"Louise, walk with me!"

I looked up from my desk at the sound of my boss's posh British accent but the ultra chic head of purchasing was already gone. I shoved my pregnancy-swollen feet back into my shoes, grabbed a legal pad and waddled after her, down the hallway.

"My husband has a very important reception to attend at the Governor's mansion tonight and he needs me to be there, but the quarterly report is due in tomorrow morning. I need you to stay and put the finishing touches on it. It's on my desk."

We reached the elevator and Mandy pressed the button then turned to me with a smile. "I'm so grateful to have you working for me, you're the one person I can count on."

I beamed back at her. That was the nicest thing she'd ever said to me!

Mandy turned to face the elevator. "I would have asked Todd but it's not as if you're going out in your condition, and you don't have a husband to get home to. And the baby is here with you." She tittered at her own lame joke.

I felt my features draw down into a scowl and before I knew what I was doing, I raised a hand, put my thumb on my nose, crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out at my boss.

"Louise," Mandy said sharply.

I quickly lowered my hand and realized that Mandy was looking at my reflection in the highly polished chrome of the elevator door. Uh oh. Hadn't thought of that.

"Are you having one of your little fits, Louise?"

I sighed. "I must have been." I had made up the fib to cover other things I found myself doing without thinking. It was never clear if my boss really believed it or if she chose to believe it because finding another personal assistant to put up with her would be like trying to find a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in Walmart, a little unlikely.

"Well, if you're over it, I suggest you get back to work. Get that report done and you can go home." The elevator chimed and the door opened. Mandy stepped in and gave me a tight smile as the doors closed.

I stuck my tongue out one more time and turned on my heel. The report was on Mandy's desk as she'd said but half the lines were empty!. I flipped through the pages frantically. Finishing touches, my Aunt Fanny! It would take me hours to finish this. Hell, I could be here all night. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly then eased my aching body down into the chair at Mandy's desk.

As if sensing my agitation, the baby chose that moment to start kicking ferociously. I rubbed my belly. "Take it easy, kid."

Okay, by now you've probably started to wonder... yes, I am the girl who can't say no, immortalized in song and book. (Obviously, Louise is not my real name.) It's certainly gotten me into a few pickles. Not the least of which is this baby in my belly.

Nine months ago, my boyfriend and I had just had one of those perfect evenings. We'd been out to dinner then dancing, getting all hot and sweaty. I'd had a couple drinks, which I never needed anyway to lower my inhibitions. We'd gone back to my place and he had me pressed up against the wall just inside the door.

His lips were teasing mine, brushing softly, lightly. He pressed my arms up over my head and held them there with one hand. His other hand hiked up my skirt and slid into my panties, to stroke my clit. I felt drugged, I couldn't move except to thrust my hips against his hand. I couldn't think. I came to my senses when I felt the crotch of my panties pushed aside and the head of his cock rubbing against my slit.

My eyes flew open. "Did you put a condom on?" I asked suspiciously. He was still pinning my hands over my head with one hand and George had never seemed dexterous enough to open a condom, let alone put it on, one handed.

"I forgot to buy any. Just relax, I'll pull out before I come. Don't worry." He leaned in and kissed me senseless again.

I was so wet. His cock slipped right in. It felt so good. I was moaning and bucking so hard against him, I didn't even notice that he came as I did... without pulling out.

There was no denying the evidence now. I rubbed my belly as I sat recalling. He'd stuck around for another six months. I don't know if it was the evidence of my belly getting bigger or the thought of becoming a father, but one night, George had "something to tell me."

We sat at the kitchen table at our apartment. George had moved in with me the month before. I hadn't been able to bring myself to talk about marriage, but I was thinking about it. Maybe George was too. I suppressed a smile and took a breath to still my giddiness. He really was a nice guy, and there was no denying that we had great sex together, though not so much lately. I pushed that worry out of my brain.

George reached across the table and took my hands in his. He smiled warmly at me. "I think I need a little time to myself. I need to find myself before I raise a kid. I need to stop being a kid myself. I've decided to travel a little bit, I took a gig with a band going on tour."

"You understand, right?" He squeezed my hands.

"Sure, honey." My smile had tightened. George was a frustrated artist of sorts. He'd been working a construction job but he'd always wanted to be a drummer with a band. What about me? What about our baby? I wanted to say, how could you leave me like this? In my condition? But I couldn't seem to spit any of those words out.

George squeezed my hands then let them go. "You're the best. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I need to get some sleep." He got up and walked out.

I got up and walked over to the cabinet, got out a bag of sugar and then opened another cupboard to get a funnel. I walked out the front door and down the block to the parking lot where George rented a space for his car. Skirting the less than watchful eyes of the attendant, I found George's crappy little beater, opened the gas tank and pushed the funnel in. I watched with satisfaction as the white sugar sifted like sand into the gas tank.

The next morning George had handed me the key to his car when the guys picked him up and had told me to feel free to use it like my own while he was gone.

I looked back down at the report my boss had left me to finish. I wanted to just get up and walk out, tell her I couldn't get it done, morning sickness or something, but I knew I wouldn't. I reached around to rub my aching back. It had been worse than ever. That was when I noticed the moisture seeping out of me, more like a little flood actually.

I smiled with satisfaction as I picked up the phone to call a taxi to take me to the hospital. Then I wrote a note for my boss and left it on the unfinished report. I had a feeling she was going to need to get the carpet under her desk steam cleaned.

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