tagGroup SexLouisa Joins the Party

Louisa Joins the Party


Louisa has a full-length mirror in her bedroom. She stands in front of it most days to admire her body, stroking herself sensuously, running her fingers through the soft hairy curls between her legs before slipping them between the thighs to fondle her hidden, soft wrinkled folds of warm flesh. She uses an expensive, perfumed body lotion to massage into the whole genital area, making sure the skin is soft and supple.

Of course, the erotic action stimulates her. She adores her whole vulva - to feel the juices seeping from the pink orifice on to her fingers. When sufficiently aroused, she takes up a large hand mirror, lies on a towel spread on her bed, props herself up against the pillows, hinges her thighs wide apart, and examines her precious shrine with absorbed interest.

With delicate fingers, Louisa slowly and carefully separates the dark swollen labia, to reveal the buds of pink flesh, shielding the opening to her most treasured possession. She's for ever entranced by the wonderful structure of her vulva. It's strange beauty. Its folds and hidden crevices, encircled by a light covering of silky hair. The small sensitive protuberance of her clitoris concealed beneath its prominent hood, itself covered by a thicker tuft of pubic hair.

With further stimulation, the vagina releases more of the thick juices - her sweet private honey - oozing from between the buds. They begin to pulsate, then, as excitement grows, to dilate, revealing the puckered flesh of the hungry mouth of her vagina, now awash with her honey. She causes the muscles in her vagina to tense and flex. As Louisa fondles herself lovingly, the agitation in her belly bubbles and intensifies. The vagina opens out even further, its lower muscles flexing, beckoning for penetration. She obliges by slipping two fingers inside.

Louisa is always fascinated by the reaction of her vagina. She never tires of studying it with self-admiration, causing deep, intense stirrings from the very depths of her loins. Her fingers probe her mystery - that part of her most sought after by men. What wouldn't they give, she muses, to be the first to explore its mysterious folds and penetrate its passage with that handsome stiff shaft especially crafted by nature for that specific purpose. Examining her collection of photographs of cocks of all shapes and sizes was one of her private joys.

As she dreams of cock, her breathing starts to become shallow. The tremblings intensify, spreading through her whole body. The loins jerk. Muscles tense and anxious nerves scream for release. She moans. Wet fingers rapidly circle her itching clitoris with desperation, electrifying its sensitivity. She is panting hard, moaning and grunting. Her eyes are misty. She screws them tight with increasing anguish The mirror falls from her hand. Her head is thrown back. She cries out in anguish, her legs shaking wildly, her knees weak, her whole body starting to thrash out of control. It is almost unbearable. She is screaming in frustration.

Then it comes. With a cry of triumph, a great exploding orgasm ejects her into a blaze of a million stars. Screaming in blissful agony, the sheer miracle of her eager orgasm overwhelms her, when everything is sacrificed for that one moment of supreme rapture, no sooner enjoyed than yearned for again.

As her body thrashes uncontrollably, her ejaculation floods from her vagina, soaking the towel. She collapses panting, cradling the wonderful vulva in her palm, wet and hot from its breathtaking exertions.

Louisa couldn't remember when her interest in being an exhibitionist started. Perhaps it went back to when she realised that men frequently stared at her nipples pushing against her T-shirt, or tried to steal glances down her blouse to get a glimpse of her breasts. Some of them went to considerable furtive lengths to find an excuse for standing behind her and manipulate their position to look over her shoulder and into her top, which was usually left fairly open.

Or perhaps when she realised that man's role in life was to penetrate her secret joy - her hidden treasure. A glance at her furry mound was what many men aspired to. She would enjoy teasing them - showing the beauty of her sex. The curious thing was that she was not anxious to have a cock penetrate her. Nothing could eclipse the sheer joy of her orgasms through masturbation.

There is no need for Louisa to wear a bra, which adds to her attraction for the male sex. It's not that her breasts are extraordinary in any way that she could tell - they are modestly sized - but firm, requiring no support. Positioned slightly to the side, they are topped with normal, one-inch diameter nipples facing upwards, so that the casual observer can study and admire the evenly spaced pimples round the coral-coloured areola. When aroused, they inflate considerably and become extra sensitive.

