tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 02

Love At First Sight Ch. 02


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

It had been about a month since I spent the night with Kylie. I hadn't had sex or jacked off since that night. I came across her number stuck to my fridge. I instantly thought of shagging Kylie till she screamed. I grabbed the number and the phone then took a seat. I dialled the number. It rang a few times before she answered in her amazing voice. I explained who I was, at which she gave a squeal of delight.

We arranged to meet a few days later, at her place. I happily agreed and then waited for the day to arrive.

When the day finally arrived, I headed over to Kylie's place. I knocked on the door and heard a voice say "Come in" so I headed in. I saw Kylie standing reading something as I walked in. She was wearing a red and black silk & lace dress with thigh high boots. The dress only just about covered her wonderful arse. I smiled and eyed her up for a few moments.

"Kylie!" I said, walking into the room fully. She turned round and gave a grin.

"You made it!" she said with a jump towards me. She slung her arms round my neck and kissed me.

"Yeah I made it" I said after about 30 seconds of snogging her.

She turned around to look at something. I took the opportunity to grab her arse with both hands. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

"That feels so good" she said, giving a light moan. She bent over and her short red dress pulled tight, sliding up over her amazing arse. I then realised she had a thong on under it, red lace. She normally wears a silver pair of panties with her concert outfits, but not here. It was fantastically tight up her arse, the waistband high on her hips, the back cutting up her arse. The dress pulled up to just over her arse, showing her tight cheeks garrotted by the thong.

"Want a blowjob?" she said in a sultry tone, standing and facing me.

"Yeah, but I wanna do sumin first" I said, stripping my clothes off. Once I threw my clothes out the way, I lifted her up and kissed her. I stood her down and turned her round, to face away from me. I pushed her gently over to lean on the table. She spread her legs to reveal herself. I gripped the waistband and slid the thong down her thighs, pulling it over her boots. She raised first one leg then the other to allow me to remove it. I raised the thong to my face and gave it a sniff. She smelt as good as she tasted. I pulled my cock up to her already dripping snatch.

I put my it against her pussy, and slid into her with a gentle thrust. She moaned as I withdrew my cock. I stepped away from her, my cock glistening with her juices.

"Right Kylie, now for that blowjob." I said, and she turned round and kneeled down. She gave a apprehensive look at my cock.

"Taste yourself on it" I said, and without further hesitation, she slid her mouth onto the cock, licking the underside as she slid it to the back of her throat.

"It tastes good" she said with a smile "Sweet, but that could just be you"

"You like that huh?" I said.

She started bobbing her head up and down my shaft, licking my cock, sucking the head. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair as she sucked hard. I was getting close to climax now, but didn't want her to swallow. When I was about to cum, I pulled my hardon out of her luscious mouth. She gave a little noise, the kind that a child gives if it's favourite toy is taken away. I grabbed my cock, now slick with her saliva, and started jerking off furiously. I pointed my cock at Kylie's face and came hard. My cum spurted onto her face in 5 or 6 ropes. As the first shot splashed onto her left cheek, just below her eye, she gasped. When I stopped cumming and looked at her, she had cum running down both cheeks, dribbling down her chin, across her lips, her nose and forehead.

"Don't move" I said to her, and grabbed a Polaroid camera I'd brought to grab a few snaps to remember her by. I aimed and took a photo of Kylie with an orgasmic look on her now cum covered face. I put the camera down and turned back to Kylie.

"Right, sorted. You can move now" I said with a laugh. She scooped up the cum with her fingers and licked them clean,

"That's tastes so good" she said with a groan. Once she had cleaned up, I pulled her up and kissed her, before peeling her dress up off her body, pulling it over her head. She now stood in just a push up bra, which gave her an awesome cleavage. I reached behind her and unclasped the bra, which dropped to the floor. I started to suck one of her rock hard nipples.

She let out a quiet groan. I picked her up, carried her to her room and laid her on the bed. I grabbed her thighs and spread her wide open, before looking at her soaked, hairy beaver. I took a quick photo of her bush.

"You're in line for a trim I believe" I said to Kylie, running my fingers through her bush.

She smiled and closed her eyes "I think you're right. Scissors stuff's in the bathroom" she said. I stood up and walked to the bathroom. As I left the room, I saw Kylie plunge her fingers into her pussy. She gave a scream as she started rubbing her clit. I returned with some shaving foam, razor and scissors.

