tagNovels and NovellasLouisiana Heat Ch. 05

Louisiana Heat Ch. 05


This is a ten Chapter romantic Crime thriller with consenting erotic and romantic sex, male on male violence and a lot of exciting cliff hangers at the endings of each chapter.

As is usual in my stories there are a large selection of colourful characters and not all of the people in my stories have happy endings.

You have been warned -- so if you like the kind of story that combines sex, violence, complicated and interweaving story lines, and that you can sit back each day and read a new chapter -- read on.


As he turned off the dirt road into the farm Frank hung out his head through the trucks window, shouting out towards where Hannah still worked in the field tending the vegetables, "Miss Hannah......Miss Hannah.....I needs help....Miss Hannah, over here!"

Hannah straightened up from where she was working picking vegetables from the field as he drove towards the side of the house, and watched him get out of the truck and rush around and up onto the flat back where he started throwing the sacks and stuff onto the ground before he bent and struggling, picked up in his arms the limp body of a man.

Throwing down the tools in her hands she ran towards where he was trying to get himself and the mans body down off the back of the truck, reaching him just as he slid down to the ground, and lowered the man onto the earth.

"My God Frank who's this.....what's happened? Is he alive?"

Kneeling down her field hand looked up from where he knelt next to the prone body. "Gets me some cold water Miss Hannah....quick."

Hannah ran off to the pump and filled up a bucket of water and then, dragging it with both hands she brought it over to Frank and knelt down next to the body of the man, the skin of his torso glistening sun burnt and red, mosquito bite marks marring the firm flesh, smudges of dirt all over his lean and muscled body. She watched as Frank scooped water over the man trying to cool him down, splashing his face, neck and chest, and then using the drinking scoop in the bucket held it up to the mans head and dribbled water into his mouth.

A deep moan emanated from the man and Hannah gave out a large breath realising she had been holding it since she had knelt down next to him, worrying that he was dead.

"Miss Hannah we need's to get him in the house an' cool him down......looks to me like he's been hurt bad, there's fresh whip marks on his back and some kind of wound that's gotten 'fected in his side."

Hannah then took a real look at the man laying, moaning and moving restlessly on the ground and saw that he wore convicts trousers and hard worn work boots. "Frank this mans a convict.....we should get the Sheriff.....he looks like he's escaped.....he could be dangerous."

"Miss, he's names Jake Bailey.....I seen him 'round town over the years.....he was an accountant......word in town has it he was railroaded......we got to look after him....my people say he was a good man.....you send him back, he's a dead man." And he bent and lifted Jake up and staggered under his weight taking him up the porch and into the house.

Hannah pointed to her parent's old room and Frank lay Jake down on the bed and turned to Hannah. "Your'n better leave me in here with him Miss, I needs to get these wet 'n dirty trousers off him and wash him down."

"I'll get you some soap and water and some first aid equipment." And she left, closing the door behind her allowing Frank to strip Jakes dirty and wet clothes off of him. A knock on the door told him Hannah had the water and soap and after he covered up Jakes lower body with the sheet, he opened the door taking the bowl of hot water, soap and flannel from her. She looked past Frank to the bed and saw the now semi conscious man flailing about. "You need help Frank?"

"Yeah Miss Hannah......thinks you can handle it?"

Nodding she walked in and stood next to the bed holding out her hand for the wet soapy flannel and whilst Frank held Jake's flailing arms down. She carefully washed the dirt and sweat off his body, wincing when Frank turned him on his side giving him access to his back and the red welts and sunburnt skin, and the red swollen wound on his side. Abigail told Frank, "This needs to have the infection drawn out......I'll go and start heating a poultice to put on the wound in his side, that should draw out some infection, and I'll find the lotion for his back. You carry on washing the rest of him."

Together the two people tended to Jake, and then Frank went out to continue unloading the Crawfish from the truck out of the heat and then cook up some for food, whilst Hannah placed cold towels on Jake to cool down the temperature running through his body.

