tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLouise Submits Ch. 09

Louise Submits Ch. 09


Greetings all, I again wish to thank all who have read, voted, and commented on this series. This story is a work of fiction and fantasy. The events depicted did not and should not happen in real life. Any similarities to real persons are strictly coincidental. I also need to state that everyone in this chapter is above the age of 18.

I also wish to thank Steve for all his assistance while I write. His thoughts and corrections are very welcome.

Please enjoy my story. Vote and/or comment.


Once again, I woke up with Amber in my arms and I was in her arms. I'm beginning to fall in love with her and I'm not sure if I could tell her no to anything. There are things that I wouldn't want to do, but might if she insisted I do them. These were my thoughts as I was lying awake beside her, watching her sleep.

But I wasn't sure if I should tell her that I would drop all limits if I could be with her, which meant that if she wanted, I would be naked for my classes and would fuck them all. Of course, the senior party was coming up and I knew I was going to get fucked by the whole senior class anyway. The thing with that is they won't know who they were fucking or who was licking the girl's pussies.

My thoughts were interrupted when her phone rang. She quickly answered it, but I couldn't tell who it was. Amber got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to talk to whoever called. I just stayed in the bed, not knowing if she was getting back in or if she wanted to get up to have breakfast.

Once she finished talking on the phone and using the bathroom, she came back in saying, "Slave, guess what? We are invited to brunch this morning, so you don't need to cook anything. Get up, get a shower. I'll get dressed and then we can leave. I'll drive."

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I peed and then took a shower, brushed my teeth and hair and then went back to the bedroom. Amber was dressed and ready to go. I looked around to see if I had some clothes to put on, but she hadn't laid any out for me.

She saw me looking and said, "No, I was asked if you could arrive naked and of course I said you could. So, no clothes for you, now let's go, I'm starving."

"Where are we going Mistress?" I asked.

"You will find out when we get there, but don't worry, you know the one who invited us." She told me.

All I could do was follow her out the door to her car. We still had our bikes on the back, but she didn't want them off, at least not yet. I wondered if we would ride some more, because if we did, I would be naked since she hadn't brought any clothes for me.

As we drove, we talked about school and she told me she loved it when I sat with my legs open under my desk. She told me that she loved looking at my hot little cunt under the desk and someday, maybe others will see it too. I didn't like that idea, but eventually, I thought it would happen. After all, the senior class will all see my cunt at the party when I get fucked by them all.

I was watching where we were going and then right before we got to the house we were going to, I realized we were going to Mr. Bart's, the math guru who helped with our bet and the same old man I had to suck off. And since he wanted me naked, I would probably have to suck his cock again and maybe even fuck him.

We pulled into his driveway and stopped. Before getting out, Amber said, "Slave, I expect you to behave today and do everything I say, no matter what it is. You've had his cock in your mouth before and sucked him dry. You'll do that again, but you're also going to have him in your other holes too.

Mr. Bart said, "Welcome back. I can see your bet is working out just great. Amber you sure do know how to pick them and I can't wait to have my cock in her mouth again. She's a good little cocksucker."

Amber said, "Yes, this is working really well. Louise has been very good and you won't believe it, but she has extended her slavery to me. I have her till the end of the year now, so you'll be able to get that cock sucked a lot more often. But, before that happens, I promised her we would eat before she had to do anything."

Mr. Bart said, "No problem. I have plenty to eat. Had it catered in and I know it's good. I've used this company before and they're great."

We all sat down to eat, with me being naked and the other 2 dressed. I was getting used to being the only one naked, but it still wasn't fair. But I guess I'll get to see Mr. Bart's cock again soon. We ate and talked about math. That's one subject we were all comfortable with. Mr. Bart said he was working on a new problem and it was a very hard one. We both offered to help him with it, but he declined because he said he had to do it alone.

Once we finished eating and getting everything cleaned up, Amber said, "Well Mr. Bart, that was a great feast, but now we want to find out what you want from my slave. She has sucked your cock and will do it again if you would like. But, she also has 2 more holes available to you."

