tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 02

Love At First Sight Ch. 06 Pt. 02


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the conclusion of the story!


"I'm here to be of service to my master," Kylie cooed, her hand snaking to my crotch. Kylie had my trousers undone in seconds and had freed my now rock hard erection. Kylie gave a lusty groan and slipped her slender hands round my cock. She started to gently jack me off, sliding her hand up and down in slow, steady motions, squeezing just beneath the head when she reached the top.

"I brought you here for a weekend, I thought you'd like it. For this weekend, I'm here to serve you," she said, continuing to slide her hand up and down my throbbing shaft.

"Kylie..." I started, fighting the urge to grab her head and guide her plump, talented lips over my hardon.

"Shhh," she said, squeezing my cock firmly, "not a word. This weekend I'm yours. Your personal slut. I am yours to do with as you please," she said, still stroking my cock.

"Kylie, that's fine by me," I said, smiling down at her. She smiled back at me, then leaned down to kiss the head of my cock. Kylie sucked at it for a few seconds, then pulled away and stood up. She turned and walked a few paces away, then started strutting up and down, shaking her bum and saucily displaying her legs. Kylie looked sexily over her shoulder before turning round, flicking the bottom of the outfit up a little to show her unshaven pussy.

"How about that tight little cunt of yours?" I said, indicating with a finger. Kylie lifted the outfit and looked at her bush.

"Sure, how about it?" she said with her sexy Aussie tones.

"Well I'd like a go at that, but it needs some trimming first don't you think?" I said with a smirk.

"Yeah it could use some I think," she said and scampered off to get the shaving items before I could even ask her. She returned with a bowl of water, shaving foam, scissors and a razor. I got up from the sofa and she laid down on the floor spreading her legs and pulling her outfit up obediently. I wasted no time and knelt between her legs, taking the scissors and trimming her pubic hair down low over her entire pussy, which was getting a little wet. I blew away any loose hair, which caused Kylie to giggle. I grabbed the foam and shook it up, spraying a load onto my hand. I rubbed it evenly over her swollen pussy and mound, being careful not to get it on her lingerie.

I took the razor and started. Kylie laid very still as I carefully shaved her, going along the sides to leave her with just a dark strip up her slit. I decided she could use a change, but still not be completely shaven. I took the razor and placed it at the top of her slit and slow drew it down, all the way to the bottom of her pussy. Kylie gave a twitch and a moan, realizing her pussy would look like it never had before as she felt the drag of the razor. I cleaned the razor and repeated this motion several times to make sure she was totally smooth, before grabbing the towel. I wiped all excess foam off and admired my handiwork. Kylie looked beautiful. Her pussy lips were now obvious and fully displayed with just a sexy little patch of hair above them.

"That looks so sexy!" Kylie exclaimed, looking down at her new look. I smiled at her and took the shaving stuff back to the bathroom. Kylie was still on the floor, watching me as I re-entered the room.

"I'm so horny now," Kylie whined, squeezing her thighs together. I stepped over and reached into one of the leather bags, which she'd brought with her. I pulled out a large 9" dildo and turned back to her. Kylie's eyes widened and traveled up the length of the large, thick rubber toy, her tongue flicking unconsciously across her lips. I held it out towards her.

"Deal with it," I said. Kylie paused for a moment, then knelt up and took the large dildo from me. She looked at it in wonder, stroking it softly before sinking back onto the floor on her pert rear and spreading her legs. Kylie lowered the large rubber toy and took a firm grip on it. She teased the head up her soaked pussy lips, making the hard purple rubber glisten with her juices. I noticed how deep red lipstick complimented the dildo nicely. Kylie teased it up her newly shaven lips and through the little patch of hair she had left, pushing at her clit as she moved it back down again, and then pushed. She slipped the bulbous head past her slick, swollen lips, then took a good grip on the base of it. Kylie gave a hard, sharp push and buried the entire 9" length into her tight pussy all the way to the hilt, giving a cry of ecstasy as she did, throwing back her head.

I was impressed and stared as she drove the entire toy into her tiny body with a single thrust. I decided I wanted to see more of her, so acted before she got going.