Once they had eaten Hannah told Frank to drive into town and see if he could sell the Crawfish to the local store and after he had left she took the remaining cooked Crawfish and started to make a Crawfish broth for Jake to try and build up his strength.


The knock on the door told Abigail that the Mayor had arrived. Walking to it she opened it and plastered on her face a big smile to welcome him in. The overweight man walked over the threshold of the door and entered the house, "Miss Abigail...."


Without any ceremony the Mayor grabbed Abigail's breast as she closed the door and turned her around so that she faced away from him and he told her, "I've been waitin' since yesterday to get my hands on you Miss Abigail......" and his hands dipped down under the neckline of her dress and his fat podgy hands held and squeezed her breasts. "You got anythin' for me.....part from sweet release?"

"Claude where are your manners?" and she struggled out of his clutch and straightening her clothes walked away from him up the hall and into the sitting room. The Mayor followed sat down adjusting his clothes pulled tight over the hard on in his crutch. "A drink Claude? I have iced tea."

"You got any hard liquor Miss Abigail."

"Mr Mayor.....what do you take me for?.....although the Volstead Act was repealed last year and Prohibition is no more, I'm a good girl and this is a dry house."

Sitting back he looked at her with a cynical smile, "Miss Abigail, you're no more pure than an alley cat in a heat. You come on over here girl, give me that blow job I been dreamin' of and some information on that other man you are fuckin'.....and then give me some of the hard stuff you got hidden around here somewhere's."

Putting her hand to her heart and showing a pained look of shock on her face she replied, "You wound me Claude......insulting me like that."

Standing up, all pretence of the jovial man gone in an instance he strode over to her and slapped her face. "Drop the pretence bitch......get on your knees woman and start sucking."

A shocked Abigail, cheek stinging, stared at the man in front of her. She had miscalculated enormously about him. The look in his eye was hard and full of intent. Taking a step backwards she shook her head, "Claude....."

"All pretence gone Miss Abigail....on your knees.....I been thinkin' all night and I decided your gonna service me, get that information I need, and do as I tell you......I got that ol' boyfriend of yours put away workin' on a chain gang......framed him.....got him to take the fall to protect myself......I can do a lot more with you......that's the beauty of power....of position....of having money.....you're in no position to refuse me.....you do as I say and you're gonna be safe, but on my terms not yours.....you don't......I make sure your name is ruined, the town against you and framed for some kind of shenanigans.....how about prostitution?"

Shaking Abigail stared in horror at the Mayor. "You wouldn't."

"Try me."

Slowly she sank to her knees, and Claude unbuttoned his flies. "That's a good girl Abigail......now we have a real understanding."


Jake drifted in and out of consciousness, the fever running through his body from the infection, dehydration and exhaustion. Hannah sat by him washing down his fevered body with cool cloths, fed him sips of water, and crawfish broth when he could take it.

As she sat next to him tending him she stared at his body and face. In the past she had seen the farm hands stripped to the waist, working in the fields, their muscles moving under their skin. But had never been this close to a naked man before.

Never touched a man like this before.

And what a man.

His body was lean but muscled, shoulders wide. The bites and marks marring his skin didn't take away the beauty of it in her eyes and she looked up to his face with it's flushed skin pulled tight with fever over a good strong bone structure, high cheekbones, strong chin covered in dark stubble, his black hair standing out where it was dirty from sweat and his time in the swamp.

Hannah felt her heart turn over and a hot flush run through her body as she looked at the sick man in what had been her parent's bed. Never in her life had she felt like this.

As she sat with him, tending him, he started to mumble, incomprehensible words. She leant forwards, wiping the cloth over his forehead, cooling him down. Suddenly his green eyes opened and stared up into hers, inches apart, and a hand came up and grabbed her arm, and she heard him say, "Abigail.......Abigail, is that you......Abigail." Before his eyes closed, his arm dropped back down to the bed and he went back into his deep sleep.

