tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLost in Peckerwood Ch. 02

Lost in Peckerwood Ch. 02


Emily and Sharon sat in the seat of the old pickup truck in uncomfortable silence. The radio was blaring out some awful bluegrass banjo music and the pickup's driver, Lester, had a wide grin on his face as he steered the truck along the dark country road. Emily licked her lips and her brow wrinkled slightly in disgust, she could still taste the musty flavour of hillbilly cum in her mouth.

Several hours ago, the two pretty young women had broken down about 50 miles along the deserted country road out of the township of Peckerwood. Just as they were beginning to give up hope of being rescued, along came Lester in his pickup truck offering them a ride back to town.

The ride had proved to be costly however. In exchange for his help the middle aged redneck had demanded oral sex from the two well endowed young beauties. They had reluctantly agreed to his terms and then been forced to give him head on the side of the deserted country road.

After Lester had thoroughly fucked both their pretty mouths, and Emily had choked down his load, they'd all piled into the pickup truck and headed back to town.

Every so often, as he shifted gears in the old truck, he reached down and patted Sharon's thigh below her short skirt as she sat beside him. The voluptuous blonde had crept as far along the seat away from him as she could get, squashing right up beside her friend, but she was still within reach of the lecherous drivers hands.

As they pulled in to town Lester gave Sharon's firm thigh a squeeze, "Welcome to Peckerwood girls," the grizzled old man announced.

He drove the pickup directly to a broken down two story building near the centre of town.

Emily squinted up through the darkness at the building and could just make out a faded old sign indicating the dilapidated building was in fact the 'Peckerwood Hotel'.

"You sure the mechanic will be closed?" asked Emily, casting her gaze dubiously over the run down hotel.

"Sorry darling, it's past 8, old Jimbo usually locks up around 3," the hick replied.

Emily sighed and pushed the trucks door open, climbing out. Sharon quickly followed behind, doing her best to stop her mini-skirt from riding up too high and giving Lester more of an eyeful than he deserved.

"You said your dad runs the hotel?" asked Emily as Lester led them up to the door.

"Yeah, that's right. His name's Jethro."

Emily and Sharon exchanged a quick glance as they followed Lester inside. The place was definitely run down. The front door led to a large open barroom with several tables and chairs scattered throughout, many broken, and a long bar ran along the right wall, only half stocked by the looks and most of that was whisky. On the opposite wall a large spiral staircase led up to the second floor.

There was no sign of Jethro, or anyone else for that matter as Lester ushered them inside and over to the nearest table.

"Billy!" roared Lester, his shout was surprisingly loud and caused both Emily and Sharon to wince.

"Billy, get yer ass in her boy, we got guests!" barked the middle aged redneck.

There was some crashing from the back end of the bar, through a door on the far wall. After a few moments it burst open and a long haired young man burst through. He looked about 18, a couple years younger than Emily and Sharon. He was dressed in a pair of dirty blue jeans, white sneakers and a faded t-shirt that had a picture of Hulk Hogan on it. He was a somewhat awkward looking young man, with buck teeth, a heavily freckled face, and long, greasy looking brown hair.

"This here's my son Billy," said Lester, introducing the boy. "Billy, get these fine ladies a drink and some food, they'll be staying in pa's hotel tonight."

Billy paused, gaping at the two beautiful young women. The teenager couldn't help but admire the girls fit young bodies, beautiful long hair and model-like faces. His gaze was drawn especially to their impressively swelling chests that more than filled the tight fitting tops they were wearing. His lecherous gaze made it clear to the two young blondes that Billy took after his father.

"Get to it boy or you'll get a smash!" growled Lester.

Billy snapped out of his daze and hurried back out the door he'd come in, presumably to a kitchen.

"Take a seat," offered Lester. "I'll go find pa for you."

The two girls glanced uncomfortably at each other again, a little creeped out by the inbred, three generations of rednecks operation that seemed to be going on here. They took a seat at the nearest table as Lester headed upstairs to find his father.

"We should've stayed at the car," Emily whispered to her friend, keeping her voice low and glancing up at where Lester had disappeared to. The dirty old redneck scared the shit out of her. She could hardly believe she'd actually given him head less than an hour ago. It was so gross!

"I think you're right," replied Sharon. "Lets just keep it cool till morning, then get your car fixed quick and get the fuck outta here!"

