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Love Awakened


"Trojan condoms for Troy, check! Blow up doll for Bettie, check! Dildo for Debbie, check! Cock ring for Charles, check! It looks like one hell of a Christmas in the Johnson residents." James laughed as he read over the list. He had been at this for a long time and nothing really surprised him anymore. He stood and peered out the window, snow covering the ground. He watched Scarlet make her way down the walk toward the workshop. She was a beauty to behold.

Scarlet hugged her art supplies to her chest. Her red hair pulled back, her light skin glistened with winter. James had been friends with her for some time now. However, as of late he was looking at her in a whole new light. He smiled as she stopped and waved at him, before continuing on. He leaned against the window pane and thought back to when they were younger.

Scarlet an Elvin genie had never seen snow before. She was born in Egypt, she knew only heat and the sun. Her first questions were what is the white stuff and why is the sky so dark. James chuckled to himself as he remembered showing her how to roll the snow into a ball and make a snowman. Their first snowman was so lop sided it was ridicules. He had taught her so much and lately the things he taught were carnal.

It was two weeks ago when she came over to his house. They were going to check over the list of gifts. When she arrived her teeth chattered together. Her blue fur-lined jacket was soak and wet. Her hair glistening with snow clung to her face. Her blue dress plastered with snow and muck. The white fur boots she wore even carried mud on the bottom of them.

James quickly took her coat and brought her a towel. They both thought to keep from getting sick she needed to take off those clothes. James coming to her rescue gave her one of his shirts and a robe to change into. She used his bathroom to do so before placing her clothes over the fire. "What happened?" James asked with concern as he handed her a cup of Caramel Apple Spice.

"I was crossing the bridge coming out of Santa's Village when I slipped. The ice on the bridge sent me half way through the post and into the lake. Before I knew what happened the lake cracked and I found myself sinking fast. I grabbed the bridge to hold myself up and climbed out." Scarlet replied as she freed her hair from its bun. She was magnificent as her long tresses cascaded down her back.

James watched as she removed her red rimmed glasses. She cleaned the lenses before placing them back on top of her pretty little nose. Elves mate for life and in that moment he could envision her by his side forever. He had seen her as more than a friend lately but tonight that was inadvertently carved into him. "I am glad your ok. Hey come sit by the fire we can work off of the coffee table." James stated smiling.

Scarlet and James laughed as they worked on the gift list. Whip for Wallis, check! Vibrator for Vivian, check! Nude painting for Nick, check! They laughed so hard laying back on the floor. James smiled pushing a strain of hair from her face. He leaned down cupping her cheek with his hand as he kissed her deeply. Scarlet returned the kiss passionately. "You know what I have yet to see on this naughty list?" James asked his eyes flowing over her body.

Scarlet smiled her heart racing with every breath for she was falling for him. "No what's that?" Scarlet asked with an innocent smile. Her hand slid down his neck and ran over his hard chest. James was everything Scarlet had wanted. He was an amazing elf inside and out. She felt safe with him like she could trust him with her most darkest secrets. Scarlet smiled as fantasy's of him danced through out her head.

"Restraints." He whispered seductively before producing a spool of red ribbon. He could see the excitement in her eyes as she offered her hands for binding. He kissed her removing her robe and his shirt from her gorgeous body. James then kissed the inside of her wrist and wrapped the ribbon about them binding her. He placed her hands over her head and smiled. "Keep them there pet and you shall be rewarded."

Scarlet's breath caught in her throat with ever wrap of the ribbon. When he requested she keep them above her head she couldn't help but grin. "As you wish." Scarlet said without hesitation. Her body aching for his artful touch.

"The correct answer is Yes Master," James stated as he nipped her neck playfully. Hearing her gasp and reply in a soft voice made his member throb. She was perfect beautiful and smart. James ran his hand over her curves softly exploring Scarlet's exposed flesh. It was so hard not to penetrate her pristine folds right then and there.

Scarlet's body was on fire with every touch. As his fingers slipped into her treasure trove she gasped, "Master, please be gentle, I have never." She stopped as he found her gem causing her to moan. Scarlet's arousal only grew. James smiled at her reaction. The glint in James' eye told Scarlet he was pleased with her confession.

