tagNovels and NovellasLouisiana Heat Ch. 08

Louisiana Heat Ch. 08


This is a ten part romantic Crime thriller with consenting erotic and romantic sex, male on male violence and a lot of exciting cliff hangers at the endings of each chapter.

As is usual in my stories there are a large selection of colourful characters and not all of the people in my stories have happy endings.

You have been warned – so if you like the kind of story that combines sex, violence, complicated and interweaving story lines, and that you can sit back each day and read a new chapter – read on.


As dusk fell Rory crept around in the alley next to the Mayor's office until he found a niche to hide in, the gun in his pocket feeling heavy, a tight ball of fear in his belly mirroring the tight tense pull of his shoulder muscles as he waited for the Mayor to leave the office. His throat was dry as he waited there, and his hands were shaking, almost so much that he wasn't sure he could shoot straight enough to kill.

After he had snatched the gun from his crazy wife's hand he had stalked back to Abigail's where she had outlined what he had to do and how he should do it.

As she had talked he had felt as if he was in a dream and none of it was real.

He didn't see himself as a killer, but he and Abigail was now in a real hard place and the Mayor could ruin them both. He knew he couldn't do hard time on a chain gang like his lies had put Jake Bailey on, and he liked the good life, which he intended to keep, as well as Abigail, the woman he now loved safe, and this way, as Abigail kept telling him during rest of the day, was the only way to protect them and what they had, and if he loved her he would protect her from the Mayor and his threats.

So he crouched down behind a pile of garbage, hard against the wall in the half light, the stench of rotting food drifting around him in the hot and sticky air where he hid. Darkness was descending but there was no sign of the Mayor and as his leg muscles screamed in discomfort as he stayed down, waiting and worrying.


The Mayor had driven straight back to his home from Hannah's farm, pleased with himself. He believed that the young and lonely woman was easy to intimidate and he believe she would cave in and sell up to him quickly.

Who needed the Sheriff to do his dirty work; he was just an added expense. He could do his own intimidating and cut out the middle man.

He would have everything, Abigail servicing his sexual needs, plenty of money, power and respect, and after tomorrow, no proof that he had committed fraud.

Life was very good.


Abigail sat waiting for Rory to return in front of the mirror in her bedroom brushing her hair and admiring herself. Soon her troubles would be behind her and she could move on. Rory would kill the Mayor and get him off her back, she would get Rory to divorce his wife and marry her, and then six months or so down the line she could clear out his bank account, sell off as much as she could and leave for Hollywood and her dreams.

No man would ever hold her back, not Jake, not Rory and certainly not that filthy fat pig, the Mayor.


Jake sat opposite Hannah at the table holding her shaking hand across the scarred wooden flat surface. "Why not take the money and leave? Make a new life for yourself."

"This is my home; it was my parent's home and my grandparent's home. They're all buried here."

"But there's a big world out there. You can make a new life for yourself."

"What? Waitressing? The pittance that the Mayor wants to pay me for my land isn't going to be enough."

"But it's more than you're making scrabbling around, and the bank will take it all if you don't meet your taxes, and from what you've said that is going to happen eventually. Hannah you're going to end up destitute unless you sell up."

"I just can't. They'll end up stripping the land and if rumours are right they're going to build the road or railway through here and I'll end up with nothing, and all that my family has worked for over the years will be gone. Dug up by people who just don't care."

"Then bypass the Mayor and the bank.......contact the county offices.....make the offer to them direct....sell to them for more money......"


".....just don't sell the whole farm and land......just what they need and stay here on the rest. Let them build the road through the part of land you agree to sell, and make money from that to finance the paying of taxes and to improve what is left."

Hannah looked at Jake, what he had said running through her mind.

"I can do that?"

"Why not!"

A big smile broke across her face bringing it alive, eyes sparkling, freckles standing out against her lovely skin, and Jake felt his heart turn over. Getting up he pulled at their joined hands. "Miss Hannah, I think I can feel another need to catch up on the enforced two years celibacy coming on."

