tagInterracial LoveLouise Joins the Club

Louise Joins the Club


Hi. My name is Tim, and this story is about my college girlfriend Louise and me, and what college was like for us at what I will just call RDU.

RDU was a relatively modest-sized school, but strong academically and unusually strong at sports for its size. It was a private school and attracted a lot of well-to-do students from good families-- like me and Louise.

Louise and I actually met the summer before college, on an orientation trip, and only as we got into freshman year did we learn the secret of how the school had such competitive sports teams.

All colleges recruit with lavish scholarships under certain rules, etc., etc. Well, at RDU they had worked out an elaborate sex club to keep all the star athletes happy, and they shared it with recruits, too!

All the most beautiful girls on campus were offered the opportunity to participate-- and most did.

To be honest, even though Louise was more cute than gorgeous and more of a "7" or an "8" -- to be crass about it-- than a "10", I was still nervous about losing her. She was really cute --5'2", sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, sparkly, perky face, nice curves-- with a truly sweet personality and admittedly a really full, bubble-shaped backside that I often catch guys staring at. And her tits are a healthy D cup, large for a short girl. Also, it wasn't just the 10s that made it into the club. If enough of the athletes fancied her, Louise might get invited. And she had such a nice attractive way about her. I was certainly smitten with her! She also had taken to sex quite avidly -- I was her first -- once we got started a couple of months into dating, and we had sex almost every night.

Finally, after a few months of my worrying about whether Louise might get invited to 'The Club', as it was referred to on campus, the date of the invitations approached near the end of freshman year. I confronted my girlfriend with my anxiety as we lay in bed one morning.

"Sweetie," I asked, "I don't know if you've thought about it, but I think there's a pretty good chance you might get invited to the Club. I'm worried about it. I don't want to lose you."

I waited for her reply as I held her in my arms. She propped up on an elbow and after a long pause said, "Honey, you know I love you. I really do. I've been wondering the same thing. In fact, my girlfriends seem to think it's going to happen. You know, just based on the rumor mill--what they hear from the guys on the teams and the comments they make about all the freshman girls, our looks, personalities, and bodies."

She gently stroked my side. "So what are you going to do if you do get an invite?" I asked, knowing that I really didn't have any say, it was all up to her. I had a massive pit in my stomach waiting for her answer. I did not have to wait long.

"Well," she said, "I've been giving this a lot of thought. And while I do really love you... Well, the older girls say it's just such an incredible experience to have sex with the athletes. And if you don't accept their invitation when it's made, then you are out of luck and the athletes boycott you entirely. You only have that one chance. It's a one time deal. And I have heard from a couple of girls who turned it down that they regret it. I have been really thinking hard about this, and I have made up my mind... While of course our love is special, I just won't be able to pass up this opportunity. It's too unique, and you know how much I like sex. If you really love me, you are going to need to understand my need to do this if it is offered."

To my surprise, my dick hardened and tented my PJs as she spoke. This moment that I feared was actually turning me on! My girlfriend wanted to become a slut for the college athletes--and I liked it!

Louise notice my growing tent pole and reached to stroke it as she continued:

"So, Tim, I figure as consolation, you can play a role, too. I don't know if you have heard. But a lot of the girls who enter the Club have and keep their boyfriends. They don't have sex anymore. That is forbidden. But they get to watch, and the girls all get together to give them a variety of mercy handjobs. I hear the boys who stay involved really like it! And clearly something about this situation is turning you on, isn't it? Are you excited that your sweetheart is willing to become a slut for the school athletes? To share herself with them freely as they request and demand? It excites you, doesn't it?"

I nodded and smiled feebly as her hand squeezed on my rock hard cock. And in that moment the decision was made for me, too, that I would stay with her.

