Love & War


Written by Keith Kilburn

Co-Written by Kenya – Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran

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Disclaimer and Warning


This story contains sexually explicit material and situations between consenting adults. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, are under the age of 18, or it is illegal in your part of the world, PLEASE bypass this story for one more suited to you.

All the characters belong to DC Comics, a Time Warner Company, with the exception of Henry the doorman©, who belongs to Kenya–Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran. No Copyright infringement is intended. I just borrowed them so that they could have a sex life and to please some adoring fans out there. I have not received one red cent from writing this story and if you sue, all you'll get is two bad ass little girls. The only payment I wish is praise, criticism and some ideals for other stories.

This work is copywritten to the author. If you wish to archive this story, please ask permission first. Nine times out of Ten, We'll say yes. Please do not remove without the author's permission or make any changes to this story. Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks and Dedications…

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Mad shout out to Wonk for the snappy editing job and comments. Such a good man and so damn vocal too! This story has been sitting on my desktop for a while, being re-written and re-written again and now, I think we (Keith and I) can finally declare it done.

Wonkeaux will happily edit any fan fic featuring Starfire, (Or Caitlin Fairchild for that matter) and naughtiness.

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For those without a clue…

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Richard Dick Grayson is the superhero known as the Robin, (later; Nightwing), sidekick since his early teens to the Batman, and leader of the Titans (originally known as the Teen Titans, then the New Teen Titans, later the New Titans, currently just called the Titans.)

Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran is the beautiful alien princess and the resident Titan's teammate; Starfire. Beautiful and passionate, Kory is a handful 95% of the time. Born to the Royal throne of Tamaran, Kory was destined to rule, but revenge would rob her of that right. Kory spent years as a Citadellian slave in order to save her planet from destruction. A destruction her older sister, Princess Komand'r, planed for what she claims was the "neglectful" treatment she received at the hands of her parents. The accusation was false of course, but Kory paid the price nonetheless. Eventually Kory escaped and crash landed on earth where she met and became a member of the Teen Titans and eventually fell in love with its leader, Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin.

* * * * *

* * * * *

Sometimes a quick change of plans is called for.

What a wonderful day! Kory Anders, also known as the Titan Starfire, and resident teen powerhouse Princess of Koriand'r of Tamaran, thought as she took in the wonders of the day. She was walking over to her boyfriend and Titans team leader, Dick Grayson apartment. They had made plans for a nice walk in the park, followed by a picnic and some afternoon lovemaking.

Truth be told, it didn't have to happen in that order. Grinning at the naughty thought, Kory sped up her stride, suddenly in a rush to get there.

* * * * *

When she arrived, it was around noon. Central Park would soon be packed with people wanting to make the best to of the day and enjoy the park before night came. Entering through the elegant revolving doors, she greeted the doorman, Henry, before she headed for the elevators that would lead her to the upstairs apartments.

Tipping his hat and smiling at the beautiful Alien, he spoke. "Good afternoon Madam. It's been a while since you have graced us with your presence."

Kory smiled at the warm complement. "I've been so busy lately Henry." She said, bending to kiss the older man on his cheek in greeting. "Between Titan business and Modeling, I barely have time to catch my breath!" she exclaimed. Winking at the doorman, she asked. "Have you been keeping my boyfriend out of trouble?"

"Feh!" came the short burst of sound. "Trouble? Whenever is Mister Grayson any trouble?" Raising his left eyebrow, he said. "You'll find more trouble in a nunnery then around Mister Grayson! Such a nice, quiet young gentleman. Surprising in one so young and rich as he is. So, no Ma'am," he said, still smiling at her. "He's a good boy, never any trouble."

If only you knew Henry. Kory thought, secretly grinning at the irony of that statement. When was the former "Boy Wonder" ever out of trouble?

"Is he still upstairs Henry?" she questioned.

"Indeed Madam. He is in his apartment, working as usual."