"Take off the maids outfit hun, but keep your lingerie on," I said, watching her intently. Kylie didn't stop to think, she just did as she was told. She sat up straight and yanked it off over her head, her ripe, modest breasts bouncing free, the nipples hard and pointed. Kylie looked really sexy. The base of the large dildo poking from her stretched pussy, her lingerie wrapped round her tiny body, face contorted in pleasure. Kylie took hold of it and started to draw it from her pussy, pulling it out a few inches and then slipping it back in again with a sigh and a smile. She continued doing this, taking a little more out each time, until she pulled back to the very tip. I could see her slick, swollen cunt lips bulge outwards as the toy threatened to slip from her hot, velvet haven, before she pushed the entire length back into herself.

"Oh god that feels nice," she moaned, pressing the dildo in hard against her puffy lips as she clenched on it. She pulled it back again, building a rhythm, sliding the entire length in and out of herself at a steady pace, bumping her clit on every thrust into herself.

"Ungh...I can feel it pushing all the way up into my womb," she grunted, pressing it especially deeply to make her point. Kylie pulled the glistening sex toy back out again, then gave a series of shorter, faster thrusts of a few inches, squealing in pleasure.

She laid back and pulled her knees up to her chest, her red stiletto heels clacking together as she kept her silky, stocking encased legs spread. Her tight arsehole came into view between her pert, tight buttocks, already slightly open from her stretched position and horny state. In a smooth motion she pulled the dildo from her pussy, leaving her pussy open, the inner lips flowering outwards and clitoral hood pulled most of the way back. Kylie slipped the head of the large dildo to her tight anus and gave a quick push. She grunted loudly and closed her eyes as she stretched her trained sphincter over the head and sunk the first couple of inches into her sweet arse.

"Whoa you horny little bitch!" I said, standing up and looming over her. She looked up at me innocently, but continued to slowly sink the thick toy into her tight rear.

"Stop that right now," I said, pointing to her. Kylie gave a disappointed mumble and withdrew it from her tight arse, clenching herself shut. She raised the dildo up to her mouth and sucked it in, deepthroating most of its length, before slipping it back out and down to her bulging, dripping pussy. Kylie thrust the toy fiercely back into herself, gasping loudly at the penetration as she drove 4" in. She pressed the toy again, groaning deeply as the remaining 5" pushed slowly into her body until the base was pressed against her swollen, shaven lips. Kylie was breathing heavily as she started thrusting it in short, powerful motions, positioning her hand so that her thumb bumped her clit every time she drove in.

"Oh god that's good," she moaned loudly, picking up the pace. She was thrusting the large dildo in and out at quite a pace now. Kylie rammed herself with it, taking one hand to rub her clit hard as she did. She screamed in ecstasy and tensed up, her body stiffening and then shuddering hard as she reached a bone shattering orgasm. Kylie's scream turned to a long groan, her pussy clenching on the toy she was still pushing into her pussy. She went limp as her high ended, her heels clacking onto the floor as she gasped loudly for breath, the toy still as deep in her pussy as it could get. After a minute or so, she sat up and smiled at me. She grabbed the dildo and slowly pulled it from her soaked pussy.

"Lick it clean babe," I said, my own breathing a little shallow. Kylie gave me a sexy half smile, only serving to make my cock even harder. The bulbous head came into view and slipped from her tight pussy, which she clenched with her stocking covered legs as she clacked her heels sexily on the floor. She raised the thick toy to her mouth and licked her deep red lips. Her talented tongue slid out and wrapped round the glistening toy, causing her to moan as she tasted her juices. She licked up and down, tasting every inch of the toy, which moments before had been to the hilt in her pussy. Kylie drew it to her lips, kissed the tip and then sucked it into her mouth, groaning in pleasure. I could see her cheeks sucked in with her force as she sucked on the toy, pouting her lips. She tipped her head back and slipped the entire 9" dildo into her throat, grunting in pleasure as she did.

"Impressive," I said with a smirk to her. She looked sideways at me and smiled around the thick silicone cock, her lips pouting at sucking at it. I saw her throat moving around it before she slid it out with a satisfied slurp and a sigh. I just smiled at her proudly. Kylie giggled sexily and dropped the large dildo on the floor with a thud, blowing me a kiss.

"Right, come here," I said, patting my lap. Kylie smiled and stood up, walking swiftly over to where I was sat on the sofa. She sat firmly on my lap, grinding her tight arse into my rock hard cock. Kylie slid her arms round my neck and gave me a passionate kiss.

"You've been a very naughty girl," I said in a whisper, our noses just inches apart.