At the time I wasn't sure why I was turned on, but as I considered it later, I think it was many-layered: I liked the idea of my girlfriend, who I loved dearly, reaching yet a further level of sexual fulfillment than I could give her -- with me able to watch and participate. And I was also excited to be near the extreme sexuality of the college athletes. It wasn't that I was gay, or even exactly that I was bi, it was just that the athletes represented the pinnacle of sexuality -- and especially the ones with very, very large cocks. Well, even though not turned on to men overall, the really huge cocks were a turn on. The idea that Louise would go to another level of pleasure with the fantastic athletes and some of the time some huge cocks -- well, that was just something that I was excited to be a part of.

Fast forward a few days, and sure enough Louise was invited to the Club. Jerome, a star on the basketball team knocked on her dorm room door one night while we were hanging out. Her roommate Lynne and her boyfriend Brad were also home.

Jerome --who was a truly nice guy as well as a gorgeous, massive black adonis, by the way-- was invited in and quickly explained his presence: "Louise, I am here on behalf of the Club to invite you to join. Probably you have already given some thought as to what you will say, but we need to be sure you are clear on all the ground rules. We are inviting with witnesses (as he passed me a phone in video record mode) to record all of this. If you say 'yes,' you are agreeing to have sex with any male Club member at any time that does not interfere with your studies or employment. You will not pick and chose. No condoms will be used. You may use the pill only for the first four months, and after that you must drop out of the Club or risk pregnancy. You cannot use a diaphragm or IUD because it can interfere with penetration from many of our members due to our extreme size. If you get pregnant, you must carry to term. Alumni donors will make sure you and your baby or babies want for nothing, or you may put them up for adoption. Most female members have only two babies over there three years because you are allowed additional contraceptive periods after each baby. Most women keep their babies rather than give them up to adoption. You can be sent abroad while you are pregnant if you wish, to avoid parental issues. Is this clear?" Louise nodded. Interestingly, she seemed unsurprised by these details--which were certainly new to me!

"Your boyfriend, Tim, as nice as he is, will now be cut off from intercourse with you until after you graduate--if you choose to return to him at that time. Most female club members choose to maintain their new lifestyle. Some do have celibate marriages with their prior boyfriends. Tim, if he chooses to stay with you, is allowed to witness your couplings whenever he wishes, and you must give or arrange mercy handjobs for him. Is that clear?" Louise nodded. "You will allow male Club members to use all of your openings, and even to cause you pain. All that is not allowed is significant bodily harm. Is that clear?" Louise nodded. "You will make yourself available immediately, and if you are not yet on the pill, that is your problem. Is that clear?" Louise nodded--and she was not on the pill!

"Now I need you to say to me 'I, Louise Philips, wish to join the Club and will abide all its rules until graduation.'" And she did-- with both excitement and trepidation in her voice.

Jerome continued, "OK! So, strip bitch! Get everything off but your panties and get on your fucking hands and knees right now you stupid slut! Right by the sofa. I'm going to hang out on the sofa and talk with your friends for a while while you slurp on my cock!"

It was surreal. Louise completely complied. Jerome made it seem like it was no big deal while he chatted with the Lynne, Brad and me for a few minutes about the team's upcoming big games. After a few minutes of this he said to Lynne and Brad:

"Folks, you don't have to stay if you don't want, but it's important that I get Louise accustomed to her new role--and Tim, too--but you can hang out and watch if you think it will turn you on. Let me know, though, because this is the right moment for your to leave for the flow. A few minutes from now would be disruptive."

They both eagerly opted to stay.

Turning his attention to Louise, Jerome barked: "Ok, bitch. That was pretty good. You need to learn how to suck me all the way, but that was good enough for now. Time to fuck. Tim, take off her panties for me." Jerome ordered. And I did. I was rock hard and totally turned on by this.

It was so exciting to be commanded by this adonis athlete to give my girlfriend away, and to accede to his wishes. It was thrilling to have a choice -- for there was nothing menacing about Jerome or his commands -- but then to willingly subordinate myself to their sexual desire for each other, to help my beloved Louise go to the next level of sexual fulfillment at the cost of my own control of her body and of my own manliness. I was now the beta male at best.

