tagLoving WivesLost Wife Ch. 02

Lost Wife Ch. 02


I looked at Lana in amazement. If she had grown another head I couldn't have been more surprised.

"You have been living with Greg for nine months and fucking him all that time and you expect me to believe that you love me and that this baby is mine? Come on Lana, I wasn't born yesterday, I'm not stupid."

"I know you are not Harry, but this baby is yours, I know it in my bones and you can do a DNA test on her to verify it. I have no family, no place to go, no one to help me. Please, let us stay with you until you have the proof one way or the other."

She had been the perfect wife to me for three years before Greg took her away from me and she did explain why it happened. I didn't believe her, yet I wanted too. What made up my mind was the little hand clutching my finger. Harriet wouldn't let me go.

"Alright, come in, you and Harriet can bed down in the spare room. You may still be my wife legally but you are not my wife in my heart and she is not my daughter, no matter what her birth certificate says. Not until I have proof that she is."

DNA processing is much faster now but in those days it took weeks and some times longer to get accurate results. It took Lana only four days to worm her way back into my bed. It took Harriet even less time to own my heart. If you have never seen your wife nursing your baby those first few days after the birth, you will never know what true love is for your family. The love of the mother for her child and the love the father feels for both is the cement that bonds the human race together. When the envelope came from the DNA lab, I put it away, unopened. I just told Lana that Harriet was mine.

We were a family and we were a happy one. Lana was once again the perfect wife. Within that first year after her return, my career began to blossom. With that promotion came a transfer to another city and a year and a half after another child, a son was born to us. Lana, by her choice, with my agreement after a difficult delivery, had her tubes tied. We had our complete family.

Life was perfect. When Danny, our son started school Lana went back to work. She had been a bookkeeper when we got married and while the kids were growing up, she took accounting courses part time at the local community college. By the time the kids were in middle school she was certified and I was the director of marketing. Because of that promotion, we were transferred back to our home town.

I was traveling a few days a month and so was she, doing monthly audits. Most of them were out of town and they each sometimes took several days to complete. We were in the twelfth year of our marriage when she brought Ronnie home for dinner. Ronnie was actually Veronica, a blonde, petite, pretty twenty something, at least ten years younger that either of us. She was a file clerk that Lana had met and befriended some time ago.

It was a Friday evening; the kids were away for a two week summer camp. We had finished off two bottles of wine with a light salad dinner and were having coffee on our small patio. We had a two seat glider chair that Lana and Ronnie were occupying and I was seated on an adjustable lounge chair facing them. Dinner had been delightful and the conversation with the two beautiful women very entertaining. We were all feeling very mellow when Lana said to me, "I want to give Ronnie to you."

"That's a thoughtful gift." I said, "What have I done to deserve her and what am I to do with her?"

"Anything you want." Lana replied.

"Anything, covers a lot of territory."

"I know it does," she answered as both of them stood, Lana behind Ronnie. "Isn't she pretty and she is so talented, almost as much as I am."

As Lana was speaking her hands were removing Ronnie's blouse and skirt. There were no bra or panties; she stood there in just her high heels. She made no movement to hide her nakedness. Lana moved her forward until she was standing almost touching my elbow. Lana's hands were moving over Ronnie's body, teasing her nipples, rubbing her mound.

"I'd love to see you fuck her." my wife said as she pinched the little slut's nipple, making her gasp. "I want to see you make her cum. Tell her what you want her to do, she'll do anything you want."

Lana was pressing down on Ronnie's shoulders and she was soon kneeling beside me. Ronnie was opening my belt and my pants and she took out my rock hard cock. She sucked me as my wife kissed me and when I came I sprayed all over both of them. I watched the two women lick each other clean and then kiss. Their hands and lips played over each others body and the sounds that came out of each of them made them each sound like different musical instruments.

Lana lowered the back of the chaise that I was sitting on and had Ronnie straddle my chest. "Look at that pussy Harry. Look how it gaps open for you. Touch it. She wants you inside of her. She is your gift from me, your personal whore. I want you to fuck her for me. I'm going to hold your cock as she moves to sit on it. Watch, see it disappear onto her. It feels so good doesn't it, Harry? Tell me; tell me how good it feels."

