tagMatureLouise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 02

Louise and Her Friend's Father Ch. 02


Louise describes last night and that morning.

When I left the Wilson's house that day I was smiling all over myself. As I walked down the street towards my home I was I had finally gotten Mr. Wilson to do something. Jesus, I had been teasing him drastically for over a year trying to get him to take the bait and do something to me. And today, God he had licked my pussy again and again and made me cum so hard I was thinking I might be in love with my best friend's father. Well maybe I was in love with his tongue.

I had seen his cock last summer when I saw him standing in the outdoor shower rinsing the sand off of his body and out of the crack of his ass and his balls and that big soft cock. It happened by accident. The shower was being remodeled and the top was off of it. If you stood by the window above it you could look down and see anyone standing in it. Amy and I had seen some of our friends, boys especially, and knew how big or small they were. Now they weren't hard but we still saw their cocks and ass and knew more about them than most of them knew about us. So when Mr. Wilson decide to clean the sand off of his body I couldn't resist. And then when he lowered his bathing suit and that damn monster jumped out.... well it was the nicest cock I had ever seen. I knew then that I wanted and had to try it. As I stood thee I watched as he washed and then to my surprise he began to stroke it a little. As he did I watched it growing. Well the more he played with himself the bigger it got. I was amazed as I saw the first huge cock I had ever seen in my life.

Now I have had a few guys, actually 5 and none of them had a cock like Mr. Wilson's cock. His was bigger and thicker and looked like the handle of a hammer. It had to be 9-inches long. It was red and hard and as he stroked it he tilted his head back and closed his eyes and then I saw him cum. Well that did it. I pushed my hand down into my bikini and fingered myself until I did too. His cock was spitting cum shot after shot into the shower stall. And I was humping my pussy on three fingers as I climaxed harder than I had ever remembered doing. I was goriest and I was in a mellow stage of orgasmic come down when I opened my eyes to see Mr. Wilson putting his semi-hard big cock back into a pair of shorts. He didn't wear any underwear and I smiled knowing that about hi, I was betting his daughter didn't even know that about her father.

I came down from my spiritual orgasm and went into the bathroom and wiped my pussy and my hand. Then I went down and found him in the kitchen making something to eat. I wondered if he could smell my pussy? I wanted him to smell my pussy musk. I wanted him to walk up to me and lift me up on the table. I wanted him to untie my bikini strings and open my bottoms like a diaper and shove that big cock into me and fuck me like I was a whore. But he was nice and kind and I teased him like a devil. We took the food outside where the rest of the family was already sitting and we all ate as He looked at me and I looked at him as much as we could without getting caught.

Now he had seen my body and I had seen his cock up close very close. Hell I had sucked it and made it cum all over my tits. He loved it too I could see the lust in his eyes. Oh God I wanted him to fuck me with that big long cock. But it was too dangerous and there were far too many people in his family around to even trying what we did do. He lad licked my pussy! God no one had done that to me like he did it. He didn't just lick it and made me cum. No!. Mr. Wilson licked me and made me cum many times. He had gotten me off like no boy could do. He knew how to please a woman. I knew I had pleased him with my mouth but what I really wanted to sample was his cock in my pussy instead of his tongue. Well to be honest I wanted both. And now we have planned to meet on Thursday night and he would take me to a motel and he would fuck me. I knew from the looks that he had given me for so long that he really wanted to fuck me. And I really, really, really wanted to fuck him. It would be my greatest experience and the biggest cock I have ever had for sure. I could hardly wait until I got home to masturbate to his cock image twice that night.

The story continues:

Tom Wilson went to work on Monday and as the week went by slowly he could hardly wait until Thursday got there. When it did he arrived home early and like he knew he would, Tom found the house empty. Mary Wilson, Tom's wife, was out of town until Sunday on business. Their kids were all away at the beach for a long weekend at the Wilson's second home. Tom turned the stereo and used his headphones to listen to the Stones, live on CD. So he didn't hear Louise come in the back door and didn't see her as she stood over him. But he felt someone standing there looking down at him. When he opened his eyes there was Louise. She had on shorts that had her very nice ass cheeks hanging out the back of them and he could see the out line of her pussy lips and the slit that ran up between her thighs her shorts were that tight.

