Lost, Stranded, Line in the Sand


"The pacific Ocean is huge and I have no idea at what speed we were traveling at or what direction. The good news is that a rescue team should be able to figure out what happened to us. Where the wind and current took us. The bad news it's a big ass ocean and probably other people are missing. So it might take some time for them to find us. It's up to us to survive until than."

"Do you think Mom and Dad are alright," my sister asked. I let the question linger in the air for second. Not sure how to answer it.

"To be honest I have no idea. Dad could have headed back before us. That might be why we lost sight off their boat. They could have pulled down their sail earlier and just waited out the storm without crashing into a rock. Or they could be dead. Dad's a better, more experienced sailor than me so I think they are alright. But that's only a guess. People know we're missing. So they will be looking for the both of us. The search will start quickly. That's good. Okay."

"I think they made it," my sister said to herself. "They'll bring a rescue crew. I know mom and dad. They won't give up on us. They're survivors."

I laughed, "Dad's too mean to die. So the only thing you have to worry about is the horny sailors staring at you in that bikini."

We both laughed out of fear. My sister said, "Let's hope so. I'll run around naked for them if that's what it takes."

I said to my sister, "Rest here. I need to swim out to the boat. Get my backpack, it has water and some food. Not much of either but enough to last us a few days."

"Don't go. I'm scared Gavin," my sister pleaded, "Plus your exhausted."

"There has to be fresh water on this island considering the vegetation but it might take time to find it. We need that water on the boat. It's low tide. I should be able to walk most of the way to the boat."

I was able to swim to the boat and find my backpack. It was sealed shut. The water was still there. Most of the front end of the boat was decimated beyond repair. The back end was fine. The American flag still waved off the end of the boat. It would be impossible to fix. But I could possibly put together a small raft from the rest of the boat. Maybe even get the remaining part of the boat back to shore. It could be used for shelter.

When I reached shore my sister had cleaned the sand off her body. We opened the backpack and surveyed it's contents. Four bottles of water. Four bag of chips. 38 condoms. My sister laughed, "Poor Alyssa she's missing you bad right now. I bet you wish she was here rather than me." I guess I won't be needing them on an island with my sister I thought. But maybe they could be used to carry something. A knife. A razor with shaving cream. Tooth brush and tooth paste. Two bars of soap. A large bottle of sun block spf 45. I had used this bag to carry my toiletries in and had forgotten to take them out.

"Mandy, we have a ton of work to do. Make a fire, write out SOS in the sand. Anything we can think of to draw attention," I stated.

We set out to work.

Day 8

My sister and I had done a little exploring but overall had stayed close to the beach. I had found a waterfall a little ways in to the "Jungle". My sister, the doctor pronounced the water drinkable after carefully looking it over and the small animals sipping it. We slept on the beach. Keeping our fire going and scanning the Ocean and sky for rescue. But nothing.

Day 15

"Do you think they're still searching for us, Gavin," my sister hesitantly asked me.

"Possibly, the storm might have damaged the islands, delaying the search for lost vessels."

"Do you really think that," my sister answered.

"No, after two weeks they would have given up hope," I said hesitantly not sure of the impact the truth would have on my sister.

"Mom and Dad must be dead. They would never let them stopping searching for us," a tear fell across my sister's cheek. I didn't know what to say.

After a couple of moments I responded, "I say we give ourselves today to come to terms with it. Being stuck on this island. Maybe a miracle will happen. But after today we start preparing to be here a long time. I have no doubt that someday, someone will wander across this island and decide to stop to take a look around. It's a nice island. We need to thoroughly explore the Island. There could be a small population already on it. Climb that hill and see what's here. I think we can get the boat on shore. What's left of it. It'll give us shelter. And wood to build a raft."

"A raft. A way out of here."

"Possibly, part of a sail is tangled up on the deck. We can rig it with a beam to form a mast." My sister looked at me hopefully which made me hate to say the next part, "It's not a solution. We don't know which direction to go. A couple of good waves and we're done. I say give it 6 months unless one of us gets sick. I can't believe an island this nice no one visits. This is the modern world. We need to keep the fire going and make the sign bigger. So a plane or even a satellite looking down might be able to read it. We can survive until then."

