tagNovels and NovellasLouisiana Heat Ch. 06

Louisiana Heat Ch. 06


This is a ten chapter romantic Crime thriller with consenting erotic and romantic sex, male on male violence and a lot of exciting cliff hangers at the endings of each chapter.

As is usual in my stories there are a large selection of colourful characters and not all of the people in my stories have happy endings.

You have been warned -- so if you like the kind of story that combines sex, violence, complicated and interweaving story lines, and that you can sit back each day and read a new chapter -- read on.


Jake woke up, his stomach rumbling. He sat up and looked around the bedroom looking for his prison trousers, but couldn't find them. Carefully getting out of the bed, he stood, pulling the sheet around himself like a toga and walked carefully over to the old walnut wardrobe on wobbly legs and opened it. Inside were clothes, a musty smell drifting out from them to him. Reaching in he took out a pair of old worn work jeans and a light blue, frayed at the cuffs and collar, cotton shirt and slipped them on. The jeans were a little tight and short on his long legs, and the thin cotton shirt he slipped on rubbed the sore skin of his back, so he left it hanging open loose, and on bare feet he went to the door and carefully opened it, listening out for a few seconds before going through and walking down the hallway towards a door at the end that he opened into a large sitting room, an old sofa standing in front of him on a threadbare rug that covered a wooden floor.

"There you are...."

He turned at the sound of the soft voice and saw the woman standing there in a doorway leading off into what he guessed was the kitchen, the smell of cooking eggs drifting out at him making his stomach rumble loudly.

"Sit down over there..." and she pointed to a scarred wooden table at the end of the room, "I'll bring the eggs out.....would you like some coffee?"

Nodding he looked down at the clothes he had dressed in, "I'm sorry....I took these from the wardrobe....I couldn't find...."

"Its ok...they were my fathers....sit down....." and she disappeared into the kitchen, the sounds of her movements as she worked coming out through the doorway. "My names Hannah by the way, how are you feeling?" he heard her say from the kitchen. Walking over to the table he sat down at the end, shrugging his back to stretch the muscles under the skin, "A little raw....."

"I need to change the poultice and clean out your wound......I'll do that after you've eaten." And she came out carrying a plate of scrambled eggs and a steaming cup of coffee. "I hope you like it black....Frank hasn't brought in the milk from the cow yet....we're running a little late today on chores." Placing the plate in front of him, she stood there watching him.

"Thanks, blacks fine." And picking up the fork on the plate he took a forkful of the fluffy yellow pile of eggs and placed it in his mouth, "God this is good......I haven't eaten eggs for nearly two years....." and scooping up more eggs and sipping at the hot coffee he ate.

Hannah smiled and walked back into the kitchen, giving him some space to eat and to give her some space to calm down. Just now when she saw him standing there, the tight jeans outlining his slim hips and long legs, the open shirt revealing a strip of warm skin, and the definition of his muscled chest, had made her heart turn over, and a sudden heat had risen up her chest and down from her belly towards between her thighs.

The memory of her erotic dream from last night came flooding back and she leant over the big farmhouse sink, eyes closed, and the flush of embarrassment rushing through her. She heard his deep voice call out, "When I've finished this I'll be on my way.....sorry for making you run late on the chores." Pushing away from the sink she walked back into the room, looking over at him. "You're not well enough yet....you're wounded, you've still got some infection....."

Putting down the fork he looked over at her and in a softer tone said, "I can't stay here....I'm an escaped convict as I assume you've guessed from the clothing you took from me...if they find me here...."

"They won't....besides where do you think you're going to go....?"

"I know someone in town that will look after me.....she's my girl....at least she was before I was arrested."

"And how do you suggest you get there....?"

Straightening up, shoulders back he told her, "I'll walk..."

Laughing lightly in an ironic way she replied, "You're not strong enough....the infection will have you on your knees before you've walked a mile......and you'll get noticed and then caught before you get there....."

"Aren't you afraid of me.....after all I'm an escaped convict from a chain gang....you don't even know me or what I was accused of. I could be dangerous."