I listened to her giving my holes away. I don't mind getting a hard cock in my cunt, but the other hole hasn't been used before. The only thing that has been in my back door is that damn butt plug she put in me. I hoped he just wanted to fuck my cunt and then we could leave.

But, I wasn't that lucky as I heard Mr. Bart say, "Well, Amber I appreciate your offer and to tell you the truth, I've never fucked a girl in the ass before. My wife would never let me even put a finger in her ass, so today I think I want my cock in the slave's ass. Is that OK?"

Amber said "Of course it's Ok. Do you have some lube so it doesn't hurt your cock too much. She's kind of tight back there since she's never had a cock in her shit hole before. I wouldn't want you to hurt that nice cock as it goes into her."

She was worried about his cock. She didn't care what it would do to my ass. She just used me for her fun and I had to put up with the pain and humiliation of being fucked in my ass by a 70 something old man. But I didn't say anything because I knew if I argued, she would spank my cunt with something.

Mr. Bart said, "Yes, I bought the lube so I could grease her ass up. Once I knew I was going to get something from her today, all I could think about was fucking her back there. You get her ready while I get out of these clothes."

Amber looked at me and she had the damn spoon in her hand. She said, "Any problems with being fucked up your ass slave?"

I wanted to tell her to leave me alone and just take me home. I wanted to say I was done being her slave. I wanted to tell her a lot of things, but I knew she would take it out on my cunt with her spoon if I said anything about not wanting to be fucked back there.

So, I just said, "No Mistress, it will be ok if he fucks my ass."

She smiled and said, "Very good my slave. Besides, it will help get you ready for our party. Now, just get on the sofa backwards on your knees and your ass out."

I did as she instructed and soon I felt a cool liquid going down the crack of my ass. The next thing I felt was her fingers entering me. She was doing just like she did when she put the plug in me. But, his cock was bigger than that and longer too. I just knew I'd never be able to close my ass up again and would probably be in diapers because I wouldn't be able to hold anything in.

She played with my tight little hole and talked to me as she did, "Just relax slave and his cock will slide right in. Remember, push back like you're taking a shit and it will be easier. There, that's better; my fingers are going in easier now. His cock will feel so good once he starts fucking you, and I'll bet he makes you cum."

All the time she was talking and fingering my ass, I watched as Mr. Bart was getting naked. For an old guy, he was in pretty good shape. When his cock came into view, I could swear it was bigger than the last time when I sucked it. But it still wasn't right for a 32-year-old woman to be fucking a 70-year-old man. That's like almost 40 years' difference in age.

Amber said, "Mr. Bart, the slave is ready for your hard cock. I want to watch you fuck her ass hard and then I want to see you cum deep in her bowels. This is so much fun, don't you think so slave?"

I couldn't even talk. I was so nervous and humiliated. I tried to say no, but nothing came out. But, I guess she wasn't expecting an answer from me. Mr. Bart walked in front of me to start with and stopped right in front of my face. He said, "You should give it a kiss slave, just so it knows you want it."

I leaned over the sofa and kissed his hard cock. Then he walked around behind me. I felt more cool liquid on my ass and then it happened. I felt the tip of his cock at my puckered little hole and it was pushing against it.

Amber said, "Relax slave, and it won't hurt as bad. You don't want to hurt his cock do you?"

Then she smacked my ass with that spoon and his cock entered me. I felt so full already and he only had the head in. She smacked me again and his cock went deeper. Then she stepped back and he started to pull out. I thought he was done, but no it wasn't that. He then pushed back into my ass and it went so deep; I thought it was going into my belly. He pulled back again and then forward one more time and he was in my ass all the way. I felt his balls slapping my cunt.

Once he was all the way in, he stopped and just held still. I guess he was letting me get used to having my ass full of hard cock. I was breathing very heavy as he stayed motionless. But, that didn't last too long either, as once he thought I was relaxed, he pulled out until just the head of his cock was in my ass. Then he drove it in again. That's when he started his fucking motion.

He was pushing in and out, in and out of my ass and I felt him go so deep inside me. But for some reason, my ass just loosened up and there wasn't any more pain. It was feeling better with each thrust. I never thought it would happen, but I was enjoying being fucked in my ass and I started to rock back onto his cock. He would pull back and when he went forward again, I would back up to meet him.

