Love And War Bk. 02


Jason, Delaara, and Rachael all laughed at that. Jason had known for a long time that there was much more to Ryan than meets the untrained eye. The only time when he really let his intelligence show was behind the stick when giving orders to his flight or coordinating attack and defense maneuvers. Off duty, he was still a loud and brazen functioning alcoholic, though lately he had begun to drop his facade on that front as well.

"Married life has been good for you, Rash," said Jason as they watched the two young lovers leave the bar. "Not sure what he said to her, but whatever it was, it melted Gem's shields."

"I just told him to get to know her, and let her get to know him." Rash shrugged, and everyone gaped at him.

"Ok, where's my husband and what have you done with him?" Rachael asked in mock horror.

Ryan laughed and kissed her passionately. "Oh, there he is," she giggled like a school girl.


"Where are we going?" Alex asked the cute girl leading him.

She turned, reaching up and pulling him down to kiss her again. It was a toe curling kiss that left them both breathless. "My quarters, Alex," she said finally by way of reply. "And we're here." She waved her hand in front of the door plate and then grabbed him by the front of his flight suit, pulling him into her room after her.

As soon as the door was closed and secured, she wasted no time grabbing the zipper at his throat and yanking it down, revealing his bronze chest. He leaned down and kissed her long and passionately, unzipping her flight suit as she pushed his off his shoulders and down his arms. She was topless under her suit, and his hands brushed against her breasts and hardened nipples as he went to push her suit top off and down her arms. She'd hooked her thumbs in the bottom half of his suit, but moaned as he touched her aroused breasts. She whispered "Make love to me, Alex. Make me yours," as her breathing became heavy, and her heart pounded in her chest. They finished undressing each other, and she took his cock in her hand, stroking him as he caressed her perky breasts, lightly pinching one of her nipples, eliciting another moan of approval. "It's been far too long for me, baby," she gasped.

"Then let us not waste time, my love," he replied. He picked her up gently, moving to the bed and laying her down on it. He could smell her arousal from between her thighs, and it intoxicated him. He moved down her body, kissing her as her fingers curled in his long hair. His mouth reached her landing strip of hair above her pussy, and she arched her back, thrusting her hips up to his mouth as she felt his breath on her pussy.

It might have been his Human side, but he loved the taste of a woman's pussy. He slipped his tongue into her, tasting her as she moaned loudly and her hands tightened in his hair. He extended his tongue all the way, and she gasped as it twisted around inside her, tasting as much of her as possible. She was getting wetter and wetter as her moans got louder and louder. "That's it, baby. That's it right there. OhmyGod I'm going.... to.... OHMYGOD!" He felt her pussy grab his tongue as she gushed, flooding his mouth with her sweet cum. Her body was shaking as she climaxed. Alex moved back a bit and smiled as she looked down at him with a huge grin on her face.

"I've never come like that before, Alex!" Jenny was breathing as if she'd just run wind sprints. Her fingers, still grabbing his hair tightly, pulled him up to kiss her. She'd often tasted her fingers as she masturbated, and loved her own taste. It was even better for her to taste her cum on his tongue as he kissed her passionately, and she felt his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. As he started to enter her, she broke the kiss and moaned "yyyyeeeessssssssss" in his ear.

Alex thrust slowly into her, feeling her pussy spasm a bit as she stretched to accomodate him fully. He had never felt one so tight as her, and moaned deeply himself as he bottomed out inside her tight pussy. "Mmmmmm that feels soooo good, baby." She moaned as he began to move slowly, thrusting in and out, in and out. Her hands moved up and down his back as they made love, and her nails dug in as he hit her g-spot and she screamed and came around him.

"I'm going to fill you, Jenny", Alex moaned as he felt his own cum rising. He thrust faster and harder as his orgasm built. He held back some, until he heard her starting to come again.

"Yes, baby. Yes yes yes YES YES COME IN ME! MAKE ME YOURS BABY!" She screamed as they came together, her third climax rolling into her fourth as she felt him explode inside her, feeling the heat as his cock pulsed deep in her womb.

He went to roll off of her but she stopped him. "Don't pull out yet, baby. I love the feel of you filling me," she said sweetly, stroking the ridges on his forehead. He gazed into her eyes and leaned down, kissing her lovingly, tenderly, passionately. Her legs wrapped around him, keeping him where she wanted him.

After kissing and holding, touching and exploring, loving each other, they finally fell asleep in each other's arms.


