tagTransgender & CrossdressersLove and Drama Pt. 07

Love and Drama Pt. 07


Author's note; I am getting back into writing, BUT I picked the wrong time. With a trip I have been looking forward to for 3 year happening at the end of the month, and NaNoWriMo next month (that I am going to attempt) my works here may just go on hold for awhile. I AM working on another story not connected to either of my works here I hope to finish before my trip. Thanks for hanging with me.


The next morning Daphne woke, showered, ate and was out the door bright and early. So early, for her, that there was a chill in the air. She hardly noticed it because her mind was firmly set in "Nikki-mode". She risked a new clothing option this cool morning. Under her "Starry Night" tank top was... nothing. She decided not to wear a bra. She was filled with a sense of freedom, and flirtatiousness. Her breasts bounced and jiggled under the flimsy fabric of her top. His nipples rubbed insistently on her top, making them arm and sending a chill down her spin. Her knee-high combat boots clunked on the concrete, and her skirt flowed around her thighs. She loved being a woman, and this day, after the events of the previous day, she was filled with a sense of confidence in who she was and (mostly) what she really wanted. She just needed to swallow her nervousness, and tell all parties involved what it is that she wanted and needed.

Walking toward her were two young women holding hands. She couldn't help but smile. How freeing it must be, to be 'out' and happy. She recalled years, as a young queer person being confused by her gender, and sexual orientation. She feared for years that she'd never be able to realize her truth. When she came out as transgender she was truly shocked. Her family was happy she could admit who she really was and that it made her a much happier person. Her mother told her one evening after "meeting" Daphne that "She somehow knew that she was trans." and "She had always wanted a daughter, and now she had one."

She thought of herself and Nikki strolling down by the river holding hands and being a couple. Thoughts of Alex never even entered her mind, at the moment. The girls noticed Daphne smiling, and smiled to her. One girl leaned close to the other and whispered something. The other looked away from Daphne's face and at her bouncing, unhindered chest and gasped. She mouthed the word "wow".

"Good morning." One girl with dark hair called out to her.

"Oh! Good morning." She replied with a big smile.

As she passed, the girls looked back her.

"Wow, she's super cute!" The blonde girl declared.

"Yeah she was." The other agreed.

Daphne heard them and spun on her heel, "Thanks ladies!"

The girls giggled and hurried on, embarrassed. Daphne reached the tattoo parlor, she knew would be closed, she still paused and put her hand on the glass. She sighed deeply, and got lost in thought. I know how I feel about Nikki, but I don't know where to go with all of it. Alex is special to me, but the chemistry and emotional pull Nikki has on me is undeniable. I am so confused. I feel like, no matter what, I am going to hurt Alex. This whole Nikki thing has really turned me on my head. I never really thought about dating women before, but now it's all I can think about.

Daphne entered her studio and rushed to the work area in the back. She paused and looked around the room. She walked to a table where her stool was tucked in. She pulled it out and sat down. She sighed deeply as she recalled the previous day's activities. She had never "topped" anyone since she begun her transition, but fucking Nikki was the most incredible feeling she had ever had. And seeing how she commanded the stage at the strip club made her want Nikki even more. She smiled to herself and wriggled in her seat.

"Slow down girl, you've got a lot to deal with. Hopefully Nikki will come see me this morning and we can talk some more."

Sunlight streaked into the room, and illuminated the large plush bed where Nikki was just beginning to stir. She stretched like a drowsy cat and yawned loudly. Just then, two cats appeared next to her on the bed. She opened one eye and observed the little furry creatures.

"Mornin' Bast, morning Horus." The cats sat quietly, waiting for Nikki to rise and feed them.

"Yeah, yeah... okay, breakfast time."

Nikki climbed out of bed, her naked tattoo-covered body glowed in the sunlight. She padded to the kitchen followed by the two little beggars. Then began to circle and rub her bare legs as she opened and can of food and divided it between two little plates. The cats began to meow loudly as she turned to face them.

"Okay, here you go babies." She smiled as she set the plates down. The two felines voraciously devoured the food. "Gobble gobble." Nikki chuckled as she returned to her bedroom. She pulled on a tank top and shorts and moved to the large open window. She sat on the wide sill and produced a bong. As she packed, lit and inhaled deeply, her mind began to wander.

So much going on right now, I need to let got for a minute. Daphne... Alex... Gregory's offer... the tattoo shop. I never thought my life would turn like this. I mean, I was very happy tattooing and occasionally dancing. Being single and casually hooking up when I needed to. What am I going to do? How can I handle all of this right now?

