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Love And War Bk. 01


This is the sequel to Love Thy Enemy, which was my first story on here. This isn't a story about sex, in case you were wondering. It's a romantic adventure story set in the Star Trek universe. That said, the story does indeed have sex in it. If you like Star Trek, I hope you like this one. :)


Wedding Bells

Above Belaeus IV

It was the day before the wedding and the guests started arriving aboard Enterprise. Jason and Delaara had submitted their guest lists, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard had added to it a bit. He smiled to himself as he received RSVPs from some very good friends with connections to the young couple. They were going to have the wedding in the ship's chapel with a combination Romulan and Human service.

Onboard the USS Nimitz, Jason and Delaara were enjoying some time in the flight simulator. They were both testing a simulator program for the new Sleipnir heavy fighter, and Jason had to admit that it handled nearly as well as his trusty Valkyrie.

"Looking good there, Demoness," he said, referring to his fiancee's new callsign. Foxhawk, her old callsign when she flew for Romulan Imperial Fighter Command had already been taken in Starfleet.

"You think so, Friday? Let's see what this ship can really do!" She punched the throttle all the way forward and engaged her warp burners. Jason kept up with her as they raced around the asteroid belt.

"Nice handling on this thing," she finally said after dodging and weaving her way through several tight spots with Jason close behind her. "I still prefer the Valkyrie, though."

"I know what you mean, sweetheart. However, I also like the added shields and armor this baby has. It's nearly as maneuverable and quick as the Valkyrie, so it's a bit of a trade off." He shrugged.

"Any word on if my parents will be there tomorrow, love?" She asked as they cleared the asteroid belt.

"I haven't heard anything, but Jean-Luc is keeping his mouth pretty well zipped about the guest list and who's shown up yet. I like the guy, but he loves his surprises." He had always respected Captain Picard since that day when the old guy had taken full responsibility for his ship not reaching his parents' science vessel in time to save them. It always seemed to him as if Picard had become almost a surrogate father to him.

"I know. I like and respect Captain Picard as well, but he's maddening sometimes." She chuckled at the thought of the man who would be marrying them. "He's respected throughout the Romulan Empire, too. Loved or hated, but always respected."

"Hey, he's famous in the Federation, too. He's the oldest Human Starship Captain in Starfleet history." Jason said.

It was true. At the age of 79, Captain Picard was definitely older than any other Human Captain. Some had said he should retire, but he wouldn't hear of it, and proved the naysayers wrong time and time again. He had passed up promotion to Admiral five times in order to stay in command of the USS Enterprise, the Federation flag ship.

"Heads up, Friday," came a new voice over the comm. Jason banked left just as Rash let loose a volley of pulse phaser fire from his Sleipnir.

"Hey, Rash. Wasn't expecting you out of the Captain's bunk so early in the morning." Jason grinned at that, knowing that Rash hated the ribbing about his love life with Captain Rachael Thatcher.

"Well, she said I needed to keep you two busy while she worked on a surprise for the wedding, so yeah", said Rash, and both Friday and Delaara could hear him grinning through the comm.

"Hey there, Rash. How are you this morning?" asked his new XO, who fired off her own volley of phaser fire into Friday's former wingman.

"Wow, that's some firepower!" exclaimed Rash with a shake of his head. His aft shields were nearly gone after a single volley from the new heavy fighter.

"Yes, yes it is," said Friday as he too let loose a volley and blew Rash's Sleipnir out of the Simulator.

"Mmmmm, I loved how we did that, baby," said Delaara in her sexiest voice over the comm to Jason.

"Yes indeed, sweetheart. Together, we're unstoppable," he replied with a grin. He felt himself getting hard under his flight suit at the thought of her body on his, touching and feeling, loving and fucking.

"Red Alert. All hands to Battlestations!" came over the PA, and the flight simulation disappeared, leaving Delaara and Jason climbing out of the generic cockpits and down to the modified holodeck. They exited and jogged toward the main hangar where their Valyries were being prepped.

Jason tapped his combadge. "Friday to Thatcher. What's going on, Captain?" he asked.

"We just received a distress call out on the edge of the system," came the reply from Rachael. "Enterprise is responding as well, and it seems like a pair of Ferengi ships are trying to hassle some local police craft."

"Roger that, Captain. Demoness and I are on the way," he replied. "Friday, out."

They entered the aft flight deck and jumped into the cockpits of their fighters. Rash was already prepping for takeoff, and there were a few Skulls still climbing into their ships.

