found itself among her cool soft thighs and traveled up the sweet junction and started exploring amid the mop of her curly bush.

She sighed contentedly and got up on her one hand raising her head to look at my now lust-maddened cock in her firm grasp. She turned her mouth towards it, whispering endearments, such as,

"My doll...my brown 'louda', Aahhhh, Its length, the skin and its texture," and nested her head on my upper thigh and drew my cock to her lips. The feel of her liquid warmth of her mouth nearly had me, even as my fingers sunk in to her moist, yielding pussy flesh and my fingers spread the lips apart allowing some cool air to touch her heated innards.

"MMMMMMMMM," she groaned with her mouth full of my cock, and these sensations sent vibrations down to the root of my cock and I heaved up into her mouth filling her my full length.

The sensation of her tongue and teeth working on my excited shaft made me gasp, "UMMMMMM" and I drew her hips and legs towards my face, to settle down in a proper '69' position.

She lifted her thighs so as to be across me, not letting go of my erect manhood, till her lower belly was on my chest and her wet gaping vulva within my tongue reach.

And reach it did, snaking out to the wet vertical labia and pushed the tip partially in the hot pouch. My both hands now handled her pussy, each hand pulling the lip near to it away, to reveal her pink soaking inner walls to my eyes.

She grasped the base of my cock in her palms and started licking my sensitive uncircumcised head, peeling the hood down over the head and then covering it back till the tip. AHHH! The feelings were truly indescribable.

I took my tongue away from the wet warmth of her pussy and using my both hands rubbed the lips of her pussy against each other, one hand moving down with a lip, the other lifting the other lip to the upper extreme and then quickly rub back up.

This erotic treatment got me an anxious and a loud moan from the queen like an "OHHHHHHHHHHH" and her hips jerked down spasmodically to bag into my mouth. The soft squishy feeling of her fully soaked pussy lips made my cock rear up in a jerk in her wet confines of the mouth and my mouth really went to work., on her juicy pussy folds.

Spreading her succulent pussy lips apart, I tongued her pink walls up and down with the flat of my tongue and as my fingers exposed the small hood nestled at the top of her labia. I took the clitoris in between my front teeth and licked the tip captured between my teeth with the tip of my tongue.

She lifted her head and in a jerk and almost roared, "MMMMMMMMOOOAHHHHH" and her upper thighs clamped like a soft vice around my face.

I sucked her juicy folds and entwined my fingers in the curly bush and pulled on her hair mercilessly as she went out of control and bit the tip of my cock with her teeth.

Unmindful of my own extreme excitement, I licked her thoroughly up and down and inside and at the same time pinched her now erect clit between my forefinger and thumb. I felt her pussy walls closing spasmodically around my mouth and fingers as her body shook with the oncoming climax.

Her climax was marked by her hot pent up juices pouring out of her pussy lips allover my mouth and cheeks.

After a couple of minutes, but what seemed like an eternity, our sex-ravaged bodies returned to normalcy, except for my still erect prick which still stood bravely, emboldened by the aphrodisiacs working in my system.

Queen brought her face near mine and said, "OHH You Darling! You are everything I dreamt of and more. Now make love to me and make it last!"

But all that and more in coming parts...

To Be Continued...

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