tagFirst TimeLost Virginity

Lost Virginity

byGrey Eagle 286©

He stood on the sidewalk in front of the huge Hotel feeling like an idiot. Sweat ran down his neck and into the tight high collar of his uniform. Damn, it was a hot humid night in New York City. He didn't want to be here in the first place. He was uncomfortable at these affairs. He never knew what to say. He had nothing in common with any of the people who would be there except his friend.

He clutched the sword case and felt very self-conscious about it. A very long Limousine pulled up in front of him. The rear window slid down.

"Pardon me, are you waiting for a ride to the Baxter- Adams Wedding?"

He shook himself, "Yes I am."

"Well, jump in we are running late."

He slipped in the large limo and found himself sitting beside a very attractive young lady. He stared at her. Blond hair framed a gorgeous face and big blue eyes.

"Haven't you ever seen a girl before?"

"Sure, Ma'am, plenty of them, none as pretty as you though."

"Are you kidding me, that line is as old as the hills."

"I'm real sorry Ma'am, please forgive me, I only spoke the truth, I am not used to talking to girls. If I said something wrong, I am truly sorry."

"Never mind, what is your name?"

"I am Sean P. Murphy, Ma'am, actually I'm Sean P. Murphy the eighth."

"Nice to meet you Captain Murphy. My name is Susan G. Martinson. You may call me Missus Martinson. Are you married Captain?"

"No, Ma'am. Never found anyone I wanted to marry."

"What do you do in the Marine Corps?"

"I am an Attack/Fighter Pilot in FA-18 jets, Ma'am."

"Where are you stationed Captain Murphy?"

"Well, Missus Martinson, I am currently stationed at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina."

"Are you a friend of Captain Mike Adams?"

"Yes I am, we have known each other for fourteen years, we were wives at the Naval academy."


"Yes, wives, don't read something in that that is not there. Every Midshipman there refers to his roommates as his 'wife' or 'wives'."

"You must end up knowing them as well as a man would know his wife after living with him for years."

"You are correct about that, except there is no sex involved of course."

"Why, I had sex with my roomies in college."


"You heard me."

"I guess it may have happened with some guys. I never heard of it though."

"Do you like girls?"

"Hell yes, I have very little experience with girls. But I can safely say I admire girls and love everything about them."

"What do you like about me?"

"Ah! Er, Umm, I guess I would say I like the way you look, the way you smell, and if I had the chance I would probably like the way you feel. I like your voice, your smile, and most everything about you."

"Are you sure you haven't had much to do with girls?"

"Yes, Mam. I am kind of scared of girls."

"For heavens sakes why?"

"I am afraid of the way they make me feel, I seem to say the wrong thing a lot. I am anything but smooth."

"I think you would do quite well with the ladies if you just gave yourself a chance."

"What kind of chance do I have, I have spent four years out of the last five in Iraq or on an Aircraft Carrier. When I am stateside I am usually stationed at Cherry Point. There are probably ten thousand single guys stationed there. Maybe a thousand eligible girls live anywhere around there. Most of their parents run Marines off with shotguns if their daughters get anywhere near them."

"Why, are Marines that bad?"

"No they are just like any other young guys, only they get transferred often and leave a lot of widows behind."

"Oh! My!"

"What do you do Missus Martinson? Do you have kids, a job, how do you keep busy?"

"No, I have no children and I do have a job. Well it is not a real job, I do volunteer work at a hospital five days a week, I love helping take care of the sick children."

"Your husband doesn't want you to work?"

"I don't have a husband, we are divorced."

"OH! I mean I'm sorry, Oh! No, I am really not, I mean I'm glad......... I mean, I'm all mixed up. Let me start over, please."

"You don't have to. It's OK."

"Do you see what I mean, I can't even talk right when I am with a beautiful woman. I'll probably start drooling next."

"I think you are very cute, you make me laugh."

"Hey! Please don't say I'm cute where anyone else can hear you. I think there is a law of some kind against big, tough as nails, Marines being called cute. I ruins our image."

"I think you are sweet too!"

"Hush Girl! They will drum me out of the Corps if some body hears you."

"Listen Captain Murphy, Stay with me after the wedding and I'll give you a ride back to the hotel. All right?"

"Yes Ma'am, that would be really great."