The knowledge that the sight of her body causes men to show an interest, gave Louisa a sense of control - she could control them, and she loved it. So, she began to flaunt herself as if by accident to the hungry eyes of fellow students, giving them glimpses of her nipples. It was later that she became aware of the effect her display had on men's private part. Bulges in trousers became more pronounced, which made her curious about what was hidden in here. But that was a long time ago! She would soon learn.

It was a college friend who suggested that she should take up modelling in the nude at the art department. 'They are always looking for models - and they pay!' she was told. Being in the media studies department, such openings came along from time to time.

The thought of displaying her body openly to others attracted her - and to get paid for it! After overcoming her natural shyness, she did just that and found herself in front of eight serious-looking people of both sexes and varying ages, studying her from behind their easels. Louisa was asked to sit on a dais at one end of the room, resting on her haunches, with one knee bent upwards and outwards. Her furry plump vulva was clearly visible, its dark wrinkled labia protruding from the hairy gash. It was strangely thrilling. Her nipples stiffened.

During her third sitting, she noticed the trousers of one young man, with blonde hair. He was sitting at the end of the semicircle of artists with his easel at an angle, his body facing her. She was sure he had an erection. It was like a tent pole in his trousers. The thought sent a thrill of lust through her loins, which responded with oozing a small tickle of its honey onto the labia. She saw his eyes linger on her vulva. Then, her eyes met his for a moment. They communicated. He coloured slightly and turned to his easel, but furtively he placed a hand on the stiffness in his crotch.

She couldn't tear her eyes away from it. Concealed from the other students by his easel, he fumbled in his lap until, to her complete surprise and astonishment, Louisa saw the stiff object jutting out of his trousers. He didn't look at her. He merely stroked the perpendicular shaft lightly up and down a few times before returning it to the confines of his underwear. She was mesmerised. He too was an exhibitionist

The following two weeks, the same young man, sitting in the same place, repeated his private exhibition, though each time it lasted rather longer and was accompanied by a smile. He showed off the erect cock in various poses for Louisa, who pretended not to stare, but whose eyes were furtively glued to its majesty. Her fingers were dying to play with her vulva, dabble in her juices, but she maintained an outward composure, as the other artists scribbled away on their canvasses, unaware of the inner turmoil bubbling in Louisa's loins.

But at the end of each session, the young man quickly packed up his equipment and left without even looking at her!

During her last sitting, the artist threw caution to the winds, playing with his cock quite openly, though others in the studio were oblivious to his exhibition. He started to masturbate with thumb and first finger, looking across at her. She was enthralled! Then he grasped the cock in his whole hand, jerking up and down. To her utter disbelief, the cock ejaculated into the cloth he was holding in his other hand. It was not a powerful ejection, but several spouts of sperm splashed into the cloth he was holding. Louisa's memory of that sublime moment of erupting cock served to give her a satisfactory orgasm that evening, lying on her bed, mirror in hand.

After the last sitting, one of the students approached her with an offer of modelling in the nude for a camera club. An hour each week in a fully equipped studio for a much more substantial fee than she was getting from the Art Club. Why not? she thought. Her plan was to move to London to find work as a continuity person in a TV studio, so the extra cash would be a great help, after all.

But glamour modelling soon turned to soft porn modelling, and cameras developed into video cameras. Her fee increased with the intimacy of the shots until she was videoed masturbating, with close ups of her sex juices seeping from the puckered pink opening as she whimpered with rising excitement. In those moments of supreme ecstasy, Louisa forgot the men and their videos. The cameras recorded the flexing vaginal muscles and, finally, with a loud moan from Louisa, her gushing vagina. The members were excited and delighted by her.

For Louisa, the thought of millions of men across the world ogling her convulsing vulva as she ejaculated gave her a tremendous kick. Watching her masturbate turned the camera men on like crazy. All were fully erect by the time Louisa ejaculated! Three of them had their cocks sticking out of their flies, one of them quietly masturbating, which added to her stimulation. Whilst recovering from her orgasm, Louisa rested on the sofa, watching with curiosity as the men returned their equipment.