* Rory opened up the filing cabinet and pulled out the drawer, placing it on the desk so that he could remove the packages taped to the back of the inside of the cabinet. Putting the bundle of papers and slim account books into his attaché case he put back the drawer and picked up the case, and walked out and locked his office.

He had decided that keeping this proof of involvement of the Mayor and Sheriff in the conspiracy to defraud the farmers was now too hot to keep here in his office, and he was moving it into his home where he could hide it there.


Abigail sat staring at the Mayor as he stood over her, "I don't want to hear you tell me you don't know where that bastard you're fucking has hidden the stuff. You get it for me......I'll be back day after tomorrow. I expect you to have it for me.........you don't I get the Sheriff to pick you up for whoring your body out.......and I can get a load of men to testify that you propositioned and sold yourself to them........you understand?"

Nodding she stared up at him, the look of horror in her eyes.

"Good.......once you get that and give it to me we'll carry on with our little liason.......you get that Miss Abigail."

In a quiet voice she told him, "Yes."

Then he was gone and she cried into her hands. Twenty four hours ago she thought she had it all under control and that she would have two men wrapped around her little finger, and now she wasn't sure what to do and how to get out of the mess she found herself in.


Rory's wife sat rocking her baby in her arms in the rocking chair when her husband came storming into the house mid afternoon. She heard the door slam and then his footsteps as he ran upstairs. Getting up she walked to the bottom of the stairs just in time to see him unlock the attic entrance door and then see him disappear into the doorway and hear the key turn in the lock from inside.

Listening to the footsteps above in the attic as he walked across, and then the noise of boxes and stuff stored up in the attic being moved around she panicked that he was looking for the trunk up there to leave her.

After ten minutes the door opened and Rory came out, relocked it and putting the key in his vest pocket ran down the stairs and passed her without saying a word before he left the house, leaving her standing there feeling a fool.


Jake lay there in the bed, the feeling of cool cloths stroking his skin, easing the heat. Every so often he felt water at his lips and warm liquid spooned into his mouth. Wanting to open his eyes but too tired to do so he gave himself up to the gentle caring, the first real softness and tenderness he had felt for two years now.

In his mind he thought it must be his Abigail.

His gentle, soft and beautiful Abigail, and he smiled in his dreaming, remembering those balmy summer days that they dated that summer before all the madness exploded and he seemed dragged down into the living hell that the last couple of years became.

At his side he felt the warm heat of something as it was placed over his wound, and gentle hands rubbing cool ointment onto the many bites on his skin. Giving himself over to the calming, caring hands he drifted into sleep, his mind gaining strength as was his body.


All night Hannah sat at his bedside, laying cool flannels on his brow to bring down the temperature, heating and placing fresh poultices on the wound, dabbing the healing ointment on the bites and on his sunburnt skin and red welts as Frank turned the man on his side for her to reach the skin on his broad injured back.

As morning approached and the pale fingers of dawns light started to appear she drifted off to sleep sitting in the chair beside his bed, and that is how Jake got his first lucid look of her when his eyes opened a couple of hours later and he looked around finding her propped up in the chair beside him. Gingerly moving to sit up he grimaced as the wound in his side gave a dull ache, and the sore skin of his back rubbed against the clean cotton sheets.

His tired gritted eyes looked around the room and then re settled on the woman slumped in sleep in the chair next to where he lay in the bed. She had dark shadows under her eyes marring the pale skin on her face. A few freckles were sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, and soft brown hair that had escaped the ponytail straggled around her face. He looked down at his body, noticing the red marks of insect bites and reddened skin and lifting up the sheet saw the bandage on his wound. Looking further under the sheets he saw he was buck naked and glancing back at the sleeping woman wondered if she had stripped him down while he was unconscious.

Suddenly he heard the noise of a door opening somewhere in the house and the sound of footsteps in the hall outside the bedroom door and getting ready to fight, even in the weak and exhausted state he was in, he sat up waiting for whatever was going to come through the door. A Sheriff, the prison guards, whomever. For he wasn't going back to that chain gang or the prison.....he would put up a fight or die trying.