"I know master," she whispered sexily.

"Naughty girls have to be punished you know," I replied, my hands softly stroking her sides.

"Then you better teach me a lesson hadn't you?" she whispered, a slight smile flicking at the corners of her lips, the passion evident in her eyes. I simple gave her a quick kiss and turned her tiny body over on my knees, pushing her firmly on the back to slide her over. Her pert, amazing bum was pushed high into the air and was just awaiting the inevitable. She twitched as I slid my hand over her smooth rear, gently rubbing it, stroking onto the back of her thighs with my fingertips. Kylie moaned, her thighs squeezing together as she got immensely turned on from the mere prospect of being spanked. I raised my hand and swatted it down on her tight arse with a satisfying slap sound.

"Oh master!" she gasped, her body tensing, her firm bum cheeks clenching. I gave her a little rub, then drew my hand back and laid a hard spank on her. Kylie yelped loudly in pain, her fingers digging into my leg. I squeezed her firm rear and then laid another more pleasurable spank on her, followed by another shortly after, causing her to gasp and moan.

"Oh master, I've been so naughty" she gasped, eyes closed.

"Oh really slut?" I said, laying a harder slap down on her. Kylie grunted loudly, biting her lip in a pleasure-pain sensation.

"Yes. I let another, ungh, man fuck me," she gasped as I spanked her.

"Oh really slut," I said, laying a harsh spank down that caused her to cry in pain, "and why did you do that?"

"Because he got photos of me getting fucked in the arse by my master" she said, biting her lip. I smacked her hard again, the stinging slap leaving a red mark and giving a healthy slap sound.

"And you thought by letting him into your knickers it'd solve the problem?" I said, slapping her fiercely again. She whimpered as it stung her famed backside, clinging onto my legs.

"Yes master," she almost whispered.

"And did it work?" I said, rubbing and squeezing her bum.

"Yes master, I got the pictures back, aswell as a video he took of me" she said in a slightly ashamed voice.

"You let him film you?" I said, accentuating my final word with a firm smack.

"Yes," she grunted.

"I knew you were a little slut," I said, laying a series of hard, fast spanks onto her gorgeous bum, now reddened from spanking. Kylie merely groaned as I laid another slap on her.

"What are you?" I said, slapping her hard.

"Your little slut!" she yelled as I spanked her again with several hard swats. I could feel her rock hard nipples pressed into my leg. I slipped my fingers down and brushed them over the back of her soaked, swollen cunt lips. I felt her dripping juices and caused her to gasp by almost dipping my fingers through the slick, plump lips before sliding my hand back up to rub and smack her bum again.

"You really have been naughty slut, so you need a good hard spanking," I said, starting to spank her hard and fast. Kylie could only moan a response as she felt the stinging slaps on her tender arse setting her body alight with the pleasure-pain sensations she adored. Her body buzzed on the brink of a huge pain induced orgasm when I abruptly stopped spanking her. Kylie whined loudly in disappointment, pushing her bum up, desperate for a few more slaps to get her off. I gently rubbed at her tight arse then slipped my fingers down over the back of her smooth, slick, puffy pussy lips. I teased my fingertips up the slit and then pushed two fingers straight into her. Kylie grunted loudly and arched her back, trying to get more inside her as she was so tantalizingly close to her orgasm. I slipped my fingers back out, wiping her juices up onto her arse as I gave her another rub, and then one quick spank. She groaned loudly and I lifted her up and set her down on her knees in front of me.

"Blowjob, now," I commanded her. Kylie looked up at me then reached forwards and grabbed my cock. She jerked me off vigourously as she leaned forwards and then hungrily swallowed my cock, diving down the full 7" length on the first stroke.

"Oh yes you little slut, that's it," I groaned, laying a hand on her head as she started bobbing up and down slowly. The tip of her tongue teased at the underside of my head as she pulled back to the suck on it, pouting her lips just below it on the shaft, using her teeth to very gently nip and tease at it. She sucked firmly at my cock as she slid back down the shaft, using her flat tongue by darting it side to side down my shaft as she slipped down, still sucking firmly on my rock hard erection. Her teeth were very gently scraping and biting at my shaft as she descended my length, still using her tongue and sucking to create an awesome effect. I grunted in pleasure and pressed my hands on the soft leather sofa as I felt my head push into the back of her throat.

