tagTransgender & CrossdressersLost Souls Ch. 02: Secrets

Lost Souls Ch. 02: Secrets


I bet you all thought was done. Well luckily or unluckily for you all i am not. But seriously i do apologize for the long hiatus. Im sure you all understand how tough life can get sometimes and i'm sorry i took so long in posting another chapter. Well onto business.

First i would like to say thank you all for the overwhelming response on the first chapter. I truly didn't expect so many people would enjoy my writing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would also like to take a moment to discuss my future plans because i don't want to keep anybody in the dark again. I plan to write as often as i can and i will continue this story, but i also plan write others as well. So if anybody has any requests as to what kind of stuff they would like to read let me know.

Also i would like to encourage all comments anybody has. Any kind is welcome. Tell me if you liked it, tell me if you hated it. Criticism of any kind helps me grow as a writer. Flame me for taking so long. Leave requests and questions and i will answer what i can at the beginning of the next chapter. I would like to interact with as many readers as possible. But enough of my babbling, onto the story.

All characters depicted participating in sexual acts are over 18.


Secrets are fickle. The word is vague and completely subjective. Secrets can be large, little, serious, or insignificant. The effects secrets can have are like a deep ocean. The outcome of holding one is completely unseen from the surface. Secrets can tear apart relationships as easy as paper. They can cut loved ones deeper than any knife, but secrets can also protect people. Like a flak jacket stopping a bullet. The person is still sore and bruised from where the bullet hit, but they aren't dead.

Secrets can be weapons of mass destruction, so powerful they can topple empires in an instant. They can be used as leverage to turn a situation completely upside down. Secrets can be a defense mechanism used by people to help them avoid the hard truths they don't want to face. Secrets can come in countless different forms and have infinite outcomes. They are like snowflakes; no two are the same. However, one thing about secrets is universal. They never last forever, and Morgan Kelts is the perfect example of what secrets can do to a person.

It had been only a few hours since she found Alice crying in a bathroom stall at the school she worked at. Miss Kelts had thousands of feelings and thoughts swimming through her head, but the one that was the hardest to deal with was that she hadn't noticed Alice's situation. She tried to make it a habit not to get involved with others, but this wasn't something she could ignore. She kicked herself for not noticing, and at this point she was full of bruises.

It would take her awhile to get comfortable having Alice here, as Morgan Kelts was a secretive and paranoid person. It would be as much of a challenge for Alice as it would be for her. Morgan knew the ghosts of her past would make this situation hard, and knew Alice would be better off somewhere else, but she had a soft spot for small innocent and unfortunate girls. Sadly, she had seen this type of tragedy before.

"Morgan, glad to see you're home. I was beginning to think I was going to have a late night again." Carla said as she approached the tall teacher. "You haven't been drinking again have you, and who is that girl is in your bathroom?" Carla asked

"Sorry, I know I should have called. Something came up after work and time just got away from me. Thanks again for watching Rainey." Morgan said purposely not answering the questions.

"You know you don't need to thank me for that." Carla replied in a sympathetic tone. "So, I'm guessing I'm not getting any answers to my questions huh?" Carla asked as she folded her arms and raised an eyebrow.

Miss Kelts sighed. "It's complicated. I have had a long day and don't feel like talking." Morgan felt bad but she couldn't talk about it if she hadn't processed it fully herself.

"I understand that, but as your therapist I think you should be more forthcoming. But I can't force you. We will talk about it when you're ready." Carla said putting a hand on Miss Kelts' shoulder.

Carla's main occupation was a therapist, but when a mysterious mid-twenties woman brought a special needs teenaged girl in for therapy her interest was piqued. As she talked to Rainey she also by proxy got to know Miss Kelts. Whom she ended up taking on as a patient herself. Morgan Kelts had been a soldier born and bred in the military, because she was special. Once the war was won and she came home she had a hard time acclimating to normal civilian life.

When Carla saw the strife of the suffering soldier taking care of a special needs girl she offered to help. Carla had a huge heart, and she couldn't ignore it despite the extra work she was taking on. Money was not a problem for Miss Kelts, so she ended up hiring Carla as a nanny for Rainey as well as a therapist for the two of them.

