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I hurried to the lecture hall, my satchel bag bouncing off my hip. I was running late by ten minutes by the time I got there. It never helps when you have a class on one end of the campus and a career talk on the other end , following immediately. I paused for a couple of seconds outside the door to collect myself, and opened it as slowly and unobtrusively as possible. Ducking under the projector light, I found myself a seat in the third row from the screen. I spent a few minutes figuring out what the presenter was talking about, while trying to will my breathing back to normal. Trying to take notes under the dimmed lights, I gradually became aware of the person sitting next to me.

It was Regina. Regina was one of the organisers of this talk, and sat on the executive board of the international students' club which usually hosted such events. I'd met her at one of the weekly breakfasts the club organised during the semesters, and over the past year-and-a-half we'd become increasingly acquainted with each other. I found her smirking at me as I turned to her, my expression changing to that of pleasant surprise. We whispered our hellos, and signalled continuing the convo after the presentation.

At the end of the hour, the presenter wrapped up with a perfunctory please-don't-hesitate-to-call-or-email-at-any-time. People had started to leave even before the talk ended, either to hurry to their next lecture or to get back home before the evening got too cold. By the time the speaker left the room, there were only a few stragglers left - a couple of them hurrying after the person to ask further questions. I leaned back in my chair and stretched, crossing my hands behind my head. The autumn semester was in full swing, and we were being handed the first of our assignment tasks. I had had a long day involving a lab session, a couple of lectures and doing a bit of reading at the library. Regina's voice brought me out of my reverie.

"I'm sorry?" I said, flashing her an embarrassed smile.

"I was saying, you look like you're already wishing this semester was over." She replied.

"I would've, if this weren't my last semester at uni and I didn't have to send out job applications to every Tom, Dick and Harry's engineering firm in the city before my student visa expired."

She clicked her tongue and looked down in mock resignation at the thought of the shared experience of every international student. I smiled wryly at her expression.

"Talks like these are a big help though", I offered. "You guys have been doing a great job of getting relevant speakers."

"We do our best." She said, grinning.

"And you in particular have been doing a fantastic job with Free Feed Fridays." I said, referring to her coordinator's role for the weekly breakfast.

"Aw thanks!" She gushed. Then, changing the subject, "How is your course going?"

"I'm overloading units this semester. So right I'm feeling like I want to drown myself in Smirnoff's finest."

"Well, after running around the whole day today setting up the venue and fielding calls and emails from the club members, I feel the same way."

"What are you up to after this?"

"Pack up, turn the lights off, lock the hall and head back home to my ten thousand-word essay." She replied, letting out an exasperated sigh.

"How about I help you pack up and then we head down to Lady El's? A pick-me-up before you tackle the essay." Lady Lilly's, or Lady El's, was the campus pub.

"Umm..." She hesitated

"First round of drinks are on me."

"I'm probably gonna need more than just one drink"

"Fine. First two rounds."

Regina squinted at me. "Are you sure?"

"Look, I just received my scholarship for this semester. I'd go down to Lady El's myself, but I don't like drinking alone, unless I'm at a party."

"You're weird."

"Works out just fine for me. You coming?"

She considered this for a few more moments before shrugging and saying "Alright. What the hell."

We spent the next fifteen minutes putting away the tables and the posters, before locking the room and heading out to the pub. A chill had settled in by the early evening, and we were glad to head into the heated interiors of the pub. Reg settled on a barstool by the time I got back from the bar counter with our drinks. We got chatting about road trips (past and planned), asian food joints in the city, volunteering, and our grand designs after graduation. Two hours flew by before I realised that we'd never actually spent this long having a conversation ever, throughout the time that we'd known each other. Not just that, it was our first time having a drink together as well.

Regina is a Singaporean of Chinese descent. She got an expensive International Baccalaureate schooling before transferring overseas to our Uni for her Bachelor's degree in Advertising. She got involved with the international students' club early on in her time at Uni (along with others), and I could gauge her passion for her role in the club from enthusiasm she showed, helping others like me. Reg was laid-back, easy to talk to and genuine. It didn't hurt then, either, that she was gorgeous. She had shoulder-length jet black hair, beautiful almond-shaped eyes that I didn't seem to have noticed until tonight, and a peach complexion - which seemed to be tending more towards red as the conversation (and the alcohol) flowed. This evening, she was wearing a patterned powder-blue dress, translucent tights and sneakers.

As the clock struck 10 PM we got shooed out of the pub. Both of us a bit tipsy (two drinks each had turned into four), we tottered out. By now the cold had really crept in, and it seemed neither of us was willing to brave the chill winds and walk back to our respective flats. Then, Reg had a brainwave.

"We can go to the club lounge and look for some warm clothing.", she suggested.

"You guys have a wardrobe in there? So that's where my student amenities fee went to."