"Then I'll run upstairs and see if he can be persuaded away from work long enough to go on a picnic" she said, pointing to the basket in her hand. Winking, she said her goodbyes to Henry and left the main lobby, heading for the elevators. Once inside, she took out a polished silver key from the side pocket of her cut-offs and inserted it into the keyhole on the elevator panel. Turning the key, she then pressed the button marked "D. Grayson-Penthouse" and felt the elevator slowly begin its climb to the top floor of the building. Two minutes later, she was at her destination. Balancing the basket on her hip, impatiently tapping her foot, she waited for the elevator doors to open and let her in Dick's expensive Central Park penthouse. When the doors opened, she almost wished they hadn't.


Total chaos reigned.

She shouldn't be surprised, indeed, she should be used to it by now, but every time she saw it, it always had the power to leave her speechless.





It was a wreck. Usually his apartments stayed that way, but with this being a penthouse, you would think he'd take better care of it. From the looks of it, that was the woefully wrong assumption to make. Everywhere her emerald gaze touched, she saw madness. Books were stacked in piles on the floor, unpacked boxes, stacked all over the place, giving her the impression of someone newly moved when the truth was he's been there for 3 months. The occasional piece of clothing was scattered and lying forgotten over different pieces of furniture. It looked like he had been dressing and undressing in the living room. Scanning all areas of the penthouse's open space, she saw that the damage wasn't limited to just the living room. Everywhere she looked, she found something that didn't belong.

"I bet his office is the soul of order." She said, frustration tinting her voice. It always amazed her that the most orderly and controlling of the Titans was the worst housekeeper on the planet. His office at the Tower was in total order, everything neat and in place, but his apartment was chaos in motion. If he was like this as a little boy, then Alfred caught hell trying to clean after him. Rubbing her head and giving a quiet prayer to X'hal for the cleaning staff, she set the basket down on the one spot on the table that wasn't covered with books or papers and went in search of her errant boyfriend.

She was just about to search the Bedroom when she heard the quiet click of keyboard keys, like someone typing and it was coming from his study. Turning, she headed for the sound. The closer she got to the door, the louder the sound became. Seeing that the door was opened a crack, she gently pushed it the rest of the way open. Sure enough, there he was, hunched over his computer, typing away like a mad man, clad in only a pair of black silk boxers and mismatched socks.

The room was also spotless, just as she knew it would be.

So busy typing whatever it was he was working on, he never noticed the door swing open or Kory entering through it. He wouldn't have known she was there at all if she hadn't spoke. "So, are you ready to go to the Park?"

Startled, he quickly looked up from the computer and saw Kory leaning against the archway of his office door. God…she so beautiful, he thought, his mouth hanging open at the sight. She was such a vision of loveliness to him and he immediately felt his dick harden and his mouth water. He could honestly say he had the best looking girlfriend in the known universe. Standing at 6'4 and lushly built, she was a golden skinned goddess. Unbelievably long auburn red ringlets fell down her back and stopping once they reached the back of her thighs, Clear, pupil-less, emerald green eyes, wide and expressive, full kissable lips and exquisite regal features, features that proclaimed her royal background, slender, swan like neck, slim, well-rounded shoulders, powerful arms that fell gracefully by a firm pair of breasts, 38 double D's no less, which were barely covered by a beautifully decorated, but skimpy tank top that revealed more then it concealed. Her firm bottom and beautifully long legs were in a tiny pair of clinging, cut-off lavender hip hugger short-shorts that showed off her flat stomach, long legs, hips and perfect ass to its fullest potential. Firm calves, deceptively delicate looking ankles and smooth feet surrounded by a pair of tan leather strappy sandals, clearly Greek in origin and smoothly winding up her calf and tied securely below her knee. A set of polished toes peeked from the straps that made up the sandals. All in all, she looked good enough to eat and his eyes said it.

Smiling at that look, she waited for the lust to leave and sweet sanity to come back, only then would her question get answered. She just loved the looks he gave when he wanted her.

This was one of those looks.

Shaking himself from his lustful thoughts, trying to focus on what he was suppose to do, which was reviewing these cases for Bruce, rather than on what he would like to do, which was tucking Kory under him and causing the Tamaranean to scream in a very unladylike manner. Feeling the shudder of need travel through his body, Dick realized that he still hadn't answered Kory's question. Blinking, as if awaking from a dream, he asked. "Was the trip to the park today?"

