Lost in Texas Ch. 05

byEvil Alpaca©

Alice wrapped her arms around her friend. She thought that maybe . . . just maybe . . . that she understood. Everyone in the band had been thinking about the upcoming contest as an opportunity. Heather had just been reminded that to her, it was about something more. For Heather, it was all about redemption. It was about proving to a bunch of needlessly cruel high-school kids from five years earlier that they hadn't beaten Heather. Heather was going to go on stage in just a few days and get a measure of revenge for a poor and humiliated fifteen-year-old girl.

Laurie stood up and went to hug her girlfriend who was trying desperately to compose herself. Then Jenny and Mary got up and joined in, followed by just about everyone else. Even Liz and Michelle got in on the action, though they took great care not to actually touch each other. Then Alice heard a very light whisper in her ear.

"Thank you," Heather said softly. All Alice could do in response is hold her friend even tighter.

-------------- -----------------

A little while later . . .

-------------- -----------------

Everyone was in the process of saying their goodnights before going back to their respective places of rest. Heather had composed herself and stopped crying and looked as genuinely happy as anyone could ever remember seeing her. Laurie had been holding her hand since the group hug had broken up. She had seen a sensitive side to her beautiful girlfriend, and she found herself even more drawn to the girl. She could hardly wait to get Heather home. She wrapped her arms are her lover's neck and pressed her lips against Heather's. Then she felt Heather's hands gripping her ass. "Hey naughty girl," she giggled, "save it for when we get back to the dorm." They actually broke it up when Mr. Price came over to give his protégé a hug. Making out in front of a man in his sixties would have been a little creepy.

Jane and Freddie were chatting with Mary and Jenny. Freddie was spending an inordinate amount of time checking out Jenny's nicely rounded posterior. The three women from the ranch had been somewhat more hesitant to stray away from their bedmates since Jane's surgery, but Laurie and Heather had both figured that the women had probably decided on the moderation rather than elimination of "extracurricular activities." And with Freddie being an ass-fan, was naturally attracted to Jenny's lush butt. Jenny was flattered by the attention, and had to remind herself that she couldn't do anything unless Mike approved.

Liz was standing nearby as Alice said goodnight to Michelle. The young woman was happy that the two women had managed to avoid fisticuffs for several hours, but didn't want to push her luck. She had so hoped the two might cool off, but maybe that had been a bit much to hope for.

"You did a good thing tonight, young 'un. I'm impressed. How long was you plannin' that again?"

"A couple months. Ever since we got back from spring break."

"Speakin' of which, when are we gonna get to see the pictures of everythin' y'all did down there?"

Alice glanced downward. They hadn't yet informed their friends from the ranch as to the details of their Fort Lauderdale excursion. Heather and Laurie had wanted to work everything out for themselves before letting their friends know what had transpired.

"Whatever is the matter child?" said Jane, who had just wandered up. Both she and Michelle had noticed Alice's sudden change in expression.

"Things got a little weird down there. I think . . ."

At that point Laurie and Heather wandered over. It was Laurie who spoke, sending a bashful glance sideways at her girlfriend. "It would be better if I explained it," she said quietly.

Jane looked the young woman over. She knew there was a story there. Jane had been the first person to truly befriend the blonde bombshell, and as such had taken a vested interested in her social and intellectual development over the last year. "Very well," she murmured. "Would you like to return with us to the hotel? The night isn't too far gone, and it has been too long since we talked."

Laurie glanced over at Heather who nodded. "Sure," she said. "Jenny, Mary . . . either of you interested in hanging out at the hotel for a bit? Mr. Price?"

Mr. Price politely declined the offer. He claimed he wasn't as young as he used to be and that the flight had tired him greatly. Mary had to go "meet" a couple of friends, meaning she was on her way to screw whoever the hell it was that she dating those days and that he was probably bringing another guy. Heather had to remind herself, 'At least Mary is an HONEST slut.' Jenny ran back inside to talk to Mike. When she came out, her face was a little flushed. But she quickly said that everything was okay, and that she really wasn't tired yet anyway.

Meanwhile, Michelle felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Liz.

"Listen," said Liz slowly and deliberately. Then she sighed. "I think Alice would really appreciate it if you dropped by the apartment for a while. I won't pretend I'm thrilled about the idea, but . . ."