My sister looked at me, "I miss the modern world. Toilets, food, microwave ovens, take out, medicine."

"I know. I miss Alyssa bad" I hugged my sister and ran my hands along her back.

"First thing tomorrow we strip the boat of anything even remotely useful," I whispered.

Day 16

In the morning with the tide out, my sister walked and then swam out to the boat with me. My sister's bikini had started to look dirty and her pubic hair had started to regrow. She had light brown hairs right above her bikini bottoms. "Is your bathing suit growing or is that something else.

My sister slapped me, "My pubes are growing out. I shaved the morning we left. I usually shave them. I like to be hair free. I didn't think I would be crashed on a deserted island for weeks and my brother would be able to see my pubic hair."

"Admit it."


"Mom was right about the bikini," I laughed.

"I love Mom and miss her bad. But I would still wear this bikini. Even if I knew my brother would be able to see my pubes just to piss her off. I'm a doctor and she's telling me what to wear."

We made trip after trip. Taking out the small beds, the couch, a wet towel, lounge chair, untangling part of the sail, several pots and pans, liquid soap, a couple of rolls of toilet paper. silverware, a couple of sharp knives, one almost like a machete even the American flag off the back end of the boat. Most importantly a small tool box and medicine kit. Nothing was sacred we ripped boards off the wall. I gathered as much rope as I could. If I can get the boat off the rocks I think I can get it to shore.

At the end of the day I was inventorying our supplies when my sister tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and my sister was completely nude. Her huge tits jutting out towards me, nipples poking out and pussy lips on full display. She must have used my razor to shave her pussy. I had been using my knife to shave myself each morning. With water only. No shaving cream or soap. "Take it off little brother, doctor's orders."


My sister answered proudly, "Take off your swim trunks. I'm washing the clothes. We've been in them for almost 19 days. They stink, we stink. I found a rock I read somewhere that island people use as soap. It works great. Get naked little brother." Words I never thought I'd hear my big sister say to me. "Come on don't be shy. I'm a doctor. I've seen one before."

I peeled off my swim trunks, reluctantly. I didn't feel comfortable with my sister seeing me naked. As I pulled them off I couldn't help but stare at my sister's pussy. As I lowered my head to drag the swim wear off I had a perfect view of her pussy. I quickly handed my shorts over and looked away from my sister.

"Don't worry little brother you'll get them back in a little while. Then she added, "Very nice, not so little brother." She raised her eyes back to me and the she started to walk away. Suddenly she stopped. She walked over to the pile off supplies. She bent down. Giving me another angle of her pussy that had been hidden by her thong for weeks. My sister picked up the American flag and towel, "Can I have this."

"The towel were going to need to dry ourselves off with, swimming, bathing." I gestured to the water. "But I have no use for flag. What are you feeling patriotic?"

"No, silly, I think I might be able to make outfits for us with the material. I tried using leaves. Itchy and they don't stay together easily," my sister answered.

"Go ahead," clothes might be a good idea I thought as I turned away from my sister. My sister walked away and I turned and watched her ass sway until she was out of view. I reached down and touched my cock for a second. I'm hard. I just got an erection for my sister. I let go of my dick. I was horrified. Thank God she hadn't seen it. I would be so embarrassed. She's a doctor she knows it's an involuntary reaction. But there is a mental reason why, you were turned on by seeing your own sister's pussy and tits. Looking at those huge tits with those big gorgeous nipples. So succulent. Stop I told myself. I scurried off to the water to calm myself down before my sister came back. I realized as the water touched my body that's the first erection I have gotten since we crashed on this island. Since the day we left. Since I had fucked my girlfriend, Alyssa. God I miss her.

I walked back to the area of the beach where my sister and I were camped out. As I came out of the trees I saw my sister pulling on a red, white and blue bikini bottom matching her new top. I watched her slide the bikini bottoms up her legs and then thighs. Finally my sister wrangled the bikini over her ass cheeks and covering those luscious naked pussy lips. MMM, I shouldn't be thinking that. Her new bikini top covered more of my sisters tits giving her more support but was so thin I could make out her nipples beneath. I stared at my sister for a second checking out her ample cleavage still left uncovered.

