tagBDSMLove Beyond All Bounds Ch. 03

Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 03


Chapter Three (Consequences)

*When you decide to hate, remember to not become what you hate.*

I had the rest of the weekend to think. Okay, I had the rest of the weekend that I was able to pry away from my Sister and her friends. I went out for my morning laps, and 'bang' they are all in the pool, flirting and playing around. To add to my troubles, April was upset with me about something, but wouldn't tell me what it was. I hated that, because we always shared. I wondered if she might have found out about Mother and what I was doing, but as far as I knew, my computer system was safe.

The girls went out to a party Saturday night. I knew where it was and bargained them down to coming home at one a.m. I took that time to edit out Mom's latest escapades, which was even more explicit and damning. Dad could crucify her. Something occurred to me as I was finishing up; that was the issue of money and what was my Mom doing with it. If she'd been paying Dad back, I would have expected Mom to have made noise about it. Her business was more her baby than her real children had ever been. I asked myself where the money might be. Mom wasn't a Warren Buffet. It couldn't be that hard to figure out.

Mom's greatest weakness was her arrogance. She'd gotten what she wanted for so much of her life she'd come to expect things to continue that way. That was why she was so bitter about her business. She couldn't fathom why she was failing. She could never imagine that she was the one at fault. She also couldn't imagine that her latest scheme might fail, so she wasn't careful. Hot, beautiful, but stupidly arrogant, that was Mom.

I found a checkbook in her purse to a bank where I knew Mom and Dad didn't do business. I got the routing number and a carbon copy of her signature. I was impressed with the amount. She must have been working hard. This money represented a lot of spankings, slaps, and cum shots to the face. All I had to do was write out a check for all but twenty-two dollars of the account and do a passible copy of her signature. Monday morning, after seeing April off and doing my laps, I stopped by the bank on the way to work. I opened an account at the bank and deposited my Mother's check. I went to work with a song in my heart.

Monday night Mom was at home (imagine that). I finally had the chance to study her. I'd disregarded her for so long, I only now saw some fraying around the edges. She was struggling to keep it together. It was almost time to kick the doors in. I spent the night with April down in my basement watching her favorite movie. She seemed a bit detached and I was getting tired of it. I started a tickle fight. She resisted at first, but then she suddenly became a wild beast and bore me to the ground. She tickled me so hard I could barely move.

"Who's the best?" she trumpeted.

"You are – the best ever."

"I love you," she declared staring down at me.

"I love you too, Kiddo," I replied. April put her ear to my chest and listened as my heart pounded and my breathing struggled to return to normal. I figured we had made some progress.

Tuesday night was what I had promised and more for Danielle. I let her run her hands over my body. I had a sleek young lady eat her out, torturing her for a half hour until I feasted on her nipples, biting and pulling on them. Her orgasm was intense. It was more intense when I had Danielle hold the head of that same woman while I screwed the other woman to two orgasms. I kept looking her in the eyes while I made love, watching her war with her emotions. She asked me to leave with her and spend the night. I told her she wasn't ready yet.

By my calculations it wouldn't be until nine thirty Wednesday morning before Mom went to the bank. They'd let her see the check and that would leave her in the awkward position of reporting me for bank fraud, which would let Dad know everything and ruin her. She'd know that her money was now in my hands. I finished my laps, told the engineering firm I would be working from home today, and sat down at my computer. I hoped she didn't get a ticket burning up the road home. I heard the door slam and her high heels pounding down the tile and hardwood floors. I had left the doors open so I could hear her come in. She pounded down the stairs, cursing under her breath. I stood to face her.

"Damien," she shouted when she saw me sitting at my computer, "I don't know how in hell you did what you did, but you are going to fix it right now ..."

"Or," I said calmly. She stopped short, rage burning in her eyes. It made her look very sexy. It was also the first real emotion she'd shown me in forever.

"I'll turn you into the bank," she snarled. "You'll go to jail."

"Good luck with that. It is your check, your signature, and now it looks like you are using my name to hide money from Dad. Besides, you've already seen the check and told the bank it was okay. What's your story going to be now?"

There wasn't much more she could do. She hauled off and slapped me. It hurt, but it couldn't wipe the smile from my face.

