Lost in Space


"Good idea officer, continue the check. Bazza can check out her mouth."

Ellie still helpless bent over with her hands still on her head could hear all the conversation, and in alarm realized the officer wanted to fuck her up the arse! Somewhere no one had ever been. Her body still tingled with sexual excitement as she hadn't orgasm-ed, the Boss coming too quickly to satisfy her desire.

"Err, arr."

Ellie grimaced as a cold slippery digit was suddenly rubbed around her anal ring and then inserted into her rectum. It slid in and out a couple of times before being withdrawn. It was not long though before something softer but fatter was nudged against her arse hole, before being slowly slid into her rectum.


"Jesus this is great."

"I think she likes it up the arse Gary, look at her go."

God the officer's cock stretched Ellie's anus to its limit, she found herself waggling her hips as the shaft slid in and out. As if this wasn't degradation enough right in front of her Bazza had slid his shorts down and she was faced by his erect cock standing out under his hairy fat belly. The head was deep purple and it throbbed up and down with his pulse.

"Open your mouth woman."

Against her will, Ellie found her mouth opening. Bazza roughly lifted her head up by her hair, and directing his penis with his hand, slid it into her mouth.

"Whoopee, that's great, suck my cock woman."

Being unable to resist, Ellie found herself sucking on the tip of Bazza's cock as if it were a lolly. Whilst at the other end the Officer's cock started to slide more easily into her anus. She found her excitement level starting to rise as the ministrations of the two men stimulated her. As the officer rooted he bent down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples hard.

Bazza slid his cock further into her mouth. It was forced to the back of her throat, making her gag. She could feel all the veins around his swollen member with her lips and tongue as well as the ridge separating the shaft from the head. With mounting dismay she could feel her body starting to climax, her breathing got heavier and her hips started humping back and forth. The climax was building until as the officer's shaft stiffened in her rectum, coming in short spurts, she groaned her own orgasm. Bazza also came and shot his seed into the back of Ellie's throat.

"Whoa, wasn't that some body search!"

The men laughed, as Ellie still remained bent over cum oozing from all her orifices as she had not been told to close her mouth or tighten her sphincters.

"Now listen here miss, we'll let you off this time as you've cooperated with the law, however from now on you will always shop nude here. Do you understand? Nod your head if you do." Said the Boss

Ellie realized she had little choice and nodded.

"Good, and no more foul language or you'll be thrown naked into our goal, which you might be interested to know, has only one room for all the inmates, and to my knowledge they are all male!

He chuckled.

"For now, you can go on doing your shopping and then return to wherever you are staying. We'll let you off paying today as you've been such a good girl, but the next time you had better find me before you start shopping, as I will need to check your credits and assets again! Do you understand?"

Ellie felt her head nod as she automatically obeyed the man.

"Are you going to release her Gary?"

"No, she'll come out of it in an hour. Right off you go." He patted her buttocks to send her on her way.

Ellie felt her body go into automatic, collecting the shopping she had listed in her head. Then exiting the mart, and in front of all the leering men, walked naked back to her transit quarter.

As she passed the woman in the information kiosk she could hear her say.

"See ya met Bazza then," followed by more of her hysterical laughter.

It was going to be a long month!

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