"Agreed," nodded Emily. She leant quickly back in her chair as Lester came back down the stairs, an ancient old white haired man following behind him.

"This here's my pa, Jethro. He owns the place," said Lester as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Pleased to meet you ladies," said the older man with a slight nod. Jethro must have been well over 70. His face was a wrinkled, leathery mask covered in several liver spots and stubbly white whiskers. The old hillbilly wore a brown dressing gown that made him look a little like a Hugh Heffner wannabe, if it weren't for his hunched old body and scrawny matchstick legs poking out the bottom. Jethro sucked on his gums as he spoke, clearly missing more than a couple of teeth. "You ladies after a room for the night?"

"Yes," murmured Sharon, her voice breaking a little as she answered.

"It'll cost ya!" snapped the old man and Sharon's heart sank, an imagine of her and Emily on their knees sucking on the old man's withered, wrinkled penis suddenly leaping into her mind.

"How much?" asked Emily nervously.

"Fifty bucks. Cash," replied Jethro.

Sharon breathed out an audible sigh of relief. "No problem."

Lester grinned down at the two girls, his eyes once again roving over their trim young figures, mentally undressing them. "Me and pa are gonna go get your rooms ready. Billy'll be out shortly with some food and drink."

"Make yourselves at home ladies," said Jethro with a creepy little chuckle as he followed his middle aged son back up the stairs.

Emily glanced at her friend as the two rednecks left, rolling her eyes. "Is this family for real?" she whispered.

They didn't have any time to talk as almost immediately Billy returned to the common room, carrying a tray in front of him. He moved over to their table and set the tray in front of them. On the tray were two plates of very greasy, slightly burnt looking steak, eggs and chips, a bottle of red wine and two slightly grubby looking wine glasses.

Billy grinned at the two girls, hovering over them for a moment, glancing down at Sharon's long legs that were crossed, displaying plenty of her sleek, tanned thighs below the hem of her short skirt. After a moment the teenager moved away and busied himself behind the bar cleaning glances and occasionally sneaking peeks at the two sexy young women.

"He creeps the shit out of me," Sharon whispered.

"Tell me about it," agreed Emily. She picked up a fork and poked at the overcooked, grease covered steak on the plate in front of her. Her stomach churned at thought of eating it so she instead poured two glasses of wine. After the afternoon and evening they were having they could both use a drink.

Sharon took the glass as soon as Emily poured it and took a long swallow of wine. It was cheap and a little vinegary tasting, but at least it was alcohol. "Not exactly the wild drinking we were planning to be doing in California," she remarked.

Emily nodded, talking a sip from her own glass, then making a grimace at the taste. "This tastes terrible."

"Worse than Lester's cum?" asked Sharon with a grin.

"Oh shut up. I never want to be reminded of that again!"

The two girls laughed and took another drink of the wine. Uncomfortably aware of young Billy's lecherous stares in their direction.

Sharon rubbed her forehead, "my head hurts, it's be a shit day."

"Shit is an understatement," replied Emily and both girls couldn't help but giggle noisily. Emily stared at the steak in front of her, her stomach felt hollow and the steak was looking more appetising by the minute. Instead she took another gulp of wine, emptying her glass.

Behind the bar Billy turned on the radio, lively rockabilly music filled the room causing both girls to glance in his direction.

Sharon couldn't help but grin as she watched Billy bobbing his head along with the music. She drank the last of her wine and passed her glass to Emily for a refill. "How about we stick to the highway once the car's fixed?"

"For sure," agreed Emily, blinking her eyes and looking strangely at her wine glass. Her head felt a little dizzy, perhaps she should have eaten first rather than drunk on an empty stomach.

Emily jumped in her seat as she turned and saw Billy standing right beside her. The 18 year old yokel was staring down the neckline of her t-shirt, getting a good look at her cleavage as he hovered over her.

"Wanna dance?" Billy asked her, holding out his hand.

Emily frowned, staring up at Billy in confusion. She had a feeling in her gut that dancing with Billy was a bad idea, but her tired brain wouldn't cooperate.

"Ah, ok," she stammered, reached out and taking Billy's offered hand.

The longhaired teen, helped the beautiful buxom blonde to her feet and let her out to the centre of the room to dance. He immediately pulled her forward as he began to dance and she stumbled forward, almost falling into his arms.