Nikki was uncharacteristically anxious. She always had her head on straight, and knew what she wanted... now, not so much. Well, she knew she wanted Daphne, but the rest was beginning to overwhelm her. She always desired a simple life, but this was not so simple anymore.

She finished up her bowl and got dressed, she was to meet Daphne at her studio to iron some things out and possibly make some major decisions. She pulled on her leather pants and boots. Then a t shirt that read "Fuck off!" with no bra. She pulled her dreadlocks back into a pony tail and headed out. Little did either girl know, they lived less than a mile apart.

She entered Daphne's studio and was met by a blast out loud 90s metal music...

"Wait... that's my dance music!" Nikki smiled and raced to the back. She stopped short when she saw Alex standing next to Daphne with his arm around her as they looked at her painting in progress or Nikki.

"Hey guys." Nikki called as she entered.

"Hew Nik." Alex greeted her.

"Nikki!" Daphne squealed as she rushed to her and hugged her tightly. "Glad you're back in town!" she said with a wink.

"Yeah, how was your trip?" Alex asked, ignorant of the truth. He turned down the music in order for the three to actually have a conversation.

"Great! Did a lot of relaxing, and got laid."


"Yeah, she was super sexy, and am amazing lay!"

Daphne blushed, but tried not to let on.

"Very nice Nik."

"So what's going on?" Nikki asked as she passed Daphne to hug Alex.

"We're checking out Daph's painting of you." Alex stated.

"Ah cool... hey, it looks really good Daph!" Nikki said with a smile.

"So, Nikki, you gonna get naked for Daphne when she's ready to paint your tattoos?"

"Of course! All she has to do is ask, and I'll get naked anytime she asks." Nikki replied. Daphne blushed again.

"HAHA!! Cool cool." Alex laughed, "So, Daphne said she had something to talk to me about, why don't hang out?"

"Sure!" Nikki replied as she perched herself on a nearby stool.

Daphne sat on the other stool and cleared her throat. "Okay, so I was approached by a woman a few days ago, who offered a sponsorship to me. She wants to give me a stipend, an agent, and help me build my name in the art community."

"Oh my god babe! That's great!" Alex exclaimed.

"Thank you." Daphne replied with a smile.


"Yeah Nik?"

"Who is this woman?"

"Oh, Charlotte-"

"Ravenswood?!" Nikki interrupted, a note of annoyance in her voice.

"Do you know her?"

"Yes... I do."

"Is there something wrong with her?" Alex asked.

"I suppose not, just make sure she doesn't control everything you create. Stand up to her, and be your own person." Nikki explained.

"Oh.. okay Nikki, thanks for the warning, but-"

"You already agreed..."

"Y-yeah." Daphne replied.

"Okay, but please be careful." Nikki reiterated.

"I will."

They sat quietly for a few moments, until Nikki jumped up.

"So, I have news as well."

"Oh? Do tell." Alex said.

"Well, as Alex knows, but Daph, you don't," She glanced at Daphne, "I strip on occasion."

"Y-You do?" Daphne played up her false ignorance. But in her mind recalling how powerful and sexy Nikki was up on the stage and twirling around the pole.

"Yeah." She grinned. "Anyway, while I was out of town, I was doing some dancing, and the owner of the club is expanding to three more locations, and he wants me to be his general manager and oversee operations in all his clubs."

"Oh wow! That's awesome Nik."

"Yeah congrats Nikki." Daphne replied.

"So, do you have to stop tattooing? That seems like a full time job." Alex inquired.

"No, that's the thing, he said as long as I visit each location at least once a month I'm good. I get to hire staff, including managers."

"That's great, so you'll continue to be my neighbor?" Daphne asked.

"Of course!" Nikki replied.

"Oh, he wants me to headline a weekend at each club every month or two." Nikki explained.

"Ah cool." Daphne replied.

"Oh hey, Daph, did you know Nikki and I met one night when I was at the club she dances at?"

"Hrm.. no."

"Yeah, her boss Gregory had me in to discuss procuring some art for his house."

"What a weird place for a meeting." Daphne said.

"He's actually a really worldly guy." Nikki stated, "And he lives at the club. It's like a family for him and he treats his girls really well."

"Oh neat!"

"Well? Did you take it?" Alex inquired.

"I am going to, I think it's a good deal, and I can cut loose on occasion and dance." Nikki explained.

"That's great Nik, I look forward to seeing your success continue." Alex replied genuinely.

"Aww Thanks Nik!" He replied.

"So, you're home early huh 'Lex?" Nikki stated.

"Yeah, finished up my business yesterday, and grabbed a red eye flight home asap." He hugged Daphne, "Had to get home to my baby."