As they both reported for duty in the morning, Jason and Delaara both noticed that they'd shown up together, and were holding hands. Gem's face was beaming, and Alex was smiling contentedly.

Ryan saw them coming and grinned. "Good, now that Razor and Gem are here, we're going to go over exactly what happened during the battle, yesterday. As you all know, Scorpion Squadron lost 4 fighters. We lost 1, but not due to anyone's fault. A proximity fused torpedo is deadly to a starfighter, especially flying in formation." He paused. "To digress for a moment, Gem, it was not your fault yesterday. It wasn't anyone's fault. Are we clear?"

Jenny smiled. "Clear, sir," she said to Rash.

"Well, I'm glad someone around here finally got happy," he grinned and watched as Alex and Jenny both blushed. "Anyhow, back to business," he said as the low chuckles died down. "Bravo Flight did a great job yesterday. My boys and girl turned that fuckin' battleship into scrap metal! We accounted for a combined 16 kills, including the battle marshal, and I couldn't be prouder of you all. Razor got 3 solos, and was in on the battleship. Zephyr," he indicated Ensign Stratal, the Andorian girl in his flight, "accounted for 2 solos, bringing her to Ace status. Congrats, Zeph!" With that, he took his seat by his team.

Bounce got up and gave his account. They hadn't lost anyone, and had accounted for 12 kills as a unit, including a battle raider class light cruiser.

Finally, Cobalt got up and let everyone know how proud he was with all of them. "Seriously, we're the best damn Squadron in Starfleet. We pull together and do what we have to do. We fight as one. Gem, that torpedo was fired point-blank, and we couldn't have avoided it if we'd tried. I reviewed the battle footage last night. You won't be gigged for the loss of your Valkyrie." Jason smiled and nodded to her. She visibly let out a sigh of relief and smiled. "Now we need to get some simulator reps in. Bounce, your crew gets first hour."

"Roger that, Cobalt." Bounce grinned and grabbed his guys to hit the simulator. "Valkyries again today, guys," he said as they entered the holosim.

As the other flights were sitting around talking. Zephyr went and sat next to Gem. "So? How was he?" She whispered and was grinning ear to ear at her friend.

"He's amazing, Strat," Jenny whispered back with a smile on her face. "He made me feel so good last night!"

Stratal hugged Jenny. "I'm so happy you found someone, and he's really hot!"

She'd said that a bit too loud, and Rash busted up laughing. "You hear that, Razor? You're really hot!"

Alex laughed at that. "If she says so," he smiled warmly at Gem, who smiled warmly back with a wink. Stratal was blushing a deep purple.

The PA came up. "All Scorpion and Stiletto pilots, the debris in the forward flight hangar has been cleared. Please move your fighters from aft flight deck immediately. Thank you."

The Skulls cheered as the announcement was made. "Good", said Rash. "I was getting sick of parking in a handicapped spot." That was what he called the maintenance pads with the circular icon painted on them.

Zephyr and Gem had moved away a bit and were talking animatedly about Razor, it seemed. Zephyr had an amazed expression on her face at one point, then smiled with her eyes half closed as she imagined whatever it was that Gem had told her.

Rash said to Razor "It looks like you made quite an impression. Gem and Zeph have been friends for years, so don't worry. Whatever Jenny tells her won't go beyond the two of them."

"I'm not worried. We have a date tonight on the holodeck." Alex smiled.

"Good. I'm glad you're not a one-night wonder. She deserves better than that." Rash was proud of his new wingman.

"Yes she does, Rash. I like her a lot." Alex felt more than a liking for her. He knew he was falling in love, and it felt good.


"By the moons," said Stratal. "Jenny, if I'd known that about him, I would have made a move myself!" She giggled.

"He's not that kind of guy, Strat!" Jenny was glad they'd moved away from the guys to have their chat. "He made sure that I came first, and made sure I was completely satisfied. He's not the type to hit and run."

"Well, then he's unlike any Klingon I've been with. Now I'm jealous!" She giggled again. Ensign Stratal had a reputation that started in the Academy as being a bit of a slut. She rarely spent the night with the same man twice, but she also didn't sleep with every man who came along. She picked and chose her night mates.

She'd spent two years trying to get Gem to come out of her shell and just enjoy the men around her, but it had seemed like a lost cause. Now, Jenny had found a man with Honor and integrity, and it seemed like things were finally turning around for her.

"He was worth waiting for, Strat," said Jenny finally, looking across the hangar to where Alex was talking to Rash.