Getting up to her feet she asked him, "You need some help there Mr Bailey?"

"Well I really don't think I can do what I have in mind by myself Miss Campbell."

Pulling her towards him he bent his face down and placed his mouth over hers, slanting his lips to slide into place as his tongue searched out hers. His arms slid around her as he pressed his hard erection against her, then moved his hips to rub it so that she felt how much he wanted her.

"Three times in one day! You really are trying to catch up very quickly."

"Then let's stop talking and start doing...."

Walking hand in hand they went into the bedroom, anticipation running high through both people.


Darkness had descended, and Rory had been waiting in the alley for over two hours before he realised that the Mayor wasn't there and going to come out of his office, and walk past the end of the alley so that he could shoot him. Gingerly getting to his feet and stretching he crept up to the end of the alley until he could see if anyone was about and then left, walking quickly to his car parked a couple of blocks away, got in, and drove over to Abigail's house.

She answered the door and pulled him in, "Is it done? How did it go?" closing the door she sniffed and told him, "You stink....." then stepping back from him she asked, "is he dead.....is it over.....did anyone see you?"

"No.....he wasn't there, I waited but he wasn't there."

"What do you mean? You mean he's still alive?" and she stepped towards him raising her hand and hit him with her closed fist on his shoulder. "You idiot...." Hitting him again she shouted, "It should be over.....why didn't you try to find him, kill him, and get this over and done with.....you're useless."

Shouting back at her he yelled, "YOU FUCKING DO IT! You stalk around town looking for him. He could be anywhere. I would have been seen. I can do it tomorrow night."

Flouncing into her sitting room she dropped down into a chair with Rory following her. "I can't trust you to do anything I ask. You're a useless lump Rory......I need a real man.....prove to me you're a real man and do it."

"Tomorrow night."

"You promise."

"Yes tomorrow night. I'll do it." And he went to kneel down in front of her.

"Get up and away from me, you stink. Go home get cleaned up and then come back here. We need to make better plans."

So Rory stood up looking down at Abigail, nodded and left with his tail between his legs.


Jake and Hannah lay, a tangle of limbs, his hand stroked gently over her small breast, the work roughened skin from the hard manual work on the chain gang on his palm grazing over the hard dark bud of her nipple, sending strong pulsing pleasure to arrow down from her breast, down to the centre of her belly, making the already needy flesh of her sex throb as the blood flooded it in expectation.

His mouth bent to replace his hand, the warm wet cavern closing over the now turgid teat and drew it deeper in, as the tip of his tongue flicked at it making her body arch up, a gasp escaping her. Her arms spread out, hands grabbing at the sheets below her on the old feather mattress. Restlessly her legs moved, opening up in readiness, and she felt his mouth leave her breast, the warm air in the room replacing the damp saliva that covered the nipple, and then she felt his lips move over her skin, down, across her ribs over the sensitive skin of her belly. She felt his tongue swirl around inside the indent of her naval, the gentle nip of his teeth on the swell below that, then the electrifying touch of his tongue to her begging flesh between her thighs.

The tip of his tongue burrowed in, flicking over her tight hard clitoris, once, twice, three times, and her thighs gripped hard around his head, the feelings swirling through her body hard to take. His hands held her hips still as they tried to move and jump, and his teeth gently took the bright flushed flesh and nipped before he took it into his mouth and suckled hard.

Her body bucked as it roiled in a deep and primal orgasm, the scream that wrenched from her throat seemed to come from inside her soul, and then she felt him place his fingers inside of her, deep inside, sliding and rubbing so that she came again before she had had a chance to come down, the hot feelings pummelling through her until all she did was feel the heat of pleasure in her body.


Rory lay wide eyed next to Abigail who lay next to him, her back turned to him, waves of displeasure rolling off of her in waves. After he had cleaned up and returned they had gone over different plans on how he should shoot the Mayor and make it seem as if he had been killed by Jake Bailey.

When they had gone to bed he had drunk half a bottle of rough Bourbon, but still felt totally sober. Sober and scared at what they were contemplating.

