Love and Anguish at Bella's Barn


"Holy Christ," he said. "That was not a great performance but it was absolutely unforgettable." He sucked in several more deep lungfuls of air. "I'm sorry, Sami... I promise next time I'll try to last a bit longer."

"No apology required, doc; that was an awesome screwing. I can't imagine it ever getting any better than that."

But it did. Every night seemed a more powerful experience than the previous. On the days he wasn't working, every morning was better, too. They could not get enough of one another. He found himself distracted at work, thinking about getting home that night. It took all his concentration on the wards, not to make potentially dangerous mistakes.

Chapter 4

Four weeks went by; Sami's wound healed nicely. Matt had the instruments at home to remove the stitches and did so carefully, apologizing for the stinging hurt it caused her. Her hip was tender for another week as the tiny scabs healed where the stitches had been. Three weeks later the scar was an angry white line against her brown tanned skin but mostly healed and smooth. In a year it would be quite faint, but would likely never disappear completely.

During this time they got to know each other a little better every day. They learned their individual quirks; their likes and dislikes—what they found funny, sad, interesting, and dumb. They were amazingly similar in many ways but it was the little differences that were often the most fun. Matt was fascinated with some of her quirks.

While they slept naked that first night in his bed, he soon learned that Sami preferred sleeping in short, sheer nighties that just covered her breasts and ass. Same out on their patio on hot summer afternoons—the house was surrounded by trees and far enough from any roads or other properties that it couldn't be seen, so there was little chance of prying eyes. But when lounging and not actually swimming, Sami wore bikinis that left little to the imagination. Matt understood that this was quite brilliant; it was actually sexier to not reveal everything. Her skimpy outfits caused him to watch her with a special hungry look that she grew to love.

Sexually, they were equals. They often discussed their love life, which they both felt was better than either had ever dreamed possible. There was not much they wouldn't try—neither was interested in anything painful or degrading. Other than that, anything went. In the months ahead, they would try a wide range of kinky practices. They both agreed that the key to a long powerful sexual relationship was consideration of each other's needs, and a good healthy imagination.

To Matt's delight, he learned that Sami enjoyed 'flashing the goods' which was a huge turn-on for him. When they were out in public, she would often wear clothing permitting her to quickly expose certain body parts when the opportunity arose. This would ignite a smoldering horniness in him that would cause him to attack her in a frenzy when they returned home. By then she was equally turned on; some of their best sex resulted from days like this.

Later she would tell Matt that she'd never done this before for another man, but he was different. She wanted to do it for him—the look on his face drove her crazy with desire, too. She admitted that while he was at work, she occasionally daydreamed about what she might do to inflame him, the next time they were out.


A week after Matt removed Sami's stitches and she no longer had to wear a dressing over the wound, she was delighted when he suggested they go into town to a fancy restaurant and celebrate. With his job, it was sometimes difficult to schedule things like this.

A few months earlier while still a medical student, Matt had saved the life of the owner of a local five-star restaurant called 'Antonio's Fine Italian Dining'. Antonio was wheeled into ER in full arrest—unconscious and barely breathing—more dead than alive. Seconds after the sticky tabs of the electrocardiogram were applied to Antonio's chest, Matt could see that his heart was in was in ventricular fibrillation, which would soon kill him. One application of the defibrillator snapped the heart back into normal rhythm, and minutes later, Antonio was awake—still in pain, but awake. Several more procedures and drugs ensured that Antonio had a comfortable night.

The next morning he was wheeled upstairs for bypass surgery and insertion of a pacemaker. Three days later he was home, being fussed over by his wife, Rosy. Now fully recovered and nearly back to full strength, Antonio and Rosy were back running their restaurant. Antonio had visited the hospital a few times since to shake Matt's hand and thank him; begging him to come to the restaurant for a meal.

Now Matt called the restaurant's main number and asked for the manager—a few seconds later Antonio picked up.

"Hey Tony, it's Matt MacTaggart. How are you feeling these days, my friend?"

"Doctor Matt . . .!"