"Lay back Kylie" I said, opening her legs as wide as they could go. I took the scissors and trimmed her pubic hair down so that it was only a thin covering. I then took the foam and spread some on her pussy, before shaving down each side of her pussy. It left her with a strip of hair down her pussy that was about 2" wide.

I wiped away all the remaining foam and looked at it.

"Whatcha think Kylie?" I said. She sat up and studied it for a moment

"Nice job. All that fiddling down there's got me horny" she said with a smile.

"I'm sure I can help you" I said smiling, and lowered my mouth to her wet pussy. I kissed her pussy lips before sliding my tongue between them and into her sweet, swollen honey pot. I tasted her and started licking her. I started at the bottom of her and worked my way up to her erect clit.

"Ohhh, that feels great" she moaned between gasps. I started sucking on her clit, and she held my face to her pussy.

"Don't stop!" she screamed. I started gently nibbling her clit which sent her over the edge. She gave a final scream and came hard. Her body shuddered as her orgasm washed over her. When she came down she was gasping for breath. I patted her luscious thigh reassuringly, and stood up. I hard a rock hardon standing up with me. When she opened her eyes on her sweat-glistening face, and saw it she smiled.

"So what do you wanna do with that?" She said with her amazing voice. I thought for a moment.

"I wanna shag your breasts" I said, straddling her.

"You got it. What do you want me to do?" she said, he chest heaving under me. I reached back and pushed my fingers into her soaked pussy. I then rubbed my fingers over the insides of her breasts for lubrication.

"Just hold you breasts up around me like this" I said, showing her as I placed my cock between her lovely tits. She did as I asked, and I started thrusting between her breasts. She let out a moan as I shagged her chest. I started slowly speeding up, her breasts moving round my cock. I held onto her sides as I pumped her. I felt my climax approaching as I shagged. I sped up, and was soon fucking her chest in a blur.

"I'm gonna cum Kylie" I said, and she tilted her head down and opened her mouth. She had her eyes closed and was gasping. I felt the cum rise, and held it while still thrusting. When I could barely move under the pressure, I pushed right forward and let go. My cum splashed across her face once again. She gave a groan and moved her head to catch the cum. She caught most of it and swallowed it. She licked her lips.

I stood up and she sat up.

"That was good" Kylie said, gently feeling her breasts. "No guy's ever done that to me before"

"They haven't? Fuck knows why not" I said.

"Well what do you wanna do now?" she said, feeling my cock.

"I wanna kiss you" I said, kneeling on the bed next to her. She leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue delving into my mouth. My hands went for her breasts and we fell backwards on the bed, snogging. After snogging her, sucking her tits and feeling her arse for several minutes, I started to get another hardon. Kylie felt it rising against her leg and reached down. She grabbed it and started jerking me off lightly. My cock stood to full attention.

"Right, so what do you want now?" she said with a smile, looking at my cock.

"I have everything I want. I have Kylie. What do you want to do?" She gave a thoughtful look.

"I want you to fuck my arse hard" she said, reaching out to grab a tube of KY.

"You got it" I said, gripping her arse and flipping her over. I set her on all fours and lubed her and myself up. I spread her arse with my left hand and positioned my cock with my right.

"Damn, I gotta open you up" I said, sitting back on my heels

"No you don't, I've been....practising" she said seductively. She flexed her arse, sunk her back and relaxed her arsehole. It opened slightly. More than enough for entry.

"Damn, you really are a whore" I said jokingly

"Well this whore wants it up the arse. Are you gonna disappoint her?" she said, wiggling her hips.

"Hell no! What my girl wants is what my girl gets" I said. I pushed my cock into her arse, her sphincter allowing me in with relative ease. She gave a long, low groan and a smile. She dropped onto her chest and crossed her arms in front of her. He closed her eyes and rested her head on her arms, settling down for some good anal sex.

We'd been going for about 10 minutes then we heard the door. Kylie looked up sharply.

"It's Danni! She said she wouldn't be here till later!" she squealed. "We gotta hide" she said. Rather than pull out of her, I grabbed her under the armpits and carried her with my cock and hands. She pointed to a cupboard. We got in and pulled the door shut. We looked through the slatted door and saw Danni enter the room. She looked around, saw the dress, lingerie and my clothes lying on the floor. She looked around. At that moment Kylie gave a cough. Danni's head snapped up, and looked at the cupboard. She walked over to it.

"Right! Who's in here?!" she shouted, and yanked the doors open.