Michelle looked the woman over. Then Jane whispered into her ear.

"Go ahead. Take the car. We'll get a ride to the hotel with the girls."

Then Alice wandered up and batted her big, beautiful eyes. "Please?"

Michelle took the keys to the SUV. "If you say so," she said to Alice while locking gazes with Liz. "Let's go."

------------------- ----------------

At Liz's apartment . . .

------------------- ----------------

The tentative peace barely made it past the threshold of the apartment door. The three women stood around making strained conversation. Then Liz pulled Alice over and wrapped her arm around the girl's shoulder, holding her almost uncomfortably tight. The entire time, her eyes were on Michelle. Michelle noticed the gesture and made a somewhat acidic comment about Liz "all ready to make Alice her prisoner," and things degenerated from there. Michelle accused Liz of trying to control Alice and isolate her from Michelle. Liz bitterly spoke of Michelle trying to break up a relationship she didn't even understand due to jealousy.

Alice kept telling them both to be calm, then to shut up. This altercation was causing her almost physical pain. She so badly wanted these two women to get along, but they weren't even listening to her anymore. Finally she stormed off into the main bedroom and slammed the door behind her.

Liz went towards the door while Michelle put her head between her hands. Finally the two met gazes again. "See what you did?!?" they said simultaneously. "Me?" they said together. "You . . ."

Liz was waiving her finger angrily as if she wanted to point at something but wasn't sure what. She went over to the door and tried to coax Alice into unlocking it. Michelle debated just leaving before this escalated even further. Liz finally turned around when she realized that Alice wasn't going to respond and confronted Michelle again.

"What the fuck is your problem? Why are you so fucking bound and determined to make her life miserable?"

"Me?" said Michelle through gritted teeth. "Why are you trying so fuckin' hard to keep me out of her life? I'm responsible for that girl and I ain't goin' nowhere no matter how bad you want me gone. The way I see it, you're tryin' to get yer jollies while takin' advantage of a girl who was lookin' to give her heart to someone."

"Why not me?!? I'm doing everything I can to make her happy, and you want to take that away because you don't think anyone will ever be good enough. You just can't let go, and it's killing you! She isn't yours to keep!"

"What, so she's yours to enslave whenever you get an itch to scratch? I've got have a mind to . . ."

"SHUT UP! Both of you!" Alice had emerged from the bedroom. In one hand she was holding her collar, her eyes were bloodshot and she was completely nude.

"Uhm, sweetie?" started Liz. "What are you . . ."

"I said shut up! I get to talk now and you two can just listen! I've had as much of this as I'm going to take. You two keeping yelling at each other about what's best for me, so why don't you ask me? Everyone kept telling me that I was going to have to make my own decisions, but once I made them, no one would listen." She looked between the two women, both of whom found something less guilt inducing to stare at. Alice continued softly, "You two changed my life so much." She turned to Liz. "You introduced me to this . . . this lifestyle that I had never even imagined before. You were so careful and so patient, and I never felt that I wasn't safe. But you have to realize that all those things apply to Michelle too." Alice glanced over at the muscular cowgirl, but kept speaking to her girlfriend. "If it weren't for Michelle, I wouldn't be here right now. When we got lost that day, I was a scared little girl in a world of denial. I had so many feelings that didn't make any sense. Michelle saw right through me. I've been used and thrown away once in my life," she said, a tear coming to her eye, "so I know how special it is to be with someone you trust. Michelle helped me understand my feelings towards women, and actually helped me be happy with who I was. I had never really been happy in my own skin before." Alice looked right back at Liz. "So yes, she will always have a place in my heart. But she has Jane and Freddie, and I have you. And I like it that way. Liz, the only thing that could make me not want to be with you . . . is you. You told me once that you didn't want to control every aspect of my life. Michelle is one of those things that you don't get to control, and I promise you that you will lose me if you try."

Liz noticeably blanched at that. She realized that she had never really understood the devotion her girlfriend had for this muscular woman standing across from her. Michelle had taken Alice's virginity, helped her come to terms with her sexuality and been a source of constant support for eight months before Liz even met the young woman. Who was she to think she could tell Alice that she had to leave that part of her life behind?