It was true the idea of being Scarlet's first only increased his want to claim her for his own. However, he knew to be gentle though her body craved his attention. James continued letting his finger circle her sweet nub as moisture began to gather about her folds. It was breath-taking, the way her body arched up begging for more contact. He could tell she wanted to move her hands but obeyed him.

"Such a good little pet." James stated as he stood removing his shirt and pants. He made his way over to the cupboard and pulled out an ornament ball gag. He removed his boxers as he returned to her side. Watching her eyes as she saw his manhood for the first time. He loved how she unconsciously licked her lips taking in the sight.

He knelt beside her placing the ball gag by her head. He began stroking his cock as he spoke, "Mmm you like watching me stroke my stiff member don't you my dirty little pet." His question was direct but he knew the answer before she spoke. The way she rubbed her thighs together and fought the restraints of the ribbon gave it away.

The fire he started in her could only be extinguished by him. James made her want something for the first time that only he could deliver. "Yes master," Scarlet spoke breathlessly as James made his way between her legs. Scarlet's eyes never left his stiff erection.

James chuckled as his finger began massaging her nub causing her to purr. He used his free hand to slid the tip of his cock up and down her wet pussy lips. Scarlet arched and begged for him to enter her. Hearing her call him master made it hard for him not to plunge into her depths without regard. "I promise to give you what you desire. However allow me to bring you as little pain as possible in doing so my little pet." James stated pushing the tip of his cock in an inch and sliding it back out again.

He continued to caress her clit as her wetness gathered lubricating his way. He only stopped for a moment to place the ball gag in her mouth for she was almost ready. He knew she trusted him fully with her body and her heart. Scarlet looked like the prefect Christmas gift. Her hands bound with ribbon and the ornament like a bow in her mouth caused James to growl.

James could sense she was ready, in one smooth movement James shattered her maidenhood. Her scream of pain muffled by the gag he had placed in her mouth. She was so tight. He fit into her in such a way that it was like they were destined to be together.

Scarlet's pain was replaced by pleasure quickly as James began thrusting in and out of her. She could feel him deep inside her sending currents of electricity through her body. Scarlet had lost touch with reality for all she saw was James. His powerful thighs driving his hips like a delicate machine ravishing her body. Being with him in this moment only solidified the feelings she had for him.

James growls feeling her walls tightening about his shaft causing him to thrust faster. The sound of her muffling cries sent him tussling over the edge. He commanded her to cum with him. Their bodies withering as they came together. Her juices coated his cock as his cum filled her. He freed her mouth of the gag only to capture it with deep passionate kisses. He freed her hands as their tongue danced with each other.

James' mouth travel down her body as he gave her permission to move her hands. She purred as his lips captured her nipple sending chills through her already used body. Her hands ran along his shoulders and part way down his back. Scarlet enjoyed the fill of his sweaty body as he lite the fire within her again. Every artful flick of his tongue against her erect nipples sent her body spiraling out of control.

"Time for your reward my precious little pet. Such a good little whore." James stated as his finger slipped between Scarlet's silken folds. His thumb worked diligently against her too sensitive clit as her nails dug into his back. He brought her to orgasmic bliss once more with his brilliant movement.

"Yes, fuck, Yes Master!" Scarlet cried as she came again and again. The multiple orgasms causing her body to jolt with release.

The mail man knocked on the door bringing James back from his recollection. He had not been alone with her since that night. He knew he had to change that, he thought as he headed for the door. James let the man in apologizing for spacing out. He took the letters and went back to work.


Scarlet had finished her shift as the clock chimed with Jingle bells. She stretch and smiled proud of the work she had accomplished today. The head elf reminded them ten days before Christmas after which he allowed everyone to leave. Scarlet made her way out the door only to see James waiting for her. Scarlet walked over to him, "Hi."

"Hey pet, How was your day?" James asked with a grin loving the outfit she wore. Scarlet's red sweater shirt hugged her curves erotically. The black pencil skirt only served to extenuate her hour-glass figure. The trench coat she wore hung delicately about her frame like garland adorning a Christmas tree.

Scarlet chewed her lip as her eyes wandered over James. He wore a black leather coat and red sweater shirt. His jeans only made her want him more as they lovingly caressed his legs. Scarlet couldn't help but let her eyes travel to his crotch. It had been too long since James had been inside her. "My day was busy but productive how about yours?" Scarlet said clinging to her art set giving a deceitful perception of innocence.