Although the music was a fast, high energy song, Billy and Emily's dance was more like a slow dance. Emily found her body pressed right up against Billy's, the younger man's arms around her waist, holding her close. She was fuzzily aware that her large breasts were pressed up against Billy's chest and she could clearly feel a slight bulge in his jeans pressing against her thigh. Something was a little wrong in Emily's mind but she couldn't quite tell what it was.

Billy slipped his hands around to the small of Emily's back and drew her in closer, his hips rolling as he ground his crotch against hers. The horny teen's hands then slid down to cup Emily's firm, rounded buttocks, giving them a squeeze through her tight jeans.

Emily gasped at his grope but didn't protest, frowning at the young man she was dancing with as he began to knead her firm ass cheeks.

Back at the table Sharon had emptied another glass of wine and was watching the dancing pair, tapping her foot in time with the music. A few minutes before she had thought Billy was a creepy little fucker, but now she strangely yearned to be dancing with him in Emily's place. She wrinkled her brow in annoyance and took another deep swallow of wine.

"You're a good dancer," murmured Emily to Billy as he fondled her lovely peachy ass.

"You're pretty fucking hot," breathed Billy, he was almost panting, his breathing hard and fast as he ground his erection against her, practically dry humping the busty beauty through their clothes. One of Billy's hands slipped up from Emily's ass, sliding up her side and to her chest, cupping one of her large breasts through her t-shirt.

Emily gave a little moan of pleasure as Billy squeezed the side of her right boob, his palm slipping between their close bodies to properly squeeze at the round melon.

Billy leant forward, burying his face in Emily's neck and breathing in the scent of her as he groped. His hand was kneading the blonde's big round tit like it was a stressball, his other hand cupping the underside of her nicely curved ass and holding her body tight against his. Billy's fingers found Emily's nipple and he pinched it through her shirt, causing her to gasp, but still she didn't slap him or move away.

Billy suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder. He glanced back to see Sharon standing next to him, her hands resting on her shapely hips. She looked fantastic in her short skirt and tight pink tank top.

"My turn," Sharon insisted.

Billy nodded, peeling Emily off him as he took Sharon in his arms and started to dance with her. Emily moved mutely back to their table and poured herself some more wine as Billy pulled Sharon's luscious curves tight against him slim body, her heavy breasts crushing against his chest in a most interesting manner.

As they began to sway in time with the music Billy's hands rapidly made their way to Sharon's spectacular ass, giving the firm globes a squeeze. He palmed both of her luscious buttocks, drawing her body in tighter against his, grinding his erection into her as they danced.

Without any protest from Sharon, Billy peeled up the back of her short skirt, lifting it up to her waist and exposing her g-string clad posterior, the firm, deliciously tanned buttocks left bare by the skimpy panties. Billy gave a moan as his hands touched Sharon's bare ass and began to fondle, kneading the round cheeks of her ass vigorously.

As Billy worked Sharon's beautiful ass in his groping hands, Sharon's fuzzy mind struggled to work out what was wrong. She knew that something odd was going on, but couldn't quite put her finger what it was.

"I see you got them warmed up for us son," came Lester's loud voice from the top of the stairs.

At his fathers words, Billy immediately let go of Sharon's ass and stepped back away from her, apparently slightly fearful of the older redneck.

"Y..yeah pa," Billy replied in a stammer, nodding vigorously. "The stuff has kicked in, they're all set."

Lester grinned and rubbed his hands together as he walked down the staircase, his father Jethro following close behind.

"We've hit the goldmine lads," Lester announced. "These two tight bodied sluts are the jackpot." He pointed at where Sharon was standing, her skirt still hitched up around her waist, "that one's got a mouth like a fucking vacuum cleaner."

Sharon frowned up at the two older hillbilly's as they made their way down to the bottom of the stairs. Emily had barely noticed them coming back and was still drinking her fresh glass of red wine.

Old Jethro walked over to where Emily was sitting and reached down, grabbing her right tit through her t-shirt and giving it a hard squeeze. "I'll start with this one," the old man announced as he slid his hand over to her left breast and gave that a squeeze as well.

"Sure thing pa," agreed Lester as he moved towards Sharon.

"Do I get to fuck them this time?" asked Billy hopefully. The young eighteen year old was rubbing at the bulging front of his pants.