After the wedding Sean looked around for the girl. He finally saw her talking with a very large handsome man. She turned and started walking away from him. The big man grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He pulled her to his chest as she struggled against him. Sean hear her hiss, "Let me go you bastard, just let me go!"

Sean said, " Pardon me Susan, may I have this dance, may I cut in?" She looked at him and said, "Yes, I would love that, Sean."

The big man turned toward him and snarled, "Get the fuck out of here Soldier boy before I shove that toy sword up your ass."

Sean smiled at him. "I don't think it would fit, and I am sure you couldn't do it without a whole lot of help. I am not a little lady you can jerk around."

The large guy swung a large fist at Sean who easily slipped the punch and grasped the man's arm and twisted it up behind the man's back. Sean held upward pressure on the wrist and bent the hand backwards. The man screamed in pain. A crowd gathered around and Sean told the man he would release him if he would quiet down and apologize to the lady.

A couple of men told Sean to release the guy and they would take care of him. Sean slowly let the arm down but kept pressure on the hand and wrist. "Apologize and I'll let you go and we can all forget about it. OK?"

"All right, let me go." Sean released the man and the man spun around and tried to kick Sean in the balls. Sean turned away with the kick and it glanced off his thigh. Not connecting with the kick threw the big man off balance but he recovered quickly and threw another punch at the Marine. It caught Sean on the cheek as he tried to dodge it. Sean shrugged it off and grabbed the man's arm again and quickly subdued him. He jerked up on the arm and kicked the man's legs out from under him. The man screamed again and there was a sickening snap as Sean dropped on the man's arm with his knee. Sean jumped to his feet. He stepped away from the man on the floor. The man lay on the floor sobbing and crying in pain. Sean picked up his sword and gave a bow to the girl, "I am sorry if I caused you any embarrassment. It was not my intention to do so." He turned and started away. He felt little hands pull at his arm. "Please don't go! Please let me stop the bleeding from your cheek. Oh! No! It is ruining your beautiful uniform. Here, my hankie will stop it some."

"Hey, Sean," said a deep voice. "Are you OK?" They looked up to see the groom and bride standing there. Susan rushed to the bride and started crying that she was sorry she had ruined her wedding. Grace, the bride told her that it wasn't her fault her ex-husband had crashed the party. Grace said, "Honey, I know he was going to hurt you again. I just told the officer who had him in custody he was in violation of a court restraining order when he came near you."

Sean looked at Susan, "He hurt you before?" She nodded. "If I had known that I would had not been so gentle with him."

"Gentle?" smiled Grace.

Her new husband grinned at her, "Yeah! Gentle. You should see him when he is angry. I out weigh him by seventy pounds or more. I wouldn't dream of starting a fight with him. I have never seen him start one but I have never seen him loose one either."

Susan pulled his face down and gently wiped at his cheek. It had stopped bleeding. She dabbed at it tenderly then looked in his eyes. "Thank you so much." Then her soft warm lips pressed softly against his. He smiled, "Anytime girl, anytime at all. I can't stand to see any guy pick on a girl, I just hate it when they do that."

Susan just stared at him softly smiling. She turned to Grace, "I think I like this guy."

Grace smiled back, "I love him, almost as much as my man here. Mike talks about him all the time."

Susan took Sean by the hand and told the bride and groom they would be right back, she was going to try and get the blood off his uniform before it was set. She pulled him to a service area and had him remove his jacket. She searched in her purse and found a small spray container. She sprayed something on the blood and blotted at it with a paper towel. Several more applications and the stain was gone. Only a damp spot remained.

He grinned at her. "Wow! Thank you. I thought it was ruined."

"It's something my company makes. It works very well on most any stain if you get to it fast enough. I always carry some with me."

"Susan, if I may call you Susan, would you do me the honor of dancing with me?"

"Sean, I would love for you to call me Susan or Sue, and I would also love to dance with you."

They moved onto the dance floor. They danced with air-space between them at first but before long they were pressed against each other. They looked into each other's eyes as they moved about the floor. She pulled his head down and brushed her lips across his cut cheek. "Is it still hurting?"

"No, It feels better each time you do that. Would you like to get a cold drink and step out on the balcony and talk for awhile?"

"Yes, I would like that."

They found a bench where a cool breeze hit them. Neither of them touched their drinks. They just looked at each other.

"Sean, please tell me all about Sean Murphy."