She had a tank top on and it was short and came just under her full and c cup breasts. Her breasts were so full and round that the material that covered them was standing out away from her stomach about 2 inches. He could see the round shape of the bottoms of those tits pushing the shirt out away from her body. Her breasts were standing up high with big nipples pressing against the white cloth. She smiled as she stood there looking down at him. Actually from where he sat he could see the full round shape of her globs that were poking out under the shirt it was cut that short.

When he saw her, he smiled and took off the headphones then he asked, "Hi Louise I didn't hear you come in."

He hadn't seen her in about a week after he had given her young beautiful body oral sex and she had sucked him off. I didn't expect to see you until tonight. God you look so fucking hot."

She looked at him and said, "I can't wait until tonight Mr. Wilson I came home from class and saw your car in your driveway. I knew I had to come down and see you. Is anyone home?"

He told her no. Then she said, "Well I just want to be sure before I undress for you. Would you like me to do that?"

Tom smiled and said, "Any man would like that Louise. You're one beautiful woman."

As she began to lift the cut off tank top, he stopped her and said, "Stop. I want to do that."

She smiled and said, "No. YOU just sit back and enjoy this. Maybe you could take your shorts off now for me and show me your beautiful cock."

He smiled and undid his shorts and lifted up and slid them down his legs. Just like she knew Tom didn't wear any underwear and so his cock jumped out at her. It was beautiful as she remembered it was. As she stood there with her breasts fully exposed and the cutoff top in her right hand he smiled and told her that her breasts were perfect. She lifted each one in her hands and showed him. Tom smiled as she watched her move and he felt his cock jump with excitement for this beautiful 19-year old woman.

He smiled as he looked at two very large full breasts with hard red nipples. There was no sag at all to them. He told her to move her long hair back over her shoulder so he could see all of her beautiful tits.

She smiled and flipped her hair back over her shoulder. He said, "God I have missed you. I didn't think today would ever get here baby."

She moved in very closed to him and put her arms around his neck as she swayed back and forth moving hr breasts from side to side slapping his face and mouth with tem. Tom was thinking how he wanted to run his hands over those "C" cups and pull her down so he could suck on her nipples!

She smiled and told me, "Oh Mr. Wilson I have missed you too!"

She kissed him bending forward and he felt her tongue at the tip of his lips. As he opened his mouth he felt her tongue slide in. He reached up and cupped the beautiful breasts as they hung down in front of him. He sucked on her tongue as he felt my cock grow harder. Immediately, he pulled her tightly down on the sofa and against his body! As he did, Tom moved his hands down her sides and around so he could hold her wonderful hard shapely ass. Squeezing it now he held her lower body tightly against his own body with his hard cock up between then both.

He knew she could feel his cock pushing against her shorts as they kissed and held each other. She began to slowly rotate her hips against him easing his cock against her stomach. She reached down and held the hard shaft in her hand and slowly ran it up and down the length of it.

She broke the embrace and smiled saying: "You know what I missed the most about you Mr. Wilson?"

He smiled at her and asked, "Let me see, was it my hands as they squeeze your ass and tits?"

She said, "No that's nice but that's not what I miss the most. He kissed her and said, "No." Well was it my lips as they suck on your nipples like this?"

He lowered his head and she lifted up so he could take one of her hard red nipples and suck it with his lips. She felt the stipulations as they went directly to her clit. She still had her shorts on but she could get them off in seconds when she and he were ready. She smiled again as he licked and sucked her tits and told him, "No. But that is very nice."

Tom smiled into her eyes and asked, "Was it my tongue baby?"

And s he said it he licked up her neck and around the top of her tits and around the full deep cleavage. She moaned and then looked him right in the eyes and said, "Oh God your tongue is so nice."

She hesitated for a few seconds and then said, "Well your tongue is the second thing I missed. Only you lick my pussy like you do it Mr. Wilson."

She took her arm from around his neck and moved it to the shaft of his big cock. She moaned and said, "Oh Mr. Wilson. I missed this. I missed your cock? I missed holding it like this. And I missed sucking it for you."

He asked her, "How does it feel in your hand now?"

She said, "Hard very, very hard. Just like I remembered it did."