"No, smartass," she snorted, "it's all the jackets and sweaters that people keep forgetting in the lounge after the breakfasts"

That sounded like a good idea. We let ourselves into the lounge - a short distance from the bar - with Regina's after-hours access pass. However, our quest for warm clothing proved fruitless. Reg groaned in frustration. I shook my head. Then, Reg had another bright idea.

"We can spend the night here."

I asked if she was sure. Instead of replying, she cheekily thrust her club card in my face, as if to say she owned the place. I wasn't complaining. As I settled down in one of the cushy bean bags, I heard her rummaging around in the adjoining office-cum-store room. Shortly, she emerged carrying an unopened bottle of wine.

"Something left over from one of the last events we hosted."

"You know, I'd be more impressed if you told me it was from your private stash, boss lady."

"Maybe it is, but you're not privileged enough to know that."

I laughed and snatched the bottle from her hands. I took a long swig as she pulled up another bean bag opposite mine, and settled down on it. I passed her the bottle. While in the office, Reg had turned on the central heating, and the lounge began to warm up cosily. Over the next hour, we chatted about random things as the wine slowly disappeared from the bottle. At some point, Reg had hiked her feet up on my bean bag, next to my hip. The shoes were digging into my side, so as she took the final sip from the bottle, I pulled her feet on my lap and untied the laces. She moaned, feigning protest.

"You're supposed to ask before you take a woman's shoes off!"

"I thought I was supposed to ask before I took her dress off."

Reg rolled her eyes and threw her head back. As if to pacify her, I started rubbing her nylon-covered feet. I started with her left foot, massaging the wide part of the sole with my thumbs. I wouldn't claim to me an expert at foot massages, but I know that slow, deliberate articulation is key. Reg sighed as I kneaded my thumbs under the bones. I spent a while on the toes and the paw, then moved down towards the heel. She giggled and jerked her foot reflexively as I hit the nerve ending in the centre of the foot. I brought her foot back down and started again. Same as before, she shuddered and jerked her foot out of my hands.

"Stay still now, unless you want me to stop." I scolded her lightly.

"Okay okay, gimme a moment."

She took a deep breath and placed her foot back in my lap. I started with the heel this time, working my knuckles into the flesh and slowly moving upwards. Again, as I came closer to the medial nerve, she started fidgeting. Her legs rubbed together. The nylon made soft, swishing sounds. I looked at Reg. Her eyes were closed, her breaths were ragged, and it was clear she was trying to stay still but failing.

"You know, it might help if you took your tights off." I suggested.

She nodded and stood up. She made her way behind the common-use refrigerator, till she was partially obscured. Her hip thrust out from behind the fridge as she bent down slightly, put her hands up her dress and tugged the waistband of the tights down her legs. I found myself admiring the shape of her legs as she unsheathed them from the dark nylon, to reveal pale, rosy skin. Her ass jutted out from under her smallish waist, and her thighs - supple and toned during her time spent powerlifting at the gym - tapered down to her calves and feet. I couldn't keep my eyes away from her legs as she walked back. I started getting hard.

Reg plopped down on and placed her feet on my lap again. I sat back a little on my bean bag so her feet wouldn't accidentally rub against my growing bulge, giving the game away. I started massaging the sides of her sole, slowly moving in. Making a fist of my right hand, I kneaded the pink flesh with my knuckles. This time, instead of flinching when I got to the nerve, Reg let out a moan. Her legs opened up, just the tiniest bit. I worked the area firmly. I was loving the expression on her face as it changed from drunken bliss to surprise, and then pleasure. I moved on to the other foot and started working my magic there as well. Reg relaxed for a bit, then tensed up again when I started closing in on the centre of the sole.

"Take it easy." I soothed her.

When the back of my fingers hit the nerve she moaned again, slightly longer this time. Now that she knew I wasn't gonna violate her sensitive flesh she loosened up. Her legs spread a bit further apart. I could now see up her dress to her inner thighs. Her head was still thrown back over the edge of the bean bag. In the next half hour I kneaded, stroked, rubbed and soothed her feet and calves. As I'd hit a tender spot every now and then, Reg would let out long sigh which eventually morphed into deep moans. Her legs spread further apart as I moved up them, as if deeming me worthy and egging me on to her sex. I got cocky. So lost was I in my hormone-fuelled trance of looking up her dress that I didn't realise when my hands made their way just above her knee, and she pulled her head back up. Her legs came together, making me snap out of it, and I caught her looking at me through narrowed eyes, with a quizzical expression on her face.

"Uhh..." I struggled to put words together.

She stood up and walked to the office.

"Reg?" I called out after her. "Reg!"

The last thing I needed was being reported for a sexual misdemeanour. I started walking to the office door when she came out, a comforter in hand.

"Ask me."