I groaned as Ronnie sank down on my cock and slowly undulated. I could see her belly ripple and could feel her cunt massaging me. Lana straddled my head and lowered her pussy to my face; she was so wet I almost drowned. I could hear Lana egging Ronnie on, "Fuck him baby, and make him cum in you. He's the best husband in the world and I love him. Fuck him hard and cum with him when he does."

I couldn't see anything but Lana's ass and could hardly hear what she was saying what with her legs against my ears but I could feel everything they were doing to me. I knew they were kissing and rubbing each others tits and then I felt my balls tighten up and I came. Then Ronnie came with a high pitched wail and Lana let go with a flood on my face.

I had to push her off of me. I was coughing and sputtering as I came up for air. Both women were laughing as they released their hold on to each other to lie on each side of me. I had to hold both of them to keep them from rolling on to the floor. We moved to the bedroom after that and spent the night with the two of them trying to fuck me to death.

When I woke late the next morning; I was alone in the bed. When I went down for breakfast Lana was sitting, drinking her coffee. I said, "What was last night all about?"

"Us." she answered.

"Us? With another woman? What has she got to do with us?"

"Because she is like I was. Like I still am. I had to show you."

"What are you talking about?"


"Greg? What has he got to do with us? I thought we were finished with him."

"I did too, until about a couple of months ago."

"Don't tell me you fucked him?"

At least she had the good grace to be embarrassed. "Yes, I just can't help it."

"Damn it Lana, I thought we were through with that."

"I thought I was too so I made a deal with him."

"A deal with the devil."

"Yes, I guess so."

"OK, so what's the deal?"

"I have to get him two women a year to be like I was."

"So that makes you his procurer."

"No, more like his recruiter."

"And Ronnie is?"

"The first."

"Who trained her?" I asked.

"He did."

"But you helped?"

"Yes." Lana blushed at that one too.

"When? On your so called audits?"


"So you fucked her too. More than once?"

"Yes." She was nervous now. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. You just hit me with a lot. I'm not happy with this. Give me some time to think about it. I'm not happy that you are mixed up with him again."

"Neither am I," she replied, "but I'm pretty sure he won't want me if I can keep him supplied with younger and fresher bodies."

"You did this behind my back. I didn't know what was going on, so why did you bring her to me?"

"Because I feel so guilty about what I have to do for him. I hate lying to you and I hated watching you fuck her. It's my punishment for what I did to you. I wanted you to know what's going on and last night you seemed to enjoy it."

"I did then, but I didn't know that you and Greg were involved again. I've got to think this thing through."

Think I did, long and hard. If only I didn't love the kids so much, if only she wasn't such a good wife. She truly was that perfect. If only she didn't have this submissive flaw. My life was so good except for Greg. I took the coward's way out; I took a demotion and a transfer to the west coast.

California living wasn't hard to take and soon Lana and I ironed out our problems and life was good again. At least it was for years, until they offered me the job as VP for Marketing with a huge raise in salary and the chance for big bonuses. The only drawback was that it meant that we would have to move back home again.

Harriet was eighteen now and leaving for college in the fall. Danny sixteen, soon to follow her and that meant the extra money would go a long way to cover the costs. Lana and I talked it over and we decided to go back and see if we could beat Greg somehow and save her from him. We were going back and we were going to tough it out. We were not going to stint on our children's future because of his hold on her. I found out that she couldn't resist him on the warm September evening right after Harriett left for college.

We were having to a pre-dinner drink on our patio. Lana was in the kitchen preparing some canapés when the door bell rang. After a while I was beginning to wonder who was there, I knew she had answered the door. Just as I was about to get up and investigate I got my answer, it didn't make me happy. Lana walked out of the kitchen, followed by Greg. I had a sense of déjà vu.

"Put the canapés down dear," he said to her, "and stand in front of Harry. She complied with his instructions.

"What the hell do you want Greg? Haven't you fucked up our lives enough? Why can't you just leave us alone?" I asked.