Matt could hear him cover the phone and yell into the background. "Rosy! Rosy! Goddamn, it's Doc MacTaggart." Now he was speaking to him again. "Goddamn it doc, it's so good to hear from you. I'm good. I'm good. What's up with you, my friend? To what do we owe the honor of this call?"

Matt couldn't help but smile at the man's jubilance. "Tony, my spectacularly gorgeous lady friend and I are thinking about driving into Phoenix for a fancy dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town. Naturally, Antonio's was the only one to come to mind. You think there might be a spare table tonight?"

"Goddamn it doc, for you I would personally get out my tools and build you a table from scratch. What time you wanna be here?"

"How about 8:00—can you fit us then?"

"I will fit you in, even if I have to throw some bums out in the street—the nicest table in the house will be waiting for you. And doc, no driving—you and your lady are gonna be drinking lots of fine Italian wine tonight. What I'm gonna do is send our limo. No arguments! Understand?"

Matt laughed out loud. "You're the boss, Tony. We'll be waiting at 7:45—you know where we live?"

"Of course I do! You dress up nice, okay? Put on your best suit. You tell that lady to wear something fancy—something she can dance in. Me and Rosy will be looking forward all day to seeing you and your special friend later tonight. Okay?"

Antonio was as good as his word. At 7:40 the driveway bell pinged and a stretched Cadillac limousine pulled up at their front door. A few minutes later they were pulling back out onto the highway.

Sami was inspired when Matt repeated Tony's advice for dressing up. She'd made a quick trip into town that afternoon to a fancy shop where she'd had a lot of fun, going through all the latest styles of cocktail and evening dresses. Finally, she found the perfect one and back home, started scheming—how would she wear it?

It was a loose sheath made from filmy black gossamer that clung to her curves like fuzz to a peach. The hem was perhaps six inches below her crotch. On top it was deeply vee'd at the bodice, suspended by spaghetti straps traveling back over her shoulders. The dress had vertical slits in strategic folds at the sides, under her arms. When she raised her arms or swung them while walking, there were fleeting glimpses of 'side boob' through the slits. There was obviously no bra.

Sami felt incredibly sexy wearing it. She'd practiced in the mirror and loved that she could be completely covered one minute and then flash a boob at the side by raising an arm at a certain angle. It was breathtakingly erotic when she wanted it to be, but was otherwise perfectly elegant and acceptable for public evening wear.

They sat tightly together in the back of the limo. Sami could see Matt trying to catch a glimpse of her boobs so she coyly tried to prevent it. But she didn't try too hard and finally allowed him to slip his hand in through the plunging vee below her throat and to cup a breast. She admired him in his best suit and the colorful tie she'd picked out for him—he looked great.

They were both looking pretty damned hot.


Tony shocked his staff when Matt and Sami arrived and stepped out of the limo. He hugged them both right in the main entry—he didn't even do that when his wife or kids arrived. Then he put on a big show, personally walking them through the restaurant like they were VIP's—Matt was actually feeling a bit self-conscious. At one point Tony locked eyes with Matt; his eyes the size of saucers as he mouthed the word, 'WOW', referring to Sami. Matt just smiled and nodded.

Matt recognized a few people—even big shots with lots of money end up in the hospital from time to time where he'd see their rich, fat asses hanging out the backs of their hospital gowns. They received a number of friendly waves. There was not a man in the place who didn't ogle Sami in her shimmering dress as she drifted between the tables like a fashion model. Many wives stared daggers at her, clearly unhappy with their men's jaws hanging open.

Tony took them to a big side door leading out to a large enclosed outdoor deck surrounded by fish pools and lush green tropical plants. The subdued lighting was from hidden mood lights that radiated up from the bottoms of tinkling pools and fountains. Hidden air conditioning ensured a comfortable temperature from the summer heat outside. It was truly magical. Their table was in a corner, slightly away from the other tables, permitting private conversation and special attention from the wait staff. They were no sooner seated than Tony arrived with a very attractive young waitress carrying a tray with two glasses.

"Doctor Matt and Miss Sami, to start the evening please enjoy one of the specialties of the house; Antonio's martini made with the finest imported gin and a few drops of the mother's milk of sweet Italian vermouths. The olives are also imported from the finest orchard in Italy. I assure you, these will be the best martinis of your lives."