Kylie didn't even flinch as she slid down, my cock slipping into her throat exactly as it did every single day now. She pressed all the way down till my cock was pushed as far in as it could go. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair as she gently nipped at the thick base of my cock with her teeth, her full lips pouting and pressing on my shaft. I could feel her throat muscles adjusting and contracting around the head of my cock as her tongue worked feverishly around the base of my cock behind her teeth.

"Oh yes Kylie, suck on my cock," I breathed as she started to slide back up. I felt her smile around my shaft as she slid back up my cock, sucking harder and wrapping her tongue around my shaft as she did. Kylie slipped back up to the top, giving a slightly sharp nip below the head. My body jerked at the sensation and she gave a muffled giggle as she started sucking hard at the bulbous purple head of my cock. Her tongue swirled over the top, probing the slit and pressuring the underside. Kylie started sucking hard now, swirling and massaging with her tongue and bobbing her head quite fast, taking my entire 7" with every stroke. There was no question she knew how to suck cock to perfection.

I grunted as she bobbed up and down sucking hard and wrapping her tongue around my cock. Kylie started humming and my cock jumped in her mouth, causing her again to smile. She bobbed up and down rapidly, sucking hard and humming, lapping at me vigorously with her tongue as she took my cock all the way into her throat on every stroke. I thrust slightly, humping her mouth as she sucked me off. I felt the pressure rise in my balls as Kylie pressed the tip of her tongue into the underside of my cock as she went up and down, swirling around the head with her tongue as she reached the top. She sucked harder than she ever had in her life and bobbed her mouth in short, fast strokes, her lips pouting at my shaft and tongue flicking hard and fast at the underside of the head of my cock.

"Oh god Kylie, I'm gonna..." I trailed off, my hips jerking in her mouth. Kylie stopped moving and just sucked fiercely, letting the head of my cock lay on her tongue. I grunted and came hard, my eyes squeezing shut in pleasure as I emptied my balls into her hungry mouth. Kylie groaned loudly as my first spurt shot straight into the back of her throat, closing her eyes and somehow sucking even harder as I shot my load into her. I held her head and shot the last of my load into her, the last few spurts running onto her hungry tongue. Kylie's hand shot up and milked my cock for every last drop as she sucked on the head to get every drop. She slid off my cock and I breathed out deeply, opening my eyes to watch her pout her lips at me and swallow. Kylie gave a little shiver and a smile as she did, swallowing again so she didn't miss anything. She opened her eyes and saw me, then gave a positive grin.

"Was that good enough master?" she cooed, giving an innocent look.

"Very good slut," I said with a smile, brushing a hair away from her face. She smiled back, staying on her knees. I stood up and extended a hand.

"Come on, let's go take a shower," I said with a smile. Kylie giggled and took my hand, letting me pull her up. We engaged in a kiss before I led her to the bathroom. She leaned over and turned the water on, her tight arse looking beautiful and inviting. I laid a quick slap on it, causing her to give a playful squeal and snap her head around.

"Haven't you had enough of that?" she said, a sexy smile on her lips.

"Can never have enough of this arse," I said, squeezing it as I pressed my returning hardon between her pert cheeks.

"To be honest, I don't think I can argue," she said, grinding herself back against me. My cock instantly became fully hard, standing up straight as she stepped back from the shower and turned to the basin. She leaned over to look in the mirror, wiggling slightly as I slid my hands up her sides to her perky breasts, my fingers seeking out her hard nipples. I rolled Kylie's nipples gently in my fingers before giving them a pinch, causing her to inhale sharply. I ran the tip of my tongue up her spine and kissed onto her neck, gently pouting at her smooth skin and feeling her shiver slightly. I slid my arms around her waist and pushed into her smoothly, sliding around 5" of my cock straight up into her slick, delightful pussy.

"Ohh yes," Kylie almost whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as sensation gripped her body. Her clit throbbed with every heartbeat as I started thrusting into her, holding her firmly around the waist as she slid her hands to the edge of the counter. Kylie gripped the edge and grunted as I pushed in deep, her hot, velvet pussy gripping me as she squeezed in pleasure. She pushed herself back against me, matching my steady thrusts into her tiny, pert body. I groaned as she squeezed me with her muscles, feeling her slick cunt ripple up and down my shaft as I thrust in and out of her from behind, pumping her slightly faster. By now the bathroom was getting rather steamy, and Kylie leaned up a little.

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