"Well, you have your ways, and I have mine. I wonder if Bounce has been with an Andorian before," she wondered out loud.

Jenny laughed at her friend. "You're incorrigible!"

"You say 'incorrigible', I say 'friendly'." She winked and grinned. "I just wish I'd gotten my hands on Rash before the Captain did," she pouted.

"If you had, you'd have dumped him the next day, Strat," said Jenny with a smirk.

"Not according to the scuttlebutt I've been hearing. They were together for almost 6 months before anyone found out! And if he can satisfy her..." Stratal let her mind go filthy with thoughts of what he could have done to her.

Jenny giggled. "I'd heard the same thing. The amazing part is that he never bragged about it!"

Rash had a reputation as a ladies' man at one point, but hadn't hit on any of the female pilots or crewmembers since the night he'd been promoted and slapped silly by Captain Thatcher. Jenny realized that was when the affair had started. "It was the night of his promotion to J.G.," she said to Strat.

"What was?" The blue girl asked.

"When he started sleeping with Rachael," said Jenny. "Don't you remember her leaning in close and saying something in his ear before he left 11Forward that night?"

Stratal thought about it. "Now that you mention it, yeah. Then she left shortly afterward, claiming it had been a long day and she needed sleep. Ha! She was fucking him that night!" They both giggled, not realizing that Rash and Alex were right behind them.

"Yep, that was the night, Detectives," said Rash with a grin.

"Ohmigosh!" Stratal turned, embarrassed and blushing.

"Don't worry about it. I'm surprised that nobody figured it out before now." Rash laughed.

"How long were you two standing there", asked Jenny, wide eyed.

Alex said "From the 'scuttlebutt' comment." He smiled and moved forward, kissing Jenny sweetly. She grinned and bit her lower lip after they broke the kiss.

Strat said "Oh, I'm not going to hear the end of this, am I?"

"Well, as long as the Captain doesn't find out, I think you're safe," said Rash, chuckling at his pilot's discomfort.

"I'm doomed," said Stratal, holding her face in her hands.

"Oh, shush. Nobody here is going to tell her about your latent desires for me," said Rash with a grin. "Honestly, I'm flattered. Stratal, if I wasn't happily in love and married, I might have been interested."

She looked up with a smile. "Thanks, boss."

"No problem. Now, Gem, go tell Arrow that we need him here. We're up next in the simulator."

"You got it, Rash", said Jenny as she walked away towards where Alpha was talking to each other and Roy 'Arrow' Harper.


As Bravo took over the simulator, Delaara turned to Jenny and said "So, I saw you and Zephyr talking about Alex. I think he likes you even more than he lets on."

"I think so too, Commander. I love him." She smiled at her Squadron XO.

"He's just as scared of being hurt as you are, Gem." Delaara could read people. It was in her job description as a Commanding Officer of an entire fighter wing back with the RIF.

"He's a strong man, but a very gentle lover," said Gem in a whisper. "I love the way he makes me feel."

"Good. You two have a lot in common, and you're good for each other, from what I've seen," Delaara said with a smile.

Jason walked up then. "Talking in low tones. Must be about Razor," he said.

"You're too observant for your own good, baby," said Delaara, turning and kissing him.

"It's a talent", Jason said with a shrug after enjoying her kiss.

"That's what I want with Alex," said Jenny. "What you two have." Her eyes misted up a bit.

"Jenny, what we have was forged in the fires of combat, which brought about mutual respect. It was tempered with a common love of many things and perfect compatibility, both physically and emotionally. If that's what you find with Alex, then we'll be very happy for you." Jason was surprised by Delaara's assessment of their relationship.

"Honey, you are amazing. I couldn't have said it better, myself," said Jason with a smile and even more respect for his better half.

"I think it was when you pulled out your MP7 player and began playing 'Where Eagles Dare' that I knew for sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, Jason," she said, putting her arms around his neck.

"Hey, it was your love of Iron Maiden that earned even more of my respect and admiration. 'Aces High' is one of the best songs out there for any fighter pilot," Jason said and kissed her.

Jenny was giggling softly. She'd been surprised when the first time she'd seen Delaara listening to something on her old Romulan earpiece, it was 'The Trooper' by Iron Maiden, followed by 'Seek and Destroy' by Metallica.

Ape was sitting and listening to his music, most of which he'd gotten from Jason and Delaara. "It's good stuff, Jen," he said with a grin. Lieutenant Dominic 'Ape' O'Neill was a big guy. Easily 2 meters tall and built like a linebacker, he barely came in under the maximum height limit for a fighter pilot, hence his callsign.