Tony clearly knew what he was talking about.

"And no arguments please, there will be no menu tonight—I have already ordered your meals which will come in several courses. You will trust me to make your evening highly memorable. That is all we shall say about that—end of subject. Understand?"

Again they smiled—there was no arguing with Antonio.

"Thank you very much, my friend," Matt said. "We will be honored to have you choose for us."

They were left alone to enjoy their drinks.

"So what do you think?" he asked.

"Not half bad, doc. Not too fucking shabby...!"


Sami had been plotting all that she planned to do this evening after Matt made the reservation. Even though she and Matt had only been together for a month, she was utterly hung up on him and she knew he felt the same way about her. Two months ago she didn't know what she was going to do with herself over the next year. Her existence had felt a bit pointless and unfocused—she'd been searching for something meaningful to do with her life.

Then Matt appeared under circumstances so bizarre, she still sometimes felt like she was living in a dream. She loved the property that Matt's parents had left him, too. She'd walked every inch of it during the days while he was at work and asked many questions at night about things she'd found; mostly overgrown and forgotten. She was delighted to learn that Matt loved the place too; if he could eventually establish a medical practice in Phoenix, he'd be happy to spend the rest of his life here—maybe pass the place along to his kids.

She'd had the germ of an idea—maybe a few ideas. But it was much too soon to suggest them to him. All in good time.

Every day Matt went out of his way to do special things for her and was delighted when she was pleased with them. She could tell he was in love with her but was biding his time to tell her; probably waiting until he knew she felt the same way. She did; she just wasn't quite ready to tell him yet, either.

But she did know that she was going to give him an unforgettable night tonight. She intended to come as close to torturing him right out in public as was legal; she might even cross over that line a bit.

Now seated together after their waitress finally left them alone, they held up their glasses in a toast, leaning forward to touch rims. Sami leaned a few inches further forward than she perhaps needed to. Thanks to practicing in a mirror back home, she moved her shoulders forward when to his utter delight, her breasts partially spilled free from the fabric pockets in which they'd been hidden. She could feel the cooler air of the restaurant on her now exposed skin and her nipples hardening slightly. Matt's body blocked the view from everyone else in the restaurant. She let him enjoy this incredibly sexy vista for a few seconds; then leaning back, her breasts settled back behind their soft restraints. Across from her, Matt inhaled deeply; through the clear glass table top, she could see a bump starting to form in the front of his pants.

"What's wrong, darling?" she asked innocently. "Don't you like your martini?"

"I like everything tonight," he replied. She smiled back at him sweetly, crossing her legs.

With her back to the wall, Sami could see out through the patio area behind Matt. When she finally noticed their waitress coming, pushing a cart with their first course, she slowly uncrossed her legs, raising one just high enough that Matt had a long flash under her dress, right down her creamy thighs to her crotch. She was wearing the sheerest of thongs; the black translucent material barely large enough to cover her labia. Matt could actually see her protruding lips through the damp fabric. The stiffening in his shorts continued to grow; the bulge now quite obvious.

"Here comes our meal, doc," said Sami, smiling at his discomfort. He almost jumped trying to sit up straight so he could hide his erection before the waitress arrived. Seconds later she set plates of exotic looking salad in front of them. She was smiling like she had a pretty good idea of what was going on.

"Are you stealing dishes, Matty? I think I can see a mug or something down the front of your pants. I think I'm going to stick my hand down there and find out what it is."

"You might find I'm stealing a salami."

"Oh goody, I hope it's a big one..."

With the area behind Matt again clear, Sami leaned forward and her breasts once again fell free from their hiding place, exposing her hard, ruby nipples surrounded by smoky dark circles of areole. She could see Matt's breath freeze in his chest; his fork poised in mid-air. She moved back and her lovely boobies disappeared back behind her plunging bodice. She was sure that his hard-on would now be raging; at full fighting strength, ready for long and vigorous battle. She could see tiny beads of sweat breaking along his brow.