"How is she?" Morgan asked.

"She's okay. She asked about her sister again." Carla said, her eyes dampening. "I think you should talk to her, tell her more stories about her. We get her back for her, but we can at least give her good memories of her." She added. Morgan's heart hurt. Her heart had hurt frequently after the war, but today seemed to be using it for target practice.

"I will, but first I have to get the guest bedroom ready, and get some extra clothes. I'm sure she doesn't have PJ's" The tall soldier said quietly.

"For the girl in the shower? Let me help." Carla said. The middle-aged therapist admired Morgan, she always thought of others before herself, and despite her own problems she had now taken in a special little girl, and another lost soul. Her empathy was her vice, as well as her virtue.


Morgan Kelts cursed the world. It was an ugly place that lets innocents like Alice and Rainey suffer. It turns a blind eye on millions of people like them and let their cries for help fade into the wind. People were too busy fighting and dealing with the after effects of the war to pay attention to those forced to suffer silently.

She pushed her cynical views aside because she had to set up the guest room for Alice. At least that was her excuse. She picked up the large back pack from the couch as she and Carla walked to the guest room of her home. Carla remarked about the size of the backpack. Morgan shared her view, she couldn't believe Alice carried this with her everywhere. At least she knew she was getting good exercise.

Her home was large, something that did not go unnoticed by Alice upon arrival. The small girl was sharp. Morgan reached for the ornate metal doorknob, it was cool against her skin. The door creaked as it opened. She stood in the doorway and took in the room. The only person who ever really used it was Carla when she stayed overnight to watch Rainey.

Morgan rarely had company other than the occasional lover, and that was far and few in between. Most people found her unapproachable due to her beautiful and intimidating nature. She didn't make it easy either. She tried to avoid emotional connection.

Miss Kelts walked to the bed and dumped the contents of the ratty backpack on the comforter. She marveled at the amount of crap Alice had in it. For a moment, she found herself wondering if the outpouring of stuff would stop. Miss Kelts knew she should let Alice do this, and she might very well be upset that Morgan was going through her stuff, but she figured the bed to sleep in would offset any hard feelings.

"She was homeless, wasn't she?" Carla asked in a melancholy voice. The teacher nodded in response. Morgan wasn't surprised Carla figured it out that quickly. In her line of work, she probably had seen more than her fair share of homeless teens.

Miss Kelts examined the sea of stuff strewn across the bed. She and Carla joked that it resembled an ocean of teenage angst. As she looked at all the stuff on the bed a few items stuck out to her, a diary, a crumpled flyer for a concert, Brianna Alexander's hoodie, a wad of cash, unfinished homework which was typical, and a box of jet black hair dye.

She examined the hair dye, it puzzled her. Why would she waste money dying her hair if she were homeless, was she really that intent on being the perfect representation of a moody teenager? And how did she have a wad of cash like that. To her knowledge, she didn't have a job or anything. Oh well, she would find the answers eventually. At least she had good taste in music, Morgan thought.

The tall beauty placed the contents of the backpack onto shelves and in drawers as she contemplated these questions. She only did this so she would have an excuse for snooping through the girl's stuff. She felt Carla watch her snoop, but Carla let her. She knew Morgan had issues with paranoia and trust. It was like she was constantly watching her back for the enemy. As if the small girl she saw enter the house could pose any kind of threat to her.

Morgan didn't see a change of clothes though, which didn't surprise her. She had figured that would be the case. Alice wore the same band-t and holey jeans every day which should have been a bright red neon sign screaming her situation at her. Morgan Kelts was ashamed she'd missed it. She was to wrapped up in Rainey's and her own problems to notice. She picked up the hoodie and strode to her room to get the girl a change of clothes.

"I'm going to finish up with Rainey then head home." Carla said. The teacher only nodded. Once she set out on a task not much could break her concentration.


Miss Kelts frowned, her laundry needed to be done badly. The clothes she got wouldn't be the cleanest, but they would still be miles better than what Alice had been wearing, besides, they were just pajamas. They couldn't be used for anything but considering the height difference between the two.