He had moved directly behind her, her head barely reached his chin. He was still a big guy, still in good shape, still looking like he could beat the shit out of me. His hair had gone sliver now, looking more distinguished than handsome, more confident and sure of himself.

"This is why," he said to me as his hands went around her waist and pulled her to lean back against him.

"Put your arms up Lana, hands behind your head and on my neck." She did just what she was told.

She was pulled up almost up on her toes, her body stretched as long as it could go. Her breasts jutted out and her belly stretched flat. Her eyes were closed. Every inch of her body was open and available to him and she just stood there.

He traced a finger up from her belly. Up between her breasts, up through the hollow in her throat above her breast bone and then along her jaw line and back to her ear. She never moved, but her breathing got ragged. The finger continued from her ear to her upraised arm and down through her armpit to her breast and then around her nipple. She let out a soft sigh.

"She's mine Harry, whenever I want her. You've known that ever since the beginning." His hands were unbuttoning her blouse and then opened her bra. Both his hands now rolling her nipples, stretching them.

"Yet you always took her back into your bed when I let her go. Why is that Harry? Twice you ran away to another city and then you brought her back here? Was it the money this time or was this what you wanted? Do you like the idea that I can fuck her whenever I want or were you waiting until I let you watch me do it?"

I sat paralyzed, frozen by the sight of my wife writhing against him. Her breathing was heavier now, an expression on her face I could not fathom. It was a grimace, somewhere between pain and passion. One of his hands had left her tit and was now cupping her mound. She began humping it. Her hips grinding out her desire, reflecting her response to his manipulations.

He raised her skirt; the hem line was now around her waist. The panties she was wearing were so wet that they were transparent. She was rubbing her thighs together, she wanted to cum.

"She needs some help Harry; she can't put her arms down. She needs you to help her. Reach out and pull her panties down. I want you to see how she trimmed herself for me."

Trimmed it for him? When did she do that? She had a full bush the other night when we made love. And why did I have a hard-on now? Why am I pulling down her panties?

There it was, right in front of me, the delta narrowed about an inch on each side and the fur shortened to about a quarter inch. Her cunt lips were shaved. I was tempted to kiss it but for some intuitive reason I had a feeling I wasn't allowed to.

"Bend from the waist Lana, rest your elbows on his thighs. That's right; now take his cock out of his pants it looks like it needs more room. Hold it in both your hands but don't stroke it. I don't want him to cum yet. Open your eyes now and look into his face; I want you to watch him as you tell him what's going through your mind now."

"He's going to fuck me Harry," she said, "and I want him to do it. I'm so hot now, I'm leaking down my leg. I'm always like this for him and I guess I always will be. He's teasing me by rubbing his cock head up and down my pussy lips. He likes to make me beg him to fuck me. I want him Harry, I want him to jam it into me and make me scream. But he won't do what I want, he'll keep me wanting, he likes to feel me shoving my cunt back against him, trying to get him deeper into me.

He's sliding all the way in now, so slowly, I want it all the way. He's so big, so much bigger than you. Oh, he just touched my cervix, something you never did. Oh Harry, it feels so good. I want him to go in and out so I can cum, I want to cum for him. Harry please, ask him to fuck me hard, ask him to make me cum."

I sat there, held prisoner by my wife's two hands, one over the other, gripping my hard cock so tightly the head was turning blue. This was surreal. Greg was standing behind her, his cock obviously buried to the hilt in her cunt and she was asking me to beg him to fuck her harder. Her tits were hanging down, her nipples swaying against my thighs and both of them were waiting for me to ask.

I looked up at him and the smirk on his face told it all. This was the moment that he wanted, the moment that I willingly gave up any pretense of her relationship to him. No more running away from him, no more pretending that we could break his hold on her. If I gave in to them I would be admitting that I wanted to be a willing cuckold. Something I never thought I would be, something I never wanted to be, Or did I?

"Fuck her." I said, "Make her cum the way she wants to. I'll never know how many times you've done it before, but make this the best one she ever had from you. I want to see the way she cums for you."

I felt him thrust once and her head bumped against my belly. Then again and that's all it took and she came and so did I when her head bumped my belly again. I sprayed all over her face; she would have collapsed if his arm was not wrapped around her waist. She was convulsing, her legs could not hold her up.