Jason tapped his comm for Squadron command. "Everyone stand by. We don't know if we'll even be needed yet. Check your systems and make sure everything is a go. Gloria ad mortem!"

"GLORIA AD MORTEM!" came the reply from the Skulls over the Squadron channel.

Thatcher came over Wing Command channel. "This is Captain Thatcher to Striker Wing. We will be dropping out of Warp.... Now! All fighters Launch! Scorpion Squadron will hold back and provide cover for Nimitz and Enterprise."

Jason punched his throttle forward and immediately saw the Ferengi ships on his scope. "Skulls, on me. We're going after the first cruiser. Stiletto Squadron, take cruiser number 2."

"Roger that, Skull lead. Stiletto Squad taking number 2."

"Target their engines and weapons only, Strikers. We don't want them dead.... yet," said Jason.

He heard a comm buzz of acknowledgements from the entire Wing. Not a day after he became Squadron leader, he was already leading his first mission.

"Bravo flight, take down the port phaser banks", said Rash to the fighters under his command. Jason nodded approvingly.

"Skull Two to Lead. Friday, what's our target?" asked Delaara.

"Engines, Demoness. Alpha flight on me. We're gonna bring them to a stop." Jason hit his Warp burners, closing quickly on the Ferengi ship. He saw Rash's flight hit the port phaser array, and grinned. "Quantums for the engines, Alpha. They're not getting away."

"Roger that, Lead. Two has your wing, honey," came his lover's voice. Jason couldn't help grinning as his target lock was acquired and he fired a Quantum into the Ferengi's port engine. There followed three more Quantums into the Ferengi engines which quickly punched through its shields, knocking the impulse and warp engines out.

"Charlie flight here, Lead. Taking down the forward torpedo tubes now."

"Roger that, Bounce. Keep them from shooting." Jason was enjoying coordinating attacks. Everyone already knew from drills which targets were theirs in this situation. It was satisfying when everything went smoothly for a change.

"Bravo lead here, Friday. All phaser banks on enemy ship are down." Rash literally grinned through the comm.

"Great job, Rash. Scanning now..... Yes. Ferengi cruiser disabled. Stilettos, you need a hand over there?" asked Jason.

"Negative, Skull lead. Ours just went dark as well. Cruiser 2 is disabled."

"Textbook operation, Striker Wing. Enterprise didn't even have to fire a shot," came Captain Thatcher's proud voice over the comm. "Come on back home, boys and girls. Drinks are on me!"

There was a collective cheer over the comms as the two Squadrons from Striker Wing warped back to the Nimitz as Enterprise moved in to take the Ferengi crews aboard as prisoners.

"So, how'd you like your first taste of combat as a Starfleet pilot, Demoness?" asked Jason with a grin as his fiancee came down the boarding ladder right beside him.

Delaara turned and threw her arms around his neck. "It was amazing, baby!" she was grinning ear to ear. "I love flying with you!" she said as she kissed him lovingly.

"Hey you two! Get a room!" shouted Rash with a laugh. He vaulted to the deck and ran for the nearest turbolift.

"Ha ha!" said Jason. "There he goes so the Captain can give him a thorough.... ahem.... physical." Delaara and Jason chuckled at their best friend and adopted brother.

Jason noticed how her hair had grown out since they had first met. She had left her old severe Romulan Fleet haircut behind and now wore hers shoulder length, but tied back in a ponytail. "I love the ponytail, sweetheart," he said with a grin. "It makes you look even sexier than you already were."

"Mmmm, thank you, baby. I love that you kept the beard. Romulan men almost never grow beards," she said with a wink. They walked hand in hand to the turbolift, and took it up to their quarters on Deck 4.

As they made out in the turbolift, it stopped at Deck 8 to let someone on. They kept kissing until they hit Deck 4, not even stopping when whoever got on at Deck 8 got off.

Jason freely admitted that she was the best kisser he'd ever been with. It still amazed him that even though she was over twice his age, she only looked maybe a year or two older than him. They stumbled into their quarters and into the fresher, dropping their flight suits as they went.

Still kissing deeply, they stepped into the sonic shower together and were nearly instantly clean from the sweat of the mission. Delaara finally broke the kiss. "By the stars, Jason. I haven't felt this horny after a mission since... forever!"

"I know what you mean, sweetheart," he replied. He was at full mast and ready for her. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to their bed.

"I need that glorious cock of yours in my tight little cunt NOW, baby!" she shouted with pure lust in her eyes and voice.

