tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLouise's First Master

Louise's First Master


Louise stared at the glowing screen, not able to grasp what she was actually looking at. The note at the top of the screen read "I know what you are and if you don't want everyone else to know too you will do as I tell you." Who was this, what did he know, she opened the attachment, it was a picture of her in front of her computer, her eyes closed, her hand pushed down the front of her sweats. It looked like it had been taken by her own web-cam. Below the picture were exerts from some of the stories she had read, the nasty rape and blackmail stories. Louise had read these stories, fantasized about what it would be like to be controlled and used, she had masturbated to the images in her mind but that's as far as she had gone, what did this person want.

Quickly she closed the window, she was at night school, if anyone actually saw her screen, she looked around trying to act natural. What did he want, what was she going to do. Another email came in before the end of her class, she was afraid to open it, but she knew she had to.

Louise was a 31 year old mother and wife, a respectable working woman. Comfortably middle class, she took care of her body, worked hard, and went to night class to keep current. She had these nasty thoughts but had kept them inside, no one until now had ever known. She fantasized about being raped, dominated, tied up and abused, but never had she told anyone. She was ashamed of the thoughts, now there was someone else that knew and was going to blackmail her. The fantasies might become a reality, she opened the mail with both trepidation and excitement.

Her scalp tingled as she read the screen, "Don't even think about fucking with me, you will do exactly what I tell you to do or suffer the consequences."

Louise knew she would obey, it sent shivers through her body to think of this stranger dominating her, she wanted to be his to obey and be dominated by this him.

The next paragraph was short and to the point, she read it twice to be sure to understand, she wanted to be sure she got it right.

"Take off your cloths, wear only your overcoat and go to the Starlight theatre in Time Square. Sit in the back on the left side, be there at 10 PM."

Her class was over at 930 so she would have to rush to be there on time. She went to the washroom and carefully removed her cloths folding them and placing them inside her bag.

Pulling the belt on her overcoat tight she walked through the cool evening, the air slipped under her coat, tickling her naked body, she could feel the excitement building inside her. Her nipples hardened trying to poke through the thick material of her coat. Did anyone know, could they tell she was naked under the coat, did they know she was so aroused by the nastiness of it all.

She was a little heavier than she had been when she was younger but she carried it well, a gently inviting roundness. Her breasts hung bigger, heavier, her body soft and luxurious. Often she caught men looking at her, brushing against her on the subway. It made her feel so good to have their bodies rubbing against her, touching her inadvertently, was it really accidental, she actually thought not but maybe that was just her own heighten sexuality.

She paid her ticket and went into the rundown theatre. It was a double feature, "Casablanca and African Queen" a Bogart fan she thought.

The theatre was almost empty, as her eyes adjusted she saw only a few people scattered around the room, most of them slumped in their seats, sleeping she thought. An all-night theatre was a good place to keep warm.

She sat in the corner, her coat falling open as she sat, exposing her soft white thigh, she pulled it closed and heard his voice.

"Leave it open Louise" the voice was deep, throaty and had appeared out of nowhere, did she recognize it? She tried to turn and a hand shot out grabbing her hair, holding her head from turning. "I never told you to turn around, I think I'll have to teach you to be a good slave,"

He had said the word, she had never thought of herself in those terms but it electrified her to hear him say it, to know it was what she was now, she belonged to him and he would control her in every way.

The hand let her hair go and caressed her cheek, it's rough calluses scraping against her soft skin. Then she recognized him; she could see the hand, remembered looking at it before. It was the handy-man, Oliver that was his name, she had hired to build some shelves. He was tall rugged, his big rough hands had fascinated her, she had thought about them on her body touching her in all her private spots. The smell on his hand was a pungent, musky manly smell, had he been touching himself with this hand, it smelled like sex.

She could feel herself getting even wetter at the thought of him waiting for her, touching himself.

"You are such a nasty little slut aren't you, you really need this don't you" Feeling her shiver he moved his hand down across her neck, into her coat, pushing it open, his fingers touching her aching nipples. He lifted the big heavy breast, leaning forward he whispered into her ear. "Suck them, I want to see you suck your hard nipples slut"

She felt so wicked, so disgusted that she would give in so easy but she felt out of control. Her nipples seemed to be on fire, throbbed for his touch for his hands manipulating them. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, accepting it into her mouth. She sucked hard, feeling the hard nub against her tongue it felt so good. He squeezed and manipulated her other breast with his strong hands.