Jen laughed at her 'big brother'. "Dom, please don't threaten Alex," she said to him. "He's a good guy and treats me right."

Dominic stood up and looked down at her. "No problem, sis. But if he ever hurts you, I'm gonna stomp him into jelly. Deal?"

She chuckled. "Ok, deal. I don't think it'll be necessary, though."

"I hope not. I've fought a Klingon hand to hand. He damn near beat me", Dom said.

Jason laughed. "I remember that fight, Dom!"

When Delaara looked at them quizzically, Jason said "We were on Kling as part of a joint training operation with the Klingon Military shortly after being assigned to the Nimitz. We were out drinking with some of our Klingon partners at a local pub when a battleship captain took offense to a story that Ape was telling. He started talking smack about how he could beat any Human alive, until Ape stood up."

Dom picked it up from there. "I stood up and the guy stopped mid sentence, lookin' up at me with his eyes wide and his jaw hanging open. So I said 'you might want to close your mouth before something flies in there, bubba', and he decided to take a swing at me."

"So when the guy takes a swing at Ape, his fist connects with Ape's jaw and stops. It just stopped dead. I'd never seen anyone take a punch like that from a Klingon warrior before. Ape just said 'ouch' in a deadpan voice, then picked up the Klingon and threw him into the bar." Jason was laughing at the memory.

"So then Jason intercepts one of the guy's friends and decks the living shit out of him before he can get up behind me," said Dom, laughing now too.

"And that's when all hell broke loose. It was us two and our Klingon wingmen against nearly an entire pub full of pissed off warriors," said Jason with tears in his eyes.

Jenny and Delaara just looked at each other, smirked, and said "Men" in unison.

Jason finally calmed down enough to finish. "So anyhow, our wingmen finally got us to the door, and the Klingon captain comes charging at Ape, knocking him down and starting to wail on him. Ape just grabbed the guy's nuts and squeezed until he fell over. As I helped him up, the whole bar was silent. They hadn't seen the nutgrab, but they'd seen him fall over."

Dom was chuckling. "When we got back to base, our wingmen said that Jason and I took down Captain Kon and his entire crew by ourselves!"

Jason said "Honey, you girls have your things that guys don't like to do. We have barfights," he said, draping his arm around Ape's shoulders.

Delaara and Jenny laughed at them. "I love a good barfight just as much as you do, baby," said Delaara as she kissed him. "But the way you embellished that story was way beyond realistic."

"But that's what we do, Missus Delaara. We embellish it until it becomes a tall tale. We're guys," said Dom with a shrug and a grin.

"Speaking of which, I should tell them about when you beat the hell out of Gina Lee when we were at Big Lou's that day," Jason said with an evil grin.

Delaara smiled. "That was fun, I'll admit. This woman who Jason knew from before the Academy came into the bar looking to start trouble with him, so I stepped up, took a few insults from her mostly relating to my heritage, and then sent her flying with her teeth knocked out."

Dom was stunned. "Wow, ma'am! I think I love you!"

Delaara grinned. "I know you do, Ape."

Dom laughed. "Jay, she's definitely a keeper, brother!"

"I know that already, Dom. Trust me on this," he said, kissing his wife lovingly.

That was when Bravo came out of the simulator. "All yours, Cobalt," said Rash with a grin. Jenny kissed Alex on their way in, and he blushed noticeably as his teammates started ribbing him immediately.

As they started the simulation, Jason laid down the rules. "Ok, we're going to do boys vs. girls today. Gem, you're Demoness's wing, and Ape, you're with me. Standard rules of engagement, so let's do it."

Ape and Cobalt came under fire immediately from Demoness and Gem. They broke port and starboard, drawing a split from the women. Jason had Delaara on his tail, and juked hard and pulled up to avoid her burst. "Nice one, honey", he said over the comm.

"Thanks, baby. How about you hold still a little?" Delaara chuckled.

"Well, I can't do that, now," he said, pushing forward in an inverted loop. "That would make it too easy for you."

"True. You know I love a challenge," she said, firing another burst that he evaded with a climbing barrel roll.

"Wow, that was fast," came Ape's voice over the comm. "Heads up, Cobalt. I'm EV and Gem is headed your way!"

"Roger that, Ape. Stick around and watch," he grinned, pulling up into a loop and pulling the throttle all the way back. As soon as he had Demoness in his sights, he squeezed off a burst that slammed into her forward shields before accelerating past her again.

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