"Gavin," my sister looked up at me. "What do you think of my knew bikini," my sister modeled the front of her suit for me a second and then turned whipping the back of the suit up in the air. From behind the patriotic bikini bottoms were a thong with a little material stretching out from the middle to partly cover my sister's ass but flying up in the air as she moved. "I ran out of material. Most of the material went to the bra, top."

"Looks good," I stammered quickly recovering, "You sow fast."

"I'm a doctor, going to be a surgeon. I've been practicing stitching for a while. It's easy when you don't have to worry about leaving a scar. I'm just glad the medicine kit had a needle and thread." My sister reached down to grab another piece of the former USA flag once again showing me her thong covered ass, "I made you swim trunks," my sister started laughing, "more like a patriotic loin cloth from Tarzan. Try it on." My sister looked down at my cock. "We don't want you to get sunburned down there. It'd hurt."

I grabbed the suit from my sister as I felt my cock stirring, "Thanxs," I quickly pulled the trunks on.

"How do they fit," my sister asked as she walked over pulling at my suit to check the size as my cock continued to grow. "It's fine," I answered trying to move away from her. My sister pinched my ass, "it looks good on you little brother. I may have to start my own fashion line."

I walked over to the fire to throw some dry wood on the blaze to keep it going throughout the night. My sister inspected the two soft mattress we had carried to shore from the boat. My intelligent sister pronounced, "The mattresses are dry, no mold so they should be safe to sleep on. I feel much more human today then yesterday," my sister paused for a second as she laid down. "As you could probably tell this afternoon I borrowed your razor. For shaving under my arms, and my ahh, not my legs they're fine but my ahh, you know, pussy. Shaving makes me feel more like a girl, woman. It's my routine back home. It made me feel so much better. Normal. You've been using your knife to shave every day so I figured you didn't need the razor," my sister stated trying to justify using my razor.

"No problem, you can keep it," all I could think of that's the first time I have ever heard my sister say pussy. My sister talking to me, her brother, about shaving her pussy and her brother seeing her shaved pussy.

"Thanks little brother, I figured you wouldn't want it back considering where the razors been," my sister giggled. God how I would like to lick that razor my sister used to cut her pubic hair. I jumped down on the other mattress. I'm going crazy I thought to myself. Island isolation crazy. I shouldn't be thinking about my sister like that, like an object of sexual desire.

The next few weeks flew by as my sister and I began the task of trying to survive long term on the island. Using the tides and rope than levers and trees, we were able to pull the remaining part of the boat onto shore and even off the beach. The wrecked ship had been smashed open in the front and there was a walk way in the back. We moved our possessions into the ship and started sleeping in the comfort and security of having three walls around us. My sister and I explored the island. First we climbed the highest hill on the island. From that perspective we could tell the island was about 2 miles long and about a mile wide. A decent size island. Someone has to visit here I thought. It's too nice. But we saw no signs of human habitation

My sister pointed out to me the different types of plant life and more importantly the eatable from the inedible. Soon we had picked a smorgasbord of fruits and vegetables. The island was populated by some small animals but no large predators. Thankfully.

I set some traps for the birds and made a spear and net for fishing. Also clams were plentiful. I'm not a big sea food person but out of desperation and hunger I was slowly adjusting to this new diet. My sister loved sea food. I prefer steak and French fries. I started work on the raft that I hoped to never use and handled the fishing and hunting. My sister's job was gathering the fruits and vegetables. Once a week we switched tasks or shared duties in order to teach each other how to survive without the other. Just in case.

Only one problem. My sister's body was slowly driving me insane with sick thoughts. Most days when we were busy I never thought about my sister in her thong bikini or patriotic swimsuit. But at times I couldn't help but stare for an extra second. I rationalized it as just being lonely and lusting for my girlfriend, Alyssa. I hadn't had sex or jerked off in over a month. As days passed on the island thoughts about my sister's luscious tits and gorgeous ass came more frequently. From once a every few weeks to once a day. But I continued being the good little brother.

Day 35

The sun was starting to set after a long day of trying to make a floatable craft. I crashed onto my bed and started thinking of home. My sister came in wearing her tan thong bikini and top. I rolled away from her so I wouldn't have to look at her tan legs and protruding breast.