Alice turned to Michelle. "When I was . . . with you . . . that first time, I knew what you wanted, but you let me make the decision. You trusted that I was accepting you with an open heart, even though I barely knew you. You made me feel so perfect and so safe. You opened my eyes to a whole new world, and I knew it was where I belonged, even if I didn't know quite what that meant. But Liz has done that too. You know how scared I was. I was scared about dealing with my family, dealing with the changes in my life, and you know how terrified I was about finding someone to have in my life. Especially after what happened with Jamie," Alice said. Both Liz and Michelle scowled at the mention of that name. Both women not-so-secretly wished they could wrap their hands around that redhead's neck.

Alice noticed both women tensing up, and realized she probably shouldn't have brought Jamie up. "Michelle, Liz took so many of those fears away, even the ones that you couldn't. I've already told you that I trusted her. And this . . . thing we do means that I don't have to be scared about . . . well, sex. I know that may sound stupid to both of you, since you have so much more experience than I do, but sex scared me. I mean, Michelle helped me realize who I wanted to have sex with and how wonderful it could feel, but I also knew that not everyone I met would be as nice as she was. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to please my partner or that I would be clumsy. I hate bringing her name up again, but after Jamie, my biggest problem was that I thought I had done something wrong . . . that I hadn't been good enough somehow. I don't worry about that anymore. Liz worries about it for me." Her eyes actually lit up for a moment as she looked at Michelle. "It feels so good to not have to make any decisions about something. Everything else has been so much clearer. You believed in me once . . . believed that I understood what I was doing. Believe in me now," she implored.

Michelle felt like a hypocrite. Alice had indeed been a girl living in denial. Michelle had made the foolish assumption that Alice had only been denying one thing when in fact she had been hiding from a number of insecurities and fears. Michelle trusted Alice, but she hadn't been listening. She had been so worried about her young friend getting hurt again that she couldn't quite accept that Liz WASN'T hurting her.

"Alice?" said Liz.

"What?!?" Alice shouted.

"Why are you . . . naked?"

Alice stopped. She had forgotten about that part of her plan. "It seems that I need to do something extreme to get through to you two." She looked at Michelle. "I think that the only way to get you to realize that this 'lifestyle' is something I want is to see it for yourself." Michelle's eyes opened wide. Alice turned back to Liz. "And you're going to have to accept that you might just have to share my affections with Michelle sometimes. Not always like this, but . . . oh, you know what I mean." She grabbed the collar in both hands. "I'm going to put this on. Then one of two things is going to happen. Either you two will keep arguing until I don't want to have anything to do with either you, or we'll play the game and maybe actually have some fun tonight." Alice's hands were trembling as she wrapped the collar around her slender neck and fumbled with the buckle.

Liz was absolutely at a loss as to what to do. She wasn't sure if this violated the "doesn't happen when one of us is angry" clause of their relationship. But Alice knew the rules. If the collar went on . . . With a faint click, the collar was on. Alice's facial expression changed to one of longing. Despite herself, Liz began to look lustful. Only Michelle still looked confused. Liz needed to buy herself a few minutes.

"What are you doing standing on two legs like a person? Show position!" she commanded, trying to get past the cracking of her voice. Alice slowly got down on all fours and stiffened her spine while making sure her hands and legs were planted solidly at shoulder-width apart. "Now I'm going into the next room with this other woman for a moment. I want you to stay right here until Mistress gets back. If you move, you will be punished." Alice bit her bottom lip sexily as she watched Liz usher Michelle into the bedroom and close the door behind them.

"She's kiddin', right?" asked Michelle.

"Oh no," returned Liz as she began pacing the room. "She's dead serious. She can be a . . ." Liz paused, trying to think of how to phrase what she was thinking.

"A stubborn little mule?" Michelle finished. "Gawd, once that gal gets a thought in her head, good or bad, she just won't let go of it." Michelle seemed to be talking to herself as much as to Liz. "When she came down over Christmas, she was still a might broken up about that Jamie bitch. She had it stuck in her head that she should be in love right away and, try as I might, I couldn't talk her out of it. Then she meets you, and it seemed like an answer to all her prayers. It was just too convenient."