Daphne suddenly felt very uncomfortable by his affection. Nikki could see it, but played it off, "That's very sweet, and revolting." She laughed.

"Haha!" Alex laughed and squeezed Daphne again, "Well, listen. I actually haven't been home, so I am going to head out, and grab a shower."

"Oh, okay babe." Daphne replied.

"I'll probably grab a shower and a nap." Alex explained, "But how about I take you ladies to dinner tonight?"

"Sure, sounds good 'Lex." Nikki replied.

"Yeah." Daphne agreed.

"Okay, I'll see you ladies tonight."

"Okay babe!" Daphne replied as she hugged him again.

"See ya later Alex." Nikki called.

After Alex left the studio, the girls sat quietly for a for moments, then Daphne stirred and cleared her throat. She summoned up the nerve to finally discuss what was going on between them. Her mind raced through everything she had experienced, she searched for the words, desperate to not sound negative or pathetic. She knew her feelings for Nikki were real, and that whatever she felt for Alex was fading fast. She knew she'd better speak up quickly, so finally she looked up at Nikki who was now standing before her with a smile. Before Daphne to say a word, Nikki took her face in her hands and kissed Daphne sweetly. Their lips touched, and just became one soft, tender mouth of passion. Nikki withdrew and licked her lips, "Yum!"

Daphne blushed and turned her face away, but Nikki gently took Daphne's chin with her hand and turned her face to look Nikki in the eye, "Daph?"


"I love you."

"I-I love you too." Daphne couldn't believe she just uttered those words to this beautiful woman. What did it mean? What will happen to Alex?

"You have no idea how happy that makes me feel Daph." Nikki stated.

"I... I just felt it so deeply, I had to say it."

"I'm glad you meant it, and not just said it to say it." Nikki replied.

"Of course I meant it!" Daphne urgently reiterated. Nikki laughed and took Daphne's hands in hers. She entwined her fingers with Daphne's and tilted her head. She observed their hands tenderly holding one another and smiled. Daphne noticed tears seemed to be welling up in Nikki's eyes.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing." She paused a sniffled, "I'm just feeling a little emotional."

"In a good or bad way?" Daphne asked suddenly very concerned.

"In a good way, a very good way." Nikki replied and pulled Daphne's hand to her face and lips it.

"You seem sad." Daphne stated.

"Not sad sweetie, just..." Tears streaked down Nikki's face.

"Oh Nikki!" Daphne jumped up and embraced her friend. She held her friend tight, and allowed the usually very strong-willed Nikki to be weak. Nikki nuzzled Daphne's neck.

"Thank you Daph."

"Of course!" Daphne smiled at her friend. Nikki sat on a stood and pulled herself together, and drew in a ragged breath. She mustered a smile, and began to speak.

"Daph, we..." Her voice caught in her throat, Daphne was taken aback by Nikki's continued vulnerability.

"We need to talk things out. Figure out what..." She pionted at herself then at Nikki, "This...is."

"Right." Nikki nodded.

Daphne smiled a sweet smile that warmed Nikki's heart. "I know what I WANT it to be, but I need to know what you need it to be."

"It's not that simple, I mean...Alex..."

Daphne was almost annoyed at hearing his name. "I know, I know..."

"Don't be mad, but he IS the reason you are even here." Nikki explained.

"I know...I know..." Daphne weakly replied.

"I'm sorry Daph..."

"No, don't be. I understand. I need to tell him."

"Tell him what?"

"That it's over."

"Over? Are you sure?"

"I am." She paused for a moment, "I know that what I feel for him is fleeting and not the same as it was when I first came here. When I met you that night, my head flipped. I was utterly enamored by you from the moment I saw you."

Nikki smiled with tears in her eyes.

"The more I was around you, I knew it was more than lust, but the lust was utterly overwhelming. That day we had sex, right here." She gestured to the general area, "I knew I wanted more...and more."


"The more minutes...hours I spent with you, the more I want those minutes and hours to turn into month and years." She declared.

"Daphne, please stop..."

"Why, I am speaking my truth, and I need you to know that-"

"I love you Daphne, I feel exactly the same way. I want to be with you... physically, emotionally, eternally."

"I love you Nikki, but I need you to know just what is going on in my brain."

"I think I get it." Nikki giggled.


"But, what about Alex?"

"As I said, I am going to tell him tonight."

"That's going to go well." Nikki remarked sarcastically.

"Sigh... Yeah..."


"It's okay, but obviously I can't stay there... after. I'll have to get a hotel or something."

"Daph... are you for real right now?"