Jason bent her legs back and placed her feet over his shoulders as he plowed into her dripping wet cunt hard and fast. He could feel her gripping and massaging his cock as he powerfucked her deeper and deeper, bottoming out each time and hitting her cervix. She screamed as she came. "OH FUCK OH FUCK OHFUCKOHFUCKOHFUCK ME BABY!" she screamed as she came again, dragging her nails down his back, with his cock pistoning into her even harder. He pulled out and flipped her over onto her stomach, spreading her thighs and slamming back into her cunt from behind. "FUCK YES! FUCK ME YOU BASTARD! FUCK ME LIKE THE DIRTY FUCKSLUT I AM! THAT'S IT BABY! I'M YOUR DIRTY FUCKSLUT!" she yelled as he entered her and slammed down on top of her, driving even deeper into her than before. "FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM AGAIN YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" she screamed and came again, drenching him and the sheets below them with her cum. Jason felt his balls tightening.

"You like that, baby? You like being fucked like a hot little slut? You like being slammed by my big hard fucking cock, you dirty sexy bitch?" Jason couldn't believe he was saying these things, but he really couldn't believe how hard and how often she was coming. It felt surreal as their mindmeld kept their pleasure centers linked. He exploded inside her with a yell. "FUCK YES BABY! TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR HOT CUNT!" as he shot pulse after pulse after pulse of cum deep into her womb.


Jason woke up with Delaara snuggled up next to him, and he had no idea how long they'd been passed out. God, he'd been as horny as she'd been and it was both amazing and scary at the same time.

"Delaara? Honey?" he whispered. She moaned blissfully against his side.

"Mmmmmm baby," she moaned again, half asleep still.

Jason checked his chrono. It was 1407 hours. They had launched the mission at 0848 hours this morning, and they had landed back on the Nimitz at 0916 hours. After a good solid hour of fucking, that would mean they had been asleep for nearly 4 hours.

He slowly got out of bed and went to check his combadge. He picked up his flight suit and pulled the combadge off of it. Tapping it, he said "Messages" and received a 'no messages' beep.

"Well, at least they aren't looking for us, yet" he said in a whisper.

"God, look at the time!" Delaara said when she saw the chrono.

"Honey, I don't know what came over me. If I said anything you didn't like, I'm sorry." He sat down next to her and hugged her tight.

"Are you joking, baby? That was amazing!" she said with a grin. "That was the Best Sex I've EVER had!"

"I know. Same with me. The weird part is that it wasn't *me*, you know? I felt like I was possessed or something." Jason said. He was worried.

Delaara put her arms around him. "My love, don't worry about it. We just flew a perfect mission. No casualties. We completed all objectives in record time. I couldn't believe it would ever be that good, my first time out with you. You made it perfect, baby. The Ferengi never even scored a hit on us."

"Sweetheart, if we do that after every perfect mission, I may not survive." he said with a grin.

She swatted him playfully. "I guess we'd better get dressed and see if anyone is looking for us." She winked at him and got up to find a new uniform to wear.

"Yeah, we probably better," he agreed, chuckling. That really had been the best sex of his life. All the dirty talk. They'd never had that before, and with the mindmeld taking them to new unseen heights of ecstacy, it was even better.

They dressed quickly in clean flight suits and went to the Bridge turbolift. They needed to see if the Captain was in her Ready Room. Jason tapped his combadge. "Friday to Thatcher. You in your Ready Room, Captain?"

"Yep. Come on up, Friday," came her reply.

"Well, we'll know soon enough if we're in trouble," said Delaara with a giggle.

"I know, right?" said Jason, kissing her tenderly.

They stepped out onto the bridge to thunderous applause and backslaps. They heard "perfect mission" and "textbook op" and barely made it to the Ready Room without permanent bruises.

Jason chimed the door, and heard "Come on in, kids."

They entered as Captain Thatcher, Captain Picard, and Ambassador Spock all rose to greet them. All three of them were smiling, even the usually reserved Vulcan Ambassador to Romulus.

Captain Picard shook their hands profusely, Captain Thatcher hugged them both tight, and Ambassador Spock grabbed them by their shoulders and shook them gently as he smiled.

"You are both being awarded the Federation Medal of Valor for your work on NZ8-257, specifically your actions above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with the Orion threat there," said Captain Thatcher. "Bloody well done, you two!"

"Thank you, ma'am!" they said in unison, grinning.