"I DID get to know her first," Liz said, a bit defensively. She was also grabbing some of Alice's favorite toys and putting them in a bag. She knew that if she kept Alice waiting, the young girl might make good on her promise to leave.

"I know ya did. I just thought it was too soon." Michelle paused. "Maybe I was just thinkin' that it was too soon for her not to need me anymore."

Liz stopped in her tracks. "Not need you? Hell, she can't stop talking about you! Every day, I get to hear about what happened on the ranch. I don't know if I can ever give her something like 'riding along side the buffalo.' Why couldn't you be like most peoples' first sexual experience and just leave? Why did you have to be a decent person who actually gave a damn about the person she had been with? You got to be her first, which meant you got to have something of hers that I'll never have. And even if she and I were to spend the rest of our lives together, I'll never know what it was like to be there that very first time. You being in her life reminds me of that."

"I guess the question is, what's more important to you? The first time, or the rest of the 'times?' I got to know her for one summer. You've got the opportunity to know her for a lifetime. If you ask me, that's one hell of an opportunity."

"Well, I guess I'm gonna need your blessing, because she isn't going anywhere without you."

The two women just stood in silence for a moment. Michelle finally broke the standstill.

"I think that we may need to continue this discussion when we've got a bit more time." She looked towards the door. "So, how does this work?"

Liz managed to crack a somewhat genuine smile. "Just make yourself comfortable on the couch and enjoy the show."

Michelle returned the smile with a big old, Texas-sized shit-eating grin. "Do this often?"

"Get brow-beaten by my supposedly submissive girlfriend into showing her like a dog in front of her muscle-bound ex-lover? No, this is a first. I'm going to be making up shit as I go."

The two women wander out into the living room. Michelle sat on the couch and tried took like she was lounging. Liz dropped the bag of goodies off behind Alice, reached into it and withdrew the leash and secured it to Alice's collar. Then Liz undid the button to her jeans. "Sit!" Alice sat back on her heels. The young girl's face still held some anxiety. She had done the equivalent of calling her girlfriend out, and she was hoping her gamble paid off. "Unzip me," Liz said soothingly.

Alice grinned and took the zipper to Liz's pants in her teeth and pulled it down. She could already detect the faint aroma of her lover's sex.

"Good Bitch," Liz praised as she stepped back and shirked her jeans entirely. "But you've been naughty and aggressive tonight. What should I do with my naughty dog?" Liz knelt beside the sitting girl and traced the line of her back all the way to her buttocks. "Should I spank her?" she asked before landing a solid thwack on one of those pale cheeks. Alice grunted, closing her eyes and chewing on her bottom lip.

Michelle watched on with an almost surreal sense of disbelief. It didn't take a therapist to realize that Alice wasn't exactly objecting to this. That slap to her ass had turned the girl on. Michelle unbuttoned her jeans and slid her hand under the denim. 'Hell,' she thought. 'The lady said to enjoy the show.'

Liz spanked Alice again, then inserted her index finger into her girlfriend's moistening cunt. She diddled the girl for a moment, then gave her several more quick, hard spanks. She wasn't sure which Alice was enjoying more, the fingering or the spanking, so she figured she would keep doing both. She looked over and saw Michelle watching, her hand in her pants. Disagreements aside, Liz had to accept that the muscular cowgirl was an attractive woman. She had unbuttoned her shirt so her other hand could stimulate one of those massive breasts. 'I wouldn't mind seeing her naked,' Liz thought. She smiled. 'Why not? But first things first . . .' She lay another series of strokes on Alice's reddening behind before inserting three finger's into the girl's box and diddling her like there was no tomorrow. She played with Alice for another three minutes like this, but stopped before the girl could climax. Alice whimpered a bit when Liz withdrew her fingers.

"Oh no you don't! You're the pet here. We have a guest here, and all you're thinking about is your own pleasure." Liz grabbed the leash and led Alice over to where Michelle was sitting. Liz leaned in and whispered something into the woman's ear. Michelle grinned and pushed her pants to the floor and kicked them off. Then Liz whispered something into Alice's ear that made the young girl's heart sing. "Maybe it's time to share," she said. Then, a little more loudly, "Hurry up Bitch. Our company doesn't have all night. I expect you to have her cumming on your pretty little face within ten minutes."

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