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Love Affairs


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Kaleen smelt the stench of cheap body spray mixed with beer and tobacco. The light from the doorway shone on the unopened bottle of Champaign and glasses along with the sealed birthday card. The clock read 3:47AM. She laid still in the darkness under the covers. She felt more alone than she had before he had come home.

She could tell that Rayford was asleep by the sawing of his snoring. She slipped from the bed and covered her neglected naked boy with her housecoat. She removed the one sock from his foot that he failed to take off before passing out.

Kaleen moved barefoot across the carpet down to the basement. She locked the door behind her and felt her way down the steps in the darkness. She found the sofa bed with her mind's eye. She let her housecoat fall off her shoulders in silence down to the floor.

She slid her naked body under the covers and against Ryan's back. "Sssssh," she hushed him as he woke. She pressed her breasts his chest and covered his lips with hers as he rolled onto his back. Their tongues tangled together. She slid her hand down over his firm chest and stomach muscles and into his boxers. She found his cock stiff and pulsating with the rhythm on her heart beat. She cupped his balls feeling their weight and moving them around in their sack.

She broke their kiss moving her lips down to his pecs. Her tongue traced around his hairy nipples. She sucked on each of the tiny little nubs, and then kissed way down to his rippled stomach. She pushed her tongue into his inny, while pushing his boxers down his thick tights.

Kaleen held back her moans feeling his strong fingers combing through her hair and pushing down on her shoulders. She took the head of his hooded cock into her mouth, and then dribbled spit down over it lubricating the shaft. She came back down taking half, and then the full length of his cock into her mouth and throat. She pressed her nose into his pelvis getting as much of his cock as she could.

She could feel him tense as she slid her mouth up and down on his cock. She twisted her hand up and down and pressed her thumb against the underside for maximum effect. She increased her strokes making sure that his erection would hold before coming off it.

Kaleen held Ryan's throbbing cock straddling his hips. She moved the head of his prick against her clit and pulled his hot mouth to one of her tits. She took her other boob massaging and pulling on her nipple. She moved his cock back against her tight pucker feeling the pressure. She pulled him into her pussy and grind down on it.

She grind and rocked hard on Ryan's thrusting cock feeling his strong fingers digging into her soft butt-cheeks with his grip. She curled her lips biting down on them to muffle her moans in the darkness.

She felt the jolt running up her spin to the top of her head on the first shot of his sperm. She knew it was dangerous, but she didn't care. She rocked faster encouraging him to flood her wanton cunt with his spunk.

Kaleen pulled his cum soaked cock out of her wet pussy and pressed it against her asshole. She nearly gasped when it slipped in. Tears rolled out the corners of her eyes over her much needed orgasm. A second bout of cum blasting into her anal passage made her whimper.

"Ma..." Kaleen quickly put her hand over Ryan's mouth to stop him from speaking.

She felt around on the floor for her housecoat and made her way back up the stairs. She felt Ryan's cum dripping and running down her inner thighs, and she didn't care. It was a very small victory, but at least her needs had been satisfied.


"This coffee is cold," Rayford slammed the cup down on the kitchen table. "And this toast is as hard as a brick! Is it too much to ask that I get a decent meal around here? It's not like you have anything else to do."

"Maybe if you came when she told you it was ready...," Ryan replied.

Rayford jumped to his feet and Ryan bowed up with him. Kaleen slammed a knife down on the cutting board getting the men's attention.

"I'll be home late tonight, don't wait up," Rayford said putting on his jacket and headed out the door.


"Shut up Ryan!" Kaleen shook her head. "I knew last night was a mistake."

"Mistake? What are you talking about?" Ryan went to her.

"It was a mistake, Ryan." Kaleen jerked away for his grasp. "I want you to go, Ryan."

"Go? Are you serious?"

"Yes Ryan. I'm going out for a while and I want you gone by the time I get back." She pushed away from him and ran up to her bedroom slamming the door shut.


Kaleen felt a draft when she returned home that caused an ache in her gut. She could feel the emptiness all around her. She shut the door to the basement that had been left open and headed up to her bedroom.