"Sami," he whispered, "You are without a doubt the sexiest fucking woman I've ever met or even imagined in my wildest dreams. It is a good thing I'm sitting; my cock is in some danger of exploding."

"I'm delighted to hear it," she whispered back. "You ain't seen nothin' yet, baby."

Sami had a couple more tricks up her sleeve that she'd thought of earlier, to drive Matt insane with desire. Towards the end of their five-course dinner, she asked him for his keys. While their car was back home, he still had his house keys in his jacket pocket which he handed over to her—curiosity on his face. There was a small knife attached to the key ring with a sharp, one-inch folding blade. She pulled it open and held the knife in her right hand. She slowly reached down with her left hand, deep into the slit in the side of her dress and came back up, clutching the thread-like elastic of the thong that encircled her waist. Looking him straight in the eyes she cut the elastic, letting the ends settle back down inside her dress. Waiting until she was sure no one was watching, she repeated the performance on her right side. She closed the blade and passed his keys back to him.

It felt strange under her dress now; the sensation of the elasticised band encircling her waist was gone. She could feel the small triangular patch of material that had been hugging her pussy, now laying slack between her thighs. As soon as she stood it would fall to the floor. She could see in Matt's eyes that he understood this too and that when it did fall, her lovely bald quim would be left utterly bare, mere inches above the hem of her dress. The skin of his face was actually turning slightly red—she knew this was not from embarrassment. He must be so excited that his blood pressure was going off the charts—she hoped so.

"Excuse me, lover," she said, "I think I'll go visit the powder room." She slowly stood and leaned toward him turning, her legs spread slightly and her back to the rest of the patio. Her breasts were once again flashing in and out of sight. Now he caught the flicker of shiny black between her legs as the filmy thong fluttered from under her dress to the floor like a wounded butterfly.

Her lips now near his ear, she whispered. "My God Matty, that cool air on my pussy feels sooooo good. I'm getting extremely fucking horny mister, and my pussy is sopping wet. When we get home I am going to fuck your brains out until you scream for mercy. Do you believe me, baby?"

He swallowed hard and hoarsely whispered that he absolutely believed her.

Off she went, giving him a flash of side-boob nearly to the nipple. His breathing was now labored like he'd just run a mile uphill. A trickle of sweat ran down the small of his back. Trying not to be obvious, he reached with his toe and dragged her discarded thong back under their table. A minute later, pretending to drop his napkin, he retrieved the garment and slipped it into a pocket. When Sami returned she could no longer see his bump—he had it back under control.

It was now after 10:00 PM and their meal was finished—it had been outrageously good. A busboy cleared their table and cocktails magically appeared. A jazz quartet was playing next to a small intimate dance floor in the center of the patio. Matt asked Sami to dance.

There were a few couples already on the dance floor and many sets of horny male eyes followed Sami as they made their way to it. Several seconds later they were doing a slow, sexy waltz; their bodies molded to one another. Sami pressed her lower belly against Matt's groin as they moved to the music. She was delighted when she felt his cock through their clothing, expanding inside his shorts. Her lips brushed against his earlobe and with other couples less than an arm's length away, she began to whisper so that only he could hear.

"Oh God Matty, I'm so fucking wet, I have slime running down the inside of my thighs. I think I'm dripping on the floor. You make me so fucking horny baby, I don't know if I can wait until we get home. I think I'm going to cum right now, just from rubbing against your great big cock," and she started to gently moan into his ear.

Matt was speechless; she could feel him swallowing.

"Do you know what I'm going to do when we get home, lover?"

He shook his head, 'no'...

"I am going to give you the very best blowjob of your life. I am going to take your great big, rock hard cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat so my chin is pressed tight to your balls. Would you like that lover?"

He swallowed again and nodded his head, still unable to talk.

"I might even slip a finger into my pussy and get it really good and slippery. Then I'm going to slip it into your ass while your beautiful big cock slides in and out of my mouth. I want you to come hard, darling—great big spurts of hot creamy cum that'll gush out of my mouth and all down over my titties. I love your cum and I want lots of it. I'm going to rub it all over my boobs because it's so hot and slippery and I love it so much. Will you do that for me, lover?"

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