"Hey, I put some clothes on the sink for you." Miss Kelts said as she stood in the bathroom. She saw the small blurry shape of the girl inside the shower jump as she spoke. She couldn't make out any features of Alice inside.

"Jesus!" Alice jumped, fighted by Miss Kelts sudden appearance. "O-okay, thank you." Alice said sheepishly from inside the shower.

That was a new shade for the girl. Miss Kelts didn't think it was possible for her to sound shy. Though she knew people had many different shades of color to them. Most of the other teachers would probably faint if they heard her speak in that tone of voice. Everybody she ever encountered would probably assume her only attitudes were defiant and angry, but Morgan Kelts was beginning to see that was only the surface Alice presented. She was a well of complexity and contradictions.

"I have to do laundry so I will wash your clothes and you can wear them tomorrow while I take you shopping for new ones, but after you are getting rid of these ratty things. They are beyond worn out." Miss Kelts said. She didn't wait for a response before she walked out the door. She didn't want to give Alice time to repond.

If Alice argued about spending the money she didn't want to bother explaining that it wasn't an issue. Her stint in the military and compensation for some unfortunate circumstances had left her with quite a bit. If Alice thanked her she didn't want to deal with emotions. Morgan Kelts had a hard-enough time dealing with her own. The emotions of an angsty teen would probably prove fatal.

Miss Kelts walked down the steps to the laundry room of her home, her hips swishing seductively side to side with every step. She simply dripped sex appeal, though it was all unconscious. She didn't focus on the little seductive habits she had developed, like twisting her hair around a finger, or gently rocking her hips as she stood. These were all just unconscious habits. Her mind was always busy elsewhere, much too busy to focus on trivial things like that.

She stood at the washing machine wondering how she got here, washing her eighteen-year-old student's clothes while she showered upstairs. Moreover, she was about take her in and let her stay in her home.

She already had Rainey, and she came with an overflowing plate. She wasn't sure how she would juggle all of this. She was nervous. It wasn't the question of legality this situation brought that bothered her. In fact, she couldn't quite grasp what made her nervous about this arrangement. She didn't give a shit about her job as a teacher, and she was an expert at dealing with people in a superficial way so nobody got to close.

She dropped Alice's clothes into the washing machine as she thought until her train of thought was broken. She stared down at the item in her hand and it hit her. She knew what her problem was, and why she was nervous about this arrangement. She looked at the girl's panties in her hand. She realized that she was nervous because she was attracted to her. Whether she wanted to admit it to herself or not Alice Rorshack was magnetic, and it was more than just her small lithe body, her icy blue gaze, or her fantastic ass that sat perfectly between toned and thick.

Sure, Alice was a surreal beauty, but the root of the attraction she felt was something more. Her mind traveled back to the hair dye and it was as if she was struck by lightning. She smiled as she lifted Alice's panties to her nose and inhaled, Miss Kelts had a theory. She was beginning to discover the secrets of Alice Rorshack.


Alice stepped out of the shower and wiped the steam off the mirror. She stared at herself and frowned. Alice felt self-conscious, more so than usual. She blamed Miss Kelts for that. Earlier when she had appeared in the bathroom silent as night Alice had almost jumped out of her skin. Alice wished she would have. She felt so uncomfortable in her own skin.

She examined her every feature. She put herself under a scalpel of scrutiny. She stared at her face and hated how angular looked. She thought her cheek bones were too high, her nose too narrow, and she thought her jaw line was to pronounced. She at least liked the color of her eyes. She liked to say that her gaze was so fierce and icy that it could sink the Titanic.

She ran her hands down her wet and dripping body. They could run marathons over every curve she had. It was young, supple, and graceful. Imposing and sexy. Though Alice would not recognize any of that. To her it looked straight as a board, and she felt anorexic. Alice was blind to her own beauty. She ran her hands over her C-cup breasts lingering on her nipples. She at least took pride in having breasts bigger than most girls her size.

She looked down and was satisfied with her handiwork, she had needed a shave badly. Now she had a nice neat and tidy patch of hair between her legs. Miss Kelts had given her a disposable razor.