"KYLIE?!" she shouted in pure amazement. Danni simply looked us up and down for a few moments

"Erm....Hi Danni" Kylie said, squeezing her legs shut in embarrassment.

"Having fun?" Danni said with a joking, pouting look.

"Yes I am actually" Kylie said. Danni looked down and saw the relative position of our bodies.

"Unless I'm mistaken you've had a shave aswe...wait a minute. What's going on here" she said, kneeling down. She looked up at Kylie, whose juices were fairly running down the insides of her perfect thighs. She put a hand between Kylie's legs, trying to get a better look. Automatically, it seemed, Kylie opened her legs more. Danni looked up, and saw my cock impaling her up the arse.

"So Kylie, taking it up the arse are we?" she said. All Kylie did was nod. "I thought you said you'd never do anal sex?"

"Well, I didn't think I would till he showed me how intensely pleasurable it was, then I took a like to it" Kylie said, laying a hand on her tight arse as she spoke.

Danni's nipples hardened as I watched. They pointed through her tank top.

"Mind if I watch?" she said nervously. Kylie looked at her, then over her shoulder at me. I whispered the word "Sure" to her.

"If you like" Kylie said. I walked back out into the room and put Kylie down on the bed. She resumed her relaxed position and I began thrusting again. Danni watched interestedly, then slowly stood up. She gripped the sides of her tank top and peeled it over her head. He luscious tits were revealed in a white lace bra. I stopped thrusting and stared. Kylie also stared as he voluptuous sister took her kit off. She grabbed her trousers and peeled them down her legs, before kicking them away. She was wearing a real small, white lace thong underneath that was pulled tightly up her arse, the waistband cutting in her hips. She unclasped the bra, and let the straps fall before peeling it from her large breasts to reveal the hard nipples. She let us marvel at them for a few moments before she took a step forward.

"Any room for me?" she asked sexily. I looked at Kylie.

"Kylie, how about you eat your sister out while I finish off your arse?" I said. Kylie looked between us then gave a nod.

"Sure, let's do it" she said, thrusting back on my hardon a few times. Danni gave a squeal of delight then jumped onto the bed in front of Kylie's face. She spread her legs and laid back against the pillows. I slowly started thrusting again as Kylie leant forward and tentatively sniffed her sister's sweet pussy.

"Does it smell as sweet as your own?" I asked

"Hell yes. Smells delicious" she said, reaching out and grabbing Danni's thong, sliding it down and off her feet. Danni lifted her hips to allow Kylie to remove it. I looked at Danni's beaver. Neatly trimmed pubic hair was shaped as an arrow, pointing down just about her slit.

"Nice bush Danni" I said, and continued thrusting. Kylie ran her fingers through Danni's hair then leaned forward and licked up her pussy. Danni moaned and closed her eyes, leaning back and opening her legs more. Kylie delved her tongue in and tasted her sister, sliding one of her hands down to gently rub her clit.

"Tastes good" she said, licking her lips before continuing eating her sister out. I started thrusting faster. Kylie grabbed Danni's thighs to steady herself as she rocked from her arse fucking. Danni was groaning and gasping. One of her hands went to her breasts. She squeezed and massaged herself, pinching her nipples lightly. I felt my climax approaching. I started thrusting faster. She realised the situation and started clamping down on my impaling cock. I felt her massaging me and thrusted for a few more moments before her talented sphincter took me over the edge. Kylie let our a scream as my cum spurted up her arse. She was rubbing her clit desperately, and also licking Danni to oblivion. Kylie screamed again and orgasmed, sucking Danni's clit as she did so. Danni also let out a groan and orgasmed, her juices running from her pussy. Kylie lapped up her juices and then rested her head on Danni's pussy. She was sweaty so was Danni. I pulled out of Kylie and then picked her up. I laid her down on her back then gave her a long, tasty kiss on her pouting lips. I laid down next to her and relaxed for a moment. Danni sat up and looked. She crawled up the bed then gave Kylie a kiss herself. Kylie was rather taken aback, but returned the kiss with a lot of enthusiasm. Danni broke off and laid down, her head on Kylie's chest.

I watched the action as I recovered. After we'd cooled down for a few moment, Danni started sucking Kylie's nipple. Kylie simply closed her eyes and let it happen. After a few moments of sucking, Danni pushed her hand down to Kylie's pussy. Before Kylie could even move, Danni had pushed her fingers in. Kylie let out a moan and thrusted her hips up into the invading fingers.