Captain Picard then said "I have put in for the Andromeda Cross for both of you as well, for the perfect mission today against the Ferengi pirate cruisers. Your handling of that operation was better than textbook, and I have never seen such fine work."

"Th.. thank you, sir." Jason was choked up. His hero had just recommended him for one of Starfleet's highest awards.

Ambassador Spock came forward and addressed Delaara. "Delaara, you are an amazing young lady, and Jason here is lucky to have you. Your parents have arrived aboard Enterprise, and we will all be at your wedding tomorrow."

She hugged him. "Thanks, Uncle Spock."

He then turned to Jason. "I've known Delaara now since she was born, son. She's a good woman, and you had better treat her right."

"I will, sir." Jason was in the presence of a legend, and knew it. He stood firm, and then held up his right hand in the vulcan greeting. "Peace and long life, Ambassador Spock".

Spock, pleasantly surprised, raised his hand in response. "Live long and prosper, Jason and Delaara. Now, I must go. We have much to prepare for aboard Enterprise before the wedding. Rachael. Jean-Luc. I will see you both there." and he left to thunderous applause from the bridge crew, who were just honored to have him in the same quadrant.

"Sit down you two, please." Rachael beckoned them to the empty chairs. Jason sat next to Captain Picard and Delaara sat closer to Rachael.

Picard spoke first. "Delaara, your mission this morning was the first perfect starfighter mission in Starfleet history."

Delaara shook her head slightly. "Sir, if it wasn't for Jason's leadership, it could have gone sideways very fast. He kept everything together by coordinating the attack with Stiletto Squadron."

"As modest as you are skilled, Commander," smiled Jean-Luc in response. "And I must be off, now. I must see to our guests for tomorrow." He stood up and after shaking Jason's and Delaara's hands once again, took his leave.

"Tell the truth, you two. How did you feel after that mission this morning?" asked Rachael.

"Permission to speak candidly, Rachael?" asked Delaara.

"Always, Delaara." Rachael said.

"Well, in truth, we were both horny as hell after that mission this morning. We had so much excess adrenaline to work off, and once we finished and crashed, we were out for nearly four hours straight." Delaara couldn't believe she'd just said that, and neither could Jason.

"It's true, Rachael. We must have...ummm you know, for an hour straight. Felt like we'd both run a marathon after it was over." Jason grinned and shrugged.

"In all my decades serving the Empire, I never flew a perfect mission, Captain. When we landed and realized what we'd accomplished, we kissed each other all the way up the turbolift to our quarters, into the sonic shower, and all the way into bed. And let's just say I'm glad the walls are soundproofed." Delaara finished, blushing fiercely.

Jason leaned over and held her as her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

For her part, Rachael was glad for the atmospheric scrubbers and soundproofing in her Ready Room, since as soon as he had landed, Rash had made a beeline for the Bridge and her Ready Room. Upon his entry, he had moved into the room and around her desk to where she was seated. He'd looked at her with pure animal desire in his eyes, and had his way with her over her desk. He'd bent her over unceremoniously, pulled her uniform pants down, and with a complete lack of foreplay, slammed his cock into her already dripping pussy. He had fucked her like a beast, and she had loved every minute of it. As she'd come around him, she felt him unload himself inside her. Even though she was on birth control, she secretly hoped that Rash would give her a baby, and that thought had caused her to come again with him. When they'd finished, the entire Ready Room had smelled of sex. Hot, dirty, raunchy sex. And as if Rash had just regained his senses, he held her tenderly and whispered how sorry he was for the way he'd acted. Rachael's heart had been pounding in her chest as she'd embraced him and reassured him that he'd done nothing wrong.... well, except for fucking her over her desk while her door had been unlocked.

It had been at that point when the door had chimed and both pilot and captain had readjusted their uniforms for decency's sake. By the time Jean-Luc had entered with Spock to discuss the wedding, they were both perfectly presentable. "Ah, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor." Jean-Luc had said with his warm smile. Rash had excused himself, and Rachael couldn't resist saying "Thank you for the thorough debriefing, Lieutenant." Rash had just smiled, said "No problemo, Capitano," and left.

Rachael was jarred from her reverie by Delaara saying "Captain? Did you have a similar encounter with Rash?" Both Jason and Delaara had small smiles on their faces, and she caught herself blushing.

"As... as a.. matter of fact, yes. I won't go into details, but it was... well.. for lack of a better term, bloody fucking amazing," she admitted.

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