I was moaning and groaning and I reached down and touched my hard clit. Once I did that, I climaxed like never before. I was being fucked in my ass and was cumming like a banshee. I couldn't believe it. I hated being ass fucked but at the same time I was starting to enjoy it and I kept climaxing.

I felt his cock get super hard inside my ass and then he started squirting his cum into me. My bowels were being filled up with a man's cum. He drove into me real hard and shot his load deep into me and I screamed that I was cumming again. Damn Amber. I hated her for doing this to me, but loved her at the same time. I had no idea what I was doing or thinking, but if she keeps doing these things to me, I might have to marry her so I could be used all the time.

Mr. Bart stayed in my ass for a long time, waiting for his cock to shrink. It finally did go down and he pulled out of my ass with a pop. I just collapsed on the sofa, unable to move. Amber clapped her hands and said, "Wow that was so hot. I love it when I see you cumming like that. And just think it was because of a cock up your ass. Yes, the party is going to be great this year.

Once I recovered from my ass fucking and Mr. Bart gave me an old towel to wipe up my ass. Amber said, "Well, slave, I think we need to take you home. After all we have school tomorrow and we don't want you getting there late. It would be fun seeing you arrive naked with all the others there. But then I wouldn't have you to play with any more."

We left Mr. Bart's house and Amber drove back to mine. Once there, she walked in with me and looked around a little before she found what she was looking for. She said, "I knew I left this here someplace and I'm happy you still have it. When you come to school tomorrow, make sure it's in your purse. I have some plans for it."

What she was talking about was the jar of cunt hair she had taken off me. The jar was small and was about half full of my cunt hair. I had no idea what she had planned for it, but from the sounds of it, I won't like it. But, I said I'd be sure to bring the jar with me.

I asked, "May I ask what you will do with it Mistress?"

She said, "Well, you can ask, but I'm not telling you. It's a big surprise for you. Now, I need to cum before I go home, so get down here and eat my pussy."

She was taking her panties off as she spoke and then sat on the chair with her skirt up and legs open. I knelt before her and started licking her nice juicy pussy. I made her cum quick. I figured she must have been horny as hell watching me get ass fucked.

Once she had cum all over my face, she pushed me away and said, "Get cleaned up before going to bed, get you something to eat and I'll see your naked ass in the morning. You may sleep in my bed tonight, but do not cum."

Then she was gone. I was left alone with her pussy juice all over my face. I wasn't going to clean up until just before bed, so I could smell her longer. I don't know why, but I loved the smell of her pussy. I fixed me some dinner, watched a little TV, and then went to get my shower. Once clean, I crawled into bed. I missed having her with me, but I did go right to sleep.

Waking up the next morning, I got another shower, had breakfast, and dressed for work. By dressing for work, I mean I put on a little make up and brushed my hair. I had to go to school naked. It was getting easier to drive naked, but I had no idea when I might be caught. And eventually I would need gas for the car. I had wondered how she expected me to pump gas when I was naked, but I'd have to wait to see.

I left early so I could get there before anyone else, but prayed Amber would be there with some clothes for me to wear. I also made sure I had my little jar of cunt hair with me. I didn't want to forget it because I didn't want another cunt spanking. I was worried about what she planned to do with my hair. I didn't want others to know what was in the jar, but I had a feeling that she was going to make me show it to others.

Once I was ready, I left the house and drove to school. I arrived and didn't see any cars in the parking lot. Amber wasn't there. Now what'll I do? I guess if she doesn't show up, I'll go back home and call in sick. I can't stay naked like this and I have nothing to put on.

As I was contemplating what to do, I got a text message from Amber. It said, 'Slave, just go into the school like you are. I have left you some clothes in the boy's locker room. I hid them in one of the lockers and all you have do is find out which locker. I'll see you later.'

Oh, my God, she is pushing my limits again. I have to go in the school, run to the far end where the gym is, and then into the boy's locker room. I have no idea which locker she put my clothes in. I also had to hurry so I was dressed before any other teachers or students showed up.