"Come stay with me."

"Serious? I wasn't going to assume anything."

"Please, I would consider it an honor to have you some share my bed with me." Nikki declared.

"I can't wait to get you into bed again, or rather, for the first time." Daphne smirked.

"Then let's start early." Nikki replied as she approached Daphne.


Nikki Scooped Daphne into her arms and kissed her hard. "I want to take you home and make love to you right now!"

"I uh..."

"Let's go." Nikki grabbed Daphne's wrist, "I live nearby!"

Nikki and Daphne raced out of the studio, overwhelmed by lust.

The girls burst through the door to Nikki's apartment tearing at each others clothes, and devouring each others mouths. Nikki's cats frightened by sudden activity scattered to the far corner of the apartment. Nikki pinned Daphne against the wall and pulled her tank top off. With one hand she held Daphne's wrists above her head, and the other gripped tightly to one of her breasts.

"Uh! FUCK!" Daphne groaned as her nipple vanished into Nikki's mouth. Nikki proceeded to suck and nibble on Daphne's erect nipples. She released Daphne's wrists and moved up to kiss her again. Daphne pulled at Nikki's tank top now. Up and off, Daphne licked her lips, "Fuck, your tits are spectacular!"

"They better be, I paid a lot for them!" Nikki groaned as Daphne took one of her pierced nipples into her mouth and sucked hard. "Damn girl! You're 'hungry' ain't ya?"

"Uh huh!" Daphne grunted as she reached for Nikki's pants. Their mouths collided again and they, in unison began to peel off Nikki's pants.

"Shit!" Nikki exclaimed. "Boots!"

Daphne dropped to her knees and ferociously pulled at Nikki's boots. As she loosened them enough, one by one she launched them over her shoulder. Soon, Nikki's pants and panties were in a pile on the floor, and Daphne's mouth covered Nikki's pussy. Her tongue darted in and out of her. Nikki laced her fingers in Daphne's hair and pulled her face to her.

"Holy shit!" Nikki exclaimed as Daphne ravenously devoured her. Nikki's legs began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm approached. "Oh my god Daph!" She squealed as she climaxed. She nearly collapsed, but Daphne caught her, and held her up as she kissed her.

"Was that okay?" Daphne whispered as Nikki panted wildly.

"Okay?! Babe, I just came so fucking hard!"

Daphne laughed.

"Oh, I see... you're fucking with me!"

"Not yet." Daphne smirked.

"Oh yeah, let's see what's going on down there." Nikki said slyly as she slid down the wall. She lifted Daphne's skirt, and there straining against pink lace fabric was Daphne's rock hard cock. A significant moisture spot on her panties. "OOH! Someone is excited!" Nikki exclaimed as she glanced up as Daphne who was already biting her lips and pinching her nipples. Nikki smiled to her self and tugged down Daphne's panties, her cock finally sprung forth, no longer restrained. It visibly throbbed, fueled by uncontrollable lust!

Nikki licked her lips, and smiled up at Daphne. She just nodded and played with her tits. Nikki's tongue darted from between her full lips and lashed out at the head of Daphne's cock. Nikki savored the taste of Daphne's pre-cum, and could no longer hold herself back. Her lips parted and Daphne's cock vanished between them. Daphne threw back her head and moaned loudly as Nikki took every inch of Daphne and craved more. She continued to suck and lick Daphne til she could feel her orgasm closing. She suddenly stopped and stood up.

"Awww what the hell?!" Daphne whimpered. Nikki kissed her and pulled her close.

"I don't want you to cum yet." Nikki whispered.

"Why not?"

"Because, when I finally let you, it's going to be the best orgasm you've ever had!" Nikki told her sternly. She led her to the bed where she finished undressing her and laid her down.

"You're bed is so soft!" Daphne remarking as she sunk into it.

"Yep, the exact opposite of your luscious, rock-hard cock." Nikki replied as she sat just below Daphne's cock on her thighs. Nikki leaned down and kissed Daphne's breasts, then moved to her mouth. Their lips met and soon parted. Their tongues wrestled and fought for mouth supremacy. Nikki soon slid up and lowered herself down on Daphne's cock. She let it slide is slowly, letting the sensation wash over both of them. Daphne's naturally produced 'moisture' provided all the lubrication they needed. Daphne bit her lip as her cock entered the hot enveloping sex.

"She looked up at the tattooed 'sex goddess' and groaned, "I love being inside you! It feels like nothing else."

Nikki leaned down and kissed her, "Having you inside of me is everything to me, I love you so much Daph."

Tears welled in Daphne's eyes, "I love you Nikki."

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