Louise Ch. 09


"I have every right to be here." Nathan replied, "Who told you about this beach?"

"None of your damned business!" the man replied wanting to look brave in front of the woman and not wanting to give up his source.

Nathan gave the man a pleasant smile.

"It is my business because I own this beach, now who let you onto my property?" Nathan asked with a soft mental push.

"For god's sake Frankie!" the woman exclaimed, "Tell him so we can get out of here before he calls the cops!"

"It was some dude who says that he's a security guard." Frankie replied.

"Does this dude have a name?" Nathan asked.

"Yeah... Adam." Frankie replied even as he tried to keep his mouth shut.

"What did you give him in return?" Nathan asked with another mental push.

"I... two-hundred bucks."

"Are you aware that just three miles down that there is a beach designated for public use? And it wouldn't have cost you anything." Nathan said.

"Yes but this was more private..."

"Private is the operative word." Nathan said interrupting him. "You have fifteen minutes to leave my property. If I see you here again, I will do as your date says and call the police. I also want you to tell all of your friends that they are not to come here. Now get going."

Nathan turned and headed to Louise who had moved closer to the water. When he reached her, he sat down beside her and put an arm around her determined not to let her know that he was angry.

"What happened? She asked.

"Nothing serious." Nathan replied, "Just a couple of trespassers."

"Then why are you so angry?" Louise asked.

"One of my guards let them on the property. That in and of itself is bad enough but he took their money." Nathan replied.

"What are you going to do about it?" Louise asked.

"Fire his ass!" Nathan replied.

"Without talking to him first? Maybe he needed the money." Louise replied.

"That isn't an excuse." Nathan replied. "Anyone who works for us signs affidavits saying that they will do their jobs as described. Part of his job was keeping this area secured. Not only that, each of our employees know that we have an open door policy. If assistance is needed, it is always given and steps are taken to help in alleviating the causative factors."

"But maybe he didn't feel comfortable in approaching you. Speaking from personal experience, whenever I needed help from Kevyn, I always hesitated. I knew that she would help us but just the idea of having to go to her.... I think that you should talk to him first and then decide."

Nathan didn't agree with her but saw no reason not to do as she suggested.

"Alright sweetheart, I'll talk to him before I fire him." he said as he pulled her closer and kissed the top of her head.

Louise didn't argue. She knew that Nathan had already decided and that it really wasn't up for discussion. It was enough that he had listened to her. She also knew that after he thought about it, he would take some of what she said into account when he talked to the guard.

She laid her head on his shoulder feeling a little like a hallmark card commercial. "This is real." she murmured to herself.

Nathan heard her but didn't respond choosing to let her acclimate to things at her own pace. He lost track of how long they were sitting there watching the waves when he felt a soft, tentative movement on his thigh. He didn't move or comment but waited to see what she was going to do. His breath caught as her hand made its way toward his cock, which was now screaming to be released from the confines of his shorts.

"Almost there." he thought as the touch became more confident.

"Nathan?" a voice called from behind them, "I didn't know that you were coming."

Nathan bit back his irritation at the interruption and waited until the guard was standing in front of them.

"It was an unplanned visit... where's Adam?" Nathan asked.

"I don't know, he called about an hour ago saying something about having to leave early and asked me to come in to finish his shift." the tall, handsome vampire replied.

Nathan nodded and then looked up at the tall, dark skinned vampire.

"Winston? Why are you still doing guard work? I thought that you took your bar exam." Nathan said surprised but pleased to see his friend that he hadn't seen much of since he began law school.

"I did." Winston replied. "But the results aren't in yet and besides, what else would I do while waiting? Gina says that I'm driving her crazy and threatened to leave me if I didn't leave the house and give her some peace."

"I understand." Nathan replied chuckling as he remembered how intense Winston could be. "Do you have a job lined up or is that dependent on the results of the bar?"

"I haven't really looked." Winston replied.

"Why not? You're brilliant; any law firm would be thrilled to have you." Nathan replied.