"Oh, it gets better," I said, rubbing my cheek. She hauled off, ready to hit me again, but I was ready for that. "Did you even bother to think of how I knew where the money came from? It certainly wasn't from your business." Mom trembled with anger, but withheld her hand. There was this tiny spark of fear inside that bonfire of rage. She didn't have an answer.

"Let me show you something. It is some of your greatest hits. I figured you would enjoy them even more the second time around." I hit a key on my laptop and the widescreen TV began streaming the footage from the past week. It had everything from her changing, to her stopping at the club, going inside, and all the attention she was getting and receiving. Mom looked gut punched. I nudged her over to a chair and she collapsed into it. I had just eviscerated her hopes and dreams. Any pity I felt was washed away in the torrent of all the times I had held my Sister while she wept from the cruel barbs and the silent neglect we got from both parent, but especially Mom.

"What ... why?" she managed to say.

"The short story: I hate you. I hate what you've tried to do to April. I want to see you suffer for a long, long time, and this is the perfect way to do it. Dad is going to gut you like a fish. You will be working at that club for the rest of your life, or for the last few years you have before your beauty fades and they become bored with you."

She looked at me as if seeing me for the first time. It was like she'd expected a lonely fifteen year old boy and suddenly found herself confronting a twenty-two year old man. The only sound for two minutes was the sound of my Mom getting it up the ass from a large black guy who had bent her over a chair and put a stirrup in her mouth.

"Please," was her barely audible plea.

"Do you think you have suffered enough?" I asked her. She leapt on that tiny thread of hope.


"Hardly," I scoffed. "You have seven years of neglect to pay back for, Bitch." That confused her.

"What do you mean?" she asked me.

"You've proven to be a not-so-cheap whore, so I'm going to treat you like one." I lowered my shorts and pulled out my stiffening cock. "Suck on it." Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open.

"I can't! I'm your Mother. That's sick," she declared. She tried to stand up, but I pushed her back down.

"You aren't much of a Mother," I sneered. "If you don't want Dad getting this footage in an e-mail, I suggest you start sucking."

"Damien," she said near tears, "I can't. Please." I shrugged, put my dick back up, and walked over to my computer and called up my mail service. I pulled up the letter I'd already written Dad. Mom looked past me and read the title: Mom's Infidelity. I moved the mouse over to the send button.

"Say good-bye Bitch," I told her calmly. I was about to get her out of April's and my life forever.

"Wait!" Mom said, jumping up. "I'll do it."

"Do what, Mommy?"

"I'll suck your dick," she said softly. I turned to her.

"Beg me for it, Ilene." I held my finger on the key. "Come over here on knees and beg me for it." The look she gave me was pure hate. She did get up and walk over to me and then got back on her knees.

"I beg you Damien, let me suck your dick," she said through gritted teeth.

"That was hardly convincing," I grinned. "Take off your blouse and try again."

"I won't," she glared.

"Bye," I grinned. Before my finger went down, she reached out and grabbed my belt.

"Wait," she pleaded. "I'll do it." She started unbuttoning her shirt, going top down. When she finished, she pulled out the shirt from her skirt and shrugged out of the sleeves. She tossed her shirt to the side. She still had that burning stare.

"Well, that's nice, but you made me ask twice. Take off your skirt too." She bit off her reply. Instead she stood back up, unzipped her skirt from the side, and stepped out of it. "Nice stockings and garter belt, Ilene. White suits you. Now kick the skirt to the side," I smiled. She did so. "Back on your knees and try begging again."

"Please, Damien let me suck your cock. I'm so hungry for it," she begged with a tad more sincerity than she had shown before. I reached out and stroked her hair. I also moved my finger away from the button.

"Pull down my shorts," I commanded. She did so and I stepped out of them. I took off my shirt as well making myself totally naked before my Mother. I caught her gaze going over my body. "Start sucking, you bitch," I commanded. She looked up at me, hate still in her eyes, but I saw the hint of something else. She rubbed my member and held it up to her lips. She licked the tip and then kissed it. She licked the tip, ran her tongue down the shaft before returning to the head. She took it into her mouth and began sucking it.

I slowly started rocking my hips, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth. Unbidden, her hands went up my thigh and snaked around to grab my ass cheeks. She began kneading them and a tiny moan escaped her lips. I placed my hands on each side of her head and began to slowly push my cock further down her throat. She initially resisted at first then inexplicitly relented. She began gobbling it down, rolling her tongue around the shaft and playing games with her lips that Chrissie had never even thought of.

