tagLoving WivesLost In The Snow Ch. 03

Lost In The Snow Ch. 03


In Part 2, Sam had taken Katie as his temporary wife in exchange for shelter from the snowstorm. Eric had to watch while Sam used his wife for pleasure. Then a bombshell, Sam asks Katie to have his baby.


As I sat watching it all unfold via the hidden camera in their bedroom, I sat transfixed wondering what decision Katie would make to Sam's offer, and by her expression feared the worst. I didn't have to wait long.

Katie stood up in front of Sam, peeled off her clothing and walked proudly naked in from of him with no flicker of embarrassment. She looked absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't bear to watch what was happening but at the same time couldn't take my eyes off the scene.

Sam was indeed giving me the exquisitely painful punishment he had promised.

She took his hands in hers and said "Sam put your seed into me now and make that baby, our son."

Sam quickly undressed. When he turned around I saw his 'weapon' double the length and thickness of mine. No wonder Katie has been moaning so much during sex.

He gently lifted her in his arms like a doll and laid her on the bed in a way I would get a good view. She lay back with a smile and he parted her legs and applied his tongue to her sex, gently running it around her clit then pushing inside, preparing and moistening her for his huge cock.

Katie had a dreamy look on her face and I could tell she was getting very aroused. In fact I had never seen her so aroused.

Katie murmured, 'Sam give me that baby now."

Sam move up kneeling between her legs and held them apart with the leg facing me pushed to the side so I could see everything. He started rubbing his cock along her slit. I couldn't believe it would be possible to fit that 'thing' inside my tiny Katie. He paused at the entrance gently easing the folds of her sex apart with the bulbous tip of his cock. Katie was mewing like a kitten being stroked.

Then he looked directly into the camera and grinned at me, knowing I couldn't resist watching, then he started easing the monster into Katie.

Little by little I watched her sex stretch to accommodate its girth as its length disappeared inside her. The way he had positioned her I could see every single thing. My poor dear wife must be in terrible pain. When he was three quarters of the way in I was terrified he would injure her if he went further. Then, Katie open her eyes and looked directly into his and wrapped her legs around behind him and pulled him fully inside in herself in one go and said "now pump that seed into me Sam."

Sam started to pound her hard but rather than lay back and receive it she started to buck back pushing him deeper and deeper inside. I can only last two or three minutes at the most, but Sam must have been at it for at least ten. He was a complete expert when it came to pleasuring a woman. He was taking Katie to places I didn't know existed. I was mesmerised by the sight. Part of my brain was screaming in pain but I was also getting really aroused by the amazing sight and unconsciously started stroking myself.

He flipped her over on all fours and took her even deeper from behind, breasts jerking back and forth with each thrust and her head thrown back in pure pleasure.

Katie finally came in an explosive orgasm yelling at him to "come in me..... now." His pounding hit a crescendo and with a roar like a bull he pumped his load deep into her. With that I suddenly spilled my own seed on the floor and realised I had been furiously jerking off while watching them.

Sam rolled over onto his back with Katie still impaled on his cock. She revolved on his cock laying on top, snuggled into him and closed her eyes.

Sam looked directly at the camera again and silently mouthed to me "Thankyou Eric," and reached out to a hidden switch and the screen went blank.

I just sat in stunned silence feeling utterly miserable. My dear loving wife had given herself to him completely. I just hoped against hope that she wasn't pregnant as well. And almost worse, I had got aroused watching. Sometime during the night I fell asleep.

I was awakened by Sam opening my door saying, "up and get dressed Eric, the weather has cleared enough for you to go. By the way, do you like the 'special equipment' installed in the room for your viewing pleasure. The guy who had this cabin before me was really kinky, you should see his 'playroom' in the basement."

When I came into the living room, Katie was nowhere to be seen.

Sam said, "Eric, there is a window in the bad weather to get you two out, I assume you want to go." I nodded in response. "Sorry about last night but I did warn you not to do anything stupid. Anyway we are even now. I have not told Katie later you were watching, maybe best to keep this to ourselves."

"The snow is too deep to walk out, so I will have to take you one at a time on a ski-doo. I will take you to your car then you can drive around to Pine Falls which is a lot closer to the cabin and I will bring Katie down there. We will meet you in the diner. I didn't want to leave Katie behind but couldn't see much choice.

I ate a quick breakfast and got ready for the trip.

Katie still hadn't appeared and Sam said "she is having a bit of a sleep in this morning. Go in and see her if you want."

I walked to the door and looked in. She was naked sprawled out under the covers, her hair spread across the pillow. She opened her eyes and looked at me .... she had that freshly fucked look. I just turned and walked out of the room.

Sam had the Ski-doo started and I climbed on the back. To hang on I had to put my arms around him. It occurred to me to be rather bizarre that both my wife and I had our arm around this man today.

Our journey took us up and over a high ridge then back down through the forest. I was amazed we had hiked so far form the car and got so lost.

After about an hour and a half Sam stopped and said we had to continue the last part on foot. We trekked through the snow down a short steep trail and finally reached the car park. After he helped clear the snow off the car and got it started he gave me directions for Pine Falls.

"It will take me about 2 hours to get back to the cabin, then another hour to get Katie to Pine Falls. Just wait for us in the diner." He shook my hand and said "sorry to hurt you Eric, but as you saw last night I felt I had no choice."

"What was the last part of the prophecy," I asked.

"It wasn't written down on the sheet I gave her. Katie has to figure that one out herself."

With that he took off back up the mountain.

I got to the diner about midday and ordered a burger for lunch and read the newspaper waiting to be reunited with Katie. I didn't know how I would handle being with her after seeing her and Sam together.

After a couple of hours wait I looked up and noticed it was snowing heavily again outside, right down in the valley. I asked the waitress and she said that it was forecast to set in again for a few days and had come early.