Winston hesitated. He wasn't ready to make his pitch but the opportunity was here.

"There's only one firm that I'm interested in working for." he replied "And that's Joseph's."

"Have you spoken to him about it?" Nathan asked.

"Not yet." Winston replied. "I was waiting for the results to come in."

"Talk to him before that, who knows? He may hire you on the spot."

Louise watched the easy interaction between Nathan and Winston and understood something. Nathan was generous to a fault. The young vampire standing in front of them was someone that he had helped and considered a friend. She raised her shields so that she wouldn't infringe on the young man's privacy.

"Winston, I want you to meet my mate Louise. Louise this is Winston Carter a friend of mine."

"I heard that you found your mate. Congratulations! It's a pleasure to meet you Louise."

"Hello." Louise said a little shyly.

"Hey, there's a cook out at our place in a few days, why don't you come and bring Gina with you?" Nathan said.

"Is that when you're going to formally introduce your mate?" Winston asked.

"It is and I would love to have you there, who knows maybe I'll finally win a game of chess." Nathan said half-teasing.

"Sounds good. Well, I had better get moving. I've found a few people here... Nate, this is only a suggestion but if you're going to be living out here you might want to think about personnel that you have guarding it."

"Thanks." Nathan said. "We'll see you in a few days."

After Winston left, Nathan explained how he and Joseph met Winston.

"Winston was this scrawny kid who used to hang around near the grounds. He wasn't any problem; he just liked our house and studied on the other side of the gate because it was quiet. After a while, we became friends and played chess. Even then, he was one hell of a chess player and I have yet to beat him. He had this way of knowing what my next move was going to be even before I did. Joseph and I used to plan and plot our moves before each game and still we lost. I'm going to tell you why I respect Winston so much and why I consider him a friend.

One day, he didn't show up at the house. I was all set to beat his behind in chess but he didn't show. I didn't worry too much about it but then he didn't show up the next day or the next."

"How old was he and where was his family?" Louise asked.

"He was young, not quite twenty. He lived with his mother and worked part time to help with the bills while he went to the Community College. His father had died some years before leaving Winston and his mother alone. I didn't know any of this until later. Anyway, when he hadn't shown up after a week, Joseph and I went looking for him. We found him in the park studying. I asked him where he'd been and he didn't want to tell me. He assured us that he was all right and that he would come around again soon.

We believed him, why wouldn't we? He had never lied to us before. He came around a week after that, we played chess and I beat him."

"But you just said that you've never beaten him." Louise interrupted.

"I don't count that as a victory." Nathan explained, "He was distracted and making moves that he never would have made. By the end of the game, I understood that he was telling me in the only way that he knew how that he needed help. As I'm sure you saw, Winston is a proud man and for him to admit that he needed help was a very difficult thing for him."

"What happened to him?" Louise asked.

"His mother died." Nathan said softly. "She was already gone when we saw him at the park. When she died, he wasn't able to keep the apartment.

"He was living in the park." Louise said.

"It took him a week of living in the park to decide that he needed help. That chess game was the only way he knew how to ask. After insisting that he tell us what the problem was, he finally told us that his mother had died and that he was living the park. Now here's the thing, he could have played chess for money- he was that good but he didn't, he loves the game and would have seen it as sacrilege. He could have joined any one of the gangs that ran in the area, he could have done any number of things to survive including stealing but he didn't. He came to me because he trusted me as a friend."

"That's why you're going to fire that guard isn't it?" Louise asked. "You hold everyone to the same standards as Winston."

"If Adam was having difficulties, he could have made that need known even if it was leaving an anonymous email in the special email account set up just for that purpose. He would have gotten an ID number...."

"I understand." Louise replied. "When was Winston turned?"

"About ten years ago. By then he knew what we were. He had always had his suspicions but out of respect for us and our privacy, he never asked."

"He wasn't afraid of you?" Louise asked.

"No, we were known in the area and he had no reason to be afraid of us, we were friends." Nathan replied.

"Why was he turned?"