"Louise, I've been looking at your hot ass all semester, I'm going to love giving you my cock," Jerome continued.

And quite a cock it was. It was a solid ten or eleven inches of dark brown massive meat. It was pretty thick, but the length and rigidity were amazing, and it was covered with ropy veins!

Louise's panties were drenched, literally soggy in my hands as I peeled them off her fine legs, with her help, and we could all smell her pussy juice throughout the room.

"OK, bitch. Talk to me. Beg me to fuck you and make you into a black cock slut."

Louise was consumed with lust, and boy, did she beg: "Please, please fuck me, Jerome! Fuck me with your huge black cock! Push deep into my womb! Fuck me deeper than anyone ever has! Please! Stop teasing! Do me! Make me into a black cock slut!"

"OK, bitch. That's pretty good. Beg me to re-size your pussy so it only fits giant dicks!"

"Please, Jerome! Stop teasing!" He was rubbing his cock on the outside of her pussy. "Please, re-size my pussy for giant dicks only! Do it, Jerome! Do me so I'll never even feel a regular size dick in me again!"

Jerome just did her simple missionary this first time. I think he wanted to look at her surprised face while he fucked her.

He didn't have much trouble with the first few inches. I am guessing Louise had secretly been working herself with something bigger than my dick in preparation.

Then Jerome seemed to get stuck. "Shit, girl! Your pussy sure is hot, wet and tight! But we're stuck only half in. I'm going to have to push harder now. I hope you're ready!" It was part command, part question.

"I'm ready, Jerome! Do what you need to do! Stretch my pussy out! Ruin me for regular dicks! Fuck me deeeeep!" Louise moaned as she had a mini-orgasm.

Jerome shifted his pelvis further into Louise and ground harder. Louise's ample hips seemed to spread out and around his lean athletic body as her legs wrapped up around his lower back.

Jerome ground and pushed. Louise groaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Drool forming at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes seaming to lose focus. Beautiful, dewy perspiration accumulated on her face.

Finally Jerome made a big shove that must have ripped through her cervix because Louise shrieked the loudest yet as he finally managed to thrust balls deep into her cunt.

Their coupling was noisy, hot, sweaty and juicy. Certainly the couch was going to be ruined. But the scene was so hot that nobody gave a crap. Me and Brad and Lynne were just staring in awe as I rubbed my own bulge, and they were masturbating each other. Everyone had their pants and underwear off by now. Why not? Brad had a bigger dick than me, too, adding to the cuckolding, although both he and Lynne were too nice to make fun of me while Jerome was tearing my woman from me for good. Thank goodness for small kindnesses!

It was so hot to see Jerome's whole log get buried in Louise's tight cunt. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself, but he really did get all eleven inches into my little girlfriend. It must have been up past her belly button. It had to be past her cervix--or something was just getting stretched and stretched!

Louise was on fire. I had never seen anyone so turned on as she--live, in a porno, or whatever! She was begging him to fuck her harder and deeper!

She had started coming well before he was balls deep, and now that he was giving her his whole staff, it was almost like one continuous orgasm, with her calves shaking and super deep groans.

"Jerome!! Fuck! I love this! This is incredible! I love you! Never stop fucking me! You're doing it! You're ruining me for regular cocks! You're re-sizing my poor little pussy! Keep doing it! Ruin my pussy! Fuuuccckkkk! Fuuuuccckkkk! Fuuuuccckkkk!"

My cock had never been harder than watching this spectacle, and I was leaking precum galore. I was trying to keep from coming until they were finishing, too, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to last much longer.

Louise wrapped her arms around Jerome's neck and pulled him down to french kiss her, jamming her tongue feverishly into his mouth. Her little legs again trying to wrap around his buttocks and pull him in tighter.

Jerome said to her, "Louise, you're fertile now, aren't you? Aren't you!? I think I can smell it!"