Louise moaned as she slid her hand down the long thick shaft and pressed the shaft tightly down at the base. His skin around the cock head stretched tighter and he felt like he would explode. But he didn't. She stroked it now with both hands and felt how long and hard it had gotten. She told him, "You know I missed that big cock of yours so much. I came over here to make sure you knew I still loved it and to tell you I want you to make love to me tonight like we talked about."

He kissed her for a long time as his hands squeezed and played with her tits. Her nipples were huge and he pulled and pinched and rolled them between his thumb and index fingers. She moaned again. As his lips broke the kiss he pulled back and looked at her and said, "Well you'll have to tell me exactly what you want me to do Louise?"

She smiled like the devil himself and said, "Fuck me! Anyway you want to do it just fuck me. I want to feel this big cock (she squeezed it again and then ran her hand up and down the length of it) and I want you to fuck me all afternoon! I want your big thick cock in my pussy. Here feel how wet I am already baby!""

She had undone her shorts and opened the zipper. She took his hand and put it down into her pants and between her legs. He moaned again and said, "Oh God your thighs are so wet from your pussy leaking your juices. You are ready aren't you baby?"

She was in heat! As Tom squeezed her pussy his hand was wet and her pussy and upper thighs were too. She moaned as he inserted a finger into he as deep as he could get it. He squeezed and rubbed her cunt, and she began to rock him his hand. As he stroked her cunt, those beautiful tits came bouncing into his face again. Her nipples were so long that they could have put his eyes out! Tom lowered his head immediately and sucked on one as he bit and sucked on it his fingers, two of them now, were moving in and out of her hole with no problem. She was soaking wet.

His mouth was like a snake as he sucked her tongue now as they kissed and she moaned into his mouth. "Oh God Mr. Wilson! Oh God you're going to make me cum", she moaned with passion.

We both helped her remove her shorts. She wiggled and slid them down over her hips and I helped her get them off of her feet. Their lips never parted as her hand went to my cock and we played with each other more.

She whispered, "Fuck me now please."

Neither of them had anything on now. His cock was jumping with excitement and standing straight up between us. As their mouths continued to stay locked together, they sucked on each other's tongue. Louise circled his hard shaft with both of her small hands and began to pump it up and down faster trying to make him so hard he would take her. She used her fingernails to rub over the throbbing purple head and sending shivers around his body!

He sat there as she pulled and stroked and rubbed and made his cock as hard as it had ever been. Their nude bodies merged and he felt her hard nipples pressing against his chest. He knew she could feel his very swollen cock jumping and throbbing between them. She rubbed her pussy on it feeling its hardness. The shaft separated the lips of her pussy as she pressed against it. She moaned again and told him she was ready.

His hands cupped her ass and pressed her harder against him. God she was so beautiful. Her body was like some woman you dream about and jerk off to, in your mind. She was 19 almost 20 years old and looked magnificent. Her hair was long and brown and her eyes were very bright and brown also. She had a mouth that made you hard just looking at it. Any guy who saw that mouth open as you kissed her, would love to had his cock in there being sucked with those full lips. She had 34 C breasts that stood up high, with no sag at all. Her nipples were very red and long. Her stomach was small and her hips athletic from the sports she played. Her ass was the type that could lift a man up off the bed and fuck him like he never had before. And her pussy, her pussy was fantastic just to look at. It was not completely clean shaved but trimmed very close to her skin. You could see her cunt lips and the pink insides as they stood up from under the hair that was left. And Tom noticed that it always seem to look wet. Her legs were runner's legs again athletic and strong. They were smooth with long muscles. Her skin was tanned and had almost no tan lines. But, the best thing about Louise was she loved sex, well maybe it was more correct to say she loved to orgasm!

When he gave her oral sex she had climax multiple time in just a few minutes. He remembered he gave her at least four of them in minutes. He got her off very nicely with his fingers and mouth and tongue! That was before he had fucked her. But today he was going to fuck her and he was now ready and knew she was too.

He told her to stand up. She did and while they were stand together naked pushing their sex into each other he knew she was very hot! Hell so was he. He bent her backwards and moved his head down so he could suck a nipple into his mouth! As he rolled it around between his teeth and flicked his tongue over it she held his head too her tit. "Oh yes, suck it! Suck my nipples for me," she moaned the words, "Oh Mr. Wilson! Yes suck them!"