"There is not much to tell. I grew up in Florida. I was an only child. My mother was a sweet gentle woman and I adored her. My dad was wonderful too. He took me hunting and fishing almost every weekend. They were both killed in a plane crash when I was sixteen. I have been on my own since then. I made good grades in school. I wanted them to be proud of me even though they were dead. I took a competitive exam for the Naval Academy and won an appointment there. My dad had been a Marine and I wanted to try that for a while. Now I think I would like to get out, find a job and settle down and start a family of my own. Now tell me about Susan."

"My story is very much like yours. I do have an older sister. Our parents were killed in a auto wreck when I was Fifteen. Sis and I lived together until I got married. That was a big mistake, I would rather not talk about that right now. I did go to college and got a degree in business management."

"Do you live with your sister now?"

"Yes, I sure do. We get along well together. She had a bad marriage too and we both are leery of men now."

"Please don't be leery of me, I could never do anything to hurt you. Never." He looked deep into her eyes. "I mean that!"

"Oh! No! I am very comfortable with you. I want to know you much better. I think you are a very sweet, kind, gentle and considerate man."

He grinned at her, "I try to be, but I have my dark side too. I guess you saw that tonight."

"Gosh! That wasn't dark, you were rescuing me. He would have beat me again. I was in the hospital for a week last time. Oh! No! You are my hero for that. I was scared he would hurt you too. I really was. He is twice your size. I was amazed by the way you controlled him the first time. I started to scream for you not to trust him, but you were just magnificent the way you put him down effortlessly. I loved what you did then. He deserved it. I don't think anyone ever hurt him before."

"If I had known he had hurt you that bad before, I would have broken both arms and both legs. If I ever see him again I may just do that."

"Where did you learn how to fight like that?"

"I took every class in every kind of Martial Arts I could find after my folks died. All through high school and college I did that. Then on vacations, having no one, I got tutored while everyone else went home. I mostly just use it to stay in shape now, except when I am rescuing beautiful girls."

She smiled and blushed. "Sean, I'm hungry, let's find something to eat."

"Sounds good to me."

They found the buffet and it was in sad shape. Most of it was gone and badly picked over. She looked up at Sean, "How about I call for my car and we say good bye to the bride and groom and we will go get something to eat?"

"Sounds good to me, I guess you are sort of stuck with me, I have no wheels up here. I can get a cab if you want me out of your hair."

"No way, Captain, I need my hero with me incase I am molested again."

"I'll take that job."

"When do you have to be back in North Carolina?"

"Monday, but I can stay longer if I want, I have forty days of leave I have to use or loose. I haven't taken any leave in years. Every twelve days I loose a day of paid leave."

"You do need to take sometime off. What room are you in at the hotel?"

"I couldn't get a room there, they are full, they are holding my bag for me. They said they would try and find a room for me near by. They didn't hold out much hope though because of some large conventions in town. I'll just get a cab to the airport and leave early."

"No you won't. I know you are invited out on the boat tomorrow morning aren't you?"

"Well, yes, but I won't know anybody there, except Grace and Mike. And they will be gone on their honeymoon."

"Don't I count, you make me want to cry that you don't want to see me." she giggled.

"I didn't know you would be there."

"Good, it is all settled then."

"It is?"

"Yes, Captain Murphy, it sure is."

When they walked out of the building the long limo was waiting. The driver opened the door and Susan got in first.

When the driver was in the car it started forward. A tiny red light came on. "Where to, Missus Martinson?"

"Just take us home. Pete."

"Yes, Ma'am." The little light went out.

"Where is home?"

"Home is at the Hotel. Half the hotel is transients the other half is residences. My family has lived there for years. I grew up there."

"Oh! I guess I'll pick up my stuff and be on my way."

"You most certainly will do no such thing. You will stay with sis and I. Don't even try and change my mind. I told you it was all settled."

Sean was not able to figure out where they were. He remembered none of the way they were going. Suddenly they dove down a ramp to an underground parking area and stopped at a large door. Pete ran around and opened the door for Susan. Sean got out his own door. Before Pete got back in the limo and drove off he said, "Nine in the morning Ma'am?"

"Yes Pete , that will be fine, good night." A doorman opened the door for them and greeted Susan by name, "Good evening Missus Martinson."

"Good evening, Ralph. How are you tonight?"

"Just fine Missus Martinson."