"Ask me if you can take my dress off."

"Reg, I -"

" - Ask me if you can take my dress off so you can continue massaging up my legs." She said, cutting me off. I took the bait - hook, line and sinker.

"Can I take your dress off so I can continue massaging up your legs?"

"I don't know, can you?"

I bit my lip in frustration.

"May I take your dress off so I can continue massaging up your legs?"

"Yes, you may."

With that she turned around and pulled her hair to the side with one hand. I stepped in behind her and pulled the zipper of her dress down, down to the small of her back. I slowly slid down the shoulder straps. As the dress fell to the ground, she deftly brought the comforter up to cover her front. Before she stepped out of the dress and turned around, I caught a look at her ass, framed by in grey, high-cut briefs. Rather, her ass was framing the briefs. Reg settled back down into the bean bag, now with the comforter draping her shoulders. Her entire front, from the neck down to the crotch, was obscured by the comforter. Peeking out from under the soft wool were her gorgeous legs and a single arm which held the fabric up. She motioned me to get my bag closer to her, and as I sat down, planted her foot squarely on my chest.

"Do your thing." she slurred.

I needed no further encouragement. She leaned back as I started massaging her thigh, from just below the knee, tracing her hamstrings. Putting my thumbs to work again, I rubbed them into the toned muscles. Then from under the thigh, I'd bring my hands slowly up the sides to her quads. It was slow work, but the booze was helping time fly by faster, like it usually did. Soon, Reg seemed to be relaxing again and half closed her eyes. I could tell she was still watching me though, with a feline alertness.

By the time I had worked my way to where the curve of her ass began, my hands were starting to get tired from the exertion. I'd been massaging Reg for slightly more than an hour. The lounge had warmed up enough that I had started sweating. I took her foot from my chest and placed it on the floor.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked irritably.

"I'm getting hot. Besides, it's time I paid attention to your other leg."

I took my pullover off and lifted her other foot on to my chest. The peach flesh turned a couple of shades pinker as I worked on it for the next quarter-hour. Her blood was flowing, and so was my sweat. My torso was slick. Her foot kept sliding off.

"This isn't working." I told her, taking her ankle and hooking it over my shoulder. I also pulled my bag closer to hers, that they were now touching. In doing so, she was now leaning back on her bean bag, and I was leaning over her. Her breathing was even, while my chest heaved slightly faster. I massaged down her thigh, getting closer to her crotch. I looked up for a second while I wiped the sweat off my forehead, to notice that the arm which was holding up the comforter was now laying by her side. The fabric was slowly sliding down her cleavage. Reg must've slid her bra off under the comforter at some point. Cheeky bastard. Her eyes were still half closed.

I worked all the way down till my thumbs were kneading her ass cheek, and the side of my palm was grazing against her crotch. I didn't change the pressure or the rhythm. My palm kept rubbing up against the gusset of her briefs as I moved up on to the sides, and she started moaning again. The comforter slid down precipitously until half of her tits were uncovered. Reg seemed to have zoned out, though, lost in the steady, sensual motion of my hands. I took my time on this last frontier of flesh, sliding my palms up and down her sides, grazing the gusset on each swipe. The thin fabric seemed to be getting damper every minute, her mound puffier. Reg's arms stretched out behind her head. The only things that seemed to be holding up the comforter now were her nipples.

I switched up my movements slightly. The palm that was massaging the inside of her thigh and rubbing up against her groin, now ventured steadily between her legs. Still sweeping up and down the side of her leg, but slowly foraying further on top of her pussy lips. Very soon, all of my palm, save the thumb, was stroking her pussy through the fabric. Sweeping up and down. Slower each time, slightly more deliberate. Reg was moaning louder now, in tune with the sweep of my palm, up and down the engorged mound. My other hand went up her thigh to hold her leg up. The top of her foot pressed onto the back of my neck, pulling me closer. I kept stroking her pussy with my palm even as her breathing got more ragged. I felt the nub of her clit poke out from the folds of her skin. She was close.

I increased the pace of my rubbing. Her other leg, that was laying by my side, crept closer jerkily. I extended my leg and used the knee to firmly hold it apart. I wasn't gonna let her clamp up on me again. Reg bit her thumb, and the comforter fell down to her belly button, revealing gorgeous, pink mounds which heaved up and down jerkily. As her toes curled up and she started spasming under me, I slid my palm under the gusset and stroked her wet pussy through the wave of her climax. She arched her hip into my palm as I pressed it down on her clit. The tip of my thumb stroked up and down her slit, half-slipping in, as she came down to earth. Her eyes were wide open, her teeth still biting her thumb. She was looking at me with a mixed expression of surprise and euphoria.

I leaned back, brought her foot from behind my neck and kissed the inside of her sole, looking into her eyes.

To be continued...

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