tagGroup SexLove Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 04

Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 04


"Oh, fucking God, this meal is outstanding, Mrs. Lewis!" Jeff exclaimed as he dug into the bangers and mash, an English specialty that he fell in love with in a hurry.

"Well, I'm Rhodesian, which is basically transplanted British, darling. I'm very pleased that you enjoy my cooking, love," Carolyn smiled at him, "but do call me 'Mum,' will you? Especially since I'm going to ride your cock like a fucking thoroughbred."

"Please do that, Mum. Hubby deserves the best and that's definitely you, from where I'm sitting. Well, you, me, and Aimee here," Lisa encouraged Sam's mother.

"Mmmm...can't wait to sample your sweet fanny, dear," Carolyn assured Lisa with a wink, "but, yes, your husband is in for a treat. Then again, I'm sure that so am I, from the look of his bulge."

"Any treat for my husband is a treat for me, Mum. I love him deeply. I'm basically the groupie who just never left his bed. I worship my sweet hubby. Of course, I also worship his two friends, too, but that's hardly mutually exclusive, is it? He's been willing to share me and vice versa virtually from the start, much to my delight and his. It hasn't happened a great deal in the past, just enough to spice things up, well, that and his groupies. I'm hardly opposed to it being a regular thing now. It's kind of the pact that he and I have made with Sam, Aimee, and Willie...and now you, Mum," Lisa confessed with a wide, lustful grin.

"I'm very happy that you have a great marriage, dear. This should hardly be a threat to it. In fact, it should enhance it, I agree. I find your husband adorable. I just wish that MY marriage had turned out better, but then again, I wouldn't be as happy with my son and his bedmates now if it had," Carolyn admitted with a blush as the six of them devoured the wonderful dinner.

"Well, about that, Mum...I have a proposal of my own, provided that we can each get divorced from our estranged spouses. Carolyn Lewis, will you give me the honor of your hand in marriage? Will you marry me?" Willie Sloane stunned Carolyn with a very serious marriage proposal, minus the engagement ring, even going on one knee.

Carolyn couldn't help herself. She burst into tears. At long last, someone who wanted her badly enough to marry her of his own free will, she thought to herself. Sure, she was in love with her own son, but the law would never permit such a union and she knew it, not in her lifetime at least. Incest was absolutely still illegal between parent and offspring, even when the son in question was of legal age as Sam was these days. Willie, though? Sure, he was black, but that was no issue to her. She wasn't a racist like Derby and many of her fellow Rhodesians. He was just what the doctor ordered, in fact, the final slap in Derby's face.

"Yes...!" she screamed aloud, "Yes, Willie Sloane, I will marry you!" she told him with a very heated kiss, "but you did mean an open marriage, right?"

"Naturally, given the six of us, babe. Doesn't mean that I can't claim you as my bride and take vows to you. Maybe a double wedding, even, where my sister weds your son. Two weddings sure to offend your ex," Willie winked at her, very charming in his usual way.

"And I'm not too old for you?" Carolyn had a moment of self-doubt.

"Look at my cock and tell me what you think!" Willie pointed to his hard-on, as all six of them were naked as jaybirds at the supper table.

"Oh, fuck me!" Carolyn started to wipe away her tears, but Willie got out a handkerchief for her.

"That's my job now, fiancee," Willie reminded her, "I can't afford an engagement ring, sadly, but by the time of the wedding, I should be able to swing a golden band."

"Either way, I'm your girl now. I mean it. Sure, we're poly and open and all that jazz, so I'm also Sam's girl...and apparently, Jeff's, and well, you get the picture, but yes, Willie Sloane, I'm your girl and I will gladly be your wife! You shan't regret this, not in the least!" Carolyn told him with a deep French kiss.

"God damn it, this is going to be some hell of an evening, isn't it?" Sam swore.

"But, of course! It's Jeff's turn to fuck her, though, isn't it?" Lisa reminded them.

"That's very true. Jeff, enjoy my fiancee," Willie winked at him.

"Enjoy my wife, then," Jeff grinned at him.

"Oh, I will!" Willie retorted, even as Sam lined up behind Aimee to fuck her now that the meal was at least half-finished...

"We're going to have to reheat the food to eat more later, I think, especially since I tend to get the munchies after sex, especially great sex," Sam observed as he began fucking Aimee, who was, shall we say, very receptive to his dick.

For her part, Carolyn was more than ready for Jeff's cock, the only one that she hadn't sampled yet of the three men. She was on the kitchen counter, her legs in the air, welcoming his dick inside her for good measure, while Willie plowed Lisa on the tile floor. Sure, they forgot to tape it, but there was time enough for that later. They were all quite eager to get into the action, their energy returned thanks to the exquisite meal that Carolyn had cooked for everyone.