"Uh huh." She nodded. "I have a picnic basket already packed, equipped with checkered quilt, fried chicken, potato salad, wine and two champagne flutes. Instant romantic picnic for two." She said, watching the dawning horror in his eyes. Frowning at the seated man, Kory came to one conclusion. "Don't tell me you forgot!" she said, watching the blush settle in his cheeks. "Dick!!!"

"I know, I know! I'm sorry." He said, watching his irate girlfriend standing by the door with her hands on her hips. That definitely meant trouble and the next thing he says will be sure to bury him. Quickly he starts explaining. "I'm helping Batman on a case and I totally got wrapped up in it. I forgot all about the park. What's worse, I don't think I'll be able to take you to the park today either." He said, holding his breath and waited for the blow up that accompanied whenever he mentioned Bruce's or his alter ego's name. After 30 seconds and no stray starbolts, he looked up. He was just in time to see her leave her spot against the doorway and walk over to where he sat.

Spinning his chair around, she took her a seat in his lap, careful not to sit directly on the tent that was beginning to form in his black silk boxers. Talk about the "Big Top" indeed. Caressingly, she ran her fingers through the shining ebon strains of his hair, watching each silken strand slide between her fingers and fall neatly back in place on top of his well-shaped head. Leaning in close, she slowly started nibbling on his lower left ear lobe, gently capturing the fragile skin between her teeth. Hearing his quick indrawn breath, Kory released his ear and whispered into it. "Are you saying Batman can't spare you for two hours?"

Feeling Kory's moist breath in his ear and hearing her husky tones as she spoke was really affecting him. He could barely think straight, who could with a sexy alien on your lap, tonguing your ear and rubbing her tight ass against your dick? All he could do was layback and pant as Kory preformed her special form of witchcraft on his ear, and silently curse Bruce for the extra work that kept him from finding a more creative use for his office chair. He'd much rather be undressing Kory then working on some damn case for Batman.

Trying to gain some control and make her understand, he pulled his ear from her mouth and turned her until their eyes met, when he had her attention, he said. "This case is really important Kory, Bruce never asks for help unless it's something really important." He said, watching her green eyes narrow until they became slits. Oh God…what is she thinking?

Does he honestly think I'll let him blow me off for Batman? Kory hated when he acted like this. What did Donna call it again? A stick in the mud! Yes, that's it. It seemed like all their plans recently have been ruined by Bruce Wayne, Wayne Enterprises or Batman and she was sick of it. This was the third date he's ruined, the Third one! The last date Dick broke, a trip she had planned to see Liberty Island, she had told him the next time he broke another date of theirs, and it wasn't a life or death or world crisis, she would tie him to the nearest piece of furniture and have her way with him until he either stopped being such a pain in the ass or he learned that his girlfriend needed some of his time and attention too, whichever came first. Apparently, he thought she was joking. Looks like it's lesson time, she thought with devilish glee.

Ignoring the pointed looks he gave her, Kory carefully searched his office, looking for his utility belt. She knew that he was never far from his "tools" and that he usually kept his belt in whatever room he was working in at the time. She finally spotted it lying on the couch, partially covered by his coat. Leaving his lap, she wandered over to it and pulled out the line he used to swing from, a very light sturdy rope with metal and other unknown alloys weaved into it for strength. It was strong enough to hold someone three times Dick's weight and thick enough not to cut into his hands.

Feeling his eyes on her, Kory turned around and grinned at the apprehensive look that crossed his face. Having all she needed, Kory walked back over to Dick and spun the chair he was sitting in around, so that he was facing away from her. Working quickly, she dropped the rope around him chest level, and started tying him to the chair. It was easy goings from there. The chair was one of those high-backed black leather chairs that swiveled and had wide armrests, plenty of places to tie him securely to.


Dick was in shock. He just couldn't believe that he just got tied to his chair with his own rope! And tied pretty securely at that! All he could do was sit in amazement while she finished tying him in place. Still not believing this, he called to her. "Kory!"