"No Billy!" growled Lester as he stepped in front of Sharon. "I've told you before, you can't fuck 'em till your twenty one."

"Aw, shit pa!" moaned Billy. "I bet they ain't twenty one!"

Lester reached out and grabbed both of Sharon's tits in his hands, giving them a firm squeeze and then jiggling the large melons beneath her top. "Maybe not, but with hooters this big they gotta get a fucking." Lester glanced back at his son with a look of sympathy. "Don't worry boy, you can still nut off in their mouths."

Billy sighed, "guess a blowjob is better than nothin'."

"When I was your age I was lucky to get a handjob," snapped old Jethro. The old seventy year old had straddled Emily's lap, his dirty old dressing gown gaping open to reveal a nude, withered old body, his cock lost in a mass of grey pubic hair between his skinny legs.

He grinned up at Emily and she looked blankly back at him, strangely wondering why the old geezer was sitting on her lap.

Jethro reached for the bottom of Emily's t-shirt and lifted it up, pulling it over the ample swell of her breasts, revealing a lacy white bra that lifted her massive boobs, forming a mouth-wateringly deep cleavage.

The old man cupped the underside of Emily's heavy tits, giving them a squeeze through her bra and then bent forward, burying his face in her cleavage as he kissed and slobbered over her lovely big jugs.

Lester meanwhile had pulled Sharon into his arms and was hungrily kissing her, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth as his moustache and whiskers scraped against her smooth young skin. His hands were all over her as he tried to devour her mouth, squeezing her g-string covered ass and groping her tits through her top.

Billy stood off to the side, watching the two older men as they ravished the busty young blondes. Billy's cock was hard as a rock in his pants, but due to the pecking order of their family he had no one to stick it into. His only consolation is that he would be allowed to use one of the girls' mouths later on.

Jethro had yanked down the lacy cups of Emily's bra and was feasting on her bare knockers, sucking hungrily on her hard nipples as he squeezed and pinched at the rest of her lovely boobs.

The old man then lifted himself up off Emily's lap and sat back on the edge of the table which was just behind him. He grabbed Emily by the hair and pulled her face down towards his hairy crotch. Jethro's hard, veiny cock was jutting out from between his legs, impressively erect for his advance age. The hard pole speared between Emily's lips as her face was yanked down into the old man's lap, his cock sliding across her tongue and lodging deep in the back of her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Jethro, moaning at the fantastic feel of the young woman's mouth sliding down his cock.

He got a firm grip on Emily's head and started to move her head up and down in his lap, forcing his cock to slid in and out of her mouth. Emily still felt groggy and out of it, but her instincts kicked in as she felt the old man's cock full her mouth and the pretty blonde began to dutifully suck on his cock.

Across the room, Lester threw aside Sharon's top which he'd just yanked over her head. The lovely blonde wore a white satin bra that was patterned with maroon roses, the attractive piece of lingerie enhancing her already impressive assets. Lester had already pulled down her skirt so she was left standing there in her underwear.

The middle aged redneck grinned at the sight of the nearly naked young beauty, licking his lips in anticipation of fucking her sexy body. "Why don't you help me get her out of that fancy lingerie Billy?"

"Sure thing pa!" Billy quickly agreed. He was eager to join in the fun.

Billy approached the lingerie-clad beauty from behind, running both hands over the spectacular globes of her buttocks once again, before moving around to stand in front of her. The horny teenager reached up and squeezed Sharon's big tits through her bra and then stroked his hands down over her taut, flat stomach and slipped a hand up between her sleek thighs, cupping her sex through her panties.

He noticed that the clasp on her bra was in front, buried in Sharon's vast cleavage. Billy reached between the massive slopes of her breasts, grabbing the clasp of her bra and unhooking it. He then pushed away the satin cups of her bra, running his hands over her bare breasts in the process. The bra fell to her feet, leaving Sharon standing topless in front of Billy, wearing only an ultra-skimpy g-string. The young country boy was practically drooling at the mind-boggling sight.

"She's real sexy," Billy said admiringly as his hands went back to Sharon's uncovered tits, cupping the naked orbs in his hands and squeezing, his skinny fingers sinking into the firm flesh, her nipples jutting against his palms.

"Like I said, we hit the jackpot," agreed Lester. "Now hurry up and get her naked for me!" he added impatiently.

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