As for Sam, he was very busy drilling his intended, enjoying the sight of her glorious ebony ass beneath him as he pounded her against the wall. Her legs became a little unsteady after a time, more or less like jelly, but he held her up, gripping her by the hips as he rammed her sweet cunt. If he wasn't in love with Aimee before, he certainly was by now, not to mention in lust with her. He had always held a torch for her, and now he realized that she was one of just three who he had ever truly loved. That was why none of his past relationships had worked out. None of them had been quite up to the same standard as his three forbidden loves, who had seriously raised the bar for all of the available, non-taboo ladies. He was in love with three women, all of whom society forbade him, but all of whom held his heart captive and unable to deny them, given the chance to claim them.

As for Aimee, she felt something similar, except for the extra complication of her Sapphic lust for the other two women in the harem. It was a lucky break, and she knew that it didn't happen to most folks quite that neatly, but she had paid for it already by waiting so many years to have her sweet Sam with her. That was not counting her brother, whom she had to see suffer during his years with Ellen, her bed cold as could be from what she gathered. How the poor, lovestruck fool didn't realize his wife was gay, she didn't know, but that was just the point, wasn't it? Love could make one blind, and there was none so blind as those who would not see. Evidently, Ellen had doled out a steady ration of marital sex, but conditionally and without passion, as if marking time until she could find a woman instead or perhaps get pregnant first.

In any case, the sex was outstanding with Willie and her, just as it was with Jeff and her, but something about Sam in particular just drove her crazy. She was especially wet, feeling his thick cock invade her yet again, knowing that he could easily impregnate her and soon. Take that, Derby Lewis, she thought as she felt his son thrust deeper inside her juicy twat, every stroke bringing her closer to the brink. Oh, yes, take that, you racist piece of shit! Your son is fucking me, he's going to put his precious white seed inside me, he's going to give you brown-skinned descendants, you pathetic loser, and he's going to put his ring on my hand, give me his surname, your surname, and proudly take wedding vows to me, his bride...his black bride. How does that grab you, racist, colonizing bastard?

The thoughts, defiant and hostile as well as amorous, more or less mirrored what Sam thought as he reamed Aimee but good, slamming his salami inside her slit. He enjoyed knowing how horrified, ashamed, utterly humiliated his absentee father would be, having black grandchildren from a black daughter-in-law, but that was that breaks, he thought. That was what the asshole got for abandoning his wife and child when they needed him most. Instead of his disgusting morals and values being passed down to Sam, the young man had picked up much better principles, and racism was the furthest thing from them. Now, old man, he thought, I can't wait to send you a photo of Aimee and me together, as I claim her as my bride, my beloved wife.

Carolyn wasn't that far off in her thinking, either, as she let Jeff screw her nice and hard. She loved it, the rough missionary, as she put her feet on Jeff's shoulders and let him plunder her delectable cunny. He was in and out of her quim in many alternating strokes, slow and steady one moment, hard and fast the next. He really enjoyed shagging her for sure, long-dicking her from above, his eyes glued to hers as her face kept growing a darker shade of pink in her ecstasy.

Enjoy that, Derby, my dear husband? I'm putting horns on you yet again, this time with a happily married man. If you had wanted me, kept me, or at least done me the courtesy of a proper divorce years ago, then perhaps...but then I could have divorced you myself. I think that I just wanted to keep you from remarrying for spite and wanted the chance to make a cuckold of you, and now I have...thrice, once with a married man, once with a black man, and once with our son, not counting the two ladies!

If it mattered so much to you, though, you could have divorced me ages ago. I'm glad that you threw me away those years ago, though, because I found love, fivefold, and you'll never get to have my heart or my body again. In any case, I release you. I don't forgive you yet. I still hate you too much for that, but I release you. I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you! I'm going to file for divorce on grounds of desertion, and then I'm going to marry Willie Sloane, a black man, a man who you would hate for no reason but the color of his skin. I'm not doing that for spite, though. That's just a bonus. I'm marrying him because he cared enough to ask me to marry him, unlike you, who had to be pressured into it. I'm marrying him because he wants me...and I love him.

For Jeff, it was just plain awesome, getting this sweet cougar underneath him, feeling her silky snatch on his cock, his foreskin peeled back as he plowed her good and hard. He loved the look of absolute bliss on her face, the total rapture in her eyes and her smile as he probed her cavernous cunt. He held onto her buttocks for a bit, enjoying their soft touch on his hands as he invaded her twat repeatedly. He loved most of all, though, the surprisingly soft feet (how did she manage that with her hard knocks of life) on his shoulders...Jeff loved women's dainty feet.

