tagSci-Fi & FantasyLove and Lust in the Garden of Eden

Love and Lust in the Garden of Eden


Eve loved her garden. It was very beautiful, it was full of plants of every type and she had flowers of every color. Eden was indeed a very lovely and peaceful place. She had no cares, as the garden was also brimming with fruits of every type. Eve especially enjoyed sampling the fruits of each tree. Some were sweeter than others, the tastes varied, but all were good.

As if he had been reading her thoughts, the serpent asked "All the fruits Eve? You have not sampled of all the fruits. Look at Adam, see the fruit which he holds between his legs? That fruit still belongs to Lilith."

Like chasing away a bad dream, Eve dismissed the Serpent with a simple "be gone". As Adam and Eve were the appointed masters of the garden, he had no choice but to obey. A seed had already been planted in Eve's mind, one that would grow.

Eve did not like hearing mention of Lilith. Behind her back she would hear the whisperings by the animals concerning Adam's previous relationship. None prior to the serpent had dared speak of Lilith directly to Eve.

She was nothing but a spirit that would come to Adam at night. Lilith would cause Adam to become hard, cause him to moan and move in his sleep as if in pain. Why would Eve want to sample that fruit?

Adam had told her that even touching his "fruit" was forbidden. Was that not what separated man from the animals that served them in the garden? The animals would leave their very principles behind in order to mate. It was the planting of the fruit which caused the male birds to become proud strutting around. The rams would fight over who would bear fruit with the ewes.

Eve had hardly noticed the animals breeding prior to the serpent. She now lingered watching with keen interest as the Ram mounted the ewe. She watched the male dog's cock form a knot holding the female in place prolonging their pleasure. She watched the stallion, the stallion made her blush.

Eve wondered what would the stallion feel like? What would any of them feel like?

The serpent being the craftiest of the animals, was there whispering; "Look, look at their pleasure. Watch the pleasure in the ewe's eye as the ram enters her. See the lust in the bitch's eye for the wolf's cock. See the mare, the look as that long cock fills the mare".

Eve felt lust from the hypnotic spell spun by the serpent. "Reach down and touch your own fruit Eve. You have your own fruit, you do not have to rely on Adam." Eve touched, she felt her soft wet lips, Eve found her clit. It made her jump, so sensitive. You must quit now as not to lose herself.

The serpent was holding her tight. His coils were comforting rather than strangling. She felt bound by the serpent, bound by her lust. Not being able to move, Eve was absolved from responsibility. Being bound, she was free to enjoy the flickering tongue of the serpent parting her pussy lips. It finding it's way down to her ass, working it's way back up her pussy. The serpent found her clit.

Eve felt a need, a desire building up inside her. For what she knew not. The serpents whisper returned to her ear; "Remember the stallion mounting the mare".

Remember she did. As Eve pictured the huge spotted horse cock entering the mare, she could almost feel it herself. A cock pressing against her pussy, the cock spreading her wet cunt lips. This was more than her mind picturing, she could feel the serpents tail entering her. He had beguiled her indeed.

What a wonderful beguiling as the coils held her body from moving, even from speaking, the tail penetrate Eve deeper and deeper. It began fucking her pussy, Eve finding her voice ordered not for the serpent to be gone, but to fuck her harder.

The feel of her pussy being full, being fucked, was accompanied by the serpent's ever present whispers. "Adam was sent among the animals to find a mate. Where my tail is entering you, Adam has fucked each of the species and kind. You were brought forth to mate with Adam. Go taste of his fruit."

Eve lay in the grass wanting. The serpent had left her unfulfilled and desirous. That night sleep escaped Eve, hunger for sex filled her mind. Her gaze repeatedly returned to Adam's cock, she would taste.

Eve licked the head of Adam's cock. Finding it pleasing, she continued to lick and kiss the length of Adam's hardening cock. Hearing the moans which Adam sent forth when Lilith visited, Eve sucked his cock, milking it with her hand. She wanted to taste of his fruit. She wanted to feel his seed in her mouth. Adam was fucking Eve's mouth in his sleep, soon filling it with his cum.

Eve was pleased but still unsatisfied, her fingers feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy. Pressing her body against Adam, Eve whispered into his ear: "Adam, eat of my Fruit, I have tasted of the fruit and found it very pleasant". She brought her fingers, wet from her needy cunt to Adam's lips.

Adam tasted of Eve's fruit. Doing what the sheep in the field do, Adam entered Eve. Slowly, fearful at first, Adam spread Eve's pussy lips, penetrating her warm wet pussy. Her cunt was tight engulfing his cock, it was wonderful.

Adam had found his mate. Each stroke of his loins were met with an equal push from Eve. His grunts and moans were accompanied by a harmony of squeals from Eve. His stiffening body pushing his cum deep into Eve's pussy was accompanied by Eve's convulsions pulling his sperm towards her eggs.

Adam knew his wife. Adam held Eve in his arms as his seed penetrated her egg. Eve had become the first mother, the mother of the human race.

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