She reached over and picked up the clothes Miss Kelts had left her. She slid on the white button up shirt Miss Kelts always wore in class. It hung low like a short dress, and the chest region was loose. Breasts much bigger than hers had obviously stretched this shirt out. It was missing a button. She surmised that Miss Kelts' huge chest had probably popped it off.

She pulled the shirt up and smelled it. The scent of Miss Kelts was still strong. The teacher often sweat in class. It was a striking smell. It was sweet like flowers, but a more masculine smell also emanated from it. One that was intoxicating to her senses.

The scent made her flush a little. It reinforced something that Alice admired about the tall beauty. A woman as strong and beautiful as her proved femininity and masculinity weren't specifically male or female traits. They were objectively the same thing. Just an unfair social construct placed on men and women to make the world a simpler place. Alice hated simple.

Alice frowned as she finished putting on the clothes Miss Kelts had graciously let her borrow. She looked at the hoodie that lay to her left on the sink. If looks could kill and hoodies were alive it would have come down with a sudden case of death.

Alice felt dirty again, like she needed another shower. She took the toothbrush and toothpaste her savior had provided for her and began to brush furiously. Alice roughly brushed every inch of her mouth as scenes of Brianna's cock gagging her played in her head. It felt real, like she was there again. She began to panic.

She tried to push the toothbrush down her throat because she felt so unclean. Anywhere her cock had touched she wanted to scrub. She would brush the skin off if she could. She got it further back until she remembered what it felt like when Brianna had hilted herself in her throat. In an instant she was back there, and Brianna's thick dick lodged in her throat pulsing and painting her white as she came. Alice wretched.

"Are you okay?" She heard a voice say.

Just like that she was back to reality. She wasn't on her knees lungs burning in desperate need for air. She couldn't feel rock hard washboard abs slamming into her face threatening to break her nose. Her stomach wasn't being filled by Brianna's thick seed. She was in Miss Kelts bathroom getting dressed after a shower.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I guess those burgers didn't agree with me." Alice said with relief in her voice. Alice opened the door. She had expected Miss Kelts, but instead a girl she didn't recognize stood opposite of her. She was an averaged sized redheaded girl. At least to Alice. Most people were taller than her.

She had a wide smile as she said, "Wow you are really pretty." Alice was taken aback. Her guard was completely down and she didn't know what to make of this situation. She blanked on how to react.

"Rainey don't scare our new housemate. You are coming on a little too strong." A familiar voice said.

Miss Kelts was leaning against the wall opposite of the door with her arms folded and smiling at her own joke. Once again, she almost jumped out of her skin. Alice swore she wasn't standing there when she opened the door. She was so quiet, like a ghost silently moving through the house she haunted. Only being seen when she wanted to be. How does she do that? Alice thought.

She must have surprised the girl named Rainey too, as she stood staring wide eyed at Miss Kelts. She had an odd face. Cute, but odd. Oddly her eyes were pink, and there were freckles spread across her cheeks and small nose. No matter what expression the girl wore she had a nobody home type of look, but all emotions that shot across her face like an automatic weapon were the sincerest she had ever seen.

Miss Kelts was the opposite. She was mysterious. It should frighten Alice that she didn't really know Miss Kelts at all, but it didn't. For some reason she trusted her, and Alice never trusted anybody.

She looked elegant and strong, she wore a calm, cool expression on her face as usual, but those eyes of hers. They were like two emerald green fires keeping the darkness at bay. Her hair wasn't in its usual tight pony tail, instead it was loose and flowing. It looked wild and full. In fact, Alice couldn't believe how much more hair it looked like she had now that it wasn't bound.

Morgan ran a hand through the front and tossed it backwards. Some of it fell back over her shoulders and some spilled into her face. It was so dark it was like a head full of shadows.

She still had on her long sleeve white button up shirt, though she had already taken off her tie. More buttons on the shirt were undone, and the same button was missing on her shirt as well. Miss Kelts was showing a generous amount of cleavage. More than she would ever dare to show in class. Alice couldn't help but stare at the valley of beautiful skin. The curves of her breasts rolling like hills on a magnificent landscape.

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