As for Willie and Lisa, well, for her, it was a fresh reminder of why she was such a groupie. Musical types made her so fucking wet, every single time. It was no accident that when Jeff kept her longer than expected and made her his, she was over the moon. How could she not be? Jeff was a great guy, the best in her eyes...she adored Willie and really enjoyed his cock right now, but Jeff was her soulmate. Sam was fantastic and she was especially thrilled that he carried a torch for her that damn long, but in the end, her greatest love was Jeff.

Still, that love wasn't exclusive. She had a big enough heart for two other men and two more women on top of that. She certainly had enough love for Willie and Sam that when she was intimate with them, it excited her to no end, to have them inside her, touching, fucking, and filling her up with their hard cocks and their cum. To be with Willie, right then and there, it was phenomenal, absolutely astounding, an ecstatic union, to be in his arms, to be underneath, to have his dick ravage her, to have his lovely dark skin engulf her fair flesh. She would never have known herself capable of bedding someone outside her race, due to her priggish parents and their attitudes about such things, but that was the past.

This was her life now, and she was happier than ever, doing things that would have horrified her folks, not to displease them, but to please herself...and her men. Those men just happened to include Willie now. He was a wonderful guy, and he proved it everyday, most of all when he popped the question to Carolyn Lewis. Lisa couldn't have loved him any more than that moment, the sweetness and kindness as well as the sincerity and passion with which he made it known to that wonderful, lonely woman that she was loved.

Willie, of course, simply knew that, as with Sam, he desired another man's wife, and here she was, but while he wasn't perfect (he once regretted cheating on Ellen, but for her dumping him, he no longer did) he had never dared to violate the brotherhood that he felt with Sam or Jeff by touching Lisa. That was, not until now. Now that Jeff gave his blessing, and Sam had already fucked her good, it was definitely Willie's turn to take sweet Lisa as a lover, and that he did. With Jeff's sanction, it wasn't a betrayal. Now that they were part of a sextuple marriage or union of sorts, a pact among them to share each other, this was different. This was love, this was intimacy, and this was also desire. He couldn't help but adore the gorgeous tomboy for who and what she was, a supposed groupie who had married her idol, a boyish girl on the surface, who could still rock it as a domestic goddess. She was a paradox, but such a delicious one!

Such were the inner thoughts and feelings that drove those six entangled souls and bodies to the point of no return, where they all came together in a fervor of lust and love. They had now all been together that way, except for Carolyn with Lisa, and that was sure to be remedied, judging from the way that Lisa ogled Carolyn after each of them came. Oh, yes, it was going to be on and good, what with the smoldering lust and desire inside Lisa as she openly admired Carolyn's body and Mrs. Lewis returned the favor, aching for Mrs. Baker's touch and caress, for her sweet and loving kiss. When Lisa crawled up to spread Carolyn's thighs and taste her husband's creampie, well, that delayed the rest of supper for a little longer still.

"Think that we should let them finish up first before eating more supper?" Sam asked Aimee.

"God, yes! Lisa wants an appetizer, and I can't say that I blame her at all," Aimee replied with a kiss to his mouth.

"Speaking of which," Jeff chuckled, as he parted Aimee's cheeks, "don't mind if I do," he said as he rimmed her.

"Me, neither," Willie laughed as he started eating his sister's cunt.

"Nor I," Aimee moaned, opening her mouth to receive her fiance's cock and making him gasp with the thrill of her soft tongue on his dick, "now, go lick Jeff's wife while she eats out your mother."

"One serving of Lisa tush coming right up," Lisa winked at him, inviting him to eat her booty.

"Oh, God, yes, let me taste that bottom!" Sam exclaimed, unable to resist the lovely butt in front of him...he'd tongue that ass that any day of the week for sure.

"Oh, yes, rim Lisa's bum for me!" Carolyn urged her son.

"Hush, Mum! Relax, and enjoy my tongue!" Lisa told her sharply, but with obvious teasing and love, "you've got one of the sweetest pussies in the world, dear lady."

"Take your own advice and get back to licking it, then," Sam chided her as he followed his own counsel and rimmed her with a vengeance.

Maybe, just maybe, the six of them realized, supper part deux might get delayed even longer than expected. That was okay, since they'd be even hungrier by then. This way, they might even be ready for the Spotted Dick before they had to take time to digest again. At any rate, they were in no rush...There was plenty good to eat...and the supper was great, too.

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