Walking over and sitting down opposite him at the table she told him, "I know who you are.....Frank told me. I know what you were accused of....Frank told me that too. He also said that a lot of people say you were set up. I'm not afraid of you Mr Bailey.....finish up the eggs and then I'll see to your wound...." Rising up she leaned forward and told him, "Frank knows people who will help you to move on to safety once you get your strength back, until then you're safe here." Jake looked up into her soft brown eyes, a frown on his face, "Why would you do this for me?"

"Because I know what it is to be between a rock and a hard place, to be lonely with no one to turn to, unsure who to trust. I don't know if you are really innocent....."

Heatedly he interrupted her, "I am..."

"....but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt......make sure you recover...and then let you go on your way......"

Quietly he told her, "Thank you." And then he watched as she walked out of the front door leaving him sitting there, the plate of half eaten eggs going cold as he felt the release of tension that had engulf him for the past two years lesson considerably from his body.


The sheriff put the phone down on his desk and leant back in his chair. His hat hung on the hat stand opposite the desk there in his office, the ceiling fan moving slowly above him, trying, and losing on giving a little bit of coolness in the small confines of the room. The caller on the other end of the line had been from the sheriff in the main town fifty miles up North to warn him that Jake Bailey had escaped from the chain gang, killed a guard and was possibly armed, dangerous and heading his way.

Getting up from his desk, adjusting the belt and holster around his hips he walked out the office, grabbing his hat from the stand as he strode past. His first stop would be the Mayors, the next Abigail Roseaux's, and finally Bailey's ex business partner Rory Kendal.

If Bailey was heading this way he was sure to try to deal with the four of them, because after two years, eighteen months on a chain gang, he surely would have put two and two together by now, and worked out that the four of them were responsible for his incarceration, and would be out for revenge.

Striding down the street he made his way to the Mayors office, and stalking past the two secretary's sitting in the outer office, ignoring their squeaking protests, he pulled open the door and told the Mayor, "We got a problem.....a real big problem."

Claude looked at John's face, then at the women apologising behind him for letting him come through without permission and told them, "It's alright Miss Sarah, Miss Grace.....Sheriff and I need to talk."

After the two women had closed the door, John stalked over to the desk and growled, "Bailey has escaped.....he's thought to be on his way here."

Claude stared up at John, a full thirty seconds stretched out between them in silence before John exploded, "You know what that means don't you?"

"Yeah....that you will find and arrest him, and send him back.

Voice raising John hit his hat against his thigh with his right hand in frustration and then leant on the desk and with teeth clenched spelt it out to the Mayor. "Two years....two fucking years....you don't think he hasn't gone over it again and again in his head.....laying there at night chained up and with nothing else to do but pick it all apart in his brain....how did his name end up in the incriminating paperwork?....how did his signature end up all over the place?.....who had the means of getting him signing documents he didn't remember signing?.....who placed evidence in his desk were it as found?.....who could have set him up?"

Smiling the Mayor told John, "So he'll realise it was his partner....."

"And who got the documents into his house where they were found...?"

"Ok Rory and Abigail.....not us"

"He'll have worked out who placed the money in the trunk of his car....me that's who when I searched it."

"Not necessarily...."

"You fucking don't get it Claude......he comes after Rory and Abigail....they talk....we're dead in the water."

Getting up Claude walked around the desk to stand in front of John, "Then you don't let him get to them John......you get him and kill him on sight.....problem solved."

"And what if he gets to them before I get to him?"

"Then you kill them and him, and make it look like he killed them and you took him out resisting arrest."

"Just like that?"

Patting the agitated man on his back Claude smiled, "I have faith in you John."

Stepping back and shrugging off Claude's hand John told him, "I've done a lot of things for you Claude, but I've not ever killed for you......and I don't intend to start now."

"Think about it boy.....alternative is you end up takin' Bailey's place on the chain gang.......I can see it now....you and the other convicts......everyone knowin' you used to be a sheriff for the county......how long you think you'll survive? No this is the only way.....make it look like Bailey killed the two of them and then was killed by you in the course of your duty tryin' to apprehend him......they'll end up giving you a medal....you'll be a hero."

"And what will you do.....how are you going to get your hands dirty Mayor."

