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Love and Submission


As I stepped out of the car, I was reminded of how perfect the weather was. A warm breeze flirted with the edge of my skirt, bringing the loose, gauzy fabric up from my knees to my thighs. I shoved it back down absently and crossed the space from the driver's side of my car to the airport terminal sidewalk in three long strides.

There he was, the love of my life. He was leaning down slightly to shoulder off his bag onto the sidewalk; when he straightened up I was reminded of just how tall he was. His broad shoulders and chest were covered with a light blue piqué striped shirt that pulled taut across him as he straightened his posture. He was smiling, arms held open as he stepped forward.

My stilettos clicked time along with me as I closed the distance, and then I was in his arms, lifted off my feet. I buried my face in his neck as he closed his arms around my lower back. And then I was back on the ground, and he was leaning down, pressing his face into my hair. His voice was a low, rolling growl against my ear.

"Get back in the car, you little bitch, before I fuck you on the pavement in front of all these people."

I gasped a little, pulling back from him. His eyes stared straight into mine, commanding but loving. He gave a sharp nod towards the car. I lowered my eyes and retreated obediently towards the driver's side. That's when I noticed the top of my breasts were blushing furiously against the black halter straps of my dress.

He didn't speak as we coasted onto the interstate, and so I remained as silent. The traffic was light for a Friday afternoon, and I shifted my legs to set the cruise control. And suddenly, his hand was sliding up my inner thigh, pushing aside the fabric of my dress. When he took my hands in his, they felt tiny; and yet, his fingers were now both persistent and delicate as they climbed my thigh. I glanced down, and as I did so, he gave me a painful pinch.

"Pay attention to your driving," he said, and then paused as his hand reached the soft folds of my cunt. His voice shifted to a deceptively tender tone.

"You dirty...fucking...slut. You're not wearing any panties. I bet you're already wet, aren't you?"

I could feel the blush creeping from my breasts to my cheeks, and did my best to focus on the road. Five exits until my apartment, I noted, and then couldn't help myself – a low moan slid out of my throat as he started to stroke my slit with his index finger. He was right; I had been drenched from the moment he spoke to me outside the airport.

A few more probing strokes, more exploratory than tender, before he began to finger me. I choked another moan back into my throat. My pussy was almost painfully tight; even his two fingers felt too large for me. Three exits.

I dropped my head back against the headrest and exhaled slowly as he shoved his index and middle finger inside me, inquisitive and prying, and then there it was – that small, sweet, deep spot. He curled his fingers up in a come-hither gesture and then relaxed them, stroking the front wall of my cunt. As he shifted, I could feel that I had already soaked both his palm and the back of his hand.

Finally, the off-ramp to my apartment; now we could park and he would make me come. And yet...that wasn't what he had in mind.

I was so concerned with negotiating the tight curves of the parking garage that by the time I had parked, he had removed his hand from between my legs and had calmly undone his belt. I felt empty, so close to coming, my pussy clenching and unclenching between my legs, my slit still dripping and unfulfilled.

The corners of his mouth had turned up in a smug smile; he had noticed me eyeing his cock hungrily as he began to work his hand up and down his shaft. I realized I had been unconsciously running the tip of my tongue from one corner of my lips to the other. He raised his free hand and placed it almost tenderly on the back of my neck, his voice soft and beckoning at first, like it always was.

"I know what you want, little girl...I know just what my little cocksucker wants. Come here, baby..."

And then he pulled me forward and down across the consol of my car, his fingers splayed across the back of my neck. I parted my lips just slightly before he shoved me down onto his cock, wanting to feel as much of it as I could. It was delicious, hot and throbbing as I slid my tongue down his shaft, and I felt a new wave of wetness flow out of me and onto my dress, the seat of my car, everywhere. Then I began to drown as he bottomed out against the back of my throat. My lips were stretched tightly against his base; I struggled to sit up for air but he forced my head down further.

"Oh, no, slut...I'm going to fuck your throat. That's right; choke on that cock, you dirty bitch..."