"You are one hell of a cocksucker Mom," I moaned. She mumbled something but I couldn't make it out through all the slurping. "Ilene, take off your bra. I want to play with those gorgeous tits of yours." She slurped out my cock.

"Please don't," she begged.

"You aren't sucking and you're talking back. Take off your panties while you're at it. I've never seen your cunt up close." My voice was pitiless. She looked down and shook her head, but instead of defying me, she unhooked her bra and started taking it off. I shoved my dick back down her throat, putting in a steady rhythm as I made her deep throat me again. Her bra came off. He worked off her lacy white panties while I started rubbing and twisting her nipples. I wasn't cruel but I was insistent. Once more, she pulled my cock out of her mouth.

"Don't ... please. You are my Son," she moaned.

"Holy Crap, Mom. You want me to bone you. What a slut." She looked away as I spoke those words. I put my hands under her arms and pulled her up. Mom looked surprised.

"Thank you," she sighed.

"Ilene, come with me to the sofa," I ordered. I pushed her ahead of me. When we got there, I laid down. Mom stared down at me with uncertain eyes. "Now, go down on me." She closed her eyes and began to kneel beside my hips. "No," I directed, "I want to taste that pussy of yours. Straddle me." Her eyes opened and she stared at me. She almost said something, but stopped herself. She had figured out that arguing with me would only cost her more. "Kick off your shoes and get on top." Mom nodded and did as I directed.

I found myself staring up at her snatch. I didn't dive right in. I studied it, gently pushing her folds aside to examine the place I had come from over twenty years ago. Her clit was larger than Danielle's. I felt Mom's mouth engulf my cock once more. It felt even better when she deep throated me all on her own. Her bobbing up and down only added to the pleasure. I decided to return the favor. I pulled her hips down until I could kiss her clit. It sent a jolt through her. Apparently she was used to being used and raped by those out for their own pleasure and not her own.

Her clit whirled around my tongue before I moved up and began lapping at her sopping wet cunt. She was totally wanton. I figured I had found a perfect routine because she picked up her pace on me and started moaning. I worked a finger into her pussy. I reached around until I felt another jolt, her G spot. I didn't rub it, though, I rubbed around it. When I worked my second finger in, she stopped sucking, rose up her head and groaned loudly.

"Oh fuck," she panted. "What the hell are you doing?" I didn't respond with words. I nibbled down on her clit while coaxing her G spot at the same time. Her back arched, she gasped for air, and gave me another "Oh fuck," then her juice rushed into my mouth. I lapped it up. It was a rich, different taste, thicker than what I was used to. I went back after her clit the moment I swallowed the last of her juice. "Please," she pleaded, "give me a second." I stopped. "Thank you," she panted.

"Get off," I told her, pushing up on her hips. Shakily she got up. I scooted out from under her and got up on my knees. "Resume your position."

"What are you going to do?" she gasped.

"I am going to fuck you," I answered. "Now get down on your hands and knees."

"Don't do this," she whispered.

"Now I'm going to fuck you up the ass, Mother. Get on your hands and knees." Her eyes were pleading, but she found no mercy in me. Reluctantly she settled down, on her hands and knees, her luscious butt in my face. I leaned in, pushed her ass cheeks aside and began licking her along her crack, past her rosebud to her pussy and back again. After a few strokes, I began working my tongue into her ass. She was tensing up, but that made the game more interesting. When I pushed my tongue in deeper, she grunted and pounded the sofa with her fist.

"You like it up the ass, do you?" I teased when I withdrew enough to talk. "Admit it."

"Yes," she panted, "I like it up the ass. Fuck you," she said with baited breath. I laughed.

"I plan to let you," I grinned. I went back to alternating strokes and penetrations until her whole backside was vibrating with sexual tension. I ran a hand along her pussy and pulled back very sticky fingers without even entering her. I licked up the juices. Closing up behind her, I took hold of her hips and slowly pushed my dick into her pussy. It was like putting a hot rod into butter – very hot butter. This must have been the best fuck I'd ever had. Mom wasn't exactly tight, but my thickness was stretching her out, rubbing her clit on each piston-like stroke.

