tagInterracial LoveLost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 5

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 5



Sorry guys, this story has been long time in coming but I don't have the heart to drag it on any longer.

Here is the brief Concluding chapter.

If you are disappointed, then I am sorry.


In the duration of my captivity, I, despite being a Prisoner in her majesty's service enjoyed all the privileges of her palace including herself!

The queen, once she got the taste of royal fucking her nether quarters could enjoy from my ever ready prick, was only too willing a bitch for it and she was after me to fuck her at every given instance regardless of day or night.

You may not believe it, but I would have fucked her daily five to six time and sometimes the whole Night long. We even used to walk about her palatial chambers butt naked and fuck each other's brains our screaming and howling like lust crazed animals in full view of her shy maid servants who stood agape and goggle eyed.

Later they were the same ladies that became hungry and eager wenches themselves to taste the forbidden fruit with me.

I was given a continuous dose of herbal aphrodisiacs by the Palace's old Doctor which kept my prick in prime running condition throughout. I was bucking like a young stud bull as my cock would pour our endless streams of hot seed into the willing pussy of Queen who needed impregnation at any cost.

When I looked for variety I found dime a dozen there in the lust crazy tribal village of willing women who would lay down before my erect cock as if it was a deity of God which had descended from heaven in answer to their prayers.

Tulli was by far the most lascivious and lusty wench in the colony with an unlimited libido.

She took me to bath every morning to the queenly bathroom where scented waters were ready for bathing me. She would strip herself, baring her big luscious mango-like ripe tits and her wild dark curly pubic bush and she would soon be all over me, wet limbs and all, soaping me, coaxing my cock to greater lengths of extension and teasing my balls with her scratchy fingernails, heightening my lust for her to maddening limits.

I would fuck her bare backed wet ass and all in front of the bath tub or inside it, depending on my urgency.

She would lovingly and gratefully receive my turgid member by bending her black skinned big body before my loins and I would hump her from behind, our flesh making lusty audible 'slap, slap' sound in tune with our vigorous mating.

I would come, roaring like a lust maddened bull in heat and pour my precious hot semen deep into her womb filling her and it would soon be spilling out and trickling over her strong ox-like thighs.

There were other women who were equally eager too, if not equally beautiful. In fact some were ugly in the face. But I believed in the adage when a free fuck was there, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Or to use another apt expression, I used to 'cover the face and fire the base'.

I used to fuck any maid servant, chambermaid or royal servants of kitchen or garden that came near me in Queen's absence.

I used to drag them to bed, molest them without foreplay and rip their clothes off and hump them till we came together in a fast furious climax on the floors, dining table or garden or wherever we happened to be at the time. All the women in the tribal colony bore this violent love making bouts of mine with smiling faces and wet welcoming pussies as they felt that my hard cock was a god-send and it would be defiance of God's will and against Queen's orders too to do otherwise.

All the women were my playthings and sex-slaves. It was quite contrary as I was 'their' prisoner in reality but they were all my prisoners in as far as sex was concerned.

In all, I might have impregnated some dozen women with my lucky cock and there was no time or place regulation for my amorous and uncontrolled fucking sprees in those delicious months.

It took me all of six months of relentless fucking and seeding as the Queen lovingly termed the operation in the deep bowels of the jungle to impregnate her but eventually she gave me the sweet news one night that the Tribal doctor had diagnosed her as pregnant.

As promised the Queen let me go back to my home in India.

There was a tearful send-off and farewell fuck that lasted for one full day and night, but I managed to extricate myself from the clutches of the lusty tribal women.

It was a dream 'cum' true and stays just that in my memory till this day.

Did you ask, does my wife know about it??

Of Course not!! I wouldn't be alive to tell you this story if she did.

Much the same as I wouldn't have been alive if I hadn't performed to my full capacity in the Jungle either. I have surely raised an army of Afro-Asian kids there in the Congo Jungles.

Be careful when you venture into African jungles. There's more than simple bushes there... But burning ones for sure.

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