"Are you ready for your first black baby, Louise? You better be! It's coming soon! I'm going to fill you with my seed all night, and you are totally going to be bred before I leave!"

"Yes, Jerome! Yes! I probably am fertile! Almost certainly! Fuck me deep! Give me your fucking baby! Just keep fucking me! It feels so good! Don't you fucking dare pull out, Jerome! Give me a baby and promise me you will always fuck me!!!"

And she orgasmed again, screaming the whole time.

"I will, sweet Louise, I will always fuck you as your baby-Daddy. I promise I will always have you as mine! But first, there is one more thing that needs to happen to sanctify our relationship."

Jerome slowed the pace of their coupling for the moment, putting Louise temporarily on "simmer" rather than "full boil."

"Tim needs to shoot his seed uselessly into a cup and drink it, showing his agreement. If he does this... Then I will make sure you get pregnant by me before you go on the pill or couple with any other athletes. If he will not, I will make sure that you do not get pregnant by me ever. You need to ask him to do this--and then he needs to do it."

Louise barely waited until Jerome was done talking: "Tim, please! Please do this for me! I'm going to get pregnant anyway soon. Jerome is handsome, smart, nice, beautiful--let me bear his child! Please??!!"

I nodded almost imperceptibly. Of course there was no way I would deny her this. And it was so exciting to think that I would be--in a way--still the trigger man for her baby.

"Louise," I said, "After coming this far, how would I deny you?" And I was so excited that with three more strokes of my hand my dick exploded. I was so excited that my orgasm was almost painful. I had never come that much before, and it seemed to last longer than a minute. Most of it made it into a glass. Some of it spurted across the room onto Louise and Jerome. They smiled, they didn't care. And then I was downing my cum from the glass, and Jerome resumed his pumping.

"Louise," he said, "You pussy is like paradise, you are so sweet and beautiful-- And now you will receive my seed!"

"Aaaarrrgggghh!!!!" He bellowed as they came together explosively for what seemed like minutes.

I'm sure Brad and Lynne came, too, but I didn't even notice when.

When Jerome and Louise caught their breath, the room was filled with the stench of sex, and there was a puddle of fluids--sweat and cum from both of them--on what was now a trashed sofa.

Jerome invited me over to them. "Dude, another thing I forgot to mention--another privilege boyfriends have-- you all can lick out your girlfriend's pussy or ass after she gets fucked. It's the one way you are still allowed to get close to her pussy or her ass."

My cock actually--much to my surprise so soon after cumming--stiffened at the thought.

"Most of the guys find they like it -- for different reasons -- and the girls like it, too. Why not come over here and give it a try?"

I did. I lapped away at the well used pussy of my sweet girl, between her inviting thighs. She wriggled quite a bit--still turned on from the massive fucking she had received. The jizz didn't taste too bad, and I lapped it up.

Next, I was invited to clean Jerome's cock with my tongue, which I also did even though cock sucking was a total first for me -- partly to please Jerome as the alpha male of the situation, partly to please Louise -- who was vocally encouraging me -- and partly because Jerome's enormous cock, shiny with their juices, simply just seemed really beautiful to me, and I was drawn to it like a magnet.

And it was an amazing experience sucking on Jerome's dick. He was tender with me, sensing it might be my first time, and gently cradled my head in his hands as he offered encouragement on how best to lick and suck him. It was a deeply erotic, arousing, and yet tender moment at the end of Louise's initiation. I got a proud thrill from being able to excite and stimulate Jerome even after he had just taken my sexy girlfriend. And I'll always be grateful for how classy Jerome was in including me without being degrading.

As I slurped his cock and massaged his nutsack, Jerome's cock eventually got rock hard once more. But I will leave the next round of sex of the evening to tell about another time.

Suffice to say, both Louise's and my life would never be the same, and I could tell we were both thrilled to be going on this new adventure together -- starting with Jerome and continuing with many other athletes at the school, some of them even sexier than Jerome.

What an interesting new life we were in for!

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