"He asked." Nathan replied. "Of course we said no but Winston is nothing if not persistent. It took him a year to convince us that he would be an asset to us. I was one of the ones present at his turning and one of the ones who vouched for him. In effect, I put my life on the line for him. If he had done anything illegal or to put us in jeopardy, both of us would have been killed."

"You trusted him that much?" Louise asked.

"For that year that Winston worked to convince us to turn him, I examined him and his motives. I saw nor did I feel any deceit. Once I was convinced, I went to Uncle Ethan on his behalf. After he was turned, he worked for us and paid his own way through school. That's why he just took his bar. He worked his ass off refusing any additional help. Things got easier when he met and mated with Gina about five years ago. She's a nurse and was able to help with the money end of it. Do you see why I have a problem with Adam and what he did?"

"I do but not all of us are like Winston." Louise replied.

"Alright, let's take you." Nathan said. "You didn't want to ask Kevyn for help but you did, why?"

"Because like it or not, I needed help and I had to swallow my pride if I wanted it and there wasn't just me to consider." Louise replied. "I get it but will you still talk to him?" Louise asked.

Nathan wanted to get back to where they were before Winston interrupted them so he quickly agreed. He placed her hand back on his thigh and waited. Slowly, Louise's hand began to move up his thigh. Nathan felt the need to reassure her.

"Louise, never be afraid to touch me wherever you wish. I'm yours."

That statement seemed to be what she needed to hear but she was still tense. She was afraid that someone else would show up.

"Let's go back to the house." Nathan suggested.

Louise started to agree but changed her mind. It was time for her to step out of her little box.

"I want to stay here... please."

She moved her hand further up his thigh and stopped just short of the tip of his cock. Her hand rested lightly on his thigh as she debated as to what she should do next. Finally, she moved her hand so that it lay on his erection and began to rub the length of it.

Nathan sighed at the contact. He reached out with his senses listening and feeling for the presence of others. Sensing no one, he eased her back on the blanket and stretched out beside her. He ran a finger along side her face and traced her lips before kissing her. He gently offered her his tongue and waited for her acceptance before giving her more.

Louise moaned when his tongue touched hers. She soon forgot that they were out in the open and that someone could walk up and see them. She pressed up against Nathan, wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss. They both noticed that with each physical encounter, she was a little less reticent and responded more quickly. She was finally beginning to become comfortable with their bodies.

Nathan reached under her shirt, unclasped her bra and ran his hands up and down her back with firm but gentle strokes. Each downward stroke took his hands closer to her ass. When the last downward stroke had his hands on her ass cheeks, he stopped and squeezed them gently wondering if she would like having her ass played with as much as he did.

A soft moan answered his question so he continued the gentle manipulation until she wiggled impatiently against him. In seconds, they were naked and Louise was sitting on top of him impaled on his cock. She seemed to have forgotten that they were in plain sight of anyone who happened to walk by.

Nathan looked up at her, stared at her for several long seconds memorizing her face. Her eyes were closed but the pleasure she was feeling was obvious as she bit her lip and soft cries escaped her lips. He lay still not moving, just watching and waiting for signs that she was going to come.

The first sign came a few minutes later. Louise's movements were becoming more erratic, her breathing more labored as her vaginal muscles began to contract around his cock. At that point, Nathan took over. He placed his hands on her hips and held her in place as he began thrusting deep inside of her.

He didn't know if it was because they were newly mated or the setting but the beach was no longer just a beach. In his mind, it had become a magical place that he would never see in the same light again. It was now their beach. It was now sacred ground that needed to be protected. His toes curled signaling the beginning of his orgasm. His thrusts while controlled became harder and faster.

He kept his eyes on Louise's face committing every detail of her visible pleasure to memory. When she came, it was with his name on her lips. Nathan didn't stop; he wanted to coax another orgasm from her. He thought that she was multiorgasmic but he wasn't sure. A few minutes later, Louise had come for the second time. Then and only then did Nathan allow himself to empty into her.

Louise slumped onto his chest, her breathing ragged, her skin wet with sweat. Nathan held her murmuring soft words of love into her ear. He let her sleep for as long as he could before waking her up.