Things progressed from that point to the occasion when, following the usual session, Jack, the owner of the studio, suggested to her that she might jerk off one the men, recording the sight of them spraying their offering over her breasts. For an additional fee of course. Robert immediately volunteered, opening the flies of his trousers to pull out his already stiff cock. Louisa was not all that familiar with the male organ in the flesh at close quarters, but had a yearning to get familiar with it.

After some moments of uncertainty, during which Louisa studied the pale stiff cock, she decided that the monster in front of her was in need of relief. It was the first close up of a cock for her. The fascinating shaft was throbbing with excitement and swaying before her eyes. She was the one to give it the relief it clearly begged. So, she agreed. The extra money would be useful!

The cock continued to twitch in front of her eyes. It seemed to be pleading with her to take hold of it. The shape interested her. It was quite long, with a pronounced downwards bend, but with an upward lift at the delivery end. Almost a letter S! She could not resist touching the shaft with the pads of her fingers, stroking along the length in an exploit of discovery. Then, Louisa coiled her thumb and first finger round it, stroking lightly, up and down, studying its reaction.

As Robert's buttocks began to twitch and flex, Louisa took a firmer grasp on the cock, jerking it firmly, studying the foreskin as it closed, then retracted. She cupped the testicles in the palm of her other hand, gently squeezing. The knob end was glistening with a pearl of liquid, the slit dilating. Grunts from Robert, and muscular spasms in his loins, warned her of the growing tumult bubbling up inside.

She jerked faster. When the ejaculation eventually came, with a cry and a huge thrust of the loins, it didn't spit at her. It spilled over from the end of his cock, dribbling its copious contents over Louisa's fist with each contraction. As each gush emerged from the dilated slit, Robert howled like a dog, and Louisa joyfully ran her fingers over the end, smearing the starchy sperm all over the shaft with both hands as it emergesd, watching the discharge with curiosity and fascination. The fifth one did spurt, but the last two oozed.

So absorbed had she been in the scrutiny of Roberts ejaculation, that Louisa had not noticed three other stiff cocks pointing at her face. The movement at the sided of her drew her attention to Jake, trousers round his ankles, furiously tossing off his considerable cock. Her eyes opened wide as it stared at a large, swarthy-coloured shaft, rearing up from a forest of black hair. Perfectly straight and thick, with pronounced veins scattered under the skin. The violet jerks told her that the cock was already in an advanced state of reaching its climax. She touched it cautiously with finger tips, the other hand gently cupping the large bouncing testicles, smothered in dark hair.

A loud agonised cry from Jake, accompanied by a massive jolt of the loins, announced the first discharge of his sperm. Louisa paused fractionally to study the ejaculation as the powerful jet struck her chin. As she jerked the cock again, it was followed immediately by a second spurt, which shot over her shoulder, leaving a trail of pearls on her skin. She milked the remaining five spasms as they splashed their contents over her chin and breasts, each accompanied by a loud grunt, with less intensity, until only a drop remained.

But there was no time for Louisa to study the swarthy cock, much as she would have liked. A hand placed on her head turned it round to face another stiff cock. Although not very long, it was sturdy, with a smallish helmet with a pronounced rim. It beckoned her! Louisa smiled as she took hold of it and began to jerk it hard and fast.

As she did so, the third cock came into her vision. A pale banana-shaped heavy shaft, offering itself to her. She grabbed at it with her other hand, watching closely as she jerked it in rhythm to her other hand. Louisa 's hungry eyes looked from one to the other as both hands pumped them both quickly, wondering which would explode first.

Loins and buttocks were flexing more and more urgently as the two men each reached for their orgasm, bubbling inside them, with grunts of effort and moans of frustration. In the end, it was the banana that first emptied its contents over Louisa's wrist. As it trickled it's fourth thick spasm, the other cock burst forth, showering her face with its watery discharge.

Behind her, two other guys were jerking their cocks. When they were ready to erupt, the guys aimed their cocks at her breasts, so that she had half a dozen ejaculations of varying gooeyness dribbling down her body. This, she thought, was getting a bit out of hand. None of the men had tried to feel her body, and certainly not penetrate her. But she thought that might be the inevitable outcome! One or two of the new members who had joined seemed rather menacing. It was they, she felt sure, who were persuading Jack to extend the pornographic content.