Giving one last tug on the rope, Kory spun the chair around and saw her boyfriend's outraged expression. Watching him tug on the rope, testing its strength, she saw him give her a stern look and say. "You know I can free myself, right?"

Smiling smugly at him, she said. "Actually, I don't think you can. Sure, given time you probably could, but not with me standing here watching you."

"And the point of this is Kory?" he asked, still shifting in he seat, testing for weakness in the knots she made.

Walking slowly around the chair, she answered him. "The point is, you seem to forget that my world doesn't revolve around Bruce, and neither does yours. You're not twelve any more, so you don't have to follow blindly behind him." Stopping in front of him, she bent forward and whispered in his ear. "Remember what I told you the last time you blew off one of our dates for Batman?" She asked, watching his Blue eyes go round with recognition.

"Kory…" he managed weakly. Oh yeah, he remembered all right, he just never though she'd actually do it. I guess this will teach you not to second guess a Tamaranean Grayson.. He was so excited he almost felt faint with it. His dick was as hard as it's ever been, anxious for whatever this woman decided to do to him. Desire for her was riding him hard; he felt like he was ready to come and she'd barely touched him. He had to see where this would lead them. At that very moment, Bruce and his case could go to Hell.

Seeing that look of helpless lust on his face told Kory she had won this particular battle, there will be no more talk of work or Batman this day. Feeling quite pleased with herself, Kory fell to her knees in front of her favorite detective. This spot, while giving her a wonderful view of his straining manhood, also allowed her the perfect position to begin her torture. Smiling up into his eyes, she slowly reached up and teased the inside of his thigh with her nails, steadily inching closer and closer to the protruding bulge in his boxers.

His strangled moan and the quiet rotation of his hips let her know that he was enjoying the attention and wanted more of her touch. Well, if more is what he wants, then more is what he'll get, she thought to herself. Sliding her fingers up the right leg of his boxers, she gently cupped the weight of his balls in her hands and gently held them, massaging the two globes she found within before continuing her search higher up. Feeling her hand make contact with a warm blunt object, as thick around as her wrist and throbbing with a life of its own, she knew she had him, literally in the palm of her hand. Wrapping her hand around his shaft and making a fist, she slowly began to stroke him.

Dick could feel his eyes crossing so he closed them. The feel of her warm, silky hand wrapped around his shaft was incredible. She knew exactly what to do to drive him nuts. She kept just enough friction on his dick to keep him excited, but not enough to make him actually cum, even though he felt the single drop of milky pre-cum bead up and wet the tip of his dick. The more pressure she applied to his dick, the faster the milky drops of cum formed until her palm was slick with the excitement he couldn't contain.

If Dick was turned on, Kory was doubly so. It was something so primitive about sitting at your lover's feet and pleasuring him. Dick was really excited, and as always, his pleasure, pleasured her. Wanting to add to his pleasure, Kory used her nails to brush the moist, blunt tip of his swollen erection, gently teasing the sensitive underside. Not content with just feeling his dick, she wanted to see it also. Grasping his length, she maneuvered his penis until she was able to pull it through his boxers from the slit in the front of them.

Up close and in plain sight, it was most impressive. At full erection, Dick was sporting a very noticeable 9 ½ inches, as thick around as her wrist and heavily veined. The wide, mushroom shaped head was partially hidden by foreskin, but if it was pulled back, she knew the head would be a deep angry plum color and wet from the pearly drops of fluid escaping from its head. Every time she saw it, she had the most undeniable urge to wrap her lips around it and give him a most fantastic blowjob. Even as she entertained the thought, she rejected it. Not right now, but definitely later. Right now he had a lesson to learn.

Dick thrashed his head from side to side and moaned her name over and over again. The one time he opened his eyes, he saw her verdant green eyes, laughing silently at him. The evil vixen was enjoying this!

But then again, so was he.

Opening his eyes, he watched her hand move on his dick. It was mind blowing when he wasn't watching, but actually seeing her slim golden hand on his dick really made it strain. Feeling her hand tighten on him, he watched her slowly begin to stroke him, from base to tip. Keeping her fist tight and increasing the slick sliding motion of her hand kept him right on the edge, eagerly thrusting his hips into her hand.

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