I grabbed my purse and keys. I almost ran to the school to get inside before I was seen. I don't know why I hurried because she usually makes me go slow. But she isn't here and I have to find the clothes. I opened the school door and ran to the other end to the gym.

I was out of breath but had I to keep moving. I pushed the locker room door open and rushed inside. I looked around trying to think where she might put my clothes. But then I noticed most of the lockers had locks on them. So I started going to the ones without the locks. I was frantic because I didn't find anything in the first 10 lockers I checked.

I was running from locker to locker and finally, at the end of the locker room, I found some clothes. There was a skirt, blouse and shoes. But of course, as always, there was no bra and no panties, she forbids me to wear them. I pulled the clothes out and got dressed. I didn't pay too much attention to what I had on because I needed to be covered and then get out of the boy's locker room as soon as possible. I had no idea how I would explain being in there if I should be caught.

I left the locker room and went straight to my room. That's when I realized what I had on. It wasn't much and if I wasn't careful, I would be showing everything all day. The clothes she left for me was a very short skirt. It was too short for a teacher in school. Hell, it was too short for a young student. The hem of the skirt was only about 8" from my cunt and when I moved, it rode up on my ass. I was positive I would be showing my ass wearing it.

The blouse was super thin. Not transparent, but very thin. My hard nipples were showing through the thin material and as I looked down, I could see them and most of my tits. The boys would be getting a thrill out of that. I needed to talk with Amber to tell her that the clothes were not acceptable. Then the shoes were the 5" heels I got for a fuck. I hoped I could sit in all my classes today and planned on staying in my room for lunch.

Right after I got to my room, Amber walked in. She giggled at what I looked like and said, "Nice outfit slave. I love the way your tits poke out through your blouse and that skirt is so nice. I can almost see your ass and cunt."

I looked at her with some hatred, but forced a smile on my face. I couldn't afford to piss her off. I said, "Thank you Mistress, but I can't wear this in class. Every student will know what my tits look like and if not careful, my cunt and ass too. Please Mistress, let me have something else."

She laughed at me and said, "I know you can't wear it in class, but I like how it looks on you. Get naked for me and then I'll give you something different to wear today. But you know you owe me now."

I said, "Yes Mistress, thank you."

I stripped my clothes off and she handed me some others to put on. These covered me a lot better and I wasn't ashamed to wear them in school. At least they were within the regulations. Once I was dressed again, it was almost time for everyone to come in the school and start the classes.

After I dressed, Amber said, "Now, that's more like what a teacher would wear. For lunch today, I want you naked under your desk. You will eat pussy for lunch and when you are done, you will put the other clothes back on for my class. I don't want anyone but my class to look at your cute little tits and maybe a glimpse of your cunt and ass. Any questions slave?"

"Mistress, you said I wouldn't have to strip for the students." I told her.

She replied, "You won't be stripping slave. All you will do is show off some under your clothes. You will stay dressed."

She had me there. And then she said, "And you will let the class out a little early so you can change back into these clothes for the rest of the day."

I couldn't say anything else. She did promise I wouldn't be made to strip, but I would still allow students to see parts of me. And I was sure she would push the limits more and more.

She left me alone then and I prepared for my first class. I was at my desk, with my naked ass in the chair, my legs spread wide and my cunt very visible under my desk for her camera. Really, I don't mind this part. It feels kind of nice to have the air on my naked, bald cunt and I planned on sitting for most of the classes. I'm sure she won't let me sit during her class. She wants her fellow students to see her slave's cunt, ass and tits.

The morning went well for me. I taught class like I should and often sat behind my desk with my cunt showing for Amber. But, lunch was coming up the next period and I had been told I would be under my desk to eat pussy. I liked eating Amber's pussy. She tasted so good.

The bell rang for the end of the class and I watched as all the students left for lunch. As soon as all of them had gone, I closed my door, but couldn't lock it. Amber would be in soon and I had to be ready for her. Once the door was closed, I walked to the front, stripped naked, put my clothes away and slid under my desk. It was strange being naked in my classroom and even stranger hiding under my desk like this.

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