"Sweetheart, we have to go." he said softly. When she didn't reply, he said it again but louder and with a kiss.

Louise slowly opened her eyes and looked around. For just a moment, she felt a flash of embarrassment that quickly passed. She was aware that she was changing and knew that Nathan had a lot to do with it. If someone had told her a month ago that she would be lying on a beach after making love she would have laughed. While the change was uncomfortable, she liked what she was becoming and realized that the strength had always been there. She also knew that she would always be shy and that she might never sit in Nathan's lap in public but she was all right with that.

"Lou? We have to go." Nathan repeated again as he rolled over so that Louise was lying on the blanket. He hated to leave as much as she did but it couldn't be helped. He gave her another quick kiss before standing and then helping her to her feet. "Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

"I'm fine... I promise." She replied. A few minutes later, they were on their way home.


Thorne finished his swim and stayed in the water for another thirty minutes. He lay on his back allowing the tide to take him wherever it wanted to go. He was surprised at how at peace he felt especially since he wasn't going to claim the bitch that the fates had given him. He had decided that there was only one thing that he regretted about the evening and that was that he laid eyes on Barb Simpson. Still, it had felt good to fuck with the Sinclaires and in all honesty, he had really been gentle with the bitch and he hadn't let Allen hurt her.

He wondered what she told them and thought that she probably said nothing and if she did, it would have been out of anger. He chuckled to himself, swam back to shore and went into the house where Allen was waiting for him.

"What are you doing here?" Thorne asked sharply. "The club isn't closed yet."

"I left Luke in charge..."

"That idiot?" Thorne snapped angrily. "Get your ass back to the club!"

"I'm not going anywhere until you ..."

Before Allen could finish his sentence, Thorne had his hands around his neck and lifted off the floor.

"You don't make demands of me, is that clear? Now get your ass back to the club." Thorne said as he dropped Allen to the floor and walked away.

Allen lay on the floor for a long time wondering what had gotten into his friend and then realized something. Thorne Blackwell didn't have friends. He had people that he used like pawns in a chess game. Thorne was a master manipulator and he was only just now seeing it because he hadn't wanted to see it. Thorne had been the only one who hadn't called him a sick son of a bitch and now he knew why. Thorne needed him to pick up his women for him and then to dispose of them.

In all of their centuries together, Thorne had never let him have the woman first and he had always dictated what he could and couldn't do to her. Barb Yancy was a case in point; he couldn't take her in the way he thought a greedy bitch like her should have been taken. His cock grew hard at the thought of the things that he had wanted to do to her; he was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't hear Thorne come back into the room.

He wasn't sure of what alerted him to Thorne's presence but when he realized that Thorne was in the room, it was too late to do anything about his hard on. Allen didn't speak as Thorne's cold green eyes assessed him.

"You don't go near her do you understand me?" He asked.

Allen didn't answer. He kept his eyes on him, ready to move should Thorne come after him.

"I asked you a question." Thorne said his tone as icy as his eyes.

"Yeah, I get it but what's so special about this...Oh shit!" Allen swore as his erection died. "She's...."

"Shut the fuck up and get out... NOW!"

Thorne yelled the last word and began to advance on Allen who wasted no time in vanishing from the den to the car. As he sped off, he knew two things, one that his time with Thorne was done. After tonight, he wouldn't come back to the house and he wouldn't help Thorne with his women anymore. In fact, he would assume another identity and leave the state.

The second thing that he knew was that he didn't want to be anywhere around when the two of them knocked heads. He understood something that Thorne didn't. They had hurt her but they hadn't destroyed her. If he had been allowed to do as he wanted with her, they would have destroyed her but it wouldn't have changed the fact that the woman was Thorne's mate.

Instead of going back to the club, Allen went home, packed and took off in Thorne's car. He considered the car a less than even trade for all the shit that he had put up with over the centuries.

"So long mother fucker." He muttered as he made his way toward the highway to an unknown destination.

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