The elevator started up. Sean noticed the floor numbers didn't start until the twentieth floor. It stopped at the thirtieth floor. They got out and walked to a door just down the hall. She handed him the key. He opened the door and returned the key. The foyer was huge. Susan took his hand and yelled as loud as she could, "Bev! I'm home, I've got company." She grinned at him, "She runs about nude here most of the time."

"Hey! Sue, I'll be right out."

"Ok!" said Susan, "Come on in the living room. This door is to the room you will use. I'll call and have your bag sent up. I'm going to change in to something more comfortable. I'll be right back."

Sean wandered around the room, looking at what he knew were priceless paintings and statuary. He heard a low voice say, "My, My, where did she find you?" He turned and found a very attractive woman looking at him.

"Well, to be honest she picked me up off the street. She couldn't resist a man in uniform I guess."

"Let me get a better look at you, I am Beverly Morgan, Sue's sister, You are?"

"Captain Sean Patrick Murphy, the eighth, Italian Army at your service, Ma'am."

The woman laughed. "Italian Army, bull shit. I know a Marine when I see one. And I might believe the Irish Army. I suppose you are going to tell me you are Italian."

"I see the two of you met." Sue said as she entered.

"Yes Dear, I met your Italian friend. Just a minute, someone is at the door."

"Italian? You?" laughed Sue.

"This bag must belong to the good Captain. Is he staying over tonight."

"Yes he is. Do you mind?"

"Hell no! I am happy for you Sis, It's about time. I have a date who may stay over too. We will see." She looked at Sue, "He is very cute. Let me know if you throw him back."

Susan walked to Sean. "Pay no attention to her, she likes to shock people."

She was now wearing sweat pants and a sports bra. Her hair was up in a ponytail. He loved how she looked. She said, "Why don't you put something more comfortable on. Sweats will be fine if you have them with you." He entered the room.

Beverly was back in a second, she grabbed Sue's shoulders and whispered, "Wow, he is adorable, did you find him at the wedding?"

"Yes, sort of, Tommy showed up at the wedding and started jerking me around, would you believe that Sean whipped his ass in about five seconds including breaking his arm?"

"Sean whipped Tommy?"

"Yes, it was no contest. He is the sweetest thing too!"

"Baby, are you in love with him?"

"I think so, but I need to know him better first."

"I can't believe he hurt Tommy."

"I know he could have easily killed Tommy if he had wanted to."

"He seems so gentle and pleasant."

"He is, don't get him angry though. I know he was as cool as a cucumber through the whole thing, he never got mad. Never cussed or anything until he found out Tommy had beat me before. You know Mike, he was Mike's roomy for years."

"Now I know who he is, Mike raves about him all the time. Mike thinks he sun rises and sets with that guy. Haven't you heard Mike and Grace brag on him. I bet they put the two of you together on purpose."

"I guess I wasn't paying attention then, I am now though, Oh! You look much more comfortable now, Sean, make your self comfortable. I was just telling Sis about the wedding."

Sean grinned, "It was very pleasant, I enjoyed dancing with Susan very much. I rarely get to do that. Hell, I'll be honest with you. It was the best time of my life."

"Sue said you met her ex. He is bad news anytime." Bev was startled by the instant change in Sean. His eyes narrowed, he looked as if he could kill, then he returned to normal. "I didn't care for him. He hurt Sue. I wish I had known that in advance. I would have hurt him."

"Hell you broke his arm, isn't that enough?"

"Not as bad as he hurt Sue, I don't care what his reason was, no one should do that to a poor defenseless girl like her. No one has that right."

"Sean, for your information, Sue did nothing wrong. Nothing at all, he got drunk and beat her one night and she left him. He couldn't stand that."

"I wouldn't be able to stand that either, that would kill me. But how could he blame her?"

"We don't know."

Beverly grinned at Sean, "I like you Captain, a whole lot, but if you hurt Sue I'll cut your balls off. I really will."

"I will never hurt her, never in any way unless it is by mistake, like I forget her birthday or something. I don't think that will happen." He laughed, "I don't even know when her birthday is or how old she is. I need to learn all that stuff."

Beverly looked at her watch and turned and ran for her room. "I have to get dressed, talk to you guys later."

Sean stepped up close to Sue, "I like your sister." he said looking into her eyes, searching her face. "Would I be out of line if I kissed you?"

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