My sister laid down on her back. Not able to deal with my silence she asked, "Thinking of home".

"Always," I answered.

"What do you miss the most," my sister questioned.


"You must miss her bad," my sister added sympathetically.

"I do." Smiling slightly I added, "I especially miss the sex. Alyssa and I would have sex every chance we had. You're engaged to Brian. It must be the same for you two."

My sister was silent. My sister and I didn't have the type of relationship where we talked about our sex lives with each other. Brother and sister sharing sex stories was way to weird for us. But lost on a deserted island for over thirty days and the rules change.

Finally my sister answered, "Brian and I didn't have that type of relationship."

I turned and looked over at my sister, "You didn't have sex with your fiancee."

My sister laughed self consciously, "No we had sex. But not like you and Alyssa." Mandy stopped and then started, "We have busy schedules. Medical school is not easy. We were only together maybe once or twice a week like that."

"I guess that makes sense." I added, not sure if I should, "I know it's supposed to die out but I think I would only want to marry someone who I wanted and wanted me. Constantly."

"Basically someone who wants to fuck three times a day," my sister stated.

"Not necessarily three times a day. But something like that. Sex makes me feel closer to someone. Alyssa is horny girl so we've been very close many times," I contested.

"Truthfully, Brian and I have a lot in common," my sister hesitated, "But I came on this trip thinking about whether we should really get married. It's hard to judge passion until you've felt it. Have something to judge it by."

"Can I give you some advice that sounds weird coming from your brother. Something a brother should never say to his sister," I playfully said to Mandy. Without waiting for her to answer I said, "You're a beautiful, intelligent woman and any guy would been lucky to have you. But you should wait to marry a guy who wants to be inside of you every chance he gets."

My sister laughed, "Ohh, little brother. Your awful."

We both laughed as the mood lightened around us. My sister calmed down asking, "So where is the strangest place you and Alyssa had sex."

"Mmm. When we came on this trip I was hoping to have sex on the beach, literally, but we didn't get a chance to. We never did it in any really strange place." I continued, "On our third date we were at a bar, restaurant type place and I started to feel her up and than slide my hand under her shirt. Before you know it things were getting out of control."

"You had sex in the bar?"

"No, not that good. Alyssa said we should stop but then I slid my hand down her pants and started rubbing her, her pussy through her panties and she came. I was embarrassed. Alyssa started moving uncontrollably and moaning softly. I thought everyone knew what had happened. But no one seemed to be paying attention to us in our booth. Alyssa pulled my hand out of her pants and led us out of the bar. We went to her car and she pushed me onto the seat. Before I knew it she had pulled down my pants and was climbing on top of me. It was the first time we had sex together. First time I had been inside her. It was weird the first couple of dates all I got was a peck on the lips and cheek. We've been together ever since. Alyssa is the first girl I've dated who isn't afraid of her sexuality."

"Your lucky to find someone your so compatible with," my sister said quietly.

"I was lucky," then changing the subject I asked, "So where is the craziest place you've done it, with Brian I guess."

"God, we barely have sex. I can't think of any place."

"Come on there has to be someplace, if not with Brian with someone else," unsaid was I opened up to you I deserve something juicy back from my sister.

"Okay, you have to promise not to tell anyone." I looked around like who the hell am I going to tell. "If we get off the island, jerk." I nodded my head and my sister continued, "One night late at night at the hospital Brian and I had sex in the on call room."

"Cool" I said.

"That's not it. If you know hospitals people fuck all the time in the on call room, sometimes even storage closets." I loved hearing my sister say fuck. My cock was hard as a rock. The light from the fire and dying sun made me visible. So I had to resist touching myself as my sister told her story.

"Brian is so conservative. Always worried what people might think. I had to talk him into having sex that night in the on call room. I shouldn't tell you this but my favorite position is from behind. Brian had his clothes on. His pants were pulled down. I was on the floor naked except for my bra. It was unstrapped in the front so my tits were bouncing about uncovered but with the bra on my shoulders." My sister looked over to me for a second than her eyes went to the ceiling.

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