The bottle of Champaign that she had bought to celebrate Rayford's birthday was still sitting on the night stand along with the glasses and card. She kicked off her shoes and unzipped her dress. She stepped out of the dress leaving it in the middle of the floor. She picked up the birthday card, ripped into pieces, and tossed it into the waste basket.

Kaleen raised her head and popped the cork on the Champaign. She drunk several large gulps from the bottle, and then poured some in a glass. She caught her reflection in the closet door mirror and removed her bra. She massaged her boobs enjoying the freedom from the constraints.

She turned on the clock radio and studied her figure in the full length mirror. She giggled looking down at her wiggling toes on the carpet nearly causing the Champaign to come out her nose.

Kaleen began swaying her hips to the music, tossing her hair back and pushing her boobs together. She raised her arms over her head and twirled around, and then brought her hand down over crotch. She thrust her pelvis at the mirror, and then turned to side and pulled her butt-cheeks apart.

She strutted back to the bed and pushed her panties down to her ankles. She kicked them to the side with a karate shout. She put her hands on the bed and looked back over her shoulder into the mirror at her ass. She slapped her butt-cheek with her open palm and then touched it with her finger. She crawled onto the bed on her knees and rolled her hips.

Kaleen fell on her side laughing at her antics as the song ended. She refilled her glass drinking it right down and then refilled it again.

She slipped on her robe and made sure that the doors were locked and curtains were drawn. She locked her bedroom door and pulled her black Long Dong silicone dildo from her bottom of the dresser. She held it up like a trophy. She dipped the tip into her Champaign and kissed it lovingly.

"You would still respect me, wouldn't you?" Kaleen pressed the long black toy between her boobs and pushed it up taking the tip in her mouth. She slid it up and down between her tits letting the tip enter her mouth. "Mmmmmm." She pushed it further into her throat than she had ever taken any man's cock.

Kaleen took a long drink from her glass. "Come on you big black fucker, fill my pussy." She rubbed the tip against her clit. "Mmmmmm." She arched her back and rolled over on her back. "Take me lover." She pulled her knees up, spread her thighs, and twisted the long black dick mold into her wet pussy. "Aaaaah!" She cried out jamming the fake cock with both hands. She gripped it tight and stabbed her pussy again and again grunting and thrusting up her hips. "Aaaaah! That's it! That's it!" She twirled the dildo in a circular motion inside her cunt. She bit down on her bottom lip and strained falling into her orgasm.

"Oh baby, you're so good." She eased it out turning on her side. She lifted her leg and pressed the pussy laced tip against her asshole. "Oooo...baby, it'll hurt with no lube. Aaaaah! Are you sure I don't need it." She pushed the dildo a few inches up her ass. "Iisss, it burns." She pushed it further trying to control her breathing. "Oh baby, make it hurt." She pushed it further fighting against her own muscles that were trying to push it out. "Aaaaah!" the base sealed her asshole. She trembled straining to hold it inside. Her orgasm rolled and crashed until she could no longer hold the fake cock inside of her.

She jumped from the bed feeling the sting of having the huge cock yanked from her asshole. She kicked her dress, shoes, and underwear into her closet with the Champaign bottle, glasses, and her silicone cock. She stepped into a jean jumper and ran down the stairs.

"You gots to be the stupidest bitch! You kicked Ryan out? Now who is going to pay the other third of the rent on the place? You? You worthless bitch! I told him that he could come back, and that's that!" Rayford shook his head and muttered on his way back out the door.

Kaleen turned and ran back up the stairs. She quickly packed as much as she could fit in one suitcase. She took the large envelope she had hidden in the garage and sped out the driveway.

"Hey, Max." Kaleen called to the foreman on the loading dock.

"Hey Kaleen, what are you doing here?" the large muscular man said looking at the suit case in the back seat. "Is everything okay?"

"It will be, but there is a little something that you might want to take care of." Kaleen handed him the envelope and waved him off as she pulled away. She could see his eyes widen and his lips curl as he viewed the contents in her rear view mirror. She took her big black Long Dong from her purse and kissed it. "We just need to stop by the bank and we'll be on our way."

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