He moved to the other one and her hand held his head as he did it. Again she moaned saying, "Oh yes! Oh yes baby! Suck! Suck them! Mummm that feels so nice Mr. Wilson! Your tongue feels great I have missed it so much!"

As he licked her breasts she rocked her hips into him making her cunt rub his cock. He could feel her wetness. She moved her other hand down between them and over his thighs and slowly and very softly took his cock and rubbed the head against her pussy hole. She wiggled around and the tip of his big cock head was opening her pussy hole giving both of them a very nice feeling. Her pussy felt so soft as it slid up and down on his cock head. She them guided his cock head over her open clit and down to her pussy hole again. After a few minutes of this she held me and whispered, "Now! Oh god Mr. Wilson I want your cock so much! No guy in school has a cock like yours! Oh come on baby! Fuck me! Fuck me now I'm ready! I don't want to wait any longer. Come on let's go to the bedroom or even get on the floor and fuck!"

Tom moaned when he heard her say that! She took his hand and they both went down on the rug. She opened her thighs wide and smiled up at him as she rubbed her pussy again with that big cock head. He smiled into her eyes and said, "Put it in baby! Put my cock in your pretty little pussy. Fuck me baby! Fuck me good!"

She arched up as she held the cock and placed it at the opening of her sweet tight pussy tunnel. She moaned when she felt him push a little separating the lips of her vagina. She moaned, "OH GOD! Oh Mr. Wilson I'm so fucking horny. Fuck me now baby! Oh god I want your cock so bad! Put that big dick in me and give me the fucking of my life."

She moved her hands down and opened her pussy lips with her fingers as he pushed the thick head into her hole. Her breasts were heaving already and she was almost panting! Her nipples stood at attention as he moved between her legs and slowly ran my hands up her thighs touching her wet pussy. He held the cock head at the spread opening and pushed a little more. He felt her lips open more and the tunnel begin to accept him. He moved again and she elevated her hips up and began to fuck him! She cried out, "Oh god baby shove it in! Don't make me wait! I'm going crazy here! Fuck me!"

He smiled and told her, "OK sweetness here it comes!"

He lowered myself down on top of her more and she grabbed his ass pulling him into her. She positioned her body and the cock head went directly at her cunt hole. She cried out with both pain and need. She said, "More give more. Put it all in me Mr. Wilson please. Please! Please! I need you to fuck me so bad!"

As the head of his cock moved deeper into her now they both moved around and rotated their bodies as he stretched her cunt lips wider and she arched up to take even more of him. He rubbed some of her juices on the shaft and began to pump easy into her as she rotated her hips so more of his cock would go inside her body. Finally the thick purple head was all the way up inside her hole and she felt his balls begin to slap on her as. She had done it! She had taken all of his massive cock inside her cunt. She moaned loud as she began to fuck it back now.

She raised her legs up and out opening herself to me! She cried out, "OH GOD!!! Oh fuck! Oh fuck Y E S!!!"

She cried out again and again as she arched her hips up as high as she could go! He pushed all of it into her again and began to really fuck her now. Inches went in and inches went out, how many she didn't know but his cock was so much better than any she had had before. Her pussy was flooded with hr juices and she arched and screamed as she orgasm for the first time. He held her and let her go wild on him. He pussy squeezed and thrust and pumped and rammed into him as she orgasm swept over her taking control of her body. She moved her young body hard and fast trying to fuck him as well as she could ever do., She was like some animal, a tiger as she held him and thrust her cunt into him scramming for him to fuck her fuck, her hard and fuck her long!

He rode her orgasm with her and it was unbelievable how she loved on his cock. As she lay under him he saw he begin to calm down some and he began to fuck her again. In and t , in and out, his shaft moved rubbing the thick cock head against the walls of her vagina. She let him lift her legs higher and move them over her head. Bent almost in half now Tom began to really fuck her. His cock felt so good in her wet tight cunt. They looked at each other and since she had cum once she now worked together with him pumping her pussy in time with his thrusts. With each stroke in her cunt, her wetness lubricated his cock more and more now. Her cunt stretched a little more with each downward push too.

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