"Protectin' your butt."


Rory hurried up the steps to Abigail's house, anticipation in his loins, only to have the door opened before he got to it and a tearful Abigail throwing herself into his arms and sobbing into his shoulder before he had a chance to ask himself what was happening.

"He threatened me....." she sobbed, "he hurt me.....told me I had to do what he said or he would tell lies about me and make sure I would be ruined......"

Shocked Rory's arms tightened around her and led her sobbing into the house, looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was watching. "Who hurt you, who threatened you?" The door closed behind them and the sweet smell of roses settled around him as the woman clinging to him cried into his chest. "Tell me sugar, who threatened you?"

Looking up into his eyes, hers full of tears, her hands gripping the lapels of his suit jacket she whispered in a broken voice, "Claude.....Claude Gaudet......the Mayor.....he came over......I thought he just wanted to talk....but he threatened me....told me he wanted to fuck me.....gave me a choice.....I can say yes or if I say no he would ruin me.....oh Rory what am I going to do......what's going to happen to me......he can do what he says he'll do.....I love you.....I don't know what to do.....you have to help me."

Rory listened, a growing horror and fury building. "I'll go over there to him......I'll fucking rip his guts out and tell him to leave you alone......" and he started to turn around to leave.

Holding onto his lapels with a death grip she pulled at him, stopping him from going, "Rory......no please don't.....he'll then want revenge on you if you confront him....God knows what he can do to you.....he has the power to do what ever he wants...."

"I've got the goods on him remember....he won't do a thing....I'll tell him I'll make sure that the right people gets the goods on him and what he's been up to....."

"You do that and he'll tell them about our involvement.....I love you.....I'm going to have to give in and save you and me.....oh God I don't want to.....but it's the only way."

"You're not going to.....I wont let you."

"What else can I do....what can we do?"

"I need to think about it."

They walked into the main room and sat down, Abigail clinging to Rory as if she would drown if she let go and she whispered, "If only he was dead......."

The whispered words hung in the air between them.


Jake sat on the porch watching Hannah scatter feed around the hen coop, then gather eggs. After breakfast she had changed the dressing on his wound as he sat on the side of the bed and she had gently spread the cooling ointment on his raw back and shoulders. Her fingers seemed to leave a tingling trail on his skin wherever she touched and his stomach muscles seemed to tighten in his belly as his groin tightened. It had been a long time since he had felt a woman's tenderness and the smell of the fresh soap she had used to wash herself with had swirled up into his nose from her. He had looked down at the top of her head as she had bent over next to him, her head down near his lap as she had placed the warm poultice over his wound and bandaged it in place.

A deep groan had erupted from him as erotic thoughts had exploded in his mind at the sight of her head bent down near his groin and she had looked up at him saying, "I'm sorry did that hurt, I didn't mean to hurt you, I'll try to be more careful."

A red flush had spread across his cheeks in embarrassment and he just shook his head and told her it was ok, that the poultice wasn't too hot. But the thought of her and the sexual need for relief had now been planted in his mind and now as he sat watching her feed the chickens he started to take more notice of how she looked and how she moved.

She was very slim, long thin arms and body encased in a plain cotton blouse and baggy denim worn jeans, her breast small, a long thin neck holding her head high, her brown hair pulled back to reveal small shell like ears and a soft nape that some loose straggly hair clung to in the heat. Jake felt himself harden as he watched her and shifted on the old saggy porch swing remembering noticing the spread of freckles on the skin of her nose, cheeks and top of her chest as he had sat on the bed earlier as she tended to him.

He thought of Abigail and compared her to Hannah.

Abigail with her lush breasts, smooth clear skin, rounded soft body, easy laugh and those almond shaped brown eyes that he had used to love to drown in, and suddenly he stood up and walked over to where Hannah bent over picking up eggs from the nests.

"I need to go into town....see my girlfriend......I'll creep into town tonight, I'll be careful not to be seen and caught, but I need to see her."

Hannah felt her heart plummet at the mention of his girlfriend and she stood up. "Wait until at least tomorrow night....at least until you're a little stronger." She wiped the perspiration from her brow as she straightened up, "Tomorrow night isn't that far away."

Jake watched fascinated as a trickle of sweat made its way from her neck, down her chest to disappear into the cover of the thin white blouse. His response to the small trickle was a like a powerful punch to his gut and his eyes stayed glued to where the trail of perspiration had disappeared as he murmured an agreement to her statement without realising he was agreeing.

Hannah stood watching Jake as he stared down towards her breasts which she felt swell and tingle, and then felt her nipples harden. She saw his eyes darken; the pupils almost completely filling up the whole of his eyes and then unconsciously lick his lips,. Then those smouldering eyes finally rose up and met hers, and she saw the raw need in them for sexual release.

Then the powerful thought filled her, he wanted her. A man wanted her. A man she was attracted to wanted her. If she took the chance she would not die a virgin, totally untouched.

He took a step backwards, and she stepped forward towards him, the basket of eggs forgotten in her hand dropping to the ground, a few of the eggs cracking, and Jakes hand drifted up to raise towards her, hand out inviting, his eyes never leaving hers as he took another step backwards. The air around them seemed to crackle with a different type of heat than that of the heat of the sun. Hannah's hand rose up and as she moved forward their hands touched and he closed his warm fingers around hers taking the joining of their hands as agreement, and they made their way to the house, he walking backwards slowly, her following his lead, hands joined, breath held, heart beating fast in her chest, chores forgotten as she drowned in his eyes.

Drowned in the anticipation.

Without any sound they made their way to the bedroom where he had slept, and she had tended him through the night, and as they stood by the side of the bed, his face bent down to hers, taking her mouth in a deep wet and passionate kiss.

Jake felt her arms rise up and snake around his neck carefully, rubbing against his sore skin, but as the kiss deepened, tongues swirled against tongue, and lips slid over moist lips the slight pain seemed to disappear and all his focus and concentration seemed to be on the woman in his arms and the throbbing in his genitals. His hands swept up the slim body, up her ribs and around to cup and squeeze the small breasts that seemed to fit the palm of his hands as if they were just made for him. He swallowed the small moan she made as his hands rubbed and squeezed the tight globes and then his mouth left her mouth and kissing and licking his way down her slender neck he made his way down to where he had watched the trail of perspiration before disappear.

Tension build inside her, like a tight spring waiting to explode as his mouth ran over her skin, and his hands held and squeezed her breast, that seemed to have become so very sensitive, her nipples inside the cups of her brassiere swelled even more, hardening like bullets and her hands ran into his hair trying to pull his head down so that his mouth could close over the turgid tips.

Undoing the top couple of buttons of her blouse, Jake dipped a hand into the bra and uncovered her right breast taking the tight nub deep into his mouth and sucking, his tongue lathering the teat making her cry out as the exquisite feelings in her breast and nipple became almost unbearable.

Without realising it the two of them drifted backwards to lay down on the big soft bed, his face buried in her chest, her blouse becoming more undone as his mouth did magic things to her tingling skin, his teeth gently closing over the nipple, nipping and worrying it as his fingers found and pinched the other one. Her body arched back; giving access to wherever he wanted as his mouth, teeth, hands drove her upwards in a new and never experienced before pleasure.

The ache in his side forgotten, the pain in his sunburnt skin forgotten, the slight fever and dizziness replaced by the full fever of sexual need, Jake removed his clothes and hers, his body burning with total wanting, his movements becoming hard, strong, fast and urgent. His hands swept down her body finding her mound and his fingers rubbed at the wetness between her thighs, his mouth travelled down her slim body over pale skin sprinkled here and there with freckles, the smell of her, fresh soap and her unique scent filling his head.

Moving up he raised his body over her, his knees spreading her thighs wide, and in one strong push he slid his hard male cock into the tight wet hole, meeting a little resistance, but he was too far gone to stop or take notice of her deep gasp as he broke through her maidenhead.

His body slid slowly and deeply inside her, long slow thrusts, as his eyes watched hers. Watching as her eyes changed from one of pain and shock to one of pleasure, and he watched as her eyes showed her building orgasm shine out at him, as he felt her tighten fast around him as he rode her.

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