tagLoving WivesLou's Blues - Harold

Lou's Blues - Harold


A hot summer night at the beach-side blues club

This an an account of one time my wife and I went to the beach-side blues club and never got to see the show. There was a blues club that was a known swingers hangout not far from where we lived. I am sure most people went there to drink and watch the blues bands too, but that was not why we were there.

We were on a mission. Finding someone who wanted to be a third of a threesome isn't that easy. Almost any guy would love to fuck her, but most guys didn't want to share or take turns. And most men are pigs. We were looking for another guy similar me to share her occasionally. I travel a lot with work and that leaves her on her own with nothing but her fingers or battery operated toys. Having a nice guy who would appreciate her, treat her with respect and play when she wanted to, and wasn't pushy would be ideal.

We are an older couple. I'm Henry, straight and fairly tall with salt and pepper hair and clean shaven (down below too). Fran is a slender but busty woman who likes how she looks and works hard to keep her figure. She enjoys being the center of attention, like most women. Fran is really Bi, even though she swears she is straight, a point many of our lady friends will attest to. She works out at the gym frequently to stay in shape When I am in town, we often go for bike rides and long walks on the beach.

Our kids are grown and moved to other parts of the country, so we don't get to see them often. They think we spend most of our time in rocking chairs on the back patio, watching sunsets across the Indian River.

She is 5' 5" tall and has 34DD natural tits. No improvement necessary. Yes, they have a little sag, but they are still magnificent, and incredibly sensitive. A couple of years ago, she went out with one of her girlfriends and came back with her nipples, belly button, and clit hood pierced. That was for me hard not playing with her for a while as all they healed but she made up with frequent blowjobs. Since then, I regularly bring home new jewelry for her to decorate her nipples, tummy and clit.

Fran and I were sitting at a table at a local beach-side blues club watching the show, before the live music started. Fran was braless, wearing a sexy backless dress that was cut so that the sides of her breasts were nicely visible. I had my arm around her and my fingers were just above the side of the dress stroking her skin. Her nipples were hard and nicely obvious through the thin material of the dress. Every so often, you could make out the outline of the rings piercing her nipples. Fran was obviously very aroused. I used the open sides of her dress to caress her sides and occasionally slip my hand up under her tits.

A well dressed younger man approached our table and introduced himself as Harold and asked if he could join us. We both said yes. We talked a bit and he asked me if he could dance with my wife and I told him it was totally up to her. She is the dancer in our family and enjoyed dancing more than anyone I have ever known. I prefer the slower songs. Fran says I just like to snuggle standing up.

Harold leaned over to Fran and asked if she would like to dance. Fran responded by holding out her hand and then they soon made their way out to the dance floor. I watched them two dancing and enjoyed watching her breasts bouncing as she danced. Since it was fast tempo music, they were moving a lot. They seemed to be having a good time and he was giving Fran a lot of attention, occasionally leaning in to talk closely over the music. She appeared to be enjoying all of his attention.

After the song was over both of them returned to the table. Fran was radiant, partly from exertion and partly from being excited and horny. She had obviously enjoyed herself a lot out on the dance floor. She sat down on the stool just in front of me and leaned back, resting her head on my chest. I looked down and enjoyed the view down the cleavage between her large breasts, still moving from breathing hard, her nipples pushing the material out and moving with each breath. He was watching her display intently too.

She whispered "Can I take him out to the car for a few minutes?" in my ear.

I replied "If you want to. Don't be too long."

Fran reached back and accepted the car keys and stretched up to kiss me. With that, she sat up and looked over at the Harold and said "come on!" and headed through the crowd to the door. The last I saw was her leading him by the hand out the door leading out to the parking lot.

I sat there watching the Elvis impersonator, and several large chested women dancing on the floor. All the time, my mind was wondering what was happening in our SUV. Was she getting fondled? Or as she sucking him off? Or as she getting fucked? Wait and see I thought. My mind raced imagining her getting fucked hard, with a big, hard cock by a muscled younger guy. Did she remember to bring a condom I wondered? A cold chill ran down my back with the thought of her catching something. I thought about going out to the car to watch, but decided that that would not be a good idea.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, she came back through the door, alone, face flushed, hair a bit messed up, but smiling at me. She snuggled up to me and whispered "Take me home and I'll tell you all about him while you fuck me!"

and we left...

To be continued if enough readers want to know the rest of that night.

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