The door opened and a big black man walked through and then stopped still when he saw Jake sitting up in the bed, fists raised ready to fight.

"Names Frank, Mr Bailey Sir," the big man said, "and there's no need to put your fists up to me.....you're safe here."

Jake felt a soft hand settle on his shoulder and looked around into the soft hazel eyes of the woman who had been asleep. "Lay back and rest.....like Frank said, you're safe here....lay back.....you need to get well."

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"My name is Hannah...Frank here found you in the boat and brought you here to my farm......you have an infection from the wound in your side.....and a touch of sunstroke....would you like some water." and the woman picked up a jug and poured a glass of water on the small table by the bed and held it out to Jake. "Drink....we need to get more fluids into you....."

Jake took the glass and with shaky hands lifted it to his mouth and drank down the tepid water, emptying the glass and easing his dry throat and mouth. While he did that the woman picked up a brown bottle and told Jake to turn around. "Your back has sunburn and this ointment will help to heal and cool down the heat in your skin from the sun and the.....ummm.....marks on your back." Giving her the empty glass he lay down and turned on his side facing the quiet black man who stood in denim dungarees watching and waiting, his dark black eyes never leaving Jakes.

As he felt the cool lotion on his back and her gentle fingers stroking his skin with it he asked her, "Why are you doing this? How do you know me....."

"Yessum Sir....we's know who you are Mr Bailey.....I's seen you 'round town in the past." Frank told him, as the soft gentle fingers rubbed the lotion into the skin of his back, easing the tight pull of the burnt flesh.

Settling down into the soft bed on his side, his head starting to go fuzzy with the sudden draining of what little energy had had, Jake murmured "I'll just have a small sleep and then get on my way......I need to see Abigail......"

Franks eyes met Hannah's over the body of Jake as he drifted off to sleep, concern in them.

"Miss Hannah......I's need to speak with you....if'n you'll pardon and give me a moment."

Walking around the bed and taking one last look at the sleeping man, his naked torso dark and golden against the pure white sheets, she followed Frank out into the hall and closed the door.

"What is it Frank?"

"We needs to move him soon as we can Miss Hannah.....the Sheriff has been nosing 'round the farm lately....no tellin' when he might turn up 'gain.....can't let him find Mr Bailey here....soon as he's able to move I can load him onto the back of the truck.....cover him up....takes him over to where my peoples live, down by the creek.....they'll do whats right by him....."

"Do you mean help him escape?"

"Yeah Miss Hannah......told you, talk is he was set up....you seen what the state has done to him.....can't send him back to that....got to help him on his way, but not so that you get into trouble."

Hannah looked down at her feet, biting her lip and then said, "We'll move him in a couple of days.....in the meantime we keep him out of Sheriff Millets way and make sure he gets his strength back, here on the farm."

"But Miss Hannah...."

"Frank my minds made up...you go start watering the fields.....I'm going to catch up on a little sleep and then we'll start to build up your Mr Bailey's strength so we can move him on."

Walking across the hall to her own room Hannah stripped off her clothes and lay down on her bed, falling into a deep sleep where dreams of a man making love to her flowed through her mind, and the man looked suspiciously like the man sleeping across the hall in her parent's bed.


Abigail paced back and forth in her house, running her hands through her hair, trying to work out what to do. How was she going to get Rory to tell her where he had hidden the information that the Mayor had demanded her to get within the next few days. What if Rory wouldn't tell her where it was? She didn't want to be beholding to the Mayor, screwing him when ever he wanted, and for no money. That wasn't her plan. Nor did she want to be arrested for being a whore....that would be horrendous, and she guessed he meant what he said.

So what was the solution?

She wished the Mayor was dead. If the fat old bastard was dead then she would be free.

But how could she make sure he ended up dead?

And in the next few days.

That was the problem.

One she had to make plans for and fast.


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