After cleaning herself up as best she could, Louisa decide to rub the drying sperm into her body until she got to her flat. There, as she showered, she would speculate at leisure on the wonderful variety of cocks, rejoicing in the fact that they are all different! Size, texture, shape, head, testicles - all varied to make each one an individual specimen. Had they all been the same, sex would be less interesting! Even their sperm varied. But she had made a lot of money and a few useful contacts.

So Louisa decided to make her way to London rather sooner than she had planned. Her Aunt Virginia had sussed out one or two suitable flats for her to look at. Meantime she would stay with her and Uncle Thomas until she could finalise arrangements. She would not tell them of her fetish, of course.

But Louisa was soon to learn that Virginia and Thomas were steeped in sex! Virginia rarely spoke of anything else, teasing Louisa about her boyfriends. All very harmless, Louisa thought, but gave Virginia some encouragement to believe that Louisa enjoyed a full sex life! And when Virginia admitted that she enjoyed showing off her figure in the park, Louisa thought it must run in the family.

The first time Johnnie was introduced to Louise was at one of Virginia's free-for-all parties she arranged from time to time in a large apartment belonging to a member of the idle rich! It was the first time Johnnie had been to one of these evenings. After being warned by Virginia of their highly sexual nature, he thought the experience would be interesting, to say the least!

When Johnnie entered the beautifully furnished large room, there must have been around fifteen couples standing or lounging in the comfortable chairs and sofas, many of the guests were naked, whilst the less adventurous were wearing dressing gowns. A few remained in their summer clothes - slacks and open shirt. All had a glass in their hands, chatting happily with a relaxed confidence in each other. Big band dance music was playing softly in the background, the room lit by lamps, casting a warm glow over the furniture. One couple was dancing close together in the nude.

On his arrival, Johnnie had opted for a dressing gown. He was rather too shy to be parading around naked amongst strangers. He was told to go and introduce himself to the others. But as he entered the room he was spellbound by the display of naked flesh - both male and female. Breasts of all shapes and sizes, showing a wonderful variety of nipples. He felt a stirring in his loins at the sight of so much voluptuous female flesh displaying a wide range of colour and density of pubic hair.

The company were of varied age, size and shapes, but none appeared embarrassed. Perhaps they were all naturists. Johnnie knew that Virginia had an interest in naturism, though mainly because it gave her the chance to indulge her obsession with studying the male anatomy and showing off her own personal pride, which was her large breasts and their astounding nipples. Virginia was wearing a kimono and sandals. Nothing else as far as Johnnie could tell.

An attractive, naked plump lady of average height, with a large patch of auburn pubic hair approached him, smiling warmly, holding a gin and tonic in one hand. She was in her mid-thirties, he guessed. Her shoulder length hair had a burnished copper lustre. Her breasts swayed as she moved and he couldn't help noticing between her thighs, the dangling, half-swollen labia hanging from her hairy vulva. They were quite something!

'I'm Amelia,' she said, her green eyes smiling at him. Almost challenging. 'You must be the Johnnie Virginia raves about.' Her voice was slightly slurred. 'Hello! I hope we'll be friends?''

'Oh! Hello,' he replied. 'I hope we will. I must say that you're very attractive!' as an excuse for being unable to take his eyes from her unsullied creamy breasts, and their pale coral pink nipples, resting on her belly.

She laughed lightly. 'You mean my body is! Go on, then, I can see you like them. Why don't you have feel them.'

Needing no second bidding, Johnnie ran the palms of his hands over her soft, pliant breasts, lifting and weighing them, squeezing their sponginess in his fingers, and testing the chunky nipples. 'Lovely,' he murmured. Amelia purred! He couldn't resist sliding one hand down her body to feel the copper curls and fondle those long fleshy labia. She gave a little squirm, parting her chubby thighs a little to give him room to toy with them.

'So! Let's see what you're made of,' and she opened the front of the gown to examine his semi-stiff cock, now nodding and swaying with its rapidly growing excitement. She cupped it lightly in the palm of her free hand as it filled with expectation. A gentle rubbing along the shaft brought it to a reasonable stiffness.

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