tagTransgender & CrossdressersLost in Ohio Pt. 01

Lost in Ohio Pt. 01


I was driving across the state of Ohio for a work event. I had driven most of the day and into the night. I was close to my destination and my gps instructed me to take the next exit off the freeway. The exit was literally in the middle of no where an old diner truck stop was the only building in the middle of corn fields for miles. As luck would have it I needed fuel and a restroom break.

I smile to myself because I know these hicks won't know I'm really a boy. I've been dressing as a woman for years. My high estrogen diet and girly work outs have led to a well shaped girlish figure. I always wear heels and dresses. I've also had my hair laser removed from most of my body. So I steep out of my car with confidence and stroll into the truck stop.

Only three patrons and a greasy cook are in the diner. Room falls damn near silent when I step in. "That's awkward" came the thought to my mind. I see the sign for the restroom and make my way there. As I walk the click of my heels is the only sound. The three guys eating breakfast just stare as I walk past the table they are at.

I hear one say "damn" kinda under his breath. And they start to laugh about it as if a joke had been told and only they got it. When I turned the corner to the restroom I got the joke. The ladies room was taped off and out of service. So I needed to use the men's room.

I opened the door and it was terrible inside. The floor was dirty, the walls were dirty, the urinals were dirty, and the toilet was disgusting. I was not going to sit on that so I just pulled my skirt up and pissed in the urinal. As I was getting finished The door swung open. And one of the hicks from the diner stumbled in.

"Well. Would you look at that. Miss pretty is a Mr. pretty." He said as he whistled a cat call through his gapped teeth. "You been parading around in a skirt for long, Boy?" As he spoke he sort of circled off to my right and the other two hicks came through the door. The three of them made a circle around me and I just stared at them in a bit of a panicked state. Were they going to beat me up of try to fuck me?

"Bobby, Jimmy" he said waving his big dirty farmer hands at the two chubby men that just arrived. "I'd like you to meet Mr. pretty. He's a skirt wearing faggot from the city." They both chuckled and sneered. "We are going to see what he's wearing under there!"

"Oh my god" is this really happening came my thoughts. These three think they are going to rape me. You can not rape a cock hungry sissy.

"We like them kind, Joe," said Bobby.

"Caint get'em pregnant." Joe said as he undid his overalls and let them hit the floor. As he did Jimmy grabbed me from behind. He was forcing me down on to my knees in this dirty truck stop bathroom, as his friend Joe flopped his rather large cock out. If these boys were trying to scare me it was not working.

I wriggled my self out of Jimmy's grasp and willing took this dirty hicks large cock in my mouth. I have been trying to contain my excitement up to this point. But my mind raced and my mouth drooled at the thought of this nasty trio. As I started down on Joe's cock I could hear pants hitting the floor behind me. And Bobby and Jimmy were now standing on either side of Joe.

I took one cock in each hand and Joe's in my mouth. Kneeling there on that dirty ass floor I felt nasty. Joe reached down and tore my blouse open. As he did he pulled me up and stuck his tounge down my throat. My small titties were wrapped in a pink cotton bra. Jimmy pulled that bra off and started to lick my puffy nipples. Bobby was on his knees pushing my skirt up to reveal my pink cotton panties. He was pulling those panties aside and tounge fucking my asshole.

Bobby forced his cock into my ass and I stood there in my heels bent at the waist pushing my ass back against his thrusts. I took Joe's cock in my mouth. Jimmy was on my side suckling my titties as I jerked his cock.

"Ecstasy" was my only thought. My eyes rolled in my head. As Bobby's cock throbbed in my ass I knew he was filling me with warm cum. As he thrust and exploded, I exploded in my panties. My asshole quivered and my weak knees sent us to the floor.

As I lay face down on the floor. With my ass up in the air and Bobby's chubby hairy body pressed against me I hear the open. "Well what do you boys got here?" came a strong voice from behind Bobby.

"Just a real honest to god slut, Sheriff." Joe said.

"You want some?" Asked Jimmy.

I could hear the boys laughing when the Sheriff said "Well we ought to make her a permanent fixture around here" the boys kinda picked me up by my arms and lead me to the urinal. As they did I could hear the distinct sound of handcuffs opening and I panicked I tried to struggle but these farmers were much stronger. Holding my hands out in front of me the sheriff cuffed them to the pipe at the top of the urinal.

"Boys I'm going to be late for a very important meeting. Please let me go?" I protested.

"He's scared Sheriff!" Laughed the three farmers.

"That's impolite boys this here is a city girl. She deserves respect." As the sheriff spoke he let his pants hit the floor. He pulled my panties down over my ass and flipped my skirt up over my back. Without much warning he grabbed my hips and shoved his cock up my ass.

"What am going to do?" These hicks have used me and the sheriff has me handcuffed to a urinal. Im going to be late for the meeting and be out of a job for sure. Well that is if the hicks and Sheriff don't kill me. I was lost in my own thought when the sheriff lurched into me and shuttered he had shot his load deep in my ass.

"Well that's a fine ass you have there miss." The sheriff said. "Where did you say you were headed?"

"I am a lawyer and I'm very late for a very important meeting with a client. So if you boys are done with your game can you kingly release these handcuffs?"

"Oh I don't think that's going to be necessary. You see I had a meeting to get to as well. With my divorce lawyer. Who was coming in from out of town."

More to cum!

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by cdCindy101/10/19

please continue

This story really turned me on. I can't wait to read what happens next.

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