Then his hands were gone, she opened her eyes and now he was beside her, his large muscular body spilling over the seat. Pushing what remained of her coat from her body he could now see her entire naked body, there for him to do with as he pleased.

The fingers moved down between her legs and she involuntarily opened herself for him, the liquid seeping from her, dripping onto the seat below her. The large fingers slipped into the soft swollen folds, he moved them back and forth and small moans escaped from her, as she sucked even harder on her breasts, her own hand holding it to her mouth. He stopped on her clit, pushing at the hard bud, then moving back and forth, teasing it, flicking at it's sensitivity. Finally he pushed his finger into her. First one then two pumped at her sopping canal. She wanted to cum, she wanted it harder, he was driving her closer and closer. She pushed her hips forward trying to get more of him inside her, and then her pulled out of her. She looked over at him he was unbuttoning his jeans, his huge cock rising from the constricting material. It stood tall, the red swollen head throbbing as his hand wrapped around its base.

"My dirty slut, suck my big cock, get down on your knees and suck my cock bitch,"

Yes that's exactly what she wanted to do, she loved to hear him tell her what to do, to call her a slut, his slut.

The coat was on the floor under her, she was naked hunched over his big shaft, trying desperately to get as much as possible into her mouth. His hand found the back of her head as the other pinched ruthlessly at her nipples. He pushed her head down, forcing more of it inside her mouth. God she felt like she was going to choke, gagging she tried to breath through her nose. The head was now inside her throat, god if felt so big unbelievably big and she felt his pubic hair tickling at her nose. He had done it, forced his whole shaft into her, back and forth her moved her head fucking her face, using her for his own pleasure.

Oliver was getting close, he pulled her from his cock, it twitched and he exploded into the air in front of her. Her mouth was still open, his cum landed on her face, her chin, dripping down onto her breasts. She felt so dirty as more and more of the white sticky cream pumped out of him onto her naked body. Without even thinking she brought her hands up to her breasts, scraping the thick liquid off her body and sucking it off her fingers. She felt so nasty, she wanted to taste him, to show him what a good slut she was, show him how disgusting she could be for him.

She needed to be fucked, his cock still trembled when she brought her tongue to it's tip, licking and sucking on the dripping head. It stayed hard, her mouth worked it some more wanting to have it inside her, fucking her.

There was a narrow aisle next to the wall of the theatre, Oliver pointed to it. "Get on your hands and knees, I'm going to fuck you like a dog"

Louise scrambled over, getting on her hands and knees, pushing her ass up into the air for him, craving that big cock. He knelt behind her guiding his shaft along the wetness of her slit, pushing the wetness up along her asshole, his hands moving over her round cheeks. He slapped her, then she it at her entrance and he drove into her with one hard stroke. It filled her, she couldn't believe it actually fit, stretching her cunt open. His fingers played with her puckered asshole and she lay her head down on the dirty carpet her eyes closed, enjoying the sensations. His big finger drove into her asshole as his cock moved back and forth inside her tight pussy. Pulling out slowly he would drive hard into her, again and again he pounded against her ass, his one hand grabbing at her hips while the other abused her tight little ass. God it felt so good and then she couldn't hold it back any longer, the poor abused pussy being slammed by his huge meat and she grabbed it with her pussy muscles trying to keep it inside. That was all he needed and she felt it expand inside her. Her body was convulsing out of control, she grabbed at the carpet, her large breasts hanging below her, rubbing against the dirty carpet. She felt so nasty so wanton, so filled with ecstasy at her own degradation.

She collapsed, had she passed out, how long had she been lying here? She was naked and covered in cum in a grimy little theatre. He was gone, she grabbed her coat and bag and cautiously got to her feet. The exit door was close and she pushed the door open pulling the belt tight around her as she stepped into the ally.

First she went to her Gym, she could shower and dress, try and turn herself back into a respectable woman. She giggled a little, as she dressed, "not likely she would ever be the same." Louise couldn't wait to get another email.

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