"Tell me when you are close," I told her as I playfully smacked her ass. She was slow in responding, so I spanked her again. Now she nodded. She was panting too hard to speak.

"Fuck, fuck, I'm cumming. I'm cumming," she screamed out. I pulled out of her and drove three fingers into her pussy. She started to look around, growling in frustration, but I had started hammering her back in. At the same time I as I did that, I reached out and grabbed her tip. She began bucking against me. She was on the edge. I then drove two fingers into her ass. Mom exploded. She pushed off the sofa and drove both of us into an upright position. Her arms reached back and grabbed my hair. She drove her ass up and down on her own accord. I stopped rubbing her clit and grabbed hold of a tit, wedging the nipple between two fingers. I squeezed and she kept thrashing against me. She squired all over my cock and thighs. That was enough for me. I shot up into her, pumping in as deep as I could.

She wound down, but stayed glued to me with our combined sweat. Her chest was heaving.

"Damien," she gasped, "what are you doing to me?"

"Making you pay for being a totally selfish bitch for all these years. You are a failure as a Mother, but you are turning out to be an excellent slut. I haven't come in your ass yet. Now turn around and get me hard again. For the next three hours you are going to be my personal whore and I'm going to use you anyway I want."

She turned around and dove into my prick, licking her own cum off my member and thighs. "What I meant," she clarified, "was who taught you to fuck like this. You've made me cum twice in thirty minutes."

"That would be Chrissie," I told her. "If I ever see her again when she's not face deep in another woman's crotch, I'll tell her you approve." She went back to sucking down my dick. When she had coaxed me to rock hard status she quickly turned around with no urging and got back on he hands and knees. I was speechless. I dove into her ass, licking it, teasing in my tongue and scooping up her juices and lubricating her opening. When I felt I was ready, I brought my penis up and pressed it against her sphincter. This time there was virtually no resistance and I popped right in. I took it in slow steps, pushing in an inch then letting her rectum accommodate my girth. I followed this pattern until I had my hips pressed against her ass. Mom let out a long, throaty moan.

I started to piston in long strokes, pulling all but my head out then rushing it back down to the bottom. This elicited grunts when I slammed home. I was keeping the pace slow and steady.

"Ilene, why don't you reach down and play with your pussy," I suggested. She did so. She also began playing with my balls when I finished my down stroke. About two minute into it, I could tell my Mom was totally in the zone, her hormones running rampant.

"Mom, when was the last time Dad fucked you?" She didn't answer, so I grabbed some of her hair and pulled her head back.

"Five months ago," she confessed.

"When you got that final loan? That cocksucker; I have to find a way to pay him back too." That sentiment made Mom pound back harder.

"You knew about that?" she groaned. "Fuck."

"If you are really good Mom, I will let you help pay Dad for his part in this." She began grinding her hips and ass harder yet. I could feel myself getting ready to blow. "I'm about to cum; cum with me. I was pounding a way into her ass, which tightened like a glove. It was my turn to grunt with determination.

"I'm gonna ... gonna ... cumming!!!" I cried out as I pour shots of semen deep into her bowels. The sensation cascaded Mother into her own orgasm. I held on as she bucked and thrashed. When she finished we fell down together. I pushed up on my elbows so I wouldn't be crushing her.

"Do I get my money back now?" she panted.

"Not likely. I'll pay you like the club pays you. You'll have to earn that money all back again, and you will have to do it on my dick."

"I earned that money," she growled. I spanked her ass.

"You will have to earn it all over again. This is what you get for not going to a single one of April's after school function for the past five years."

"Please, Damien, you are my Son," she pleaded again.

"No panties." She looked confused. "Don't wear panties unless I tell you to. Also get strapless bras that snap in the front. I want easy access to your wonderful tits. Wear slutty clothes too. I want you to remember who you belong to now."

"How long will this go on?" she moaned.

"Until I tired of you and turn everything over to Dad, or, maybe, you earn my forgiveness."

"How do I do that?" she sounded hopeless and trapped.

"Mom, you aren't a dumb woman, figure it out. Now let's go to the shower, I want to clean up and have another taste of that ass." Off we went, reluctant Mom in tow. I had given her a way out. All she had to do was learn to be a decent Mother. I didn't hold out much hope.

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