She finally collapsed with her torso on my thighs, her face turned to the side. I could hear her murmuring, "Thank you, Harry. Thank you." Thanking me for asking him to fuck her. I never said, "You're welcome." How much weirder can this get?

When she finally regained her composure she looked up at me and I thought I could see a hint of sorrow in her eyes but then she turned to look at Greg and he beckoned her to come to him. I watched her obey his unspoken demand as she padded the few steps across the deck. Her nearly forty year old body sensuously moving with each step. She was so beautiful and I still wanted her, but could I still live with her........and him?

For the next hour and a half I was treated to the most erotic display of sex that I have ever seen. She made love to him. In most porno films you see the men fucking the women in every position possible. I watched Lana fuck him, he hardly moved. She used every part of her body to keep him or make him hard. She used her tits, her cunt, her thighs, her hands, her ass and even her feet. If one part of her couldn't reach the part of him she wanted to touch, she used another part until she finally exhausted him. He just had no more cum left. He left her lying naked on the chaise that had been the stage for their performance, lying in a pool of his cum and hers, she and the cushion equally coated.

I used the time I spent watching them to have a couple of more drinks and finish the canapés. I also took the opportunity to jerk off a few times myself. I couldn't help it; it was the sexiest show I ever saw.

She lay there for a while, her forearm across her eyes; she didn't want to look at me. She finally spoke, "You're going to have to hose off the chaise, honey. I'll put the cover in the washing machine."

"I would have thought you wanted to keep it as it is, as a souvenir of tonight." I said.

"Don't be nasty. I had to do this tonight, I had no choice."

"No choice?" was my testy response, "You sure looked like you were enjoying it."

"Oh, I enjoyed it alright, that's part of my problem with him, but I really had no choice."

"You'll have to explain that better to me."

"Do you remember Ronnie?"


"Yes, the girl I gave to you because I felt so guilty about helping Greg train her. The one we had a threesome with before we moved away the first time."

"What about her?' I asked, I hadn't thought about her in years.

"He wants me to do the same thing with Harriet."

"Harriett? Our daughter, Harriett? Oh shit!"

"Yes. He told me I had a choice, either bring her to him like I brought Ronnie or bring my submission to him out in your face. I didn't want to humiliate you like that but I didn't want Harriet to be like me either."

"Well neither do I,"

"So can you forgive me for tonight and help me find a way for us to get past tonight? We have to figure out a way for me to get out of his clutches. You sat there watching and you did nothing to stop it. I saw you cum several times while you were watching. You were jerking off."

She had moved from the cum covered chaise she was on and sat down on mine, next to me. She was still crusted from his dried cum. Her hand was playing with my cock and it responded. She dipped her head and took me into her mouth and washed the tip with her tongue.

"Jesus Lana, haven't you had enough sex for tonight?"

"Not from you," was her denial. "You're the one I love."

And not releasing my cock from her mouth she swung around and presented her rear to my face. She said, "I could see it made you hot to see me fuck him. He didn't have to do a thing, I did it to him. I made him cum. I was the one who was in charge for a change. . Would you like me to be in charge of you once in a while? Make you do things for me like he makes me do for him? Eat me lover; show me that you love me after all that happened. Make me cum better than he did."

"But that's his cum," I protested before she smothered my objections with her pussy.

I came when she did, but I wasn't sure that her climax was better than when she came for him.

We made love three or four times more the following week and each time she brought up how she saw me flogging my dick when I watched her fuck Greg. She wouldn't leave the subject alone; she couldn't leave well enough alone. It was a week later when she threw the deal breaker at me.

When she thought she do anything she wanted to do with Greg and do ir in front of me and that I would accept it, she told me that Greg was coming over. She said she knew that I had such a good time watching last time that she was going to do a repeat performance for me.

"Tell me what you liked the best last week, Honey; we'll do it again for you. Was it when he fucked me from behind and I described how good it felt while it was happing? Or when I used my body to make him hard? Oh, I know; maybe when you sucked his cum out of me. Or better yet, helped me get undressed for him."

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