James was proud of his pet and loved seeing her need for him. Scarlet's desire was obvious, James stood up his arm snaking around her waist. He pulled Scarlet abruptly to him his hard member pushing into her pelvis. His free hand came up curling his finger under her chin and lifting her lips to his. He kissed her deeply before replying. "Mmm better now pet. What do you say to dinner at my place, then we can decorate the tree together?" James asked.

Scarlet ignored the stairs of the other elves. "That sounds like an amazing idea." Scarlet chimed as she climbed on the back of James scooter. She watched the buildings pass by as they drove through Santa's village. Her arms held tight to James for he meant the world to her. The snow fell silently about them as they went.

"I love you too." Scarlet replied before taking a sip. She made her way to the tree and walked around it. "Why have you not decorated the tree yet?" She asked leaning to the side before coming back around and placing her art set on the table. She ran her fingers delicately over the different ornaments.

He smiled sipping his own glass of Sangria. "Truthfully, I was waiting for you my little pet. I was going to wait till after dinner but..." James said moving to the desk and unlocking the drawer. He pulled out a green shimmer box with a red ribbon around it and a bow on top. He brought it over to Scarlet and handed it to her. "This is for you my little pet." James finished.

Scarlet opened the box and found a beautiful leather collar, red lace adorn the bottom of it. Scarlet gasped for it was beautiful her heart pounded. She knew what this meant. James picked up the collar and moved behind Scarlet. He fastened the collar around her neck. He leaned in kissing her neck before speaking, "I love you more than anything. I want you to be forever mine. Will you stand by my side till the end of time." James asked tenderly.

Scarlet smiled and turned to face James. She kissed him passionately before answering him excitedly. "Yes oh Yes Master!" Scarlet wrapped her arms around him as James picked her up. He spun her in a circle as they laughed. They made their way to the kitchen to cook dinner after which they began decorating the tree.

James watched as Scarlet stood on her toes leaning forward giving him the most beautiful sight of her arse. She places a reindeer ornament on the tree. James watched as she ran her finger tips over it before turning toward him, "Have I ever told you how much of a texture person I am?" Scarlet then picked up the last ornament placing it on the tree.

James made his way over to Scarlet wrapping his arms around her. He kissed her cheek as she covered his hands with hers. "No you haven't but it makes perfect sense. You remember our first time. You couldn't wait for me to free your hands so you could touch me." James reminded her. As she turned and looked at him he noticed the look in her eyes, it was pure desire. He led her to the bedroom grinning.

Scarlet kissed James with hunger and desire. She tore James' shirt off and dropped to her knees before him. Scarlet unbuttoned his pants and freed his hard member. She wrapped her rose-colored lips around his cock and began sucking diligently on it. James groaned his hand tangling in her hair directing Scarlet up and down his shaft. He loved her gurgled moans as he forced his cock deeper into her mouth.

Scarlet had been waiting to do this for some time now and loved the taste of his caramel flesh. Her fire was intensifying with in her. She knew she was getting wet. Some how he sensed her need and pulled her up off her knees by the hair. He threw her to the bed letting his pants fall to the ground. He made his way over to the bed his lips capturing hers as James removed her sweater.

James let his lips travel down her body kissing her stomach and stopping at her waist. He removed her skirt and kissed his way back up her thighs. He massaged her treasure trove delicately smelling the musk of her arouse as he kissed her pelvic. James freed Scarlet's breast from her bra and ran his tongue in tight circles around her nipples. The purr was unmistakable as James tore Scarlet's panties from her waist.

Unable to resist the urge any longer he bound her hands about the bed post. He slid underneath her pressing his cock deep into her tight cannel. With every powerful thrust her clit grinded into the bed post driving her insane. The pleasure only heightened by his hand coming down on her back side in a loud resounding smack. James reached up releasing her hair from its clasped.

As Scarlet's hair cascaded down her back she looked over her shoulder. "My own personal dirty librarian. Such a little whore." James said pulling her hair forcing Scarlet's head back. Scarlet moaned begging for release. James thrust increased in power as his hand snaked around finding the gem within her treasured folds. Scarlet cried out, "fuck yes master, god yes, please let me cum master." James growled and brought them both to orgasmic bliss.

James freed her hands and pulled her into him. He kissed her forehead and smiled. They lay there and watched the snow fall as they drifted to sleep. Their lives together only beginning.

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