I waited impatiently for Katie, they should have been here by now. Then the waitress said there was a phone call for me. I picked up and it was Katie.

"Hi Eric. I sorry darling but we can't make it back down. It's snowing heavily up here on the mountain. Sam only just made it back from dropping you off at the car. I have him in front of the fire warming up. It just too dangerous to try and get down the mountain now."

"But Katie, you can't stay up there with him alone damn it, and I want you back with me now. I don't want you to keep doing.....well you know."

"I'm sorry darling but there is no choice. Sam says this weather will last for another 3 days so best you just go home and he will bring me all the way home when we can get out. I will be ok, Sam will take good care of me."

I was miserable, I knew just what "good care" meant.

"Eric, I have to go now and make some hot soup to warm Sam up, he is freezing. I'll see you at home in a few days, bye Eric."

'I love you Katie."

"I know"

She hung up on me. I thought grimly she hadn't said she loved me. So I drove home to an empty house.

For the next three days I dragged myself to work and spent the nights alone, miserable, in a cold bed. On the fourth day the morning's mountain weather forecast said it was going to improve so I took some comfort knowing Katy would hopefully be home soon. I got a call from Katie in the evening.

"Hi Eric its Katie, how are you?"

"How do you think I am with you away in a cabin having your brains fucked out of you every night" I replied angrily.

"Eric, don't be angry, and as a matter of fact I haven't done that with Sam since you left."

"I find that hard to believe."

"It's true, he is worried he will hurt me."

I thought that was very odd given the way he had so willingly pounded her hard while I had watched.

"You mean you are not having sex at all?"

"Well no not exactly, I just meant he is not, you know, putting it in me.

"What do you mean"

"Does it matter?"

"Of course it fucking matters!"

"Well if you must know, we do other things with each other instead to work off the.......well you know."

With that I lost my cool and ranted and raved at her for a while and slammed down the phone.

The next morning Katie rang again and said "Eric, I'm sorry but I have decided to stay here for a while longer. There is something very important I have to figure out before I can come home. I hope you will understand, I know this isn't easy for you."

"Fine, stay as long as you fucking want," and I slammed down the phone again.

One week then two weeks went by with no more contact from her. My mood was swinging from missing her terribly to hate and loathing for her.

One Friday evening as I was leaving work a female colleague of mine Helen, who I got on with well, said, "Eric you look the most miserable man I Have ever seen, I'm taking you out for a drink before you go home tonight."

We went to a bar and over far too many drinks I poured out my story to her. She was astounded and held me in her arms while I openly wept away my sorrow. After a few more drinks one thing led to another and we wound up at home in my bed, her giving me a pity fuck. I did sleep really well that night though.

We were still cuddled blissfully asleep in bed when the curtains opened and the sunlight poured in.

"Good morning Eric, sorry to intrude but I arrived a couple of hours ago and gave up waiting for you two to wake up, ........ and hi I'm Katie, Eric's wife, he can introduce you downstairs. I'll have coffee waiting."

I just groaned as Katie left the room went downstairs. Can this get any worse I thought.

After showering and dressing we went downstairs to my wife.

"Don't expect me to apologise after what you have been doing with Sam" was my opening line.

Katie just smiled and said, "Eric, I'm not angry at all, I have been worried about you being sad and lonely, so it's OK really."

After introductions Katie said, "Helen, I need to talk with Eric alone if that's OK, but don't go, could you please wait in the lounge room." Helen left the two of us together.

Sarcastically I said, "glad to hear you were worried about me so much, but obviously not worried enough to come home."

"Well I had to think through some issues and be sure of something before I came back .......... and I am sure now."

"Assuming I want you back? .................Well are you coming back."

Katy looked at me with some sadness, took my hands in hers and said, "Eric I'm pregnant."

My head started to spin and I had to sit down on the lounge.

"Eric are you ok?"

"Yes," I choked, "are you sure?"

"Yes, we got back a few days ago and I went to the doctor yesterday. You do know it's Sam's not yours don't you. We hadn't made love for a week before we went away. I was at my fertile time in the cabin, and I didn't have my pills with me because it was supposed to be a day hike.

"Why did you do it Katie, I watched you, he gave you the choice, why?"

"I'm so so sorry Eric. It's hard to explain. From the first night with him, after I had got over the initial terror, I knew it was something special, and I don't just mean the sex. When he told me about the prophecy, I just had this overwhelming feeling in my heart and soul that it was meant to be. I knew I had to have this baby, not just for him or me, but for all of us including you. In a funny way I am doing this to keep you safe in the future if the world turns to shit. I guess that's cold comfort to you though at the moment."

"Katie, that prophecy stuff is all a bunch of mumbo jumbo and frankly a huge heap of bullshit, and not good bullshit at that. You were somehow under his spell in the cabin but you are away now. You can still change your mind, you could have a termination."

"Eric, you really don't know me at all. I could never contemplate that. I understand this is hard for you. I do still love you and don't want to hurt you, but having this child is something I just know I must do.

"You expect me to raise his kid?"

"Eric, these last two weeks up in the cabin I guessed the last part of the prophecy. When I told Sam what I thought, he said I had guessed correctly, more or less."

"So what crap was it this time?"

"It said, the girl who bears your last child will be your true soul mate forever."

" What's that supposed to mean?"

"Eric, you don't understand, it means I have to leave you. I need to go live with Sam."

If I felt bad before, this was far worse. My whole world had come crashing down.

"I will try to make this as easy as I can on you. I will go pack a few things and come back for the rest later. But Eric, you must believe despite this I do still love you."

She called Helen back into the room and asked her to stay and look after me for a bit.

She walked downstairs with a suitcase, and with a quick hug and kiss and one more 'sorry', she walked out.

To be continued...

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