And with that, he reached across the consol and stabbed two fingers into my slit, hard, and then wrenched me across the gap by my cunt. I lost my balance and pitched forward onto him, coughing and gasping and then he was all the way down my throat; I could feel the head of his cock pulsing, stretching me as I tried to breath. My hips ground down on his hand as my pussy silently begged him to make me come while I sucked him off.

Suddenly he jerked his fingers out and slapped my swollen, aching slit, hard. Then his hand was entrenched in my hair, using it as leverage to pull my head up and down over his cock. Three swift movements, up and down, and just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, he pulled me upright. As the head of his cock popped out of my mouth, I stared at him in surprise. I had been looking forward to him coating my throat with hot come.

"That's enough. We're going inside so I can fuck that tight ass of yours." He went about the business of composing himself for the walk up. When I started to do the same in the rearview mirror – my face was flushed, my eyeliner streaked across my cheeks, my lipstick smeared – he grabbed my wrist firmly and guided it down to my lap.

"Leave it. I want everyone we pass to know you've been sucking cock like a whore."

I stared at him, open mouthed and starting to protest, but the look on his face let me know that wasn't an option. Reluctantly, I turned off the car and opened the door.

I didn't think my legs would carry me as I stepped out onto the concrete. My ankles were trembling as I reached back for my purse. Already he had come around to press his substantial frame against my back, a hand pushing my dress up over my ass. He took a moment to run the tip of his tongue up the curve of my neck before speaking.

"Do I have to punish you for staling? Do I have to push you down on your hands and knees and shove this thick cock up your ass right here? Let all your neighbors know what a greedy little slut you are? Mmm?"

The thought mortified me; I shook my head fervently and shoved my keys into my purse.

"Good girl." He slapped my ass so hard the sound cracked across the garage like a gunshot. And then he was walking, pulling me by the wrist.

"Walk in front," he demanded. "I want to watch that pussy juice drip down your legs while you walk."

I steadied myself, taking deep breaths as we made our way through the door and to the elevator. As the doors opened, two young men began wrestling musical equipment out. I kept my eyes downcast, ashamed. They each eyed me carefully as they set the pieces of a drum kit into the hallway, then both shot my lover a knowing and smug look before the elevator doors closed us in. He ignored them entirely.

We reached the sixth floor without further incident, and he waited patiently for me to step out in front of him for the long walk down the hall. My thighs were now entirely soaked; my wetness had begun to drip down the inside curve of my knee by the time we reached my door. I turned to begin digging out my keys when he put a hand on my shoulder and pulled me back to face him. My eyes grew huge – he had taken his cock out again, and it was standing fully erect in front of me; understanding dawned as he slipped a hand under the back of each thigh.

"No – please – not here, in the hallway...don't make me...my neighbors..."

He smiled the smile of someone who is being very patient with a child as he bent slightly at the knees, preparing to hoist me up against the door.

"Then I suggest you be quiet – or do you want me to put a hand over your mouth so you don't moan like a whore?" he suggested in his subtle growl.

I didn't have time to answer; my hands were around his neck and then I was up, legs wrapping around his waist as he dropped my soaked pussy down on the hard rod of his cock. I gasped, loudly, and banged my head back against the door. It was so unceremonious, so raw and wanton, and still, I was about to come as soon as he started cramming that throbbing cock up my little hole. I was more than ready for him, and he slid all the way to the hilt. I groped for the locked doorknob and then, finding it, used it to shove myself upwards, riding him in earnest as he fucked me. My toes began to curl, and I recognized the oncoming orgasm. He did too as my cunt began to quiver and tighten around him, and so, instead of slapping a hand over my mouth like promised, he kissed me.

His mouth was warm and firm, and I bit his lower lip to stifle the low moans coming out of the back of my throat. He had stopped thrusting altogether, holding me tightly between the door and himself. Shudders wracked my body, and I clenched my legs together, pulling him further in as that familiar warmth began to flood me.