"Goddamn Kylie, you really are a whore. Not only do you take it up the arse you are now fucking your sister" I said, running my hand over her right breast.

"Well I'm a naughty girl aren't I?" she said with a smile through gasps. Danni then gave Kylie another long kiss. They both knelt up and started snogging. I watched as they ran their hands over each others bodies, squeezing breasts and rubbing clits. My cock started to stir. Watching the Minogue sisters get it on was more than enough to give me a hardon. My 7" soon stood rock hard. Kylie saw this out of the corner of her eye. She reached out and grabbed it, to start jerking me off.

"Where shall we put this this time?" she said, rubbing my cock.

"Maybe Danni would like to taste it" I said, eyeing Danni. Danni never even heard as she was too busy sucking Kylie's breast.

"Yeah, that sounds good" Kylie said. I stood up and faced towards Danni. Kylie pulled Danni of her breasts, instigating a little disappointed groan from her.

"It's blowjob time Danni" Kylie said, and pushed her towards me. Danni fell onto the floor then look up at me, my cock standing just inches from her face.

"I don't give blowjobs" she said sheepishly.

"I didn't take it up the arse till I met him now did I? Now open wide" Kylie said, holding Danni's head. Danni was sitting back from my cock. She still opened her mouth as she was told. Kylie pushed Danni forward, her mouth sliding over my cock. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat, and tried to pull away. Kylie held her in place.

"Just wait a moment and control it, you'll be fine in a mo" she said, running her hand through Danni's hair. After a minute or so, Kylie slowly released Danni's head. Danni stayed on my cock. She closed her lips around my hardon and gently started to suck.

"What you do is suck and bob your head up and down" Kylie said, kneeling down next to Danni. She grabbed Danni's right breast and started massaging it. Danni slowly started bobbing her head, and sucking well.

"That's how to do it!" Kylie said with a laugh. "Here I am teaching my sister how to give a blowjob in a threesome. What is happening to the world?" she said with a sexy smile, leaning forward to suck Danni's breast. Danni let out a moan around her mouthful of cock and closed her eyes to heighten the sensations. Kylie saw her enjoyment and slid her right hand down to Danni's crotch. Danni opened her legs and allowed Kylie access to her now very wet pussy. Kylie slid two fingers in and started gently rubbing her sisters clit. Danni simply moaned and started sucking harder. She bobbed her head more rapidly. She was doing well for her first time.

"You'd doing well Danni" I said, enjoying the warm wetness of her mouth. She didn't say anything, and just kept blowing me. Kylie was enjoying herself with Danni, but not getting anything herself. I urged her to stand up. She did, then bent over, her arse raising into the air. She was amazingly flexible, bending right down to be able to finger Danni and suck her breast again. Her tight, firm arse was next to me. I slapped it firmly and she gave a groan.

"Did you enjoy that?" I said. She pulled herself from Danni's voluptuous breast long enough to speak. "It felt great. Makes me feel real dirty. But don't do it too hard Ok?" she said, before returning to sucking on Danni. I grabbed Kylie's arse with both hands, and felt the firm, tightness. Goddamn it was a great arse. I raised my hand and slapped her again, giving a satisfying slap noise. She gave another groan. I slapped her once more, emitting another moan from her. I then felt her amazing thighs and then grabbed her arse again. I then pushed my hand between her legs, which she opened for me to gain access. I pushed two fingers up into her pussy from behind whilst holding onto her arse with my spare hand. She let out a moan. I slowly fingered her from behind as Danni sucked me off. Danni then started going faster. I looked down and saw Kylie rubbing her clit hard, causing Danni to speed up. I felt my climax approaching and started rubbing Kylie's clit hard. Danni orgasmed first, shuddering as she did. All the while she kept giving the blowjob. Kylie then started to shudder and let out a scream as I massaged her to orgasm. I then felt my cum rise, and held Danni's head. I pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth, then came. Danni looked shocked as I shot my wad across her tongue. After I'd finished, I stepped away. Danni simply knelt with a mouthful of cum, unsure of what to do with it.

Kylie wasn't going to let this opportunity parse her by. She jumped on Danni, knocking her onto her back. She extended her tongue and then kissed Danni. Danni opened her mouth and accepted Kylie, and they shared my cum in a deep, french kiss. After they broke the kiss, Kylie swallowed. Danni followed suit and also swallowed.

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