How did he get into this position he thought as he stared into the night.

It all seemed so simple two years ago. He had coveted Jake his woman, had started an affair with her whilst she was with Jake, and when the Mayor had come to him with the chance to make some real money, get rid of Jake by framing him and getting Abigail to himself he had jumped at it, but now his future looked bleak, the choice could be between a long, long stretch in prison for fraud, or the electric chair for murder.

Turning his head towards where Abigail lay, her back towards him he started to wonder whether she was worth it.

Probably not!


Her legs hooked high over his shoulders, Hannah lay under Jake, his rock hard, smooth penis sliding in and out of her, each long stroke taking her higher and higher, his balls slapping against the twin globes of her bottom, his face above her tightly closed up in pleasure, teeth gritted, a soft gleam of sweat across the tight skin of his face and brow, hair damp with sweat, eyes staring down at her, not really seeing her but dark green with the building orgasm pulling deep in his belly and groin.

His hips moved faster and faster, the long length of him sliding against her inner muscles, balls tightening up, and then he grunted in satisfaction as he pumped his sperm deep into her belly and he felt her tighten hard around him as she joined him over the edge.


Rory's wife gathered up her clothes in her suitcase, and that of her child, picked up the case, and her baby, and left the house, walking across town towards the outskirts and eventually stood outside the only person she thought she could trust. Her old school friend to whom she had known and had such fun with as children and later in high school, and later when Rory and she were first married. Standing outside the house that her friend lived in with her husband and two children she stood shaking and crying before she got the courage to knock.

After a while the light came on behind the door and then it opened and William, Patricia's husband stared down at her, his hair standing up on end from sleeping, face shocked at the sight of her standing there, babe in arms and suitcase at her feet.

"Better come on in...."

Bursting into tears she stepped over the threshold, the baby was taken from her arms and she ran up the stairs to the waiting arms of her friend that stood at the top in a flowery cotton night robe.

"There, there, its all going to be alright.....you're safe here....William settle the baby in with the children." And leading Rory's wife into a small spare bedroom Patricia sat with the sobbing woman on the side of the bed holding her close and rocking her, her hands rubbing up and down the shaking back trying to soothe her, and waiting for the storm to pass before she would listen to her old friends woes and give unconditional support.


Claude lay in bed snoring, not a care in the world. The smell of the cigar he had smoked before he went to sleep swirled around the bedroom, and his wife, who had never got used to the loud noise that her husband made as he slept lay with a pillow pulled over her head to lesson the sound as she too made small snoring noises.


Hannah lay spread across Jakes wide chest careful not to rub his still slightly sore skin across it, her hand was raised against his palm to palm as they both looked fascinated at the difference in size like all lovers eventually do.

"So what will you do if you can prove your innocence?" she asked quietly.

"I don't know......" his deep voice seemed to rumble in her ear. It sounded so sexy and reverberated like velvet thunder that settled deep inside her. "I'm not sure I can prove my innocence......When old man Granger was dying...."

"Old man Granger?"

"One of the men on the chain gang.....he tried to tell me something as he was dying.....but I'm not sure what he meant.....he stole the prison payroll from the train where he worked as a guard......I thought he was trying to tell me where it was hidden.....but what he said didn't make sense."

"What did he say?"

"Something about Calvary...Calvary is where Jesus died.....it didn't make sense."

"Shame.....if you could find the money you could go away and start again, new name, somewhere else. Where would you go, what would you do?"

"Somewhere up North....buy a boat...be a fisherman. Live off the sea and the land. Keep away from people." And he kissed the top of her head, "Breathe fresh air, have lots of space and freedom. Maybe an old dog that sits at my feet at night as I whittle away on a piece of wood, and listen to the sounds of the waves as they roll on the beach."

Settling her face into his shoulder and smiling up at him she murmured in a sleepy voice, "North....up north.....I've never gone further than town twenty five miles away."

And they both fell asleep curved around each other as others back in town made their plans for tomorrow night that would impact upon them.


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