He was pacing his breathing, I noticed, as I began to come down. I unlocked my legs and lowered them unsteadily down; he kept a strong arm under my lower back so I wouldn't collapse. I languished against his chest for a few moments, listening to our alternating breaths, and then realized his cock, pressed firmly against my thigh, was still hard. He hadn't come yet.

I suppose my face looked astonished, because he met me with an amused grin. Tilting my head upwards by a finger under my chin, he licked the corner of my mouth, then kept his lips pressed against mine as he murmured,

"I told you. I'm going to come in that gorgeous, tight little ass of yours."

As he spun me around, I tried to talk my way out of it.

"You can't – please – not here, you can't..."

"Ass-fuck you in the hallway? I can, and I'm going to. Now bend over and touch the door with your palms. Further."

He reached under me and brought my ass further up, shoving my legs apart with his knee. I was humiliated, sprawled out here for anyone to see, should they choose this moment to leave their apartment. He was running a finger up and down my slit, then plunged two in, then three, twisting his wrist slightly, soaking his hand before he began rubbing my asshole. I felt impossibly tight, clenched in this position, as he started working a finger into me.

"God, oh god," I said softly under my breath, thinking to myself, You can't possibly take him in this position; he'll tear you apart.

Nevertheless, his fingers probing against my asshole felt delightful. I arched back against them, almost purring. He began to finger me steadily, opening me up. And then I could feel the smooth, hot curve of his cock pressing against my tight hole.

"Not yet," I moaned, but he wasn't listening. He shifted his weight and slowly moved forward, groaning at how tight I was. And then reached down and began stroking my clit, gently, so gently in contrast to the brash way he continued to work his pussy-soaked cock into my ass. I began relaxing immediately, and even found myself pressing back against him, squirming, thrilled with the deliciously uncomfortable way he was filling my ass.

He slid a few more fingers into my open, soaking slit, then rubbed them around my asshole and his cock.

"Yeah," he was saying as he opened me up. "You love being bent over and fucked up the ass. You're soaking wet; you can't wait for it." Then, he began to fuck me.

A slight with-drawl, then a forceful slam, until he was steadily pumping all the way in and out of my aching asshole. I writhed forward against his hand, trying to escape that unforgiving penetration, if only for a moment, but he wasn't having any of that. A tell-tale groan, half helpless and half controlling, slipped out of his mouth – it was how I knew he wasn't going to stop until he'd filled me up with come. When he groaned liked that, I always knew he was locking in to ride me until he was done.

The thought of all of it – he about to come in my ass, right here in public; the way my tits bounced back and forth beneath my dress; the way his balls slapped my swollen cunt while he slammed three fingers in and out of it; the way I could almost feel him stroking himself through the inside of me – made my stomach tighten.

Oh, god, don't, I thought to myself. If you come now, it'll make him come, and then...

Fuck it. I couldn't help it; it was all so painful and luscious and degrading that I began quivering. He shoved an arm under my abdomen to hold me up, bending me over even further. And then I was coming, around his fingers, all over his hand, and a series of high pitched, vulnerable sobs clawed their way out of my throat. My ass had tightened painfully, sucking his cock deep inside as I came. Suddenly, he pitched me forward, burying himself as deep as he could. I started to cry as I felt his cock unloading thick shots of come into my ass. It was so hot, almost burning, especially the way he'd torn me open.

He gave one last thrust, finishing; I could already feel his sticky come start to ooze out of me before he withdrew. Everything began running down my legs as he pulled out – my come, his come, our sweat. I was contemplating sitting down on my knees in front of the door, destroyed, not caring who saw, but he had already fished my keys out of my purse and shoved the door open.

One arm faithfully holding my purse and another draped around my waist he walked me inside.

"Go sit down for a bit, sweetheart," he said, all the malice having left his voice. He released me and turned to lock the door behind him. I eyed the couch; my legs were shaking and weak and my ass was aching, but I pressed myself into his back instead.

I could feel him smiling, relaxing back into me a bit. He reached around and pulled me closer.

"I've missed you so much," he sighed softly.

I buried my face between his shoulder blades, inhaling the sweat and